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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday with Sheebie

Friends and Kitties!

*Whining Maggot Alert*
Proceed at your own risk!

Sheebie here.

As I write this May Ling is racing around the house with a twist tie in her mouth and an enormous poufed tail.  What a silly!  I'm grateful for the laugh, because I'm feeling a little blue.  Nothing serious, just the culmination of the Series of Unfortunate Events around here, to wit:

Scott's car accident is becoming a never-ending saga.  An MRI revealed torn rotator cuff muscles and assorted cervical disc injuries.  He's off to a neurosurgeon in three weeks, and has an appointment with a pain management specialist too.  Not surprisingly, he's a little frightened and a lot depressed.  Next week the drywall guy comes with all the mess and disruption, (I am going to see if I can get the A/C company to spring for a cleaning service after the sanding is done.) and the rub is that I'm working six shifts the next two weeks and Scott's booked up with Doctor appointments and therapy; we had to ask our neighbor to house-sit when the contractor is here--not an ideal situation.

My knee is healing but I'm still hampered on stairs and squatting.  I'm sick and tired of not having my normal range of movement.  I miss my yoga class.  I can ride my bike on the trainer but it's not the same...and it's too blasted humid outdoors to even walk.  Monsoon season here is like winter; you dash from the car to your destination and back spending as little time possible outside.  It only lasts about two months, but for someone who loves to be out it's torture.  I don't know how I managed to live so long in the Midwest where the weather is so rotten for so many months of the year.

I've been worried sick over my folks' kitty.  Shadow probably had the worst reaction (short of death) from a combo vaccine I've ever heard of.  After almost a month she's just started to get better.  Their vet has been in contact with the company that manufactures the vaccine and they have been very helpful with therapy advice and are paying all the expenses, nonetheless, as my Mom so succinctly put it, they want their cat and their lives back.  Shadow's vet is a wonderful dedicated woman, she gave Mom and Dad her personal phone number and the clinic staff are just as great.  Shadow gets love and kisses every time she's there from everybody.  Still, it's just been an awful, awful time.

Well, this has been a depressing post!

But that's life--sometimes it's not so great.  I know that every day I'm upright and breathing is a good one, and considering the odds, I'm lucky to be here (and sentient) at all, so I won't whine.  Much.  Thanks for being my pressure release valve.  You guys, and baking.  Nothing like carbohydrate therapy to get that serotonin streaming through my brain!  Which reminds me--I have the biscotti recipe as a PDF; let me know if you would like it.  

Oh, and never eat twenty figs in one day.  Trust me.

Have a Happy Sunday and a Calm Week!

XX  Sheebie, a.k.a Lemony Sniket  XX


  1. That's a lot to be stressed about, Sheebie. We are glad you have all of us, and baking, to help you cope. :)

    By the way, the fig joke made me laugh, but I believe you!


  2. What you need right now is a cuddle! Grab a cat and cuddle. Oh, you might wanna ask them if that's okay, first. But I'm sure they'll say yes. They love you and they'll wanna help make you feel better. Nothin' better than cuddlin' a cat, you know.


  3. You need a baby goat. Or two. I'll ship ASAP.

  4. Hope everybody feels better soon!

  5. Holy CAT. We surely do feel your pain. YES, a very stressful time indeed. Having just gotten out of a walking cast I've been in for 2 months only to injure myself with cervical neck injuries myself, I feel for both you and Scott. And I stupidly injured the disks in my neck because I *hate* to not be active, so I totally get where you're coming from there, too!

    And we're so very glad Shadow's slowly recovering. We've been following on FB and worrying about the poor baby. SO glad that their expenses are covered - but you're right. It doesn't cover the trauma or the time it's taking to get life back to normal!!!

    HANG IN THERE. We understand, we're there for you, and we wish we could snap our fingers (and paws) and make it all go away (for you and us both - ha!).

