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Monday, October 11, 2010

ManCat Monday...Introducing Sylvester!


Sylvester here...the new guy...LUCKY #13!

You may have seen a picture of me yesterday...isn't my new Mommy a tease?

Suffrin' Succotash, have I got a story for you.  I've been living at VCA Black Mountain Animal hospital for two tears.  Yes, you heard right...TWO long years.  And I'm seven years old so I've been here a long long time.  My first "faux" family dumped me here and they claimed I PEED on a bed!  I was framed, I tell you.  I never did any such thing, but I think's that's why nobody wanted to adopt me.

My new Mommy & Daddy first saw me at the vet's back in February when Felix hurt his knee.  They took me out of my cage and loved me up, but they didn't bring me Home.  They saw me again in March, when Grayce had her bladder stone surgery, but I didn't go Home that time either.

So, Maui had to see the vet Saturday to get a refill in his anti-crazy medicine.  Daddy saw me there and he couldn't believe it!  Erica, the nice tech told Daddy how long I'd been there and he said "Two years?  That's it, he's coming Home!"

And here I am!

In my private room


I didn't want to stay in my room.  I howled.  So I got OUT!
Here I am meeting Salem.
She's hissed off I'm here.

Felix gave me airplane ears, and grumbled a tiny bit.

Maui likes me, we hung out on the rug later on.

Johnny sniffed my behind!  I let him, it was the polite thing to do.

CC came up to say hello, he's a little shy of me, since I'm such a big (17 pounds!) ManCat.

May Ling hasn't decided if I'm OK or not.
Maybe she needs to sniff my booty.

The Baby gave me Ye Olde Smackypaw!  I was a mellow guy and didn't smack back.

KonaKitty and I have been hanging out.  We both like to be brushed and we've been getting a TON of grooming.  I have a dandruffy back, Mommy hopes it will clear up with a non-kibble diet.

Scouty and Sweet Pea are cool with me.  And I'm cool with the Nip toys!

Yup, I think I'm gonna fit in really good here.

Happy Monday, my new friends!

Love, Sylvester  XX


  1. WOW Sylvester, how wonderful it is to meet you! You are lucky #13 and our Mummy is jealous beyong belief!
    We are aiming for an OCTET in the near future. Help us convince Cat Daddy purrlease!

    You are such a gorgeous mancat, we cannot believe that you were dumped and homeless for 2 YEARS!

    Your forever home is the BESTEST that any kitty could ever wish for! We're sure that your furblings will take no time in snuggling up with you, they are used to meeting new kitties by now!!
    Meows and purrrs!
    Keiko, Kenji, Pricilla & Yuji

  2. Sylvester, you so lucked out! You wound up in a great home! That is awful that you were stuck living at a vet clinic for two years, but once you've settled in and the other kitties have gotten used to you, you may even think it was worth the wait.

  3. Welcome to your forever home Sylvester! You will think you have died and gone to kitty heaven! We are happy things seem to be going well with your new siblings.

  4. Welcome Sylvester! We can both relate to being welcomed into our second and really furever home. But neither of us can imagine being in the shelter for two years. We were just there for a few weeks.

  5. Two long years is a long time to wait, but I think this family is worth it! Big purrs to you sweet Sylvester. I kind of want to sniff your booty too.

    We are joyful for you for finally getting into your new forever home. And this time it really IS forever! How long have you been at the Katnip Lounge getting acclimated??
    2 years in unimaginable! Did you live in that cage the whole time???
    We love the picture of you & Kona Kitty on the bed, with you crammed into the shelf on the headboard.
    Welcome, welcome, welcome!

  7. Welcome, welcome, welcome Sylvester. I get goosebumps just thinking about how lucky you are and how you have won the JACKPOT! I hope you just adore your mom & dad and become one of the gang very quickly. Good luck to you handsome fella and be a good boy. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5

  8. Welcome to the Lounge Sylvester! We're so glad you have a furever home and you are going to have so much fun and get so much love from your mommy and daddy too! You are a very handsome Mancat and we're looking forward to seeing you with your furblings!

