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We started making dried chicken jerky at home a few years ago to safeguard the health of our cats--we like to know exactly what is in their treats.  And whenever we featured chicken jerky on the Katnip Lounge blog we got lots of comments asking "Where do I get some of these?"  Well, this is the place!

Our Catio Chips! are:
  • 100% chicken breast meat, purchased from the supermarket, dried into jerky
  • hand-trimmed and sliced, no fat or icky bits
  • 3 ounces jerky equals one pound of raw chicken
  • made in small, individual batches in our kitchen at home
  • no preservatives or additives  
  • Money Back Guaranty (less shipping)

Fresh out of the dehydrator!

We keep our cat's Catio Chips! on the counter; they're good for at least 3-4 weeks at room temperature, longer if refrigerated, and tightly sealed, they freeze beautifully for up to six months.

But we bet they won't last that long!

Feel free to dive in...

3 oz bags in back, 16 oz bag in front

We also can fill bulk orders, multiple item orders, or any size/combo you would prefer--just ask!

Want to order?

Visit our Etsy page HERE



  1. Our cat Sophie goes INSANE when she sees or hears the Catio bag being opened. She attacks the strips ravenously, as if she hasn't eaten in weeks. All four cats LOVE the strips, but Sophie could be your poster cat. She likes it better than crab meat, which is excellent for me, because now I won't have to share any precious crab legs with her! This will now be a permanent treat in our feline friendly home--or the cats will EVICT the humans. they would have to order more Catio Chicken Jerky and pay for it on their own, though. maybe i should warn them of that potentiality! THANKS for this great product. (Sophie say ditto in meow-speke)

  2. My cats agree with everything said by EVM! My three girls love the Catio Chips. We got our order yesterday and they already know the sound of the bag opening and, if I don't get it done quick enough, they all try helping. Good thing they don't have thumbs or they'd be able to open the drawer I have to keep them in because they know how to open cupboards. This will now be my go-to treat rfor the girls ather than the other stuff they've been getting. Purrs to you from my very pleased girls, Ming & Ling and Inca!

  3. These look great so we will try some. Dad Grinds Chick-Hen and pushes it through a jerky gun and then dehydrates it for us. Both he and we want to try these as his efforts at doing ours in this fashion left much to be desired.


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!