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Monday, August 16, 2010

Cooking with Daddy

Hi Kitties!
Salem here.
The other day Daddy did a little roadwork on our skyway ramps. He put the blue ramp up, tilted the red ramp down, added the little in-between boards (soon to be sisal covered) and put the Cat Tree on the dresser.
Then he made chicken enchiladas!
Let me digress...Mommy does Not cook. She can, but only for survival purposes. And kitties, let's Face Facts. Daddy cooks WAY better than Mommy, AND he hands out lots of tidbits while he's doing it, too!
Back to the enchiladas.
Daddy lightly fries the tortillas before he stuffs them. He does the frying on the Catio to keep the smell (and grease) out of the house.

Naturally I had to help!
Do you see me?

I was particularly interested in the Crisco...
mmmmmm, grease! was pretty tasty!
lip-licking good

Daddy took the skillet away when he saw what I was doing.

And he shooed me away while he fried tortillas.
I'll lick the butter next...

However, I did get some of the chicken and cheese filling!
Kitties, helping to cook is FUN!
Have a Great Monday!
XX Salem


  1. Chicken enchiladas?! You are SO lucky! Not so sure about the Crisco, though...

  2. Just had to comment...This human Does Not Cook either. Not even with my dad visiting. I'll heat something up and make a salad, but that's it.

    Uh, Dad doesn't cook, either, because his wife loves to do it. (I'd rather clean litter boxes. The toilet. Anything. I loathe cooking.) So we're eating out a lot. LOL!

  3. That's great that your Daddy cooks such yummy stuff. And a sweet deal for Mommy to have him be such a good cook. My Mom enjoys cooking to a degree, but it gets tiresome day after day after day etc.

  4. Yay, forbidden grease! Sometimes I try to lick the butter when Momma's not looking.

  5. Awwww adorable Salem!!! Daddy is such a spoilsport taking the skillet away but at least you had a lick of the grease (yum, yum)! LOL!!

    Oh but your skyway ramps look amazing! Yay for your Dad and double yay that he gives you lots of tasty noms while he cooks.

    We hope you have a buttery lip-licking tasty Monday!!! :-)

    Take care

  6. My dad can't cook to save his life. Seriously. He would die of nachos poisoning if he tried. But mum always gives me a bit of chicken when she is cooking, so that's okay.

  7. You guys are very lucky you have a dad who knows his way around a kitchen. Our dad doesn't and our mom is not a good cook. They eat out quite a bit :) Oh, but get this.... when our mom does cook things like tacos or chik'n nuggets.... she doesn't use real's all fake impostors of meat. So not fair!
    You guys are sooooo lucky!

  8. Wow! that just about settles it. We're coming to live with you!

  9. I think I would enjoy licking some Crisco, too.

  10. We think you're lucky to have a talented Daddy that cooks and makes sure your toy room is perfect!

  11. I have had some Crisco noms..mommy caught me before I could get as much as I wanted. She left the can out..lid off...what's an Admiral to do? I love butter noms and mommy really has to watch out for my pretty pink tongue then! I'll like that butter to a nub if she's not careful.

    Mommy can cook but she usually only rolls out the pots and pans when the human kids are here. BUT I always get some shards of bacon and a pinch of egg..some chicken..and salmon if she is cooking those.

    Your skyways are SO high and wonderful. I will be arriving sometime tomorrow for an extended visit. Don't tell Mommy.

  12. Hi Lucky Dozen...#1 you all have the most interactive fun room I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! You are very lucky to have parents who keep you stimulated.
    #2 tell Dad to add another enchilada to the mix we'll be there in a jiffy.
    Madi and Mom

  13. WOW we loves your skyways, and all the purrty colors in your catio!
    Is nice that your daddy cooks and shares. My mommy doesn't cook either, mine daddy is good at it too, but him never makes enchiladas.
    Thanks fur the tour Salem!

  14. I love the skyway ramps...your catio is AMAZING! I'm trying to think were in the house I could put ramps up for my kitties :-)

    I'm with your mum, I don't cook. Cooking makes me tense, I can actually make about five things well but that is it. Robert is a fantastic cook so he does it all

  15. There is no doubt about it. You kitties have the best catio in The World. Cooking is a lot of fun to snoopervise. I like to sit on the table and watch my mum cook.

  16. Your dad does the cooking - wow - and does alterations to your skyway walks - he's a great man to have about the house.

  17. Y'all sure have such a nice Catio and it just keeps getting better!

  18. What a mansion your catio is becoming!!!!!!!!! We think we needs a daddy!!!!!!!!!!

    Good job, Salem.....btw, you are totally gorgeous. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. Sounds like an excellent weekend all the way around!

  20. Mmmm, we love tidbits and handouts while the humans cook! How lucky you are!

  21. We are very lucky that Mom does fix her meals and gives us tidbits. We all know and gather around the kitchen sink. Salem, good job getting some of that Crisco. Glad you didn't get too much, you would have had the trots. Hope all of you have a great week.