  9. Welcome home, Sylvester! We are so excited for you and glad to see your first introductions went well. We can't wait to hear more as you settle in - you're gonna have so much fun! Purrs-

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  10. Hei Sylvester! Welcome to the bloggie world, and hurrah for the rescue after all that time :) You sure know what patience is. And what's wrong with peeing on the bed anyway ? Boos and hisses and lots of stinky spraying to that faux family of yours, and hurrahs for your new Mom and Dadwho are such lovely people. It's so good to see you making friends and swopping bottom smells. You look like a really brave mancat so methinks you'll fit in. Not only do your family provided catnip but you'll get loads of munchies too. Oh, and the dandruffy fur will go - Tuomo-veli and Mirsku-veli both had that and it disappeared after a couple of weeks of good home cooking. We look forward to seeing much more of you x

  11. Sylvester, welcome to the Lounge! You are going to b e so happy there, and can enjoy becoming a blogging cat too! It is sad that you were without a home for two whole years. But now that can be forgotten.


  12. Some homes are worth the wait--I think yours was!

  13. Welcome Sylvester! We is so happy you get to live in da lounge now! 2 years is a scary thought fur sure ta be livin a cage! You is gonna have so much fun ovfur der, dey are some pawsome peoples you got, and brofurs and sisfurs too!

    Da Critters

  14. Two years? Yoo lived at a ::gulp:: vet place fur TWO YEARS! Well, yoo gots da bestest furever home in da world, and yeah, we think it's even better den ours cuz we don't haf a catio (please don't tell our mommy we sed dat, she would be hartbroked.)

  15. Oh Sylvester! The Human got a little leaky reading about your long wait for a good home (but thank Ceiling Cat those v-e-t people took care of you even if it wasn't exactly the Catio there!). I am so happy that your new Dad just knew it was time to bring you home :-)

    Here's what I think: Hang out with KonaKitty (she's very cool!) and I think you & Scouty will be good buds too. The rest will come around soon enough (well, maybe not The Baby; watch out for that smackypaw!)

    Good to meet you!

  16. Mom and I are so happy with you Sylvester ! You meant to be here, belong have to wait for long long time but now it's over..thanks Cod

    and you know ?..This is the coolest place to be. and you will fit perfect with your new family forever

    Very Glad to meet you and can't wait to see your next story : )


  17. WOW!
    Greetings Sylvester, very nice to meet you and it looks like you will certainly fir in real nicely. Now being cat number 13, well to some 13 is lucky and after two years, I'd say your lucky.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont (dad)

  18. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

    Yay!! Yay!!! Baker's dozen Katnip Lounge Kitties!!! Awwwwwwww!

    Beautiful and ever so lovely and adorable SYLVESTER!!!!! Look at you!! Awwwww just look at your 17lbs of pure gorgeous mancatliness!!! You are just beautiful!! And so is your mum and dad!!! Me and Charlie are so pleased and so happy to see you exploring and enjoying your new home with your adorable furblings!!

    Lovely Salem is bound to be your bestest friend soon!

    We love Felix's sweet airplane ears (he's in lurve you see!)LOL!

    Awww glad you and sweet Maui have clicked!

    And Mr Johnston is a big floofy softie! And very nosey too! LOL!

    And CC's come out of his furry shell to say hello to you - that's just so cute!

    May Ling's a proper ladycat and takes her sweet time! And The Baby is a fierce amazonian hunter ladykitty - at least you're not called George! LOL!

    And gorgeous Konakitty, Scouty and Sweet Pea all love you!!! Welcome home sweet Sylvester!!

    Take care

  19. Welcome to your forever home, Sylvester, and to the CB! Two years you waited? Two years??? Wow.

    We are SO happy the Katnip Lounge dad said you were going home with him. Your human parents are pretty fantastic--even our mom thinks so, and she's not crazy about too many humans!

    We wish you a long and healthy and happy life. Big smooches from our mom and kitty kisses from us!

  20. Oh we are thrilled for yoo sweet boy! Yoo have finally lucked owt and found yerself the best forever home in the werld ... well in Las Vegas anyway. Two years was way too long to be cooped up ~ tell your daddy fanks from us for letting yoo come home, he ROCKS!

  21. How wonderful, Sylvester! No more lonely nights for you, buddy! That is one cool Forever Home!

    The Chans

  22. Welcome to the family Sylvester! You have totally lucked out and landed in a great home. I look forward to learning more about you.

