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Monday, April 26, 2010

Tiny Tuxie Tuesday...with an EXTRA toe!

Here I am, Kitties, on the CORRECT side of the Catio screen.

Mommy saved the best for last! I'm Salem and I'm the latest addition to the Lounge. I came in on Halloween night (no lie!) right around midnight, 2009. Before I was Gotcha'd I had a hugely glamorous, jet-setting lifestyle, but the food situation (or lack thereof) made me decide to settle for a simpler life. I cased out the houses in my territory, looking. Some had dogs, some were indifferent, and some were plain not nice. Along the way I had a ladygardenectomy...but I won't say when 'cause a LadyCat doesn't tell.
Then I found the house with the most excellent setup! After a few loud howling conversations with the existing denizens and exchanging pee-mails I showed myself to the people living there. I'd peer through the front windows at night where the Man could see me and feel sorry for me. (The Other Cats told me this was a sure-fire method.) Since I'm such a cute tiny (6 pounds!) Tuxedo Cat it worked almost right away--after just a couple nights The Man scooped me up and took me into the room with the giant noisy door. He gave me a soft towel in a box, lovins, food and a litter box...and went off to tell The Woman what he'd just done.

::cue music of doom::

The Man woke up The Woman (it was after midnight) and confessed. Groggy, grumbling & stumbling The Woman made her way into the garage. Kitties, it was Love. Instantly I was Their Kitty and they were MY Daddy & Mommy.

My first Flashy-box shot.

The next day Daddy took me to the v-e-t for my Pre-Employment physical, and he told me my name! Since I was black-n-white and came in on Halloween, I HAD to be "Salem". I was quite happy with this, so I said "mew". I passed my exam with flying colors so when we got home Daddy let me explore the house and meet some of the other cats. Well, of course we already knew all about each other...and after a few small boxing matches I settled right in.

Surveying the Dining Room. You can see that Daddy & Mommy LOVE bright colors.

Mommy and Daddy discovered I didn't know how to play with toys and set about rectifying that right away. Nowadays I am a huge nip nanner-kicker and a champion feather hunter. Mommy ties pheasant tail-feathers to the end of a rawhide shoelace that is attatched to a big pole. Instant cat fishing! She catches all sorts of "fishes". May Ling is a "brown trout", Johnson is a "whale", and I'm a "minature orca". (Mommy is kind of silly.) I also am a huge fan of the red dot. I swear, one day I'm gonna get it! Oh, and I have a running battle with the paper towel roll. It is EVIL and must be destroyed. A lot.

After a few days in my new home, Mommy discovered I have a secret in my left front paw. An extra toe! I don't have an extra pad or claw, but my left footie is wider than the right and Mommy can feel the toe bones when she plays with my footie. Daddy did some math, and counting him & Mommy, we have a total of 217 toes at our house! No wonder he mops the floors a couple times a week.
Helping. Pay no attention to the almost-empty bottle of rum that Mommy swizzles out of every afternoon...

I'm a pretty independant puss--but I play with my furblings daily and I whap the heck out of Maui whenever I feel like it. Especially if he tries to horn in on my pile of fresh-cut nip. Don't get in the way of my nip! Mommy & Daddy pick me up and give me lots of lovins, and I'm starting to request pets, too. Take it from me kitties, the simpler life is better!




  1. Salem, you certainly chose a great forever home! You have it made now. :-)

    P.S. Our human loves the added touch of the almost-empty bottle of rum. Is that like her occasional (very occasional, disappointingly) bottle of rye (whiskey)? :-D

  2. Well Salem, you certainly know what you want and how to get it! Good for you! You have a great story and choose a wonderful forever home! I look forward to hearing more about your daily adventures with your furblings.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  3. Salem it is nice to meet you! You did a great job of picking a home to live in. And we are glad that you got a good health check your first vet visit - we hope they stay that way! We totally understand not discussing the ladygardenectomy - Lola never talks about hers either. But we boys, we are fine with discussing that stuff!

  4. Well-met Salem!! You are a loverly Tux! And you have picked one of the bestest furever ojmes... homes (Thomas was 'helping' me type). Enjoy!!

    Oh, and I have days when I need Grown-up Drinks too!!

  5. Hei Salem, you have got great catitude! Seeking out your home anD twisting the humans round your little paw- hehehe. And how wonderful you have an extra toe - does it mean you have an extra weapon too ????

  6. You have made your way to the most wonderful home! Jetsetting is not as glamorous as it sounds, at least that is what our Charli says.

