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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday in the Garden with The Baby



I have a confession.  I've been an exceptionally BAD BAD cat the past week or so.  Every time I go Outside I leap on the wall and make a break for Freedom.

This has SEVERELY curtailed my going Outside.

 Mommy promised I can go Out again as soon as my new harness arrives.  I can't wait!
Um, what's a harness?

Anyway, here's the excellent yakking grass!  It tickles in your tummy so you have to plan carefully when you eat it; and get indoors to something light-colored pretty quick.
 ::nom nom nom::

This is the corner that Daddy is redoing.
It's undergone several transformations already.  This is from a couple of years ago.

 And this was just a few weeks ago.
 Do you see me?

Daddy made a stitched picture to show more of the area.  The back wall really doesn't tilt like that, unless you've been hitting the Nip a little to hard...
or in Mommy's case, the Captain Morgan!
Daddy is going to make a level area in the corner with room for a bench and maybe a little table.
Do you see the Lemon tree on the left?  I love laying under it, because sometimes I get to see one of these:

Mister Hummerbird!
He screams at me and divebombs me, too.
One day, Hummerbird, one day...

Happy Gardening Kitties!

XX  The Baby


  1. SEE one or snack on one, my dearest?

    About that "harness": The Human used to have a kitteh that loved to go on walks around the neighborhood with her, but since we live in the really BAD and DANGEROUS big city, he had to wear a harness. He didn't mind at all. That's because he had a tiny tiny little brain and apparently no self-respect.

    She tried to put it on ME once, and the story of what ensued is best not described in detail. Suffice it to say it was an experience neither of us will ever forget (or repeat).

    But, maybe, just maybe, you will not HATE AND LOATHE it. Maybe.

    Be extra good and cooperative and don't jump on the wall, and maybe it'll never make an appearance in your life.

  2. So many of us want to join the Lounge and you're trying to escape? That makes no sense Baby! You have it made there!

  3. I had a harness, and between you and me, it's possible to wiggle out of them, hehehe. In particular when those tasty little flying snacks give you extra strength and slippery determination.

    Your yard looks so lovely and colourful, and great to catch the sun in. Please don't escape - it looks scary Beyond The Wall

  4. Greetings to you,

    So why is it that you wish to dash away, is it to explore other territories? We know mum treats your real good and then there is the catio that is so luxurious.

    I hope you will like the harness, at least you get to explore.

    Best wishes,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont

  5. You are very lucky to glimpse the elusive Mr. Hummingbird! We've not seen one in these parts all summer. Please be careful Baby, don't wander too far!

  6. Now, Baby, why do you want to escape? Don't you know that many cats would give their right paw to have a catio like yours? Really, there's nothing out there.

    P.S. I love the yakking grass!

  7. What FREEDOM? We tell you, it won't be as good as your home and the catio. Please don't run away!
    By the way, you might know that Keiko hates the harness very much, but the rest of us think it's ok - actually, Yuji hasn't even tried it yet.
    The Hummingbird is very purrretty...
    Your Daddy is doing a great job with the garden!
    Purrrs, Keiko, Kenji, Pricilla & Yuji

  8. I'm with everyone else - I really don't get why you would want to go anywhere but the Lounge!

    P.S. My human is a fan of Captain Morgan too. I don't know why. I think he smells funny. In fact, he hurts my nose if I try to sniff him.

  9. Baby, Love your garden, Your dad redid it so good !
    yeah..and the hummingbird look so pretty.......Yummm
    : ) sorry human ! I just speak the true

  10. Captain Morgan! Love that stuff. But now drinking Absolut as I can't find CM here in Malaysia.

    Why are you trying to be on the lam sweetie?

  11. I have a lemon tree too but I've never seen a bird like that in it!

  12. We can see why you love being out to stare at that delicious looking hummerbird!

  13. The Baby!!!! You're so adventurous you'll soon to have a harness!! Wow!!! Me and Charlie think you'll look just lovely in one!!! Just remember you walk mum and dad and not the other way round! LOL!!!! You are very thoughtful to choose where to er... leave your regurgitated grass!!!

    Awwwww but look at your lovely garden!!! Oh wow!!! Your dad's doing ever so well - we love that corner with the big cat and look forward to seeing what your dad will do now!

    AWwwwwww the hummerbird is adorable!!!!! Much better to nibble grass The Baby - Mr hummerbird is far too cute for consumption! Like poor George! LOL!!

    Take care

  14. Baby, it was a little bit Wrong of you to try to escape! I love going outside on my harness and leash. I use a pretty pink Puppia harness!

  15. Now dat is a bootiful garden to walk around in. I go outsidde on a leash & harness. M has to walk around wherever I want to go - so I really walk her. I didn't like it at first and put up a really big fuss. Now I don't mind it so much, but as soon as I come in, it has to come off IMMEDIATELY!! It's better den not getting outside at all.

  16. Baby, you are so silly to want to escape your catio! Now as for harnesses, mom said the only way I can go outside is if I put one on, but being such a squirmer, even mom is nervous about that with me! Ha! Let me know how it goes.

  17. Oh my Baby, don't try to escape, there is lots of scary stuff out there that can hurt you. We sure don't want anything bad to happen to you!

  18. Baby, fyi the grass is not greener on the other fact there probably isn't any grass.
    You have the best life on the right side of the fence!!! Stay put!!!

    What a beautiful hummingbird. We only have one variety in NC. The ruby throated.
    Madi and Mom

  19. You stay put, Baby. You have the best life. Hugs, Deb

  20. Baby we think it will be good for you to have a harness - and we think you should stop trying to escape! There isnt' anything too exciting outside your home we bet - plus you house is where the foods are! We know a lot of the CB kittes have harnesses so we think you will be ok!

