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Friday, December 10, 2010

Featherin' Felix Friday


Felix here.

So me and the rest of the gang were hanging out on the Catio the other evening.

Suddenly, the FEATHER attacked!

I had to get it...I used my ManCatly Claws and Mighty Meaty Thighs to propel myself up.

I got ready for the next assault.


Here the Feather is starting to Anger me.
(which happens about 759 times a day)

 MOMMY!  This is my story!

I ignored it.

I Scorn you, Feather!

Holy Cod!  My Scorn was not enough! 
 The feather returned.  As did my Anger.
Kitties, what happened next was best not documented.
Let's just say that some Pheasants better get busy making more tail toys.

And I seriously needed to charge up my Scorning Capacitor.

Gotta keep my rep with my Floofy Furious Feline, the Scrumptiously Scrappy Annie.

Happy Friday!

XX  Felix


  1. Mighty thighs and thunderous scorn - this was all too much for a Friday morning Felix. You are a most worthy crabster and all the pheasants better beware. Respect, Kitty Dude!

  2. Yep--sometimes feathers think they can do us it and we gotta be tough and show them who is boss. Well I eat mine but that's another story.

  3. Boy! It looks like you told that feather to bugger off alright! GO Felix!

  4. You look real good in the close-up, Felix.
    And we love how you put yourself in your much loved house!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Felix you are a feather destroying orangey, nice job!

  6. Oooooh get that nasty feather!!!!

  7. That fevver is SO cool!!! And your Mighty Meaty Thighs **blush** are so strong. We love seeing what you all are doing on the Catio.

  8. Love the fevver stick. Petey said we're gonna get us one of those for Solstice.

  9. I knew from the beginning that feather was going to come to no good end.

  10. Why can't they just leave well enough alone eh?

    What's the secret to your M. M. Thighs? Mine are a tad Wishy Washy Weak.

    Purrs Goldie

  11. Ferocious and fierce Felix!!!! Me and Charlie know that amazingly gorgeous Annie will be most impressed by your warrior ways!!! Wow!!! You really showed them fevvers where to go!!!

    We are in AWE!!!!!!

    Take care

  12. The Scrumptiously Scrappy Annie swooned, looking at your ManCatly Claws and Mighty Meaty Thighs! ::Whew:: Is it hot in here or is just my floof?

    Bravo for killing the dastardly feather. Annie hopes your Scorning Capacitor is well-charged now!

  13. MOL Felix...looks like the peeps would learn to let sleeping cats sleep...I think they are jealous of our abilities to sleep anywhere any they are inclined to bug us with different flying objects. Good for you taking care of the flying feathers.
    Hugs Madi

  14. i think i'm going to have some t-shirts made up with the slogan 'i scorn you feather.' that's a classic.

  15. Fantastic pictures of the battle!!! Love it!

  16. FELIX! I have a fighting feather TOO! I wonder of they're related!

  17. Wow, you must of been absolutely exhausted after attacking that feather stick! You deserve a nice long snooze zzzzzzzzzzzz

  18. Good job, Felix!!!!!!!! Now be sure and get rested up for that sweet and beautiful Annie of yours.....she's a friend of ours too, and we think you make a gorgeous couple.


  19. Wow!!! What an attack adventure!!!! You are one strong kitty!!!

    Happy Friday to you and your ENTIRE family!

  20. Mighty Meaty Thighs! By golly that's a good one. I usually call them Thunder Thighs!

    You look mighty exhausted after that attack! I'm glad you showed the feather who's boss!

  21. OhMG Felix, no chances for that feather! hehehe
    You are so adorable dear friend!
    I wish you lots of funny this weekend,

  22. You did a great job dealing with that pesky feather. Just gotta show 'em who's boss.

  23. Oh Felix, you are a manly mancat to catch that feather. Love your closeup.

  24. That feather sure was a bother. It looks like you need to deaded that fevver. Then it won't bother you any more. Sometimes we don't want to be bothered with some of the toys. Hope all of you have a super day.

  25. Well doe, Flix, both the attacking and the scorning.

  26. We hope Mr Pheasant is going to oblige by shedding some more dastardly fevvers - you need a worthy opponent Felix if you are going to keep Miss Annie's attention.

  27. Wondrus meaty thighs and scorn...heehee. Yoo sured showed dat feather!

  28. And they say never to mess with a woman scorned! Felix scorned is much worse! I must say, though, in that first picture you are quite handsome, Felix.

    I guess you ate that feather, did you? I hope you don't get any featherballs caught in your throat.

    Your brother Johnny and sister Gracye are on the LOLSpot today -- the silly things!

  29. Gosh, Felix, I never get angry when I see feathers - they make me super happy! I meow at them, then I ATTACK! They are so much fun! But they always get tired of playing before I do. That doesn't make me angry either, just a little bit sad.

    Your friend, Zoe

  30. Felix the Feather King!!! You pounce those things purrty good! Hey, we're cheering Henry!!!

  31. Show that feather who's Boss, Felix!

  32. Felx, seriously the first photo of you is so stunning ! If I were a girl, I will ask you out : )

    Your dad and my dad never ever left us alone !!!!!!

  33. Feliz
    We know you made Annie a very happy girl today!

    *soft kitty kisses to my sweetie*


  34. Um, yeah, fevvers go that way around here too. TBT is allus watchin for loose fevvers outside (specially cardinal an blue jay ones).

  35. Waugh, you are master ninja cat feather fighter!

  36. Felix, you gotta keep those feathers in line. Never ever let them think they can win!!!

  37. Yeah Felix!!!!
    Show the feather who rules!!! :)

  38. Felix you are a mighty mancat indeed!!! That feather needed to be dispatched and you were just the orange kitty to do so...well done!!!


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