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Cat-O-Lympics 2012


We are hosting a brand new event this year, COUNTER SURFING!
We are stoked!

You have until July 13th to submit your entry.

We've had a couple of questions-

Multi-pet households, go ahead and enter all of you if you want!  The more the naughtier merrier!
Feel free to use a prop or two, be imaginative.
Bathroom counters are surfable, too.

1.  You must submit your entry to us no later than 7/13/12 (whatever time zone you're in).
2.  email us your picture, with the name of the cat/dog competing AND a link to your blog (or site) to katniplounge AT gmail DOT com
3.  Competing means that you give us permission to use your picture for the Cat-O-Lympics 2012.
4.  Entry is open to all cats and dogs. 
5.  We will use a poll on the blog so readers can vote on their favorite photo.
6.  Prizes will be the pride you have in knowing that the Cat Blogosphere knows how awesome you are!
7.  Voting will be open until 8/2/12, when the winners will be announced.

Oh yeah, and you need to be surfing on a counter!

Here are the 2012 Cat-O-Lympics CounterSurfing competitors so far:

It's Prancer Pie teaching little bro Princeton not only the fine art of counter surfing, but also synchronized snarfing!

Here's Sadie, boldly surfing in front of the kitchen sink.  Mommy laughed, the picture file was called "caught".

Madi performs some serious multi-tasking while surfing, assisting her Mom with making lists, and guarding the coffee maker.

We have a Group Surf here with the Hooligans from Zee and Zoey!
Bottom on stool: Mia
Bridge from counter to stool: Peanut
Center counter: Rolz
Front left counter:  Zee
Front right counter: Zoey

Hanging her top half (and five!) is the intrepid Cory.  Note her great form on the rounded edge!

Goro cranks up the difficulty a notch by surfing-inna-box.  No word on whether or not the beer is his...

Aila has a roll of paper towels handy in case the surfing involves actual water...

...and her mosquito ninja sister Jaava...well...we don't know quite WHAT to say about this!

"As soon as the ZH makes the hot sauce, that shrimp is mine, all mine", says Zoey.

Katie's in a bikini!

 Devon isn't merely counter surfing…there is actual water involved, with a high level of balancing and acrobatic skillz!

Hangin' eighteen is a natural for Wally Island Cat...

...when he can get the spot away from his brother, Ernie!
(who has WAY more than eighteen toes...)

And a fabulous team effort from both handsome Island Mancats!

Our FIRST Woofie entry is Roo...Holy CATS...Roo is catchin' a Major Wave!

Ellie & Allie have a defiant 'tude to their team surf--look at those laser!

Allie is surfin' where it's hot hot hot...

...while Ellie likes to ride the cool sink wave.

Looks like Derby is coming ashore for a snack...

...and discuss beverage options with his brother Ducky!

Chloe is the woozle-whapping sister of Oskar
 This is an advanced move kitties...she's in the Counter Pipe!

Surfing all the way into the bathroom is Katie Isabella--we hope she doesn't sink!

Silver Prince Genji-Chan strikes a pose...

...while his brother Bibi-Chan shows us some hot moves!

This cool surfer dude is Domino, one of the Kwee Cats...

...while his rad bro Oliver snack superintends...

...and Pungy lasers above the waves...

Pretty Poppy (Popcorn) is surfing AND helping!  
Multitasking at it's finest.

Chloe surfs with her buddy, Stuffed Duck!

Our final entry is Utah, one of the fosters at Random Felines...he started surfing as a tiny tadpole!

What are you waiting for?

Surf's up!



  1. Great pictures, great fun ... ours will soon be on the way to you!

  2. Ooo this competition is fierce! Kowabunga to all the counter surfers! :D Hang 10 my kitteh furiends ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  3. Whoa....that's a lot of competition! We're sending ours right now!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  4. Made mom's day! I would like to enter too...

  5. Zowies! Those are all great entries! We so excited to be in company with such great friends! We wishes everyone good lucks and most of all fuuuuuunnnnnnn :-) !!!!!

  6. Excellent surfing dudes and dudettes!
    Hugs Madi

  7. OMC !
    So many comPETatours :)
    Good luck efurrybody !

  8. Wow!!! These are some great competitors!! We can't wait to see the results!


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!