  22. Mmmmmm, Chicken Enchiladas! And, what time should we be there???

  23. Wow your skyways are awesome! We need to get our dad to build us some like that or something - they look fun!

    And you are lucky that you got some noms when your dad was cooking - our mom usually makes stuff we don't want to try! She is a good cook, but doesn't make stuff for kitties.

  24. Great job with the ramps on the catio wall=those look like lots of fun!...Salem, you are a silly beautiful girl=crisco?...We love butter though; sounds like you ate good while your Daddy was cooking...Have a happy week, sweet friends and stay cool...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  25. We bet that was some yummy stuff!!! Our Meowm cooks a little. She is trying to do it more to save some moeny and not get so many calories!

  26. You have a pawesome Daddy for keeping your catio so nice AND for giving you foods while he cooks! Our mommy doesn't cook anything either so our daddy does all the cooking but he only shares ham on very rare occasions. We'll have to tell him about your daddy!

  27. You get yummy foods, a fantastic workout room and well, just about anything you want! You are furry furtunate!

  28. Oh my gosh. Your catio is awesome. You all are so lucky! Your daddy did a great job with the skyway ramps and boards and all.

    Mama and I both are drooling over your chicken enchiladas. Salem, you're so cute sneaking in some Crisco and you got chicken and cheese. It's not fair!

  29. That peek-a-boo photo is great - so funny! We're glad you got a little Crisco before your dad figured things out. And our mom is very envious that your dad can cook!

  30. Sounds like you had a good time helping your dad cook. Our dad can cook in an emergency with instructions, but that's about it.

  31. I guess the key is not to lick something when Daddy isn't looking -- and be satisfied with the tidbits he gives you. If you want to be a cook's helPURR, that's the best way to go Salem. Besides, Crisco might be a little too rich for you digestive system.

    You kitties really live the good life, I tell ya!

  32. Wow, our dad won't bild stuff fur us and he sure as heck ain't gonna cook. He made stew once and our bein sisfurs almost choked on it. Mom does not mind cooking she just doesn't like da clean-up. She gets really cranky about da fact dat dad uses two or three pans just to make himself some eggs cuz he just leaves dem on da stove.

  33. Yeah, Salem, we like to help our mom cook. Yeah, she does the cooking here on the island...she's afraid to let our dad loose in the kitchen. We like to help her, but for some reason, she never appreciates our help. We rarely even get tastes. You're luckier than us!

  34. Salem
    Your Dad sounds like a great chef to me and all the nommies you got for being a chef's helper that's terrific!
    We like what he did on your roadmap!
    Wooooo if only I could tslk Momma into getting our Dad to build us something like that.


  35. Oh you kitties are so lucky! We do not get to sample the cooking. Rats. But sometimes we help with the cleaning ;/ if mom doesn't clear the dishes properly heh heh heh

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  36. You guys have so much fun at your house! My mom doesn't cook either, so we get zip.

  37. We are SO ENVIOUS of yer great catio! TBT is looking at ways ta make the patio unner the deck above safe an dry fer us. But he hasnt figured it out yet... *Sigh*

  38. You have such a PAWESOME catio!! You kitties are SOOO lucky!! Our Mom knows how to cook - much like yours, for survival purposes only!! You're very lucky to have such a talented Daddy!! We hope you gots some of those chicken enchiladas - they sounded yummy!!

    Salem, please be careful around those things that get hots - Our Mom used to burn candles all the time in our house until I got too curious & got too close!! Just a few burned whiskers - which startled me & sent her into a panic!! Luckily I was fine, but she doesn't burn candles very often anymore. Those hots can be very dangerous!!

    Have a happy day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

    ps. Um, May Ling, Simon wanted to answer you - but he swooned after reading your comment about his muscle shirt *hehe!!* Maybe he'll have recovered by tomorrow!!

  39. Your Mom is very lucky to be married to a handy- man who can cook! And you kitties are lucky to get such yummy handouts!

  40. OMC! We've always thought you had a cool catio, but this picture just made us all pass out with jealousy! We'll even pass up bites of chicken...well get a chance to play in your catio!

  41. I did! I did see you in that picture where your little head is poking right up!

    I never had Crisco before. What does it taste like? I don't like chicken or cheese, but maybe Crisco is tasty?

  42. PS: Thanks, The Baby, for being so understanding about my, um, other "relationships." Now I just have to worry about the Admiral....

  43. What a fun house you have. Hugs, Deb =^..^= +2 freeloaders

  44. Gee,you guys have a lot going on :) We like your playroom!!!!!!!!!!!!! We want Mom to put shelves on the wall for us. That would be so much fun!!!!!
    WE might have to come over and play in your room,heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  45. I just love you cat room!! I want one like that. My husband shakes his head when I add something to my studio/cat room. Your room is fun and colorful.


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