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Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Lack of ☮ on the Catio...


Sweet Pea here.


Mommy, I know you're back there...

...and I choose to ignore you!

Happy Thursday!

XX  Sweet Pea  XX

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Winsome Wednesday

Mommy's Sweet Old Gal.
Miss KonaKitty

Happy Wednesday!

XX  Kona  XX

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Dread Menace


The Baby here.
I'm just enjoying the sun up on the Apartment Complex, hanging around, thinking about...wait a second...

...did you hear that?

That sounded like the garbage truck* to me!

uh oh.

I detest that thing, and it's coming closer.

I don't give a stubby bent whisker that I'm safe in the Catio and it's on the street...

...I'm outta here!

Happy Tuesday!

XX  The Cowardly Bibby  XX

*translation:  rubbish lorry

Monday, July 21, 2014

Special Effect ManCats


The Three Catskateers here.

Mommy took some photos of us, and because of her ineptness for some strange reason they all came out a little blurry.  So, she decided to try making lemonade and uploaded 'em into a photo editor to play!

We really like them now, after using the Orton effect filter.

Scouty's coat looks like molten copper and gold.

Mister Orton turned Johnny's whites bright, for once.  Thank Cod something can--he sure won't!

Pretty good so far, huh?  Well, wait for it... knew it couldn't last...
...Mommy went crazypants on CC and zoomed him out--aaiiieeeeeeee!!!!!

Happy Monday!

XX  Johnny, Scouty, and CC  XX

Sunday, July 20, 2014

This and That ツ

Friends and Kitties!

Sheebie here.

I have a bunch of random things, so here goes...

1.  The Baby went to the vet for a check-up, and she gained six ounces in ten days...and that was post-surgery!  The vet and I were elated.  She started Bibs on prednisone, twice daily (oh, joy--pills) for a month, and then we'll start weaning.  Since her IBS is so severe the vet wants to feel some considerable softening and healing of her innards before she cuts back on the medication.  In the meanwhile I'm feeding the same foods, mainly to not upset more cat tummies than necessary this minute.  She's eating mainly ham, turkey, and chicken with some grain free kibble so I think her diet for now is fine.  More to the point, Scott and I can tell she's feeling more like her sassy self; sociable and bossy.  In fact, I got squawked at today to open the toilet lid, dammit, I want a drink!  Yes, ma'am.  This summer has certainly been a roller coaster for The Baby's health and I hope the ride's coming to a stop, soon.

%.  My back has really been bothering me again (I have a birth defect-my last lumbar vertebra is partially fused to my pelvis), and I'm pretty sure my mattress is too soft.  What's really comfortable is sivasana* on my yoga mat--which is hard and flat--so it's either sleep on the floor or buy a new mattress...something that is about as appealing as buying a car, in terms of salesman-sliminess.  ick.  In the meanwhile, my yoga practice is keeping me up and moving relatively pain-free.  I go to class twice a week and practice at home at least once.  My teacher is fantastic and I've done a few one-on-one classes which were so friggin' hard I thought I was gonna die but didn't wonderful.  Scott is continuing to do yoga at home as well to keep his sciatica at bay with much success.  He's been practicing with some great DVDs made by Peggy Cappy.  
Getting older is hard work!

p.  Speaking of old, my parents don't have a painting of themselves hidden in an attic anywhere (that I'm aware of)...they just take good care of themselves and got lucky in the gene pool lottery.  Thanks to all of you for all the well wishes for their anniversary.  My Dad has gone up in weights for his personal training and my Mom is thrilled with the new Don, version 7.9.  

9.  Scott and his buddy had a great time on vacation in Hawaii, so much so that he's already booked a week next June, to go we're gonna need a cat-sitter, one who can give pills to crotchety cats, wipe up the occasional on purpose accident and doesn't mind scooping prodigious quantities of dung.  Any takers?  I'm totally serious.  You'll have to fly to Vegas on your dime, but you can stay at the house and use our car for a week, gratis.  Oh, and take care of The Horde.  Which will allow you approximately 37 minutes per day of free time...
If you think this sounds like a plan, please e-mail me: katniplounge AT gmail DOT com and we'll talk.

3.  I've been reading in some of your blogs that a few of you have FitBits...what kind and what do you think of 'em?  Inquiring minds...

Q.  Never think that our house is normally as tidy as it appears in photos.

Speaking of which, I should include one--monsoon season is here along with clouds and gorgeous sunsets.  I caught one with my phone the other night at work.  It's not the best but you'll get the idea: 
Have I mentioned that I love living here?

Happy Sunday!

XX  Sheebie  XX

*corpse pose

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Reptilian Caturday


Mommy did some petsitting two weeks ago...and they were two unusual pets!

The first one (not actually pictured because he never came out of his burrow) was a Desert Tortoise:
"Stunt Tortoise"
He got dandelion greens and chard, and a couple of tomatoes, too, to eat.

The second pet Mommy cared for was a Bearded Dragon!
We'll call him Big George.
And he is pretty big...his body is nearly a foot long, and then there's the tail!  Not even Maui (a champeen lizard-eater if there ever was one) would be able to get Big George down all in one go.

Mommy was amazed at how friendly Big George was.  As soon as she came in the room he'd start zooming around his cage, all excited (he gets to go out when his owner is home and wander around the house) and he enjoyed being handled and stroked.

Even more than that, though--he likes his DINNER!  He gets a tube full of big juicy crickets every day.  Can you see his tongue?  He chases the crickets around and eats 'em all up...and he is fast!  A dozen crickets go down the hatch in just a few minutes.  Mommy had to buy more crickets at the pet store mid-way through the week, and she cracked up, ordering 100 large crickets from the sales lady.

As for us, we are rather miffed that Big George didn't get to "stay" at our house...

Happy Caturday!

XX  The Lounge Kats  XX

Friday, July 18, 2014



Daddy was doing some work on his business...and he had a Helper.
Can you guess who?

It was Maui!

We're pretty sure Maui is better at alphabetizing than Daddy.

Maui:  Yup, everything's in order... work here is done.

Happy Friday!

XX  Maui  XX