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Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday ManCat Meeting

Felix: Order! Order!

Settle down, every cat. We have a lot of business to get through here today. Fist order of business: A BOOK REVIEW!

For the last few nights, Mommy has been tucking us into bed (after tuna juice & Mice Crispy Treats) and reading to us from Fin's book, Housecat Confidential.

Kitties, this book is great! It's got it all; love, heartbreak, advice & compassion. It even has pictures of Fin! We were on the edge of our pantaloons during some of Fin's VERY exciting adventures. We give the book 48 paws up and highly recommend you purchasing it and reading all about Fin for yourselves. You'll be happy you did!

OK, next order of business...JOHNSON! Wake up!

mmmmphhhh ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Alright! I'm need to poke me with your clawrs! Friends, look at the card we got Mommy! We had Daddy customize it a little, and then we all signed it. You should've seen us all at the card store, me-arguing over which card to spend our monies on.

Felix: Yup, Scout and KonaKitty were smart to opt out of the shopping trip and stay home. Scouty, you had something to add?

Well, I love my Mommy, but I still can't bring myself to let her pet me! I've started eating yummy nibbles out of her hand and sometimes she'll scritch my chin...I like it but I'm so scared she still might put me in the stew pot!

Felix: Scouty, you are absolutely, compltely out of your mind. There IS NO STEW POT! But speaking of crazy--Maui?

Oh boy is it may turn I was on the edge of my paws waiting for me to be up cuz I need to remind everybody to tell Mommy (I love my Mommy even tho she's been giving me pills to stop me from spraying but I have to spray cuz of the introoder kitty and...

Felix: MAUI!

Oh, sorry my train got derailed I'm supposed to say leave a comment if we haven't linked to you and you want to be on the blogroll cuz it's fun talking to everyone and...

Felix: Maui! Obviously the meds haven't kicked in yet. Who's next, CC?

I love being spanked.

Felix: That's it!?! Oh, good Cod! Well, Rupert, anything before we finish up here?

Well yes! Mommy is preparing a super-special post for's a secret but I can give out a involves heated sleeping boxes! Oops, that was sorta the whole secret, sorry Mommy.

Felix: With that, this Meeting is adjourned! ::bangs paw::


  1. Ha ha ha ha ! You guys get the medal this morning for making Momma laugh so hard that tea squirted out her nose. I think it was the Cream O Scouty Stew pot that did it.


  2. Great post!! The purrfect way to start the morning!!!

  3. 48 paws up sounds great! We can't wait to get our copy!

  4. Your mom must have been so happy to get that extra-special card from you all!

  5. We're still waiting for our mommy to read Fin's book to us! Maybe this weekend!!

    That card reminds mommy of the birthday cards she gives our daddy.

    Could you let us know about the pill that helps with spraying? We don't have any sprayers, but it's always good to know for the future!

  6. What a wonderful card, and such sweet messages :) Scouty, we really don't think your mum would put you in a pot!

  7. That meeting was wonderful! We are so excited to read the review of Fin's book. Our mummy is poised to buy one from Amazon all the way from Australia!
    That card you made was really sweet!!
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

  8. Awwwwwwww

    Me and Charlie would like to attend your meetings too! They're so much more fun and cuter!!

    We love the card you got your mum!!! What sweet thoughtful kitties you all are. You're all very lucky to be with such a lovely mum (and daddy too even with his crocs!).

    We are looking forward to this Thursday's post... sounds so exciting!!

    And thank you for the book recommendation: Housecat Confidential is so on our wishlist.

    Big hugs to all you lovely kitties in Katnip Lounge.

    Take care

  9. Hahahahaha! You guys made our human laugh so much; you're a riot!

    What a great card, btw! We bet your mom loved it.

    And we're waiting for Fin's book to be released in Canada--paws crossed for that!

  10. That is a fine Mother's day card indeed!

  11. We luffed Fin's book too. Very good read, lots of cool stuff in there.

  12. Hehehe - I love reading your blog! I wish we could have man cat meetings but everyone is sleepy and we have language difficulties too..... We will make sure that we get that book. Oh,does your Mom have a video - we'd love to see CC in action. Mirsku-veli likes a good bottom thump so we wondered if he was like CC at all.

