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Friday, August 17, 2012

We Have a Winner!


Salem here.
Please excuse the fact that I look a little fuzzy, earlier I was doing this:

...helping Mommy finish processing the nip!
I'm reclining on the cut open bag, enjoying the hallucinogenic heady scent.

Mommy sifted it to remove the stems, and there was nip dust all over the counter. 

 Mommy wiped off the counter with her hands and rubbed them all over our furs, so our coats were most excellently nippercized! 

Things may have gotten a little rowdy.

But it didn't last...because we had to pick a winner for our bag o'nip giveaway!

We counted up the entrants and asked Daddy (our Extremely Random Number Generator) to pick a number.
And the winner is:


Texas, email us (katniplounge AT gmail DOT com) your snail mail addy and we'll get your package off in the mail right away.

Happy Tuesday!

XX  Salem  XX


  1. Congratulations to Texas!

    We tend to get a little rowdy with the nip, too!

  2. Since I did not win the nip, could you send me Salem as a consolation prize?

    No? Well, I didn't really think you would but a Boy can hope, can't he?

  3. Well Spitty does have the 'love tunnel' or has he forgotten? You can have Salem (Salome) I'm goin' for Rupert! MEEEyyyOOOWZA!

    Ms. Stella O'Cougar

  4. Concatulations to Texas! Me is sure he will enjoy every once! And me thinks yous all look a little, um, Dreamy!

  5. Rowdy? you guys??? I'm... I'm shocked! Seriously!

    Congratulations Texas!! You're about to get some rowdiness!

  6. Concats to Texas! That is a great gift. We hopes you kittehz don't get the munchies too bad after these nipfests. There's been a lot of them at your house lately!

  7. me goodness, what a terrific prize, congrats Texas! You got a awesome prize coming your way!!

  8. Some texas kitty is about to get high on that nip too!!!

  9. MOL, PS. We think your Mommy must have sniffed some of that nip too... she still thinks it's a Tuesday :))))

  10. Happy Tuesday Salem - your mind is well mashed, clearly! And congrats to Texas - you lucky cat. Not that we are jealous.
    By the way, when do the 12-step Nip Anonymous meetings begin at your place ?

  11. Concatultions to Texas! He is so lucky!

  12. Congratulations, Texas! Oh, you're going to be so blissfully nipped out. :D

  13. Oh wow! Concatulations! Y'all sure are going to enjoy that nip.

  14. Spitty wants Salem. Austin wants the nip!!

    ConCats to Texas :)

  15. Big concatulations to Texas..that will weally cheer him up :)

  16. I was a little worried when you said you were 'fuzzy' and all I could see was your tail by that light socket!! LOL! Glad it was just the nip! Ha!

    Congratulations to the lucky winner!
    xo Catherine

  17. Salem... you must be a bit stoned from that nip... you said Happy Tuesday... but it's Friday... don't give a gal a heart attack when she is so looking forward to the weekend! Haha!

    Have a good one!
    xo Catherine

  18. Yay for fresh nip and yay for Texas!!! Take care

  19. Texas is going to be the happiest cat in N.York!
    The Maple Syrup Mob.

  20. Concatulations to Texas on having the winning number - we hope he doesn't sniff too much!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  21. THat must be some good nip kitties. Say thank you to your Mummy for her sweet comment. Have a great weekend. Hugs anesha

  22. Oh! I won! I won!
    Thank you SO MUCH Salem and all of you guys!! I'll have my human send you my address.
    Rho... nip!
    Thank you all for your concatulations!
    Many purrs and more in anticipation!

  23. Concats to Texas!
    We can hardly get our mum to BUY us nip, and you guys get to oversee a harvesting operation? We really were at the back of the line when the mums were being handed out! We loved the photos of Salem going loopy :)

  24. she rubbed the nip ON you guys.... holy cod!!! concats to texas!!

  25. Congratulations to the winner! It must be fun to be nippercized!

  26. Concats to the lucky winner!
    You've been such all good little nipper all week helping mommy.

  27. Oh how much fun you kitties has! Concats to Texas, him gonna has some fun too!
    So mine mommy asks me to asks you, if you has any advice on helping a Formerly Feral kitty figure out how to use the box. Given that you is obviously a expert with CC and Scout coming frum outside. Pip is hasing problems figuring it out. Him will pish, but him not wants to poo Him not poo at the vets either, him hasa be full.
    Any advice will be preciated!
    Thanks fur your support, it really helps mine mommy a lot!
    Your furend, TK

  28. Ohhh nippercized coat sounds good! You will get nipped when you do grooming. Must be fun :-)
    Congratulations to Texas!

  29. Hi to all!! We haven't been visiting much lately 'cause LP has lots of work and stuff but we do visit when we can! We wanted to thank you for coming to our party yesterday. We also wanted to tell your Mama that LP laughed out loud when she read your comment.What a great image of ensuing crazy/chaos that was!Thanks for the chuckle :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  30. Hooray fur Texas, a NipFest is in the works!

  31. Congratulations to the winner. They are getting a pawsome prize for a cat.

  32. Congarats to Texas. Looks like the nip harvesting was fun for all.

  33. Salem.. I love that next to the last aren't about to tussle you were just making sure Baby's furs were in place. MOL

    Socks: Before Mom starts making the socks she is going to train her toes to crochet so she can make both of them at the same she will be in agony one time. More than likely if we were taking bets you mom could be a millionaire.
    Good news is Ms. Gloria said to call her if Mom ran into a tough spot.
    Hugs madi

  34. Texas is going to have a grand time with his homegrown, primo nip!

  35. You guys are so lucky, Our mummy is too lazy to process our crack, I mean, nip, properly Sometimes we have to gnaw on stems.

    Julius, Naomi, Alex and Emily the abused kitties

    PS We want to move in with YOU!

  36. Concats to Texas. Just make sure you don't put Sweet Pea in his package!

  37. woo hoooooooooooo
    Way to go Texas!!!!

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  38. Woo hoo, they live so close by, we might get able to catch a whiff!

  39. Congrats to Texas! We bet your house smelled niplicious!!

  40. oh wow! concatulations Texas!! And I hope you share with your new sister, Kitshka!!! paw pats, Savvy

  41. I like the concentration with you two! I think you helped your Mom lots!



    Ahhhh sifting and removing stems...I remember that well......MOL!


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!