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Monday, June 13, 2016

Cardboard Bliss


The Baby here.

Mommy ordered this really great box from Amazon, and she did good--it is exactly the right size for a small white cat.  Like me--I got in it as soon as it was opened.  
Later Daddy came along and did some mod rads; he taped three of the tabs together for increased height and sturdiness, and added the snazzy roof.

Did I mention that I fit PURRfectly in here?

My ear tip folds over *just so* and I'm as snug as a bug in a rug.

Happy Monday!

XX  Snoozin' Grizz  XX


  1. Alfies and Binky say: It's great when the mommies (or daddies) order boxes for their kitties. Somestimes we don't even want to wait until our mommy takes out the stuff that keeps box fom collapsing until it arrives at our house; in fact, sometimes we DON'T wait. Even when there is stuff in the box, there is often room for a darling cat to leap or creep in.

  2. I love the modifications - they are perfect!

  3. I gotted a new box this weekend too. I'll share mine if you will too?

  4. We are awaiting a box today. We love amazon.
    And that is a perfect fit - we like the taped up modification and the fashionable roof - we shall demand similar here.

  5. There's nothing as wonderful as a cardboard box!

  6. Now that box is yours and all yours!

  7. That is one pawesome box, The Baby! Tailor-made for you.

  8. wow - that's a nice one....beware of introoders though

  9. Did the box come with the colorful knit? We have to figure out how to order a box from Amazon, since the pawrents have prime.

    Emma and Buster

  10. that box has your name all over it. although maybe you should be renamed amazon.

  11. That came out great! You look very comfy.

  12. Nice to have a custom box, just for you. Seems my mum is planning to get together with your mum.

  13. Nice box Baby! Oh my, that sounds almost rude. Enjoy your nap.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku


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