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Friday, September 10, 2010

Famished Friday


Tiny Johnson here, all twenty pounds of me.

All the other Cats trimmed down on the wet food regimen but I've been able to maintain my generous frame by asking nicely endlessly begging for People Fudz.
Kitties, this fang will not be denied! 
The minute Mommy or Daddy bust a move in the direction of the kitchen, I'm there looking all cute and emaciated.  And I use the Starving Kitty Mew. 
It never fails!

Here I am today, in all my huge glory.  The tiles are 16" x 16", so you can see how BIG I am!
It took a lot of eating to get my size.

Here I am as a kitten tot on the same tiles.
Mommy & Daddy knew I was gonna be a big, big boy...I had enormous paws.

Here's me as a Teenager Cat. 
 I don't have my ManCatly ruff yet, and I'm not all the way grown into my ears and feets.
My ruff and chest hairs came in after I turned two.

I spend a lot of time washing those chest hairs and ruff, cuz I spend a lot of time eating.
You may wonder what People Fudz I eat.
I like:

Bean & Bacon soup (Campbell's)
peanut butter (slightly warm & runny)
baked beans
Cocktail peanuts (halved)
Kitties, I have a figure to maintain.

It takes a lot of work to keep up my physique.
I also like to eat:

whipping cream (just a dab)
coffee cream (makes me barf)
The Baby (NOT People Fudz)
canned mandarin oranges
deli sliced roast beef
White Castle hamburgers

There's stuff out there to eat that I haven't tried...yet.

Kitties, is there anything out there I need to try?
What do YOU like to eat?

Humgrumbly Yours, Johnny  XX


  1. We must be fussy eaters or our beans just don't offer us the right foods. The most exotic thing we eat is BBQ pork!

  2. Hei TJ - you have jus given me the list of foods I want for my birthday tea, hehehe. Stran-veli also has a starving look that always has Äiti reaching for the cupboards. I of course, never get the treats I deserve so it's no wonder I am half your size. But you should try: lohi (salmon), ahven (perch), poro (reindeer) but be careful with the Finnish 'delicacy' salmiakki which is salty liquorice - it may just be a thing Finns go mad for.
    Stop by my birthday tea later - but please don't eat everything!

  3. I am a picky eater, but I am also a tiny cat with tiny bones. You, on the other hand, are a big boned cat - at 20 lbs. you don't even look overweight! I would not eat any of the human food you mentioned except for chicken and turkey - I prefer salmon - but it seems to work for you!

  4. Johnny, we like your big Mancatly body very much! You are so handsome! We don't get much people fudz but I like a lick or two whipped cream and even butter every now and then and my sisfur Isabella likes popcorn. Sadie will eat anything if she could!


  5. Wow, you're a big guy! We're really super picky and only like our kibble and Party Mix, but jane occasionally eats a crumb of cheese. Oh and Alice likes graham crackers.

  6. You are a gorgeously handsome boy, Johnny=we love all those awesome belly shots and your floofy mancat furs!...Calle loves raspberry tootsie roll pops and peanut butter a lot, Halle adores whipped cream; we all like chicken, turkey and tuna...Happy Friday, sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. We think you must be part maine coon (and you look to be the perfect size for us!!)

  8. Goodness, Johnny, you DO have a big frame! The picture of you stretched out on the tile floor tells all.

    It is an interesting list of people fudz you like. I am not a peoplefudz eater, except sometimes som people tuna.

  9. Wow you are a gourmet kitty! We like Boursin cheese, Gouda cheese, chicken liver pate, and all sorts of meat.

  10. Archie has so far shown mostly a disregard for people-food, except for little bits of cheese. But last week I'd mixed up some coconut milk with condensed milk to cook with - incredibly sweet and sticky -and I turned round to find him happily licking it up!
    I'm not sure Archie has quite grown into his paws yet - they still look a bit big and fluffy to me, we'll have to see whether he develops a physique as impressive as yours! xx

  11. Sounds like room service is excellent!

  12. WOWIE! You are almost 3 times my size! That is very impressive. I love to lick p-nut butters, too.

  13. Hahaha! Our mom got a real kick out of the "cocktail peanuts (halved)."

    None of us is particularly interested in real food, even real meat. We'll lick at it, but not really eat it. Except Derry likes to lick the crusty, charred bits off the BBQ. Oh, and Nicki likes yogurt.

