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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Here I am sitting still for once in a Hammock!

And here I am asleep in my most common position upside down

Check out my long tail! It collects all sorts of fun stuff!

Preface from Mommy: We already had Kona when another long-haired mackeral tabby showed up on Chrismas eve two years ago...Kat Dad & I both love Hawaii and the name "Maui" seemed perfect. Little did we know that this silly guy was ADHD, nutty, and an acrobat-cat. We should have named him "Mr. Crazy"!

Maui: Hey guys! I was really hungry and it was cold out when this man put out some wonderful food for me and I ate it then a lady came out with more food so I ate that too and then the man picked me up and took me inside a house into a room where I ate twelve more cans of food and sprayed my manly stinky weewee all over and howled all night...


then I got shoved in a box and some other lady said I was quite a "tom" but she would fix that then I got sleepy and I woke up sore but still hungry so I kept eating cans of food and all the kibble I could hold.

Mommy Edit: Maui was the "tommiest" tom we've ever encountered. What a stinker, in every sense of the word. He sprayed and beat up on all his siblings. We ended up getting some drugs to smooth him out until the testosterone worked it's way out of his system.

The lady gave me icky things to eat every day but the food kept coming and I had lots of new friends to chase and make scream so I was happy and busy when I wasn't being sleepy all the time and guess what!!?? the people had all these boxes of SAND to do my bizness in and it was fantastic and I ...oh look! A Chicken! ooooh, false alarm....

So now I'm a lot calmer then I used to be and I sleep on the big bed when I'm not wrasslin' with my buddies or terrorizing the two gray cats there's just something about gray that drives me NUTS and makes me want to make them squeal like pussies oh wait, they ARE pussies darn


So I like to jump high in the air and twist around and chase the red dot or string or feathers or anything that moves really and I have a lot of energy, when I'm not sleeping that is...that's my life up to now it's really interesting and fun and Mommy calls me "Mr. Swiffer" because I'm always full of static and debris and leaves and dirt stick to me all the time but that's OK because sometimes it's tasty and...
Mommy: Maui, That's enough for now...look...fresh laundry!
Tomorrow, a more calm post!


  1. Hello! We noticed your comments and so we followed one of them here. Welcome to the world of blogging cats -- we're glad to know you!

  2. Wow! I am exhausted just reading your blog Maui.Much respect to you! I was wondering whether you'd like to meet our brother Tuomo and teach him a thing or too - he likes to 'beat up' on us (particularly our girl cat Aila). Maybe you could teach him to calm down. hehehe

  3. Maui, you sound like a handsome handful with energy to spare!!...We love your gorgeous fluffy furs and our Mom would love to snuggle you...Maui is Mom's favorite island in Hawaii, she's been 5 times; she says Maui is a very laid back island, so how did you get that name??!MOL...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Maui!

    Hello!!!! You are a very handsome and fun mancat! You look so adorable in your pics and yes, you have an amazing tail duster! LOL!

    Glad your mum and dad found you and erm... well did their best to get you a bit calmer and less excitable but how could you be with all those gorgeous siblings to play with and FRESH LAUNDRY! Wow!


    Take care

  5. Hi Maui,

    I think I'm trying to keep my Mama away from you, mate. You see- she went all cooey today when she saw your photo and you understand that I'm just not about to share my human with anycat, right?

    No offense mate. I think you're cute, but...

  6. Hello Maui! You're definitely very cute and we're glad you're in a great home!

  7. Maui...I guess you thought you showed them who was boss...ha little did you know what they had planned for you!!! Glad to hear you are a tad calmer. Mr. Crazy that would have been some name.
    If we had known Madi's personality early on we would have named her Diva!!!
    Madi and Mom

  8. I would say that everything turned out just purrfect for you Maui!!!

  9. Maui, you are one high energy cat and I think you landed firmly on all four paws when you came to live with your family. It's very nice to meet you

    Whicky Wuudler

  10. OMC!!!!! We did a double take! Are you a secret brother of our Chester? You look like Chester's twin!

  11. i am just catching up on the entries over here. my goodness there is a lot going on!

  12. Wow, you have a wild past.

  13. Hiya Maui! Aren't YOU the energetic ball of floof? We, well mainly Cricket, would have a blast playing with you! Your post made mom, LOL!

  14. Phew Maui, I'm worn out just reading your post! I thought Flynn was crazy, but I think you are crazier.

  15. Wow - that was quite a post!! We're going to go take a nap now!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  16. MOL! Maui, you are our favorite so far! My goodness, you are so full of life! Woohoo!

  17. Hey Felix, I just read that your knee was bothering you, we're sending some purrs your way buddy!

  18. Felix? What is this about you limping? We hope nothing is wrong and you can continue healing up fine. We sendyou rumbly purrs to make your patella behave itself and for the pain to stop.

    Whicky Wuudler


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