    And we think that you have a pretty cool garden - and the little area being redone sounds like it is going to be great!

    Mom says she had a lemon tree here (we don't believe her because we never saw it - and this is ILLINOIS after all) that never had lemons or hummingbirds - we think your tree with the hummingbirds sounds like way more fun!

  21. Baby ... don't worry your mom & dad with your attempted escapade!

    I am sure you didn't mean to run away - you just wanted to taste grass on the other side! Well, let us tell you, grass at home is the greenest!

    We are in awe over the lovely garden your dad created!!! Birdie looks appetizing?

    Love from us all!

  22. We love that Hummer. We have some but not as flashy as yours. He must be one of those fabulous Las Vegas hummingbirds!

    Baby, we are glad you are going to be more supervised on your outdoor jaunts. We have a Vet who makes house calls, and when we need to go outside to get into her mobile clinic, we wear the harness. When Raymond puts it on he loses his bones and flops on the floor. Then he does somersaults. It's very dramatic! We hope you adjust to your harness well. xoxo

  23. Another great tour Baby! It will be interesting to see what daddy does with his meditation corner, or maybe it will always remain an evolving work in progress. Some people just keep changing things, opposite of cats who like routine!
    Mom says Captain Morgan tastes like cough syrup to her so she hangs out with a guy named Jim Beam.
    (What the heck....a 'normal' word for verification?? "chess" )

  24. Hi, The Baby, thanks for the garden tour=we have no doubt Mr. Hummingbird will be your dinner one day...We've never had a harness on, but love our stroller; strange humans that we encounter on our walks always act surprised we aren't human babies though!...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  25. Baby don't be too hasty in your quest for escape and adventure outside the garden. Remember your
    meal won't just magically appear for you to nom -you'll have to forage and hunt all day possibly for one meal and there won't be any treats and cuddles and no cosy bed to snuggle on.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  26. Oh dear Baby we understand the lure of the great unknown, but we also hear that there are dangers out in it too. Stay close dear one...and Gracie says to send her special purrs to Sylvester!

    *kitty winks*


  27. Awww, Baby you have to stop trying to make a break for it! You have a fab home and believe us...there's really nothing all that great past your walls. Lots of dangers, really! Mom LOL'd at the Cap'n Morgan and the dive bombing Huhmingbird. Be safe sweetie!

  28. Hmmmmm, I had to ask Sammy if he knew what a harness was.....and he said that yes, he did. There was a time in his life, before I showed up in it, that he wore a harness and got to go outside. Wonder why mama has never let me go outside??????

    Anyway, Sammy said to tell you, Baby, that it won't feel comfortable at first, but you will adjust to it.

    We both send our love,


  29. Looks like you had an excellent adventure, but be careful, Baby!! Stay safe!

    That hummingbird is amazing...

  30. I've been an indoor cat for a few months, Baby, cause I stayed out for several days the last few times I was allowed out. An since I just teleport right out of the harness, I cant go out...


  31. We have to agree with everyone else, why in the world do you want to escape from that fantastic cat Lounge. You have everything you need right there. Hope the harness works for you. It is very dangerous outside that wall you know. Take care.

  32. must NOT do that. What would Spitty do if you took off on the lam and disappeared..and became a Showgirl in Vegas casinos? How would he take That!?

  33. We don't unnerstand why yoo would wanna run away from yoor wunnerful home...we don't haf a catio, we haf skweeling foster kittens and mom won't give us treats wheneffur we want and none of us would ever run away! Zippy waits for mom to put on her harness and leash afore she goes outside an da two of us won't even go out there by ourselfs, we hafta be put in a kennel and taken outside...and den sometimes we don't wanna stay der and start whining.

  34. Baby you have a lovely yard...I hope you like wearing your harness...Devon gets all crazy in his, although he used to like it fine. Oh well, he is a crazy cat! LOL

    Does that high wall go all the way around the yard? Maybe you could built something like Kea did for her kitties.

  35. That's a wonderful tour of your back yard, Baby! Why do you want to escape since it's so lovely there? Good idea about the harness. Dante goes out with a leash and collar and he has a good 40 ft. to wander in either direction. The only problem is if you should get tangled.

    Your Daddy is doing a marvelous job, there. Perhaps you will enjoy sitting on the little bench once it's done, and you can birdwatch from there!

  36. It can be so seductive imaging the other side of the wall...

  37. The garden looks great! And that photo of the Hummingbird is brillant - even if it is evil and dive bombs.

  38. Hope you like your um....harness. Our Minnie tried one out and with a coupla flips and twists was out of it like a shot with Mom running after her. That was the last time with a harness for her.

  39. You really mustn't try to escape from your garden The Baby. Even we are not allowed out alone when we walk around our fields. We are good and come when we are called because if we didn't, we might have to wear a harness too.

  40. Well, we know this sounds like no fun, but the trick to outside time is to behave. We were gonna say about the harness is to roll, roll for all you are worth as your folks are trying to put it on you; however, after reading some other comments, seems a harness could be a good thing...

    We like your yard, thanks for the tour again, The Baby. Our mom is on to us about our yakky grass so she doesn't let us eat it...:( Tho sometimes the regular grass works just as good :)

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  41. We hope the harness concept works for you. Harnesses drive me nuts, but if it works for you, that's great!

    You have a nice garden. We find it really cool that you still have hummingbirds when it's not summer or spring. All our hummers go to the tropics for the winter.


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