    BTW, you are even bigger than Chumley was at his heaviest (18 pounds). You're just a big-boned gorgeous mancat!

  14. Mr Tiny Johnson! My goodness!! Me and Charlie approve of your diet with one caveat. Please don't eat The Baby!! LOL!!!!

    We are so glad that you also have fruit (oranges) and veg (baked beans) to give you a fully rounded and excellent diet!!

    We hope you get to discover more wonderful treats (we think your humans ought to get a move on with this!). LOL!

    Take care

  15. Having hungrumblies iz the worst! You must keep up your strengths! Whitey's favrit people foodz iz KFC chicken! Try that! Iz gud. Srsly.

  16. Tiny Johnson those are some belly pictures ! I love kitty bellies. Buddy ( who has decided he's going to be our cat ) lays on his back all the time, and he has two rows of 'black buttons' down his belly. Sounds like you are a gourmet-kitty. Suzy ( RIP ) use to eat bagels and cream cheese with me so you might try that. Enjoy your food you handsome boy !

    Eva & Gracie's Mom

  17. Johnny you are 20 lbs of love and handsome mancatness!!!Madi

  18. Hi Tiny Johnson, we reccomend yoo try chees and yogurts, and maybe crisps. And peas are delishus!

  19. I highly recommend prawns - you probably call them shrimp over there.

  20. Yum! White Castles!!!! Lily loves to steal bites of those! Some of us (well, me) don't like people food. The rest of us will pretty much eat anything. You are a very handsome man cat, Tiny. You weigh about four pounds more than my brofur, Puff. But you two look very much a like.

    Clarissa & Co.

  21. These are all great suggestions. Unfortunately we have none to add - we all like cat food and cat treats much more than people food. (Our humans think this is really strange!)

    P.S. Do not let your humans tell you that you are fat - it's obviously all muscle. Plus a lot of floof!

  22. Yours is a very mancatly fee-zik! Us big boned kittehs gotta stick together - Toby.

  23. Oh Johnson..I feel all fainty and fluttery. I love Rupert but seeing that Man Catly tummy and chest...whew.

    I like to wrestle mom's cereal away from her..and a shard of bacon goes down nicely thank you for asking..but I'm not as adventurous as my sisfur was. She ate scrambled eggs, peas, corn, turkey breast, chicken, a spponful (no more) of milk and mayo. She was crazy for mayo and butter! Me..I just never branched out much.

    Rupert, I'm over it now..a temporary passing emotion. I ♥ Rupert.

  24. Johnny we think you are a real hunk of a mancat -no wonder you have to eat lots of things so you keep your wonderful physique.
    We are very partial to a nibble of wensleydale cheese (english) - it is very tasty so ask your mom if she can get you some to try - it goes down very well with some tasty ham.

  25. You are an exceptionally fine looking mancat! From your list, two of my favorites are chicken and baked beans! Really, I like any kind of canned beans. When I hear the can opener I know that I will probably get to taste some beans or some tomatoes - I Love Canned Tomatoes! China Cat is not as adventurous food-wise as I am but she really Loves ham!

    Purrrrrrrrrrs, Willow

  26. Johnny, we like White Castle hamburgers too (hold the onions, of course)! Have you tried steamed broccoli or green beans? Two of us here love that. Also, Sadie adores green olives.

  27. Johnson, you are a very handsome big boy. You do get a lot of great food. The only thing in people food that we get sometimes is a little turkey every now and again. You are a lucky cat to get all that good food. Hope you have a super weekend.

  28. Hi Johnson. I'm very intrigued by your list of food. I also love deli meat and whipped cream. I'm definitely feeling deprived looking at your list. I've slimmed down just a tad on the canned food diet, but I'm always hungry. I think you look very cute, and I love you kitten and teenager photos.

