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Starring: The Baby *Tiny Johnson * Felix * Rupert * Scouty * CC * Sweet Pea * Maui * May Ling * Salem

and...*Angels Grayce, KonaKitty, and Sylvester* always loved, never forgotten

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tummies, Toes and Tails Extravaganza!


Today we give you...

Cat Parts!

Salem's Shiny Tush and Tail

The Enormous Tum of Tiny Johnson 

 Sweet Pea's Purrfect Toe Tufties

The Baby's Tempting Tummy

 May Ling's Toes and Tail in action!

Sleepy CC Toes 

The Mackeral Tabby Toes of KonaKitty 

Billyclub Tail and Toes of Grayce 

Felix's Crabbypants (and Toes) 

Rupert's Tremendously Looooong Tail 

Uh oh, Sylvester shows more than Toes and Tail! 

Teenager Scouty Tail 

OK, Maui, we won't argue... 

Happy Tuesday!

25 days left until Sandy Claws comes, do we have to start being good yet?

XX  Lounge Kats


  1. We loved ALL the cat part pictures, but oh what I would give fer Rupert's long tail.


    Pee Ess: Is it possibly fer sale/transplant? Just askin...

  2. Always good to check in on everyone and their body parts. And we can indeed confirm you guys are starving and underfed. We deprived kitties must unite. And Äiti says I cannot send you Aila-sisko as she doesn't really like flying and the boat would take too long. Sorry.

  3. We liked seeing all your parts! We're really impressed with Rupert's loooooong tail!

  4. What perfect parts they are!! We are in awe of
    Rupert's wonderful tail.

  5. We love all the pictures and the enormous tummy of Tiny Johnson a little more.

  6. Whoa, Rupert's tail is crazy long! So cool!

  7. Nice parts--but I do like them all together!

  8. Cool parts post !!!!
    My favorite are Sweet Pea's Purrfect Toe Tufties...This is really cool !!!
    Sleepy CC Toes ...This is require special skill : )
    Felix's Crabbypants (and Toes) ... Unbelievable Clean !
    and Maui... Brilliant fangs !

    A fine selection of tummies and paws, beautiful poses!
    purrs and Happy Tuesday

  10. I don't think you have to be good until the day before Christmas. I read that on the interwebs so it must be true!

  11. Awwwww what a wonderful whirlpool of wickedly wild and woolly toesies and tails and tummies!!! Yay!! Me and Charlie love them all!!

    Uhm... what do you stunning kitties mean about starting being good?!?!!? Oh no!!! :-) Take care

  12. You weren't kidding when you called it an extravaganza! Yowsa!

    Annie is sitting on the back of the couch while the mom types this...She was suitably impressed with Felix's crabbypants and toesies--meaning she has a particularly crabby look on her face. :-P

  13. Those certainly are a lot of parts. Tons of Toes. Great fun seeing everyone's toes, teeth and bellehs. Great pictures. Hope all Lounge kitties have a fun day.

  14. Oh Sweet Pea! Those toehawks are delicious!

  15. Mummy said....." ohhh, ahhhhhhhhh, ahhh, oohhhhh, eeeeee, ahhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"!! I'm not sure what language that is. Oh and she was trying to tickle the computer screen just where the paws where! Hoomans sure are strange xx

  16. I am such a sucker for toe pads and tufts!!!

  17. MOL Mom was blowing air kisses at all the tummies and toes but not the pearly whites...she was just in awe of them....great post.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  18. Mum loves toes tufties - in fact she's a real fanatic!! Maui we were both in admiration of your beautiful white fangs - we bet you do a mean love bite!!

  19. Kitty parts, love them all! Especially the long tail. :-)

  20. What marvelous cat parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We luvsy'all lotz and lotz.

  21. Happy Tuesday!

    My favorite is the shiny tushy and tail!!


  22. I love all of those parts and I know Spitty is going to go ME-OW over The Baby's soft fluffy delicious tummy!!!

    Rupert...that TAIL! WHOA NELLY!!!


  23. OH! tiny johnson must be edmund's long lost twin!!

  24. You left out one important word...those are all purrfect parts!!!

  25. A real cat puzzle ! paws, bellies, teeth, toes and tails, lol !

  26. Normally, we say: 'parts is parts' (something we picked up from Mom, but we don't know why she says it), but in your guys' case, part is not just guys have some fantastic parts...must say though that my favourite is the toe tufts!!! Those are outta this world!!! Mega-cool!! Purrs and thanks for sharin' your best parts with us!! Lautrec and Tiny

  27. Gorgeous parts each and every one..Hugs GJ xx

  28. Greetings to you all,

    We think it is very important that one checks to make sure all our body parts are in order and in good health. We love the white tummy that is ready for some tummy rubs.

    We hope to see some of your photos in our in-box for the calendar bookmark photo contest.

    Warmest regard,
    Ms K and Egmont

  29. So many cute parts!!! Meowm is dying to scritch or rub those parts! Well, maybe not that one part that Sylvester is showing. ;)

  30. Yep, those possums grow pretty big up in this neck of the woods. That one last night had to have been as big as Shaggy & that's about 18 pounds, except on short legs, of course.(Waddle, waddle, waddle!!!)
    We're getting more snow today, so maybe it will just go hibernate (do they?) except not behind the wood n the garage please!

  31. Oh my...I think Tiny Johnson is going to waste away...

  32. Every little part of a cat is a marvel! I just love seeing pieces of all of yours. Yes, Tiny Johnson isn't too tiny, is he?

    And Sylvester's sure not shy! LOL!

  33. My, my, Sylvester!

    Anyho, Sweet Pea has adorable toe floof! I wish I had some....

  34. Great cat parts - but perhaps Sylvester can show a different part next time?

    And yes, it is time to start being good for Sandy Claws. He's watching, you know.

  35. Never at a loss for tails, toesies or tummies at the Lounge!

  36. Wow what a great collection of kitty parts that is! So many toes and tails and tummys - just wonderful!

    And mom told us that while we should start being extra good now Santa actually keeps track all year! Can you believe that? So it is definitely time to be extra good now!

  37. I love the photos of kitty parts!! Oh The Baby's tummy is just irresistable!
    Have a happy Tuesday :-)

  38. We enjoyed looking at all those cat parts.

  39. Heh, pawsome parts!

    You all can be last minute be-gooders and wait until Chrissymouse eve... ;-/

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie :)

  40. All very impressive parts but I'm most amazed by rupert's tail...

  41. I tried to look at ALL the pictures, honest I did, but really, once I saw The Baby's tummy, it was all over for me. I was blinded, I tell you, blinded by the glory of that delectable expanse of white fur. I'm totally down for the count.

  42. She'll bite? Really? That's strangely exciting!

  43. Oooo! You all have such lovely tail and toes. And those sharp, pointy teeth look mighty impressive Maui!


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