  6. If it helps, we will purr very hard. We hope things look up all around over the next couple of weeks.

  7. Life can get awfully complicated and inconvenient. But you have the right attitude...just have to get through it, and carbo-loading never hurts. :-)

  8. Peace out and rock on! ((Hugs))

    Pee Ess - our Mommy did the same thing with Medjool Dates! **snort**

  9. Mommy says,"Yes, please," to the biscotti recipe. She had to put her hand over her mouth not to LOL at the fig comment 'cause Dad is sleeping (and snoring, which is why she's awake). She admires your ability to vent and whine in the blog without putting anyone off. We have a little something for you that might cheer you up if you pop on over to our Sunday post. As dad always says, "Any day is a good day as long as he's still looking down on the daisies." Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  10. Ranting is GOOD - that's a huge amount to cope with. Something good has to fall on you (ie not the new ceiling). Go easy on yourselves and each other. Paws crossed for all ailments to be fixed and heal fast, and of course for Shadow.
    And we hope May Ling (and the others) continue to raise a smile, and a walk/limp to the treat tin.

  11. Hope that things will improve really soon. There are always periods of hard times but there will be good ones again. Take care.

  12. I think this is a job for Big Noodie John-Boy, don't you? Three snuggles before bed and two more in the morning.

  13. I'm glad Shadow is recovering, however slowly - that in itself is GOOD news! And that the vet and the vaccination company are being so great - that is increasingly uncommon these days.

    My human knows how you feel because she had an injury a couple of years ago (her rotator cuff, actually), and she was SO impatient to get back to her normal exercise routine. But you know what? Taking the time for it to heal really paid off because in the end, she gained some flexibility in that shoulder that she did not have before. I am sending purrs to Scott - how awful that all these other things are popping up on the radar.

  14. Flippineck!!! It never rains, but it pours … like …. literally! I've heard figs can be very cathartic, though!!

    Keep on keeping on, srsly! x

  15. Thank you so much for your comforting comment about Avalon. Much appreciated.

  16. Well, that list does suck. Sometimes it all just gangs up on you and won't let up. But at least some of that should end soon, so try to hold on to that!

  17. OH no, you didn't eat 20 figs in one day. Yikes. Don't want to know the results of that.
    No problem venting about the troubles. We know what it is like to have lots of little stuff going on but life wouldn't be fun at all if there wasn't something to worry about.
    Take care and have an Easy Sunday.

  18. Sometimes stuff simply sucks!
    Hope the suckness sods off soon.
    Jane x

  19. We're so glad that Shadow is slowly recovering. The way that the vet and the vaccine manufacturer have stepped up to take care of costs is good to hear, not that it helps with the stress level of you or your folks worrying about him.

    Hang in there and don't overdo it with the knee. It needs time to regain its previous strength, even though it's frustrating in the meantime.

  20. car accident, surgery, messy, disruptive contracters, no outside or exercise. bugger. bugger. bugger.

    yada yada yada....

    20 figs? Holy cat crap! bahahahaha!

  21. I'm not sure why any of us live in the Midwest.

    Note to self: stop at 19 figs.

  22. We're sending lots of sympathy from the Midwest.

    My sister and I have a favorite line: Life sucks and then you die. We say it a lot, too :(

  23. You have every reason to whine and vent! Hoping things start getting better soon!

  24. You totally deserve a little whine time! It's been a rough couple of months for all of you. Big hugs and I hope you, Scott and Shadow get better soon!!

  25. Yikes, what a bunch of not good stuff. We sure hope the better gets to your place soon.

  26. I'm so sorry, Trish. That's a lot you two are going thru. I hope all will go well with Scott and you will continue to heal but I can understand about getting anxious and wanting to get back to normal. I'm glad Shadow is getting better. Your parents' love and worry for her was so sweet and heartbreaking. I think I just now saw the chocolate biscotti recipe in my e-mail. Thank so much!

  27. If it's not one thing it's another, right? Too many things happening all at once can be so hard to deal with. At least you have your sense of humor! Hope things settle down soon.

  28. All of those things are in and of themselves much to be stressed over much less them all happening at the same time. Keep hanging things are going to make a swift turn and get much better. Hubby had torn rotator cuff, so does my Mom. Depending sometimes that can just be lived with. Hope there is no surgery. Husband had it, and it was fairly easy, he had very little discomfort. Worse part was not being able to do things himself. Sending mucho prayers

  29. Sometimes life just sucks the big one. Feeling a little low when the stress is piled is totally understandable. For me, letting it out is helpful, I hope it is for you too.

    Glad to hear Shadow is getting better, poor kitty!