  29. Oh, what a tiny, famished kitty. I feel so sorry for you that your humans offer you practically nothing to eat at all. Our Magic is a cat after your own heart. The tiniest little mew coming from the largest (I mean, most handsomely manly) cat in the house.

  30. T.J. you & I have a lot in common. We are both generously proportioned mancats with thick furs, generous chest hairs, and a magnificent ruff!
    I was 22 pounds a few years ago but have trimmed down to 18 currently. Mom is still trying to starve me to me diet but she is a sucker when I lead the charge to the foods cupboard in the kitchen like you
    I'm not too much into people foods but I do like bites of deli ham and I LOVE licking the cheese off Cheetos. -Shaggy
    HA! The word verification says THINO !

  31. Hi Tiny! Oh, you have a way to go if you want to reach our big brother Floyd's top weight - he was at almost 25 lbs! But he got in trouble for that - he was only supposed to be 17 or 18. You are a big guy though, not fat, but just BIG. Hm, if we had to recommend some things, well, french fries are good (if you like the white castle burgers you will love the fries - mcdonalds are good too), or maccaroni balls - those are excellent if you can get them! We have also tried pop tarts, we aren't supposed to but we do admit if we can get them we love them.

  32. hehehehehe, you are a hoot, Johnson!!!!!!!!!

    We purr all of you will have a super weekend. xxxxxxxxx

  33. Aww Johnson, we WISH our Mom would feed us that yummy sounding people fudz!! BUT, I won't touch most of it, Simon's stomach is too sensitive & well, Jay would eat anything until he exploded!

    Our Mom tells us our older brother, Tigger (left for the bridge Oct '05) was a big 22lb boy with a large frame like yours, only he wasn't fluffy - he was a poly like me & she said he LOVED Doritos, Wendy's & McDonald's french fries (wouldn't touch ANY other kind!) & milkshakes! Especially the Doritos - Our Mom couldn't have them in the house without him knowing (he knew the rustling sound of the bag!!) & demanding some!! MOL!

    So we say try all of the above - in small moderation of course - & let us know what you think!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

    ps.Simon: Thanks for teleporting over & spending time with me today, May Ling!! I get so tired of talking to Nico & Jay - Nico only says mean things to me & Jay yells too much!!

  34. We are like Whitey and like KFC. It is the only people food we will eat. You are a big handsome mancat. Mum weighed me this morning and I am down to 20 lbs. I got up to 23 lbs at my heaviest so mum put me on an evil diet.

  35. Yoo hafta try cashews! Dey is devine nuts dat our daddy eats and we all just love. We prefer da kind dat are litely sea salted. Haf yoo ever tried liver sausage or braunschweiger? It is good too.

  36. There are two peeps food we will nom down on faster than you can spell catnip and that's KFC and Boar's Head Black Forest Ham. Momma says that ham is like $9 per LB, and she has told the people at the deli counter that she gets it for us. (We know that they probably think Momma is a bit loco).


  37. We think our mom is defective now after reading your post, TJ. She will share yogurt with Pip but otherwise no matter how loud we holler she doesn't give us any people food.

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  38. You must try brown and serve rolls. Warm but not hot, and oh so delicious. I can't get enough of them. It really helps maintain one's physique too. :)

  39. You are so handsome! I love all that white floof! My girls recommend trying the melted (non-chocolate) ice cream that I leave the bowl and usually neglect to guard carefully enough. And Scarlett says that although she has certainly never done such a thing, sneaking into the kitchen sink to lick dirty dishes before they make it into the dishwasher is an excellent strategy.

  40. You are one major mancat! LOVE the kitten pic of you, too cute! I love me some cheez-its too! NOM NOM NOM!

    Holy mackerel, you're right.....I am a Queen now!!!

  41. Johnny, are you a Maine Coon? You are a very large, handsome mancat!

  42. Wow! You eat some interesting stuff! We don't eat anything like that. We think we are missing out on something good....

  43. Mom wants to snorgle that bellah!


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