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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Stop the Presses!


Felix here, with breaking news:

Item 1.  We are BACK to blogging!

Item 2.  Mommy had a wonderful time on her trip back to her hometown--Elgin, Illinois--and we enjoyed Daddy spoiling us rotten (er).

Item 3.  It has been alleged that I have been stepping out on my Leopard Binky,  This is a LIE!  The photo below is completely construed and does not constitute concrete evidence, nosiree, not at all.

I unequivocally deny that I am all warm and cozy (and snoring--ed.) on the camouflage fleece...I swear to Cod--it's been photoshopped!


Happy Tuesday!

XX  Filandering Felix  XX


  1. Alfie and Binky say "Sounds like a good deal all around. The Mommy got a nice vacation, so she is refreshed for some additional kitty spoiling. The Daddy practiced and therefore improved on his cat spoiling skills. And the cats got the spoiling they so richly deserved."
    And Felix was 'outed' for excessive cozying. I notice you boys didn't comment on THAT!

  2. We think divorce papers are being filed, Felix! Leopard Binky is not a happy blankie.

  3. Meanwhile Leopard Binky is wandering around the house, all forlorn, calling "Fewith" (Binky's lisp of course) "Whewe awe you Fewith?" She's looking under beds, on the catio, in the kitchen.. And these are hard things for a binky to do, seeing as she has no legs and is used to her beloved Fewith dragging her wherever she wants to go. But now she has to use static electricity to try to cling to other kitties and humans to get to her search locations! What's that? She hears familiar snoring coming from a couch.. Has she found him? She'll need someone to cling to in order to inspect. Hey, there's a pawparazzi! That'll do! ;)

  4. glad your mom had a great trip :)

  5. We are back to blogging too! So glad to have met your mom in purrson, except for the grey blur that was Laila.

  6. WELCOME BACK!!! Glad you are back to blogging, I've missed reading about the antics of the Krewe.

    Glenda with the haunted kitty house (all 9 of them!)

  7. Followed her exploits on FB; looked like fun was had by all! Felix, we didn't see NUTHIN'

  8. Glad your mom had a good time and she is back home!
    Oh, yeah, and that's clearly photoshopped. LOL.

  9. Welcome back, buddies ! We're glad your mom had great time. Purrs

  10. I believe you too.. but what matters is if your Leopard Binky minds

  11. It's okay, Felix. We won't tell anybuddy. ;)

  12. Yay, you guys are back! Mum had a good time meeting your mum.

    Leopard with different kinds of spots.

  13. Glad your Mom is home and that she had a good time. I don't know about that photo- it doesn't look photoshopped. :)

  14. Glad the mom is home safe and sound AND had a GREAT trip! I was so lucky to meet her. :)

  15. Good to see you Felix! Glad your mom bean had a wonderful trip.

    What the heck, enjoy the camo blanket too...who says a kitty has to be particular?

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  16. Glad you are back and happy your Mom had a great trip! It's all good, we don't think you know us anymore anyway MOL! catchatwithcarenandcody


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