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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wordy Wednesday


Somewhat Sober Salem here.

I want to thank you all for weighing in on the Nipervention Issue.

Without exception, you all voted a resounding "NO!"  for any need for me to get help with the Nip.

In fact, many of you were interested in the Nip and Valerian Root on offer here, as well as the quantities available.
Kitties, I'm here to tell you, it's a Feline Amsterdam at the Katnip Lounge!
heh heh.

First up, the Valerian Root.
As you can see, Mommy bought us a whole pound!
Originally, Mommy purchased some Valerian on a suggestion from Whicky Wuudler, hoping it would make her irresistable to Scouty.  The idea was she would hold it and warm it up in her hands, and Scouty would come in for the smell and Mommy would be able to stroke him.

Of course this never panned out.  Scouty is either non-reactive to Valerian or just plain too wiley for Mommy.  (We're voting on option #2.)
Valerian smells like really stinky feet.
At least to Humans.
About half of us LOVE it and half of us are "meh" over it. 

One thing we ALL love is CatNip!
This is our favorite dried brand.
We go bonkers over this stuff!  In fact, we like to attack and play with the cardboard packaging, too.  It smells delicious and it's purrfect for serious fang perforating.

And we have several patches of fresh Nip.
Since it grows (almost) year-round here, Daddy keeps it clipped and doesn't allow it to go to seed.
This stuff is Da Bomb!

Kitties, I hope I've answered all your questions, and we all hope that your Humans get busy and give you some NIP! 
 Right now.

XX  Salem


  1. Oh little Salem, I'm afraid you glossed right over that one dissenting vote! Or did you not wish to accept my invitation to "rehab" here in my lovely City-by-the-Bay?

    The first step is admitting you have a little problem, you know.

    Or maybe I'm only trying to lure you to my side. Do you think The Baby would mind?

  2. We must check the valerian root - especially if it does smell like stinky feet! We have our own nip crop too, but it is now going to flower and then fight the Finnish winter. I am hoping for a nip fest for my birthday. I hope you guys will be celebrating with me too now it is official you have no nip-problem!

  3. I bet Cory would like it if it smells like feet. She loves socks... I'll have to tell her about that!

  4. We might have to try the valerian root even if it smells like stinky feet and we for sure need some more cat nip around here! It makes us crazy! Thanks for the info Salem! We think your white whiskers are so purrty!

  5. Feline Amsterdam?...Lovely Salem, we are packing up and will be there soon :)!!MOL...kisses, sweet friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. We have never had nip! We feels ripped off! We are gonna have werds with da crazy lady fur sure!

    Da kittys

  7. I have never had valerian root, and I hear that it is one of the things that makes those plague ratsies so irresistible! I myself am something of a nip connoisseur - it has to be the really good stuff to get me excited.

  8. Who dropped Da Bomb on Who dropped Da Bomb on meee? I!!! I, I!!! I, I, I!!! (Mom was singing this song after I read her your post....does it mean anything to any of you??? It doesn't mean a thing to me!) We know Valerian, but as the liquid and we think it smells good, but Mom said it is awfully stinky. She uses it to attract us and tried using garlic to repel us from certain places, but it turns out I like garlic smell, too so that doesn't work!! Good thing I am a super good boy and I never get into bad places though...the garlic was needed for a kitty that used to visit us cuz he liked to go places and do things he shouldn't have. Thanks for all the NIP are NIP expert!! Purrs, Lautrec

  9. Thank you to your mom, I learn something from her blog everyday.
    Great stuff !
    I bet your kids will set the band " Eternity Purrs "
    : )
    Love and purrs
    Puddy and Boom

    Everyday Cat Visitor

  10. We do love our nip, but we're pretty sure we could never get Momma to buy anything that smells like stinky feets.

  11. Mummy bought us Nip before but neither of us are interested in it.....maybe we canask Mummy to get us some "stinky feet" to try......

    < Cosmo & Ling >

  12. Actually I don't really go in for the nip either.

  13. We love nip too ~ but the valerian root doesn't rock our boat as much!

  14. My kitties love catnip, but have never tried Valerian root...the stinky-feet part is not doing a lot to sway me in the direction of buying some!

  15. We both love catnip, but we're not so sure about valerian root. We have a Plague Ratsie that has valerian in it, but we do not know if we like the catnip in it, or both!

  16. We think that we will stick to the nip. Thanks for letting uSSSSS know the best kind.

    Feline Amsterdam! MOL

  17. Since you're clearly engaged in serious research here we suggest you try and get hold of the Japanese version of catnip. It's called "Matatabi." We love it!