  7. Hi Salem! We black and white tuxies are DA VERY BEST, but den, I might just be a little bit conceited being a b&w tuxie myself. Yup, haffing a good food supply, plenty of skritching and a clean litter box sure beats dat jet set life paws down.~Sadie

  8. Pleased to meet you Salem - we're glad you got a lovely new home with these nice peoples and their other kitties. It's good having plenty of love and foods and fun isn't it.

  9. So nice to meet you gorgeous Salem, we're so glad you found a great home all on your own=what a smart girl you are!!...Cool you have an extra toe=better for those smack down matches with siblings!!MOL...We are so impressed with your family, all such lucky kitties; your Mommy and Daddy are the best!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. Salem, you have the bestest story on how you CHOSE your furrever home and family! We are so happy you fit right in and mom says she LOVES the colors your mom picked for the rooms. And she also LOL'd at the rum comment! Have fun sweetie!

  11. Hi Salem! Thanks for sharing your story with us. I am glad you learned how to play and have fun!

  12. Hi Salem, You picked the right house and your tactics worked perfectly. Men are pushovers anyway.

    I like your story and I am really glad you live in a house with very colorful walls and you have instant family too!


  13. You have pretty eyes!!! The paper towels are a good idea, we usually just go after the toilet paper cuz it's low.

  14. Salem you are utterly utterly adorable!!

    And what a fun and free personality! Me and Charlie are so happy to meet you.

    You are so unique you even have an extra toe! How cool is that?!?!?!

    We absolutely adore you sitting in the cupboard looking like you've been so rudely disturbed by your mum and dad (were they looking for more rum??! LOL!)!!

    We hope you have lots more fun with your nipping and playing with your furblings!

    p.s. we think mum and dad's colourful walls and simpsons pic make for a happy cheerful household!

    take care

  15. aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... Curzon once destroyed a whole 20pack (or however big those monster-sized ones are) all by himself - as a kitten! Toilet paper is so much more fun!

  16. Hi Slaem - like your name - very appropo! Thanks for telling us all about yourself. We are all glad you picked such a nice place to live!

  17. HI Salem

    It was so nice to read your story and we loved how you made your move on Halloween. YOU picked the bestest house, you are one smart tuxie!


  18. Yep, saved the best for last I'd say...but don't tell the others! You are way cool and have a wonderful gotcha story!

  19. What an exciting story with a great ending!

    You don't really look as small as you are (well, maybe in the dish cupboard picture you do). You puff up real good!

  20. Hi ya, Salem! That was a great Gotcha story!! You found a good home there!

  21. Hi Salem! What a cutie you are! You are one smart kittie!

    Glad Felix is doing well too!

  22. Salem, yoo certainly worked sum magic the night yoo chose yoor new forever home!
    We love the pic of yoo in the kitchen cupboard ~ we've never done that before ~ but we're gonna try it owt today! We already know mom will be cross ~ 'cos she tells us off for even getting on the worktops! :sheesh:

  23. Yo Salem! It's great to meet you. We all think you are one hell of a saucepot. Your expressions are brilliant. You just can't beat tuxie class & quality, and you m'dear have it by the shedful.

    An extra toe huh? This is a sign of great specialness. You really did hit the jackpot in choosing your new home

    Whicky Wuudler

  24. Salem your middle name should be Lucky!!!
    Thanks for the wonderful story.
    Madi and Mom

  25. Hi Salem, That is a wonderful story of how you found your forever home. You have big family too! Almost as big as mine (there are 15 kitties here). Now that we've found your blog, we will add it to our "to read" list!

    Clarissa & Co (Clarissa, Sable, Jazzpurr, Serendipity, Fiona, Daisy, Bandit, Memphis, Batman, Ginger, Panda, Spunky, Puff, Lily Rose, and Fred)

  26. We are so happy to meet you, Salem. You are a beauty!!!!! What a wonderful story and we are sooooooo happy you found such a wonderful home. xxxxxxxx

  27. OMG ... Found you via #1, Tommy & the gang. I love your bloggy & this post!! I have 5 kitties ... All rescues. I found a Tux on Halloween & brought her in aka "Halloween". She has since gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

    Purrs ....
    Whippy Curly Tails

  28. I just LOVE u salem!!!!!!! My cat,Widget, loves u too and wants to be just like u! She also has an ongoing battle with the evil red dotand toilet paper roll! I love u salem!! So glad you have a great home!! ~ Maggie P. And Widget

  29. You's bootyful Salem. It's vewy nice tu meet yous. Livvin' da simple life wiff luvvin' hoomans is da bestest life fuw suwe.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


  30. We think you're beautiful Sweet Pea...way better than Ceiling Cat or Mona whoever.


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