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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Up Close (and Personal!)


Snuggle up, and we'll tell you some secrets!

 I'm an UnderCover Gal!
I sleep next to Mommy's tummy at night.
And make pinpricks in "Sensitive Areas".

May Ling:
 I LOVE to gossip!
Leave me alone for three seconds and I'll have lots to tell you when you get back.

 I'm a total Clown Kitty.
My crazypants crabwalk defies gravity!
Oh, and I lubs it when Daddy eats my tummy.

 Spitty, this one's for you!

Or rather, these FOUR!
My Toes!

I sit with Mommy every night on the sofa.
My Purr is so soft she can only feel it when I lay on her.

Happy Wednesday, Kitties!

May Ling


  1. I feel like I know you five just a little bit better!

  2. KonaKitty: I am BREATHLESS looking at that close-up! I'd like to get in on that tummy action with you, too.
    Smoochies to each one of those little pink toesie beans, Salem!
    And....Mei Ling. How did I miss those hypnotic eyes before? I'm....smitten.

  3. Aw! This is a lovely post with you telling your little secrets. Äiti loves how beautiful your eyes are too. We all want evidence of the crazypants walk :)

  4. Yoo guys are to much...Zippy would like to gossip wif May Ling about how all da other kitties is crazy.

  5. Well now I know all your secrets. I wonder what I should do with them?

  6. Your mom is super cool. She got 13 cats and she can tell how individual each of you are.

    By the way,I think the same way as Deb, May Ling, your eyes look so beautiful !

  7. Those are interesting tidbits about each of you! Ray is Mr silent purr too. Happy hump day!

  8. Hi there,

    Ta for the comments on my blog. I just love all your cats!!!

  9. We loved you whispering your secrets to us. I want to come over and chat with May Ling... maybe we could have a tortie pawshake and everything...

  10. Awwwww beautiful Kona Kitty!!! Mummy's tummy is great for sleeping next to! :-) May Ling - you have such adorable eyes!! Me and Charlie can gaze at them all day as you gossip! Lovely Maui!!!! Crazypants crabwalk is so IN! :-)
    Adorable Salem: Spitty is one lucky lucky kitty!
    OH handsome Rupert!!! What a sweetie!!

    Have a lovely day all kitties of katnip lounge! Take care

  11. These are all great pics, but you totally had me at "kitty toes." ;)

  12. What lovely close ups. May Ling, your eyes! They are stunning! Dahlia likes to chit chat like you. It is adorable.
    Rupert, I have a purr like you. Mum thinks it is very cute to have a secret purr :)

  13. Bonjour sweet friends!
    Thanks so much for this lovely set of close ups!
    Fantastic poses and wonderful pictures!

  14. WOW - talk bout bootiful kitties. You all take the first-place prize for handsomeness.

  15. We loved hearing all your secrets! Your little Tortie face is so adorable, May Ling!

  16. All these photos and secrets are starting my Wednesday off perfectly! Yes indeed ~ looking at so many sweet kitties can make anyones day.

    Happy Wednesday to you!
    xo Catherine

  17. Thanks for sharing your secrets with us! Now Harley wants to learn the crazypants crabwalk!

  18. We loved those secrets. And such wonderful photos of you all! Our mom especially loved Kona's and May Ling's pictures. Happy Wednesday! :-)

  19. What sweet little inside secrets...I won't tell a single soul!!
    Hugs Madi

  20. I love those secrets!!!!

    Here are some of ours: Casper is a low purrer too and I just found out (because the cats only got into the bedroom recently) that Ben is an undercover kitty. As for Archie...he is an open book - lol

  21. We love learning more about you all - we won't go telling everyone your little secrets. Maui we would love to see your crazypants catwalk - please, pretty please.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  22. Those are great former secrets!

  23. Hello all!!
    Thanks for sharing your little secrets with me.
    I have a little secret to share too ...
    "I think, I am in love..."
    Love, Onion

  24. A couple of those secrets made us laff: Kona and the sensitive spots & May Ling!
    Salem: Ahem...well, we'll just keep that between you & Spitty.
    Rupert: That is so gentle and beautiful. Just like you.
    And Maui!!!! We want video of the Crazypants Crabwalk!

  25. Wow what a great bunch of pictures of you five. We are so excited to hear all of your secrets. We may have to pass some of those secrets on. Have a great day.

  26. Oh, we do love to hear secrets!!!!!!!!!!!! You are all such gorgeous/handsome kitties.....we love all 13 of you and your mama and daddy.

  27. Beautiful photos and we love hearing your secrets!...Our Mom is interviewing this week for another job and may not be able to comment daily if she starts working longer hours on Nov. 1, but we will keep up with you lovely friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  28. Holy Smokes!!! Look at all your gorgeousness!!! Those are great pictures of you! And we loved learning some of your secrets!

  29. May Ling, your gaze is as exotic as your name.

  30. All you kitties are beautiful. Kona you look like me except I have a lotta red, Mom says....Kassey

  31. Sharing secrets is so much fun and we loved hearing them!!
    Hugs 'n purrs,

    Mindy, Moe, BonBon, Cookie & Mike

  32. all of you kitties are beuuuuTifuuuuul! all eyes, ears, toes & noses. I wuv the secrets too.

  33. Kona, I do the same as you and snuggle under the covers against my mum's tummy. I make her say ooh, ouch, mind where you put your claws Flinnie too.

  34. Aw, man, those are some awesome close-ups of all of you!!

  35. Oh we love your close ups and learning more about you! May Ling, you are gorgeous! Kona, I snuggle under the covers with my mommy too and give her pin pricks in areas I probably shouldn't. :)


  36. Crazy Pants crab walk intrigues me!!

  37. Thomas says, "Hey, Rupert? Have you lost your purr? I lost mine for awhile. I had it and then it was lost and mom was the only one who could feel it. After mom moved the Horde down here to live with dad it started coming back so mom could hear it if she put her ear on my belly and other people could feel it. Now everyone can hear it. We switch out our secrets, it's fun!!"

  38. Salem
    OH MY those whiskers those eyes those paws!

    We enjoyed having heard your secrets we can't wait to know the other kitties secrets as well.


  39. How could I never have been to this blog before? I am now YOUR newest follower!
    OMC your "cat room" is a kitty's dream!!!!
    Your cats are too precious and I love the personal description of each one!
    Is May Ling named after an ex girlfriend of John Lennon?

  40. What great kitty secrets! Thanks for sharing-

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  41. We must say, May Ling, you eyes are GOURGOUS! They are so big and blue that they must take in every bit of interesting happenings.

  42. Oh dats so nice to know a little bit about yoo all. Such purrty portraits of all of yoo too.

  43. You guys are so beautiful with such sweet secrets!

  44. May Ling, you and my sister Ginger should get together and "chat"!


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!