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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

technical problems...

Mommy apologizes if you can't leave a comment...she screwed something up when she added the awards page...please stand by!

UPDATE: We MAY be back in business...Mommy's not off the hook until Tomorrows post posts automatically...paws crossed!


  1. Testing to see if I can leave a comment!

  2. Well I'm testing and it all seems okay so far!

  3. :) Confirmed working?
    Need me to send over Summer - the IT specialist who pukes hairball on keyboard?

  4. Hello!!!

    Awwww me and Charlie are sending this and lots of purrs for your pc to be up and running again!
    good luck!

    take care

  5. Oh no, we hate computer and blog problems too!

  6. We hope the problems are sorted for you soon!

  7. Mom always hopes nothing happens to my very plain blog because she is not good at ALL with anything on the computer but helping me type. She needs some learning I think.

  8. My Human is pathetically unskilled. If anything ever goes wrong with our bery basic little blog, I'm toast.


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