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Friday, November 5, 2010

Friends Across the Pond on Friday


Grayce here.

Let's hear a shout out for our Daddy!
He made us some new kitty friends today.
In England!
And since I'm the resident British Shorthair I get to tell you about it.

Daddy sells vintage cassette tapes on eBay.
Here's his store stock in our garage, he has over 40,000 tapes.
Mommy is a saint, she has them all alphabetized!
Daddy sells all over the world, he's mailed tapes to Russia, the UAR, New Zealand, and everywhere else in between.

He's sold to famous people, too!  Crystal Gayle, John Madden,  Mark Mothersbaugh,

...and Clive Pownceby, who lives in England.

Clive is a good customer, and he loves Cats.
According to Mommy, he looks "Pretty Sharp" in a snakeskin jacket.

Here's Clive's handsome Tuxedo Boys, Monty and Stevie.
Monty and Stevie don't blog, but we sure wish they did!
Their Dad is one cool dude, he lived near Liverpool in the 60's and was part of the whole music scene there.  We bet he's got some pawsome stories to tell.

Of course we'd like to know more about the boys...are they single, do they like the Nip, kibble or know, Cat stuff! 

Can we ask you English Kitties a favor? 
 If you see Monty or Stevie while you're out patrolling, tell 'em we said "hello"!

Happy Friday!

XX  Grayce


  1. Isn't it the coolest meeting new kitty friends all over the world. I think Monty and Stevie deserve a blog of their own. I wonder if Milo and Alfie can pop on over and convince them!

  2. Grayce! That's a nice story and all, but really, I couldn't even really pay attention to it after looking at that breathtaking photo of YOU! That fruity pink tongue! The little, barely visible fangs, that intriguing little white patch.

    Tell me again why you are not featured more often? Do the Baby and Salem and KonaKitty wish to keep you under wraps? Is it some kind of plot?

  3. It's cool that your dad mails his tapes all over the world and to famouse people too. Of course, we're more interested in Monty and Stevie because they are way more handsome than John Madden! We think they should certainly have their own blog!

  4. Perhaps Monty and Stevie will be inspired to write now that you've written about them. I must say, those tapes would not be quite as organized in my garage. Dying to know what tapes John Madden ordered ;)

  5. Hi, Monty and Stevie, very nice to meet you; we would like to know all those details about these handsome boys...Are they single :)??!...Hope you all have a fun Friday, sweet friends; your Daddy's job sounds very cool (yes, your Mommy is awesome!)...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. Hey, these Britcats have GOT to start blogging! It'll be good for the English guys here who sometimes just have to talk about strange things like builder's tea, custard, and Eastenders. We Finncats just don't understand. So what will it take to get those Scouser Mousers to blog???? (Scouser is an English word for those who come from Liverpool).
    And we agree - this internet thingy is amazing. How else could we meet such wonderful feline friends ?

  7. Wow! That is an exciting thing. What a cool job your person has.

  8. Wow, Liverpool in the 60's. Wonder if he knew Gerry and the Pacemakers? There was some other band from that area too...

  9. We don't know who dat Clive person is but his kitties are really good looking mancats!

  10. I love how organised the tapes are in the garage! 40,000 of them! In alphabetical order! Wow!!!!!

    Uh, Grayce, what are those stuff you have around you in the photo?

  11. MOL + mom can't stop laughing the way your mom write the funny ! she said she really love your mom's humor and really want to see your mom write the cat book. It's going to be enormous fun cat book !
    By the way, Monty and Stevie look so cool ! ...all tuxies are cool including me..hee..hee...hee

  12. What great friends!! I bet they get the best nip....

  13. I wonder if Clive knows someone my human wrote a book with - this guy called Lemmy who was in the music scene all over England all through the 1960s with various bands. One of them was called the Rockin' Vicars and they had a minor hit. (The Lemmy guy later did a couple of bands that were even more successful - Hawkwind and Motorhead.)

  14. Awwwww Lovely Grayce!!!! You are showing your British roots! :-)

    Clive sounds like a fabulous fella!!! Me and Charlie absolutely adore his tuxie boys Monty and Stevie!! We too wish they blogged - that would be super fab!!!!

    And we are in AWE that your dad knows all these famous people - wow!!!

    If we do come across Clive and his lovely tuxies, we will say you said "pip, pip and how do you do!" Take care

  15. Hello Grayce!

    We are in awe with your dad's "stock"!!! And in more awe with the fact that your mom helped to arrange them!!! WOW!!!!!

    And another super "aweeeeeee" that there are famous cats!!!

    Have a great weekend my dear friends!!!

  16. Wow! What great new firends. We live a long way from Liverpool, but if by a small chance we do see them, we will say hi from you.

  17. Yay for new friends in fun places...
    Oh my cats your dad has a very well organized
    storage space. Well done mom!!!
    Happy Friday
    Madi and Mom

  18. Our mum couldn't even keep 40 tapes alphabetised! Hahahaha! You're a lucky ladycat to have those beans to play with. Customs confiscated the last lot we tried to get!