  23. Concatulations on finding such a fabulous Forever Home, Sylvester!!!! The three of us all had our starts in vet clinics, too! You were such a patient mancat to wait all that time, but you probably knew that something amazing was coming for you :)

    I peed on a bed once, too. It was mum's fault. She forgot to shut my (her) bedroom door before letting our foster cat Stella out, and she ran in the room and jumped on the bed. I peed on it that night. It's a shame that humans don't think a bit more about why we do things.
    Enjoy your new home, buddy :)

  24. We're so happy for you Sylvester! You're going to LOVE living at the Lounge...we know it.

  25. Bless your heart Sylvester, and bless the hearts of your new Mom and Dad ! With them you will never have to worry about being dumped again ! Enjoy your new home, and all your new brothers & sisters !!

    Eva & Gracie's Mom

  26. Hooray for you Sylvester! I am so very happy you are home...finally. I think you'll find it was worth the wait. See you soon big guy!!!

  27. That is so terrific Sylvester that you found such a great home. It looks like you are going to get along fairly well with the Lounge gang. And you are just the purfect Mancat since you are so very handsome. We love black and white cats.
    Take care and have a great week getting to know all your new friends.

  28. Sylvester, I am so happy for you. You made my day! It looks like you are already fitting in real good.

  29. Sylvester, this makes us SMILE real big!! You have found yourself the most amazing new home and family. You are going to just love it there with your new mom and dad and brofurs and sisfurs!! We had a Sylvester, but now he is our angel cat.
    P.S. Your daddy is a lot like ours!!

  30. Sylvester....welcome to the first day of the best years of your life!!! After two years in and out of a cage we are 1000% sure you are over the moon with glee. Good job on your mix and mingle skills. Looks like you are being accepted by the majority.
    Hugs Madi

  31. Sylvester!!! We are soooooo happy for you and can't wait to hear more of your adventures in your new, totally awesome home! Salem needs to get to know you better, both of you being black & white kitties and all! Hope you get acclimated very soon!

  32. We are SO happy to meet you, Sylvester! You really lucked out moving to your awesome new home.

  33. Yay for Sylvester and for your Daddy! What a wonderful story -- now that Sylvester has a home, that is!

    He's such a handsome, big guy, and seems to fit in so easily with the others. I guess he got used to lots of different kitties in the shelter.

    He couldn't have found a better home, and all the fascinating features of the Katnip Lounge await to be discovered. Most importantly, he is loved.

    Kudos for giving another homeless kitty a furever home!

  34. Welcome Sylvester, we are so glad to meet you!!!! I know you were living at the animal hospital for a long time, but I guarantee you it was worth the wait. You have landed in kitty heaven; your mum and dad are great and you will never be lonely again with 12 brothers and sisters :-)

    Btw, 13 has always been my lucky number!

  35. Welcome, Sylvester. You have a great new home, and we hope everykitteh settles in nicely.

  36. Welcome to your new furever home Sylvester - we are sure you will have such fun with your new friends when you have settled in. It is great to see you running about and not shut in a cage.

  37. Sylvester, mommy is all excited that you are home with your new family. Welcome to the very best most loving family in the area. You are, and I know you know it, a very loved kitty already.

    Me and mommy are so grateful that you were with a VET clinic and not in "that other place where nothing good happens" and so you were saved for a loving family...well worth your wait, sweet one. Me and mommy love you already.

    xoxox to you Sylvester.

  38. Concats on your new home Sly! When our Moms were reading up on inappropriate peeing, they discovered that it is the number one (get it?) cause for cats being put up for adoption. How silly humans are!

    We know you will be very happy in your new home! Welcome!

  39. Sylvester, what a handsome mancat you are!!!! Meowza, two years???? Well, we know it was a worthwhile wait, cuz you couldn't have found a better home. We are sooooooo happy to have you as our newest friend.

    You look like you are settling in really well, and we purr that before long you won't be "the new kid on the block" but totally one of the Katnip Lounge Bunch.


  40. OMC, Sylvester! You have got it made! Welcome welcome, and it is nice to know you!

  41. Hi Sylvester! Welcome to your new home and to blogland! We are excited to meet you! And we hate your old "fauxmily" for dumping you just for peeing - Lola peed on the bed way more times then that and she is still at our house AND she is lucky and has her own room! But we are glad that you were at least at a vet place so you were safe! And we love that your new mom and dad didn't even care about the peeing and brought you home! 13 really is a lucky number for you (it is for our mom too - she has always felt that way). We are glad that you are already starting to meet the rest of your new family, and that some even are being nice already! That is so great!! And dude, you are huge - that is awesome - we love big cats (our house has a couple but not as big as you - well, not yet at least - Lola is the closest at 16 lbs). Oh, and mom said to tell you to tell your mom that a good way to get the dandrufs out is to use one of those soft bristle brushes (like not metal teeth but with actual bristles - they are usually white) and get them damp with a spray bottle and brush - that helps to get them out without a bath - it doesn't get them all but it does make it better. Kirzon (who is also black and white) gets lots of dandruff and she has used that to make him less dandruffy (plus there are sprays you can buy to help - just spray the brush and not the cat and it usually makes it easier).