    I'll be thinking of you and Scott this week. Hope everything goes well.

  30. Poor Scott! The boys send their purrs to him, and to Shadow and of course to you too, for your own healing. Whine away, goddess knows I do enough of it, far more than I post on my blog, though that might be hard to imagine. LOL.

    Oh, good luck with the drywall! I keep wondering how I might get the QuietRock done here, even over time....Forgot about all the sanding in between coats of mud. Even with the "low dust" mud, there's still a LOT of dust, or so has been my past experience. :-/

  31. Sheebie I am so sorry things seem to come in clusters. Life is messy sometimes..was this shadows first series of this particular shot? Bless her heart...

    Scott must be pretty sore too. I hope he can get some relief very soon.

    I know how you feel about workers in the house...w the babes. I hope it is a quick repair
    Hugs.all around
    Madi and c

  32. yep - that is a lot of things. BUT... you are both ok (more or less), the cats are good and Shadow is getting better. And baked goods help too :)

  33. That is a lot to deal with all at the same time.
    My sister and I have something called the 2 minute whine. =) The whiner can vent nonstop, about whatever, and the long suffering listening sis can only make consoling noises. We don't invoke it often but it sure is a relief to have it! I can verify it has therapeutic abilities!
    Sending cool thoughts and gentle kitty head nudges your way.

  34. Good grief! What a lot going on in your life! We hope everyone gets well. The kitty too. It's scary the kitty had such a terrible reaction to the vaccines.

  35. That is a lot going on and I hope it starts to be better soon. Hugs to you all.. GJ x

  36. To add to your food not-to-do list, never eat two Fiber One bars in the same day. Trust us.

  37. Somehow things always seem to come at us all at once. Mom feels the same way these days.

    Mom says never eat too many sugar free chocolates either!!

    The Florida Furkids

  38. Mom says venting is healthy. No point in keeping all that pressure inside,especially as you had 20 figs ;) heeheehee
    We are really happy to hear Shadow is finally improving after her ordeal!
    WE send you and Scott BIG purrs and headbumps and purr things start getting better soon :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  39. 20 figs? Are you writing this whilest sitting on the throne?? I'm glad the kitty is getting better and sorry Scott is having such issues. Can he sue anyone for the accident or was it his fault. Pop's elbow felt a lot better when he found out he could sue the city. Hope everything works out.

  40. I adore figs and yes, you are right. MOL.

    I never mind simple truths and stating of cares and woes. I wish I could do the same. I haven't been able to allow myself the privelege but there are fingers poised over the keyboard that I wish I could.

    I am so sorry about Scott's ills and all that is happening there and your own lack of may remember, boy do I know what THAT'S like!!

    Shadow's reacton scared the hair off my head. I am SO glad she is getting better. That's one of the reason Admiral (Lady Bianca) did not get shots any more but her reaction was not that severe as Shadow's. I get scared every time Katie is due. I'd like to hand him the money and say here, take it and let us leave.

  41. Ok, yikes yikes yikes! HUGS!!! I hope this week goes better for all of you!
    20 figs! Seriously yikes!

  42. Oh, COD. Bad things do seem to come in big ugly bunches. We hope things looki up soon.
    Our mom has had stiff joints (ankles, hips, knees) for a while. Yesterday she was dangling her feet in a friend's pool and when she tried to stand up her creaky joints wouldn't work right and she tumbled into the pool with all her clothes on. And all Dad wanted to do is laugh at her and take a picture. Phhtt.
    Keep bakin'.

  43. We will give Dad that Fig advice as he loves them and has some plums plumping on the window sill.
    By the by, Dad is an RN who lived through a very bad hit and run accident that left him with 45 bits of metal, one less leg and 5 years in a wheelchair. He said to get plenty of second opinions and like his pals in Anesthesia say: Surgeons cut and you cannot uncut.


  44. My mom say´s that 20 figs in one day is NO problem :)
    Mom say´s that:
    Life is a rollercoaster
    Just gotta ride it :)
    My dad-person had an car accident 3 years ago and it is too becoming a never-ending saga with disc injuries both in his back and neck and he has to eat strong painkillers efurryday.
    He can´t work and he can´t ride his motorcycle anymoore :(
    But he can drive his old Chevy and mom´s Mustang :)


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