  13. That was a very full meeting! We love the card you picked for your Mom. xoxo

  14. I think that is an excellent card. Has your Mom read Max's books too? That might be some more reading for her there.

  15. What a GRRR-8 meeting you all had! And that card you got for your mom is lovely. We are asking our mom to get Fin's book, too!

  16. A great post; you guys are cooperating so well to share the blog...The Mother's Day card is so fun and it was sweet of you guys to buy Mommy a Snoopy card (our Mommy loves Snoopy too!)...We can't wait to get Fin's book; we're waiting to buy an autographed copy from her cause she's so famous now...Happy week sweeties...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  17. Hi x 12....
    We came to say thank you for your comment...centerfold indeed...Madi will have to join Jenny Craig first. HA!! Loved it.
    What cute post the card was so sweet too.
    With 12 kitties you always have funny material or stories,
    Madi and Mom

  18. That is a great idea to have a mancat meeting - we should do something like that at our house. And it looks like it was a fun meeting too! We haven't gotten to get Fin's book yet, but mom really wants to get it. We bet it is super good to read with a mom.

  19. Wow, mancat meeting, since Speedy is da only mancat here he could meet wif himself. Mom snorted diet coke out her nose when she saw dat Cream O' Scouty Stew pot...we think it is not funny. Beans is weerd we tell yoo, really weerd.

  20. Wow, what a great family you have. That was a wonderful card you picked out for you Mom and it looks like she well deserved it.
    Our Mom read Fin's book to us and we really enjoyed it a lot. That Fin is quite the character. It was a wonderful book.
    Hope all of you have a super week.

  21. Fun post! Thanks for stopping by for our party!

  22. Y'all did good with the card and I loved Fin's book too!

  23. Hahahahaha! Mice krispies...we love it!!

  24. We want our mom to read us bedtime stories! You have a great Mom! Love the card! Can we have your recipe for the Mice krispies?

  25. Hi kitties! We've been MIA from the bloggie world for most of the last couple of months (drat The Mommy and her silly 'too busy at work' stuff!) and today saw you guys commenting on several of the same blogs we follow so thought we should come check you out -- and we're glad we did! You seem like fun kitties and we look forward to getting to know you better!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  26. Super Duper post Felix!
    Momma got a big laugh outta the meeting you all had -- that was a really nice card you got for your Mom!


  27. CREAM O' Scouty STEW!!?? I laughed till I hurt myself and sneezed my adorable kitty sneezes about 5 times in a row!

    You made mommy laugh! And Mice Krispies to go with the TUNA juic? Oh MY! I need to speak to mommy about THAT! I want that treat before bed too!
    Mommy is my heated bed. I just lay on her and soak up her heat.

  28. Sorry Felix. It's hard to get good help these days.

  29. That was a great card you got your mom for Mother's Day!! And we gotta get that recipe for Mice Krispie Treats!!!

  30. What a meeting you have! Also mum says the Oriole's like eating the the grape jelly more than the oranges.

  31. I bet you house is NEVER dull! Tommy likes your little room that's picture---is it like an outdoor room??
    And 48 Paws Up for Ms. Fin's book? I love it!! Will tell you, Tommy bust a gut laughing at 'pantaloons'--I don't what they are, but if Tommy laughed SO hard--it's gotta be GOOD!


  32. Wow, you guys have it's almost sinful!!

    Scouty, it's okay to let her give you those scritches. The peepulz can be scary, but mostly they mean well.

    I think. (But I see that stewpot!!)

  33. Wow! The Big Thing was just all gobsmacked from all the news... We think we gotta get him a beer or somethin. Cuz he is so amazeded! Should we get him TWO beers?

  34. We larfed and larfed at yoor post. Espeshully the bit abowt being spanked! MOL!

  35. Me and Mommy woke up and saw the rest of these comments and started our day smiling again!

  36. Sorry it took us so long to get over here, but we were so excited about the review! Thank you so much for your kind words, they totally made our days! We are so glad you liked it!!!!!!!!!!


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