  42. Welcome to your loving forever home, handsome Sylvester!...We just love your parents and their big, kind hearts...We're so glad you are settling in and feeling comfortable with your new family already...13 is our Mommmy's lucky number(born 10-13) and 13 is your lucky number too!!...We are so pleased to meet you and have such a lovely new friend...kisses, sweet boy...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  43. What a wonderful story! Welcome Sylvester--you are quite a handsome mancat. We can't believe you were in that cage for two years! You have a great home now with lots of fun things to do and plenty of kitty friends!

  44. Dood...all you MIGHT have done was PEE on something and some people got rid of you? Geeeez... I'm really sorry it took two years for you to get a forever home, but you got a good one! A really good one! Life is gonna be sweet from here on out!

  45. Wow, you sure look like you are enjoying your new forever home. I don't believe for one minute you peed on a bed either. Some folk think I do naughties under the dinning room table - but I didn't. Least I don't remember doing it :)

  46. Welcome Sylvester! We are sorry you had to wait two years for a great family to find you but they did! You will see how much fun they are to live with.

  47. Silvester I am pleased to meet you. Two years is a long long time. I am so glad your new dad took you home. I think you have found the best forever home. Enjoy sweet one you deserve it.. Hugs GJ x

  48. Oh Sylvester.....two years is terrible! I had been at my foster home for about that long (meowm thinks that was how long I had been there anyway, her memory is not what it used to be). We are so glad you have a furever homenow! And what a great home it is! We are always envious of that catio, and now you get to play there!!! WOO HOO!!!!! We bet you will be one of the gang in no time!!!

  49. welcome, welcome, welcome to your furrefur home!!! sylvester, you haff landed in a pile of primo 'nip, literally an' figuratively! we's sad that you was inna cage fur two years, but we's glad you wasn't inna place where they send you to the sawsije factory (like skeezy sez) 'steada hangin' around for the right fambly. now you haff a wunnerful life ahead, an' we hopes you liffs long an' healthy!!

    happy, happy headbonks an' nosekisses frum
    ed, nitro, xing lu, an' iggy

    peeyes: mom wantsta know whut kinda crazy maui is--xingie needs SUMTHIN' an' our vettie thinks she's the kinda crazy that if he gifs her meddysin, she could get even crazier. you kin email us through our profile! thanks!

  50. Geez Sylvester!! What a deal!! Our Mom wasn't sure if she wanted to jump for joy or cry when she read about you living for 2 years in that cage at the doctor's place. We are all so glad that you are now amongst all those nippin' cats there in The Lounge!! They are super cool cats. I'm sure you will have at least a few good buddies in no time. Oh, BTW, do you have any advice - since you worked in a vet's office - for me on how I can get a dog to understand me when I tell him I don't want to play?? Mom and Dad have this dog and he thinks I want to play BUT I DON'T so he gets all silly and runs around (and he farts all the time!! Yuck!!). Do all dogs act like this? Oh, heaven help me...... Purrs and congrats again you lucky 13!! Lautrec (and my sisfur Tiny and the stinky puppy-dog Ellwood)

  51. HI Sylvester!

    You dont know, but we here at ManxMnews have a real soft spot for tuxies...we are so glad that your Daddy scooped you up and brought you home. We can see that you will be very happy in your new forever and ever home. IT's a great place with lots of things to do and see and cats to love and people who give tons of kitty scritches.
    Its purrfect!


  52. Welcome to your furever home, Sylvester!!! We're glad your Daddy took you home! It's rather rotten to be furever-homeless for two years. We're glad you're adjusting well, and that some of your sibbies already like you. The rest will come around. You're pretty hard to not like. :)

  53. Sylvester, That is such an awesome story. I'm sorry it took two years, but you're rollin' in some righteous 'nip now!

  54. Welcome to your Forever Home Sylvester. We are sorry you had to wait so long, but you will find that it was well worth waiting for the perfect home for you.