  19. That is *very* cool! We think their dad just needs a bit of persuading to get a blog started! :-)

    MOL @ Forever Foster....Nope, our mom can't keep her paltry CD collection alphabetized, though she does have them grouped by genre. Sort of.

  20. Making noo friends is always good. They live up North, and we live down South ~ so unfortunately we are unlikely to bump into them which is a pity as they look cute.

  21. How exciting, they tuxies look so wonderful!

  22. Ooh, super awesome! You should go make a big field trip to meet them! (Doesn't that thought blow your minds?)

  23. Our mom has friends across the pond, and one of her friends has a kitty named Dante. We hear he is quiet a handful, too!

  24. That's cool! We are also amazed at your organized inventory of tapes.

  25. Many of the 60's bands came from the Liverpool area - it was the "in" place for a while. Our mum and her friends used to go and see as many as they could when they were touring near to their homes.
    Monty and Stevie look very handsome guys - we bet there are many girl cats who follow them about!!
    Mum says if you have time can you come and sort our garage out please.

  26. MEOWZA, how cool is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We wish they were Bloggers!!!!!!!

    We purray y'all have a great weekend....and thank you for all the wonderful things you've donated to our auction. We love y'all bunches. xxxxxxxxxx

  27. How cool that your dad helped you meet some English kittydudes!! Monty and Stevie almost look like twins!! We bet they've got lots of girlcatfuriends.

    And your dad's store stock is unbelieveable!!

  28. Hi precious sweet girl. Did your mommy read you what Spitty said? He is the most flirtatious kitty ever! My goodness. He has sweet nothings for all the tender girl kitty ears.

  29. I love the tuxedos. Your dad has a fun job and I have never seen a more organized looking garage. Congrats! Deb =^..^=x5

  30. Your dad has a neat and impressive collection of tapes. It is very nice that your mom helps with the organization.
    I am reallllly happy and bonkglad to meet Monty and Stevie, two nice mancats!

  31. Hi! And thanks for stopping by my blog and watching my movie.

    And as you may or may not remember... WE LIVE IN ENGLAND!!! But I've got to be honest and tell you that we've never seen Monty and Stevie but if we do, we'll be the first to let you know.

    Cheers! (That's Brit Speak!!)


  32. Your Mom is something else and my Mom can't keep the house organised like I want. Monty and Stevie turned my head, so handsome.....Kassey

  33. Monty & Stevie are quite handsome!
    We bet they'd have a lot to say if they had a blog!

    Are we correct in guessing that your daddy built all those shelving & drawer units himself?

  34. Grayce
    That is really cool! We do think Monty & Stevie are furry handsome mancats!

    We applaud your Daddy for stayin with eeeebay. Our Mom gave up on sellin online.

    That is an impressive space with the tapes and we applaud your Mom for alphabetizing them!


  35. 'Our' Monty and Stevie are most flattered and not a little taken aback to be so suddenly famous. I say 'our' 'cos if truth be told, they officially live at no.5 - we're at no.3 but slowly and surely they made their way over the wall! Their real parents - Celia and Dave are young hard-working professionals who are out a lot and also have a small child, whom M&S regarded rightly, as the newcomer and a rival. As we were catless (Marvin having taken a walk in 2005 and his return still awaited) we embraced the refugees with open arms. Their ex-owners must know the score but it's not mentioned and it's not an issue.
    This is indeed a house of music - it bulges with cassettes, LPs, and CDs. I don't download - I like to sit down with sleeve/liner/insert notes to read!
    We're just 6 miles out of Liverpool city and I was part of that whole Merseybeat thing in the early '60s - I still play drums in a band and there weren't many groups (we called them that - not bands back then!) that we didn't know esp. my wife Jean who was a regular Cavern club girl.
    Her Dad knew Johnny Best - father of the original Beatles drummer Pete, and yes, she was friendly with a lot of groups - in the nicest sense! (Nothing that would compare with Led Zep stories!)
    I also run a Folk Club in Southport - that's 14 miles away in the opp. direction so my tastes in music are broader than broad. I'm a freelance writer, reviewer and broadcaster, having had my own show for a while on a local radio station. I'm off air right now apart from guesting on other's programmes.
    Hope that's of interest - cats have been around me for many years - even back in my parents' day, cats always gravitated to us. We didn't actively seek 'em - they sought out us - and stayed, so nothing new in Monty and Stevie just showing up!
    'bye fer now,


  36. Oh my stars ~ that is a lot of cassette tapes!

    Isn't it wonderful to make new friends from other countries? Yes it is!

    Happy weekend!
    xo Catherine

  37. Gosh, Grayce, you don't gotta shout! Well, on second thought, you probably do - I LOVE to shout! I shout all the time. And then I get shouted back at. Kinda rude, if you ask me. If we lived in England, and if we were allowed outside, I'd say hi to your friends, you betchya!

    Your friend, Zoe


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