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Monday, April 19, 2010

Torti-Meezer Monday


Here's my pretty tummy. I may have to bite you gently and kick you a little when you pet it!

I have one blonde footie! Do you see it?

Meeze, meow, meezemeezemeeze...

Oh! I need to speak people? OK. Usually after a few meezes Mommy caters to my every whim.

Hi! My name is May Ling and I'm the best (Mommy edit: "worst") of two kinds of kitty, I'm a torti-point siamese. You cannot imagine how demanding I am...or how incompetent my Mommy & Daddy are. I want to play feather and red dot and be petted ALL THE TIME and they just won't do it!

Mommy fell under my spell on May 1 last year. She was at the v-e-t picking up some calming medicine for Maui (thanks Maui for being a crazy boy!) and I was in the "adopt me" cage. It was busy at the v-e-t so Mommy had to wait--she opened up my cage and the rest was history. Well, almost. Mommy paid for the medicine, and even though she didn't want to, she left without me because the Lounge already had ten cats.

Now, Mommy had to go to the grocery store and on the way there who did she see but Daddy on the way back from the airport picking up my (future) human sister, Ashley! They stopped in the store parking lot and Mommy told them about the kitty she already loved. Daddy rolled his eyes and said "What's one more" and Ashley was all for another kitty. Mommy was so excited she said to heck with food shopping and sped back to the v-e-t to get me! I was still there (it had only been about twenty minutes) waiting for Mommy. And she Gotcha'd me! Daddy decided on May Ling for a name 'cause it was May 1 and I needed and oriental twist to my name, being a meezer-mix.
I get along with all of my furblings except Sweet Pea. We would like to eat each other and the Evil Squirt Bottle appears a few time a day to discourage us. As if! I have to "mark" my territory once and a while and I Go Wee on the floor. Mommy is glad for tile when I do that. My favorite indoor spot is on top of the lotus cat tree in the living room. I can monitor activities and scream whenever I feel neglected. Which is often. I also have my very own special chair & cushion I sleep in at night. In the morning when Mommy comes into the room I stretch and meeze at her so she starts the day out right.

We got switched to all wet food a few weeks ago and one of my nicknames, "Bowling Ball" isn't so apt now. I'm slimming down on the new diet of better food, and I love to play chase in the Catio with the other Lounge Kats--except for you-know-who--so that is paring off the ounces as well. My brofur Rupert is my most favorite rasslin' buddy. I bunny kick his head and he nips at my paws and we have a blast! At night the red dot appears and I havent caught it yet, but I will.

Tomorrow is Grayce's turn...she's the reason we all get yummy wet food I feel the need to meeze and meeze...Bye!


  1. May Ling, it's lovely to meet you! You're definitely gorgeous, and we can see that you keep your humans on their toes. Of course it's only fitting that someone of your regal status get what she wants, when she wants it. :-)

  2. Nice to meet you May Ling. You and I might be distantly related..for it sounds as if you are a diva too as I am. HA!!! Oh my cats I love you Catico....that is one fantastic room full of cat fun. Now I see why you are called Lounge Kats and how Mom and Dad can manage all of you. They have lots of great space. The kiddie pool turned kitty box is a fantastic idea.
    Happy Monday,
    Madi and Mom

  3. It is so nice to meet you and that is such a great gotcha story!!!

  4. Awwww May Ling!!!

    What a fabulous story of how you were gotcha'd by your hooman mum and dad and sister! Yay for them!

    You are just so pretty and a true glamour puss! You deserve the best there is for such a special exotic kitty!

    I'm sure you and SweetPea will soon be bestest friends! :-)

    Take care

  5. I am so glad you got picked up right away!
    You really put your paw down and demanded to be adopted by that nice lady!

    bonks and meeze on

  6. You are very beautiful May Ling. We are glad you were Gotcha'd and now lead a life of luxury, which of course you should.

  7. May Ling, you are a very pretty girl! I bet you and Caroline could have quite the conversation!

    Love your story!

  8. You are a lovely girl. I am certain you are the best of the best!

  9. So furry nice to meet you May Ling. You are a beautiful girl and we LOVE your attitude! You Go Girl!

  10. So nice to meet you, May Ling! We love your blond foot!!

  11. Hi, May Ling, you are a gorgeous girl with cattitude just like our Halle!!...You have a cute blonde foot!...Your Mommy has such a big, kind heart; you guys are very lucky to have such great parents...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. May Ling you are one glamorous gal!
    It was really nice to meetcha ya and hear your "got me" story!
    Your Mommy has a great heart!!


  13. You have tortitude to spare May Ling! What a pretty kitty.

  14. Hi May Ling! It's very nice to meet you! We always like to make new furriends:)

  15. Your majesty, I am glad you were rescued and now ruling over your domain.

  16. Hi May Ling...what a neat catio yoo haf! Maybe we should show it to our dad so he can bild us one. Yeah, like dat would happen.

  17. Nice to meet you May Ling (is there a panda named after you somewhere???) My mom says you have a totally snorgleable tummy!

  18. May-Ling if I would of saw in that cage, you would
    of had a new home at my house! You are adorable!
    Your my 2 favorite kinds of kitty, mixed together!
    My tortie Aniwa is mixed with Burmese and very small, but very smart like you! Stop by and say Hi! :)

  19. Hello May-Ling. You are a very beautiful girl! We liked hearing your Gotcha story.

  20. Nice story and very nice to meet all of you!

  21. Hi May Ling, nice to meet you! I thought I had 'tortitude' but I bet you've got me beat!


  22. Hi May Ling, you are awesome!

  23. You are indeed lovely, May Ling, and we enjoyed reading your happy ending story!

  24. May Ling yoo are adorable. We can't unnerstand why yoor beans don't play wiv yoo ALL da time.

    Smoochies from us!

  25. You are gorgeous! You have that subtle luxurious look. Very nice!

  26. you sure are beautiful, May Ling.

  27. It is nice ta meet ya May Ling! Yes, we have similar physeeks (my nickname is "Pudge").


  28. Hi May Ling, you are one torti-meezer saucepot and we're very glad your Mum and Dad have you around to keep them in order with your meezing ;)

    Whicky Wuudler

  29. Hi May Ling! It is nice to meet you! What a story you have! Of course your mom had to come back for you - you are a cutie!!


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