  55. Oh Rupert, my love. I am waiting with open soft paws for the ear cleaning you promised with the snuggles after. I'll have us a Niptini and some music you will love on the player.

  56. Oh Sylvester, have you got a treat in store for you, buddy! After a few years with a crappy family and then 2 more years in a cage, you have been freed into Kitty Heaven. We're glad you have a few friends already at the Katnip Lounge Paradise - hopefully the others will come around soon! You are a handsome boy!!

  57. YAY!!! Your new mommy and daddy are the sweetest, kindest, coolest beans EVER! It made us sad to see the picture of you in that cage and to learn you had been there for two years, but we are very grateful the vet kept you safe and healthy and helped you find such a wonderful forever home. You are going to be so happy there.

  58. Hello Sylvester!! We've been to that very pet hospital but it's been before you got there. We are so happy you found such an awesome place to live!!!

  59. Sylvester! You are one lucky cat, dude!! We think that's the reason why you hadn't found a new home were destine to be a Lounge Cat!!

  60. Sylvester, welcome! I'm glad you finally got home! Clearly those people who had you before were just terrible. Sounds similar to what happened with Russell and with Gracie, too--set up and left. Oh well, that was before.

    Nah, Russell didn't get to see the balloons. On Friday there was a picture of the kangaroo balloon on the front page of the newspaper, so Olivia got all excited, but that was about it. Don't tell Russell but my mom's hunting place is close enough to the field so she could see some of them during the take offs. No cat balloons, though, so what's the point?

  61. hi new friend. We're so happy you now have a forever home after waiting in the shelter for 2 years. Wow - dat's a long time to wait. I was in the shelter for only 2 months, but it seemed like 2 years. Congratulations on your new home. I think you really lucked out - I mean, take a look at dat playroom for kitties. What I wouldn't give for a room like dat one. Thanks for following my bloggy. I'm following your blog now too. I'll look forward to your next post.

  62. Oh, this is so exciting!! I'm so happy Sylvester has found such a wonderful, loving home after TWO WHOLE YEARS of limbo. Lucky, lucky boy.

  63. Hello Sylvester!!!

    Very nice to meet you. Trust me, Lucky has scrutinized the funny lady's blog and is very sure you are in excellent hands. She and her Man (your daddy) are very kind kitty people.

    I can't wait to see more of your pix.

    You are one very huge kitty! I bet you can give Ginger (the big bully here) a big good scare with just one paw smack!

    Still, just between us, Lucky loves Ginger - he can be mental but Lucky thinks Ginger had low self-esteem due to his very stumpy tail and he takes it out on others - he don't get his way with Lucky though - because Lucky lost Lucky's tail not too long ago - so, no way anycat is getting away bullying Lucky.

    Your new siblings are very good kitties too, don't worry if any of 'em hisses at you or gives you a little small paw smack - be patient, and it will all be worth it! After all, what is a little while compared to 2 years waiting! Right buddy?

    Lucky gotta paw off now ... till our next communique, take care!

    Love Ya Buddy!

  64. Lucky 13 indeed. You're going to be so happy there. And they're lucky to have you!

  65. It doesn't get any better than this. Sylvester with you, and now our Ash with Cat. There's something in the air . . .
    Of course, there's always P.C. who would COMPLETELY fit in with your crowd. What's one more when you have the amazing place that you have? :-) (P.S. He needs a safe place far away from here. His situation is "delicate".)

  66. HIYA SYLVESTER~!!! Sorry we are let meeting wasn't feeling well yesterday and we didn't get to visit ANYONE! You sure did get a really PAWesome furrever home. I mean...LOOK AT THAT PLACE! 13 is mom's favorite number and even has it tattoo'd on the back of her neck.

  67. seven years old and just NOW getting a forever home?! I'm so glad you got to live HERE!! Oh my bast, Me and tes have been jealous of your awesome setup for a while now. We would LOVE to be maybe 14 and 15?!

  68. Welcome Sylvester! You're going to be really happy at the Katnip Lounge. You're all so lucky to have found each other and I'm sure the you'll fit in perfectly, especially since you have superb manners!

  69. wow Sylvester, you have arrived in a wonderful forever home! we feel so sorry for you having to be in a cage for two year...but at least it was a big cage in a place where people were good to you. It looks like you're already fitting in very well with the other cats at the Katnip Lounge...lots of buddies right there. Enjoy!


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!