  18. and I just have to comment on your beautiful picture at the beginning of the post....your black hair is so black and your white so white...goodness me it must be all the nip and Valerain you roll in.

  19. I am going to have to look for some of this good stuff for my kitty! :)

  20. We all love both Valerian root and nip! That's why we love our plague rat toy so much...there's both in it!

  21. Wow! You sure are an exPURRt on these psychedelic substances for kitties, Salem! I'll bet you've tried out each and every kind. I would think that fresh would be best, but maybe the dried is more concentrated.

    I wonder what would happen if you mixed the Valerian root with the nip and inhaled that? Good times!

  22. I love nip but it doesn't do anything for Eric. Our plague ratsies have got both in and Eric loves his almost as much as I love mine.

  23. ::thud::

    ::wakes up:: someone say stinky feet? Dirty socks? Valerian?

  24. My kitties have never tried Valerian Root, does it have the same effects as cat nip?

    Molly is too old now and nip does not seen entice her like it once did. Archie is just starting to show an interest in nip and of course Casper and Ben go crazy for it!!!

  25. We are big fans of nip and valerian. It makes us go wild, then we have a big chase and wrestle, and then we nap!

  26. Me and mom are interested about Valerian and what it does to kitty systems.
    Spitty! You are a terrible flirt. Of course The Baby will know..(not sure if she'll mind though) MOL MOL.
    Me and mom wish we could find that freeze dried chicken that looks so yummy.

  27. We are big nip fans here...but we already have enough stinky feet!

  28. We have never been given valerian root to try so we must ask mum to put it on her shopping list. We love nip though and like to roll around in it.

  29. We have never tried valerian root, but we do love fresh nip. You are lucky that yours grows most of the year. We have many months with no fresh nip (unless our person freezes enough fresh for us).

  30. We've never had valerian root at our house, but we all love the nip! You are doing a great job of keeping yours trimmed back...our nip is completely out of needs to get out there and start whacking!

  31. i can not BELIEVE you guys likes valerian. it is the worstest most vilest most horribulist awfulist stuff under the suns. if valerian gets anywhere nears me, i freaks out and try to gets away from it as fast as i can. if i smells it, i'm outta there. i love the nip though, i always hug the bucket it comes in when my mommeh takes it out.

  32. Hmmm, valerian. Intereting. I'll have to give that a try. My kitty, Outlaw, did not react to catnip in the beginning. Or he hid it from me - he was so shy I tried to lure him out with it but he wasn't gonna let me get him that easily.

    Now that boy rips into the closet whenever I open the door, finds it and slobbers all over the baggie I put it in.

    I wonder how he'd react to valerian...

    You guys are always full of such good ideas - I can't keep up! I can't let my kitties find this site or they'll become even more demanding than they already are!

  33. Oh, we love da fresh nip...all summer and into fall mom cuts it and brings it in! Den she lets it grow fur awhile and right afore it gets cold she cuts a whole bunch and hangs it in da garage to dry, just fur us! We also enjoy some nice honeysuckle, haf yoo tried it? Ooooo man, it makes us really mellow. So mellow dat even Zippy will lay down on da couch wif Sadie.

  34. I prefer the catnip and honeysuckle over the valerian root.

  35. Salem~~there can never be enough nip!!!!! We don't believe anycat has addiction to nip issues, so you really don't need help.

    Interesting about the valerian root.

  36. Oooh I'm under orders from Charlie to root out some Valerian.. erm root! And of course more nip!! I'd love to grow fresh catnip too one of these days!

    Thank you so much beautiful Salem for your tips on how to keep kitties happy and in seventh heaven!!

    Awww me and Charlie hope that lovely Scouty will one day let mum stroke him!

    Take care

  37. All of us are big nip fans.
    We had never heard of Valerian root, but that sure looks interesting, especially since you can roll in it and get it all in your furs.

    Oh yea that looks like the purrfect treat.


  38. We are somewhat of nip snobs here - it has to be good quality to get have an effect on us. We are very curious about the Valerian Root...hmmmm...must try! Thanks for the info!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  39. We're kinda so-so on the valerian. We've never had it straight from the bag, but we have some toys with valerian in them and we don't care one way or another. But nip...that's another story!! Man, Salem, if you need a nip intervention, then I must too!!


  40. I've never heard of Valerian root. Thank you for your info.


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