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Monday, April 12, 2010

Do you want to pet me, the Tiny Johnson?

Me and the twins, Scouty and CC. I'm the big one!

Me on the park bench in the Catio


Twenty-pound tabby in da house! When Daddy brought me home I was just a tiny baby, just a couple of pounds...Mommy & Daddy had a cat names Chuckles who was getting sub-Q fluids at the v-e-t and I was in the "adopters" cage...and I came home with Daddy! He's a sucker for kitties. I was actually the second kitten Daddy brought home within a month from the v-e-t. Boy did they see him coming! I'm Daddy's boy, for sure.
I'm a mellow guy but I need to keep tabs on everything that happens here, especially my sisfur The Baby, who I like to stalk and make squeal. I get the squirt bottle when that happens. bummer. But I do it anyway! woohoo!

I did manny duty a few years ago when the twins, CC & Scouty showed up as starving tiny kittens in the back yard. The parents trapped them and I spent a lot of time in their room as they were taming down. They still follow me around like sattelites and sometimes I *whispers* hump Scouty. It's all in fun (mine) but I get squirted for that, too.

One of the bestest things about the Lounge is the litter box accomodations, they are many and LARGE. We have six different areas and three of the boxes are 4-foot kiddy wading pools, perfect for a king-sized boy like me with giant floofy pantaloons and tail.

I'm a chow hound and I eat almost anything, including baked beans and peanut butter. Mommy just switched us all over to canned food after Grayce had her bladder stones removed and if I hear ANYTHING that might be crunchy treats, I'm there. I'm a little bit in love with the refrigerator!

Tomorrow my adversary The Baby speaks.

Head butts & lip rubs for all!


  1. You are quite a handsome fellow. I think refrigerators are great too!

  2. Hi! We came over from Ayla & Iza's blog to meet you all! There's more of you than there are at the "Forty Paws" blog. You sound like one big happy family! Come visit us anytime. We are 3 cats in Minnesota.

  3. Hi, Tiny Johnson, very nice to meet you; you're a big handsome mancat with beautiful furs posing on that pretty bench!...Scouty and CC are adorable too...Our Mom used to give our sister, Nikki, sub-q fluids everyday for almost 2 years before she became a real angel...We can tell your parents have kind hearts...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Hello there Tiny Johnson!!!

    Glad to meet you and Scouty and CC!

    You are a beautiful big mancat and Scouty and CC are just adorable.

    You are the first kitty I've come across who eats baked beans and peanut butter! Not all at the same time I hope!


    Take care

  5. Welcome to the blogging block! I look forward to getting to know your family, and to share stories about nughty kneecaps with Felix.

    Greetings from northern Finland to you

    Punapippuri x

  6. Welcome to cat blogging!
    I, too, have added you to my bloglist.
    I hope to see more of you! Meow!

  7. Hello dear new friends! Welcome to the blogosphere. Never in your life will you find people so dedicated and sweet to each other. It's like a giant support group! We hope you learn to love it here just like we do!!!!

  8. It was nice to meet you! You certainly are a handsome boy.

    The litter box accommodations sound awesome there!

  9. Hi Tiny! Well, 20 pounds isn't so "tiny." MOL!

    It sounds like you all have a *fabulous* forever home, with wonderful human parents. A kitty can't ask for more than that!

  10. Hello Tiny, nice to meet you. You seem to be a real character cat with your "manny" duties and the humping!

    I bet you just laff at that squirt bottle ;)

    Whicky Wuudler

  11. Hey your pretty awesome! So that squirt bottle doesn't really work does it?

  12. Very pleased to meet you, not-so-Tiny Johnson! We hates the squirt bottle, second only to the air freshener sound! That akshully works better than anything as it sends all of us scattering to the 4 winds!

  13. Wavies! Good to meet you! Sounds like you have a very exciting life there.

  14. It is a pleasure to meet you too. Speak softly and carry a big paw I see.

  15. You're obviously judiciously named, Tiny!

    Our neighbours have a tabby and white kitty who is about 18 pounds. That would be the weight of three of us!

  16. We found out about you on the CB and came over to say hi! It's fun to read your "bios" and get to know you!

  17. Thanks for coming by!! So nice to meet you all! A wading litter box?? Now THAT'S living large!!

    Purrs Goldie

  18. Hi Tiny Johnson! It is nice to meet you!! Our older brother Floyd was a big guy like you - he got to be 24 lbs. He was also very much the manny in the house - it must be a big kitty, big heart kind of thing!! Our mom is like your dad - she got the two youngest of our group at the vet (though almost a year apart), and our two future-sibs (they are still babies) were born to a pregnant kitty that our vet's nurses daughter took in.

  19. Hi and thanks for dropping by to visit us. The mouse platform has drawn lots of interest. My keyboard tray came with a mouse pad attached to it but it wasn't very sturdy and broke off. I started have problems with my shoulder so I decided to replace the entire unit with another one but boy have the increased in $$$$$. So i did a search for mouse pad and lo and behold the 'mouse platform' popped up. It attaches right to my keyboard tray and was only $30. Your kitties are beautiful
    Madi and Mom

  20. Sounds to us like yoo landed yoorself a great home! Fanks for coming over to play football!

  21. You are a B~I~G, Floofy, Handsome, ManCat! Mom LOL'd at your "satellite" remark. That was furry funny!

  22. You are a kitty after our own hearts my friend!! It's very nice to meet you, we look forward to reading more about all of you!!

  23. Hiya new friends ... so exciting :) looking forward to visiting you - hope you come back my way soon

  24. Hi Tiny Johnson, nice to meet you. Sounds like we have some things in common. I am 23lbs of fit and muscular mancat. (Don't listen to mum and Flynn when they say I'm a big fat lazy lump). We have just been changed to all wet food now we are getting older, and I miss my crunchies. I try to hump Flynn sometimes. The little ninny yells for mum when I do that.

  25. Hi ya, Johnson! You're not so tiny, are you??!? Haha!! You look very cozy on your bench there!

  26. WOW! Johnson, you are one LARGE mancat! You look like a Maine Coon. Mom loves that bench!

  27. Glad to meet you all and nice to read about each of you so far... Only 12 cats! (hee hee) Welcome to blog world!

  28. You should have your own fridge!

    Thanks for visiting us, we're going to Follow you so we can see when you post. Sneaky, huh?

  29. Tiny... you iz a mess! and loverly too!

    Bootsie Woo
    who am shy and runs away now.
    bye bye


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