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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Funday

It's Sunday Funday around here at the lounge. Let's see what's on the roster for fun ...

Scouty and May Ling enjoying the Catio. Silly Scout--"Well-Pict"!! hahaha!

Fresh nip on the floor! It doesn't get any better than this!
There are nine of us in this photo, can you find us all?

Yummy deli roast beef served up in the living room. nom nom nom!

The Grays have a Top Secret meeting on "Mommy's" (HA!) leopard binky.

What are you guys doing for fun today? We hope it includes nip, naps, and nomming!

XX Lounge Kats

We are also sending 12 BIG purrs to Herman!


  1. Wow, y'all sure are having fun & thanks for the Purrs4Herman today!

  2. We spotted all nine of you in your photo. We have sent purrs to Herman too.

  3. Looks like another great day at your house! We were napping in the sun, but now some fog has blown in so we are waiting for it to burn off so our sunny spots return!

  4. Sounds liek you're all having a great Sunday. Can we share some of that nip?

  5. Hey Rupert ... Are you my cousin??? Come on by to our house. Mom found me near the Cotton Bowl in Texas. Her brother thinks I'm a Korat kitty!!

    Little Bunny

  6. I;m a happy kitty living with my mommy and no other kitties 'cause I'm an older lady kitty and wouldn't appreciate some youngster kitten here. BUT it sure looks like fun and good company over at your house.

  7. It looks like another fun, happy day on the catio!...Nip and roast beef and naps sound like a purrfect Sunday to us!...We are purring loudly for Herman too; he is a special boy...Kisses to all of you sweethearts...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. Now that's the way to really enjoy the day!

  9. Roast beef and nip?! Man are you guys lucky or what?!

  10. We had to search for all of you nine kitties but we eventually found you all!

    We love 'The Grays' faces in that photo. We wonder what they're planning?

  11. Mom sez she's already slept on a big dog bed, a round one at dat! We had ham at breakfast and roast beast at lunch and now we hear der might be real live dead shrimp at supper! In between da snacks we've all been sleeping in da sun in open windows...lovely.

  12. Wow--I bet your house is FUN!! Looks like you guys got lots of cool stuff...want a 13th??


    Thanks for coming by my blog!! And I'll be back to YOURS!

  13. Awwwwww!!!

    What a fun day you're all having!!! And I think I spotted the nine kitties in the nip pic!


    Me and Charlie hope you all had a lovely happy day in your amazing home!

    Take care

  14. You kitties are really living it up! We're doing a lot of nomming today, too:)

  15. Well, we looked long and hard and thought a lot about it, but we have finally decided where we want to go on our summer vacation. To your catio!!!

  16. With 12 of you in the house, there's never a dull moment, we bet!! We're doing a lot of napping and nomming today...also a little neighbor watching.

  17. Oh Scouty, You look soooooooooooo handsome in your box! You certainly are "Well-pict"ed! Don't let any humans sneak up on you!!

  18. Thanks for dropping by to say hello. There sure are a lot of you!

  19. We love yoor lounge ~ praps yoo cud have a party and we cud all come over and visit and play wiv those cool toys?

  20. Wow, that's a lot of kittehs! And what a sandbox you have. AWESOME!!!

  21. What fun you must have had :)
    Our mummy doesn't know how catnip works on us yet...
    Purrs!!! Keiko Kenji & Pricilla


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