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*Angels Grayce and KonaKitty* always loved, never forgotten

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Today? Nothing!


Felix here.
After all the excitement going on around here (mousies!), I thought it best to nail Mommy to the chair and make her legs fall asleep relax.

Mission Accomplished.

Happy Tuesday!

XX  Felix  XX

Monday, July 25, 2016

A Giant FAIL


The Mommy here.

So, last Wednesday night I was goofing off crocheting relaxing on the sofa when suddenly there arose such a wait...wrong story...try this again...all of a sudden a Cat Conga line danced indoors through the cat flap from the Catio and converged on the rug.  Since the gang had been glued to one corner of the Catio for most of the afternoon I knew this was gonna be good...and it was!

Somekitty (CC, I assume--he's a prolific hunter) had caught themselves a small skittery creature and thought that *maybe* they might get some much needed alone time indoors to better enjoy their small furry guest.  Alas, their hope was in vain...rodent hockey ensued with Rupert as the victor making tracks through the cat flap with the crowd thundering back out to the Catio and me right behind brandishing my phone.

Where I found the second period of hockey happening. 
Note: This is where innumerable small guests have perished been entertained so I didn't have great hopes for the latest one.

Naturally I got video:
or click HERE.

Rupert then tired of the litter-box action and moved the venue to the carpet...

...where he re-attracted the crowd.*  

And then...THE MOUSIE GOT AWAY!!!!!

There was the tiniest aperture of escape during the final period of Rodent Hockey, and Mousie raced to the goal and freedom.


I live with ELEBENTY cats, and they can't dispatch ONE mouse?  It's totally embarrassing!  On the bright side, I didn't have to clean up any regurgitated rodentia...

Happy Monday!

XX  The Mommy  XX

*Please note how Johnson has no clue what's going on--that boy is special, bless his heart*

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dirty Harry...erm...Kitty


May Ling here--on the buffalo-checked binky, on the POANG chair.
Needless to say, both items are mine, all mine!

**evil laugh**

You know what?  When any one of those other flea ridden felines cats who live around here wanna try to take over MY stuff I simply ask: Do you feel lucky, punk?

And I give 'em a Meezer Glare™.
Which I thought worked well for a Sunday Selfie, too!

Hope I didn't scare you all too much...

Happy Sunday!

XX  May Ling, Chair Cop  XX

Visit The Cat On My Head to join the fun!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Meanwhile, On The Sofa

This is happening:
It's a fest of brofurly love.

Happy Caturday!

XX  Scouty and "his" Tiny Johnson  XX

Friday, July 22, 2016

Chair Wars, Continued


The Baby here.

After long observation (five days), and careful consideration I decided it was time for me to occupy the POANG chair.
The new blanket (that just arrived from Finland [N]*) was a huge inducement, too.

The woven texture is quite pleasing beneath my paw pads!

*knead knead knead knead*
*sucky dance*
*turn several times*
*settle in*

And yes, the chair itself is very comfortable.

The verdict:  this is MY chair now.  At least until Mommy turfs me out...

Happy Friday!

XX  The Baby  XX

*a HUGE thank you to King Punapippuri...our new Kitty Kat blanket is ACE and we will get a photo of all of us on it soon**

**soon = when hell freezes over

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Robert the Cat


Our Grandpawrents were sitting at their dining room table, birdwatching, when all of a sudden they wondered "where have all the birds gone?"

And then Robert "Bob" Catt appeared!

He hopped up on the back wall to sip the birdy's bath water.  Bob was a thirsty guy!

He drank and drank and drank...

...and had all the wildlife taking cover until he moved on.

We think he's quite good looking--but maybe a leetle too big to play with--we're glad these pictures were taken from behind the window!

Happy Thursday!

XX  The Kats  XX

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Too Good To Pass Up...

...even though it's oddly angled and out of focus:


Rupert here.

For the record, I am not a pinhead.  I am Mommy's Most Handsomely Proportioned Grey Man and I will punish anyone who thinks otherwise with my vishus fangs.

And my clawrs and kikkers.

Happy Wednesday!

XX  Rupert  XX