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Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday FLUB.


Mommy--that feckless wench--went OUT this evening with Daddy and had fun...without US!  (Not that we'd actually enjoy going anywhere; you know, the whole car ride thing.)

Worse, they met a friend at the dog park and played with a woofie.

But that's not the most terrible infraction; the incredibly miscreant kicker is that Mommy got up early and went to work during the DAY (on her day off--we had things planned for her) so she didn't take any photos of us and now there's nothing to PUBLISH and furthermore our post is LATE...


Demerits will be awarded.

Any suggestions?

Happy Friday!

XX  The (Abandoned and Neglected) Lounge Kats  XX

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Mystery Solved.


Our house is all topsy-turvy!
It's verreh disturbing.
The ceiling in the hall (that caved in last May from the leaking A/C unit) is fixed.

The rotten drywall and wood from the whizz wars (us vs. the darn dogs that were here before) by the front door is gone.

The furniture is discombobulated!

The window that Daddy and T took out--the drywall is floated out and finished.

Did we mention the state of the furniture?
It's great fun.

The washer and dryer in the kitchen were only there temporarily (rats!) for some wall repair in the laundry room.  However, they will return to the kitchen for two days next week when the painters come...Mommy says we'll be banished to the Catio while the work is going on (double rats!) but to compensate the furniture will be even more jumbled together!  We can't wait.

Mommy is more excited about the fresh paint than the new parkour course, but of course she's crazypants.  Priorities, woman!

And you know what's funny?  Salem  never sits on the appliances when they're in the laundry room but as soon as they appeared out in the kitchen she was on 'em like a shot.
Go figure.

Happy Thursday!

XX  The Kats  XX

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weird Wednesday


Salem here.
I have a tiny brain teaser for you!



I mean, the teaser is tiny, not your brains. 

Sorry about that.
Anyhoo, what's the washing machine doing in the kitchen?  
Inquiring minds want to know...

Happy Wednesday!

XX  Salem  XX

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

As Ye Ask, so Shall Ye Receive...


Nekkid Johnny here.

Some* of you have been clamoring to see my shave'd hide, so Mommy made not one, not two, but THREE short movies of me!

Um.  Naturally there are other Kats in the feel free to enjoy them as well...and Mommy's screechy voice, too.


Happy Tuesday!

XX  John and Co. XX

*and you know who you are

Monday, April 21, 2014

CC Fudd


CC hewe.
Be vewwy, vewwy, quiet.

I'm hunting Whino.

*butt sniff*

*poop check*

Yup, it's a Whino, all wight!
Now, whewe did I leave my blundewbuss?

Happy Monday!


pee ess:  sorry about the blue filter.  Mommy needs to check the settings on her phone!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Solar Sunday

Friends and Kitties!

It's been quite the week at Casa Cerecke, what with the drywall repairs, cat shaving, and solar panel installation.

We had 36 solar panels installed, which should completely wipe out our electrical bill, and hopefully provide us with some small dividends in the future...we bought our system outright.  It's nice to know we can keep the A/C as cool as we want (and run anything else) and not be using up non-renewable resources.  With the government rebate our recoup time for the cost of the initial build will be about eight years, which we thought was doable--so we did!  
Our neighbor Gisela had the same company do her solar installation last year and she's been very satisfied--with the workmanship and her non-existent power bills.

The poor kitties were pretty freaked out by all the banging on the roof, especially whenever the guys dropped a tool and it rolled down onto the Catio!

The back of our house faces West and South so we have great exposure.  We'll get at least 8 hours of direct sunlight daily, even in the Winter months.

The panel sit a few inches up off the roof on a frame, and I think the attic's heat load will benefit from all that shade, it really cooks up there on those 110+ degree days.  As soon as we have our final inspection, Nevada Power will hook us up and we'll be generating our own juice...

Come on, Summer!

Happy SUNday!

Happy Easter!

XX  Sheebie  XX

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Caturday Housekeeping


The Mommy here.

First off:  There's been a new computer control system installed where I work that went live last week.  I do the lion's share of commenting and blogging while I monitor the system (I love my job), but I'm going to have to actually work the next couple of weeks while all the kinks are getting ironed out.  Which means that Teh Kats' presence in the CB is gonna be virtually non-existent sparse for a bit.  Stupid updated programming, wreaking havoc on my purrsonal life!

Secondly, I'd like to get an approximate head count for the meet-n-greet at BlogPaws with GJ's Mum and Dad so I can reserve space for a get together.  The two restaurants at the hotel are rather pricey, so I thought perhaps we could do something else--there's a cabana bar by the pool that does drinks, burgers and pizza that's pretty tasty--plus we can all roil around and not have to sit at a table and act like adults.  Can you leave me a comment or message me if you are going to be there?  Thanks.

Thirdly, the Rhino Returneth:
You guys are a terrible influence on me...

Happy Caturday, Y'all!

XX  Mommy Trish  XX