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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sleepy Sunday


Johnson here.

I am tired. 
Last week was Maui's Gotcha Day party, Lautrec and Tiny's birthday party, our awesome giftie box from Spitty, and then Christmas!
I need a nap, prolly until the New Year.

Speaking of which, we have a few announcements!

First, Mommy is working a strange schedule for the next month.  She promised us that we'd post every day, but that we might be scarce for commenting for a while.  Since she feeds us, we didn't grumble too much.  But there may be a strategic yak in her future...just sayin'!

Second, can y'all check our blogroll and see if you're on it?  We're trying to square up our 'Roll with our Reader and we'd appreciate the help...and is there an easier way to do it than one at a time?

Third, we want to answer some questions...but we need some first!  Is there something about us or the Catio you're dying to know?  Leave us a comment and we'll do a post in a week or so!

Forth, Mommy is writing a little short story!  More on that later...

Now, I need to nap.

Happy Sunday!

XX  Johnny


  1. Luckily for you guys, it's just your human's schedule that is strange... my human is strange, period! All I really need to know about the Catio is - when I can come visit!

    P.S. I am actually NOT on your blogroll!

  2. Oh, I think I found us on your blog roll!

    Ok, inquiring cats wanna know...

    My mom thinks she is at her limit with 9 of us kitties, and we are in awe of all 13 of you living happily together. Do your mom and dad think they have a limit to how many of you will live in the catio?

  3. Johnson....Enjoy your nap and Thanks for let's me know a lots of things : )

    First, No problem about commenting.. I will use my imagination that you make a comment for me everyday till your mom get back to normal schedule. It might be not really good like you do but I will try my best !

    Second, Check ! Check ! I'm in your blogroll...No problem !

    Third, I'm dying to know " How your guys organize the time for litter tray..13 cats must be " crucial times " ( I saw just one huge litter tray from the photo )

    Forth, Are your mom is going to write the book ?... This is one thing my mom dying for !!!!


  4. I so hate strange working schedules. Good luck to you all...

  5. Hi TJ! First, we totally understand busy mommies, and we know how much time commenting can take up, so we certainly won't hold that against you or her! Second, we're on your blogroll! Third, we'll have to think on that! And fourth, we are excited that your Mommy is writing a short story! Our mom loves your Mommy's sense of humor, so we think she'll really enjoy reading whatever she writes!

  6. 1) No worries - I understand strange schedules.
    2) We're on there!
    3) I am so curious about the logistics of having that many cats, especially since I feel like I'm constantly waiting on and cleaning up after only two of them. Also, is there a limit to how many cats you'll have?
    4) Looking forward to hearing more!

  7. We hope you get your nap in Johnson! We're on your blog roll.

    We have a question or two...We love to lay on laps so how do you coordinate lap time at your house? Also, how many of you sleep on your bean's bed at night? Here, our beans think there's two cats too many on the bed since they have to sleep like pretzels to keep us company.

    We think it's pawesome that your mommy is writing a short story! We hope we get to read it!

  8. We understand busy Moms. And we don't have any questions about the Catio - but we do think it's completely wonderful.

  9. What can we do with an invitation except accept! Okay, here we goes.......
    We can forgive your Mom as our Äiti is totally random with her work – or so it seems to us. And as you know we sometimes have not posted frequently enough or commented. It is not satisfactory, but we have to live with it. And remember when they work they get food for us so maybe we have to put up with such hardships.
    We are proudly on your blogroll (and you of course are on ours).
    Now you have asked us to ask questions, and we figure as there are 11 of us we must have one each. So here goes:
    Punapippuri: who is King Kitty Cat of Katnip Lounge ? And is this the same feline as the boss cat ? For instance Stran-veli is our top cat, but I am of course King.
    Stran-veli: how do you guys cope with young whippersnappers who think they are centre of the universe ?
    Aila-sisko: is there room for me at the Katnip Lounge ?
    Mirsku-veli: is Sylvester really as big as me ? Does he have a Mr Elephant ?
    Tuomo-veli: have any of you really bitten your humans ? I bit Äiti badly and I also play bite a little hard.
    Harris-veli: does everybody like each other in the Lounge ? I love Stran-veli and let him do anything to me. But I don't like some of the others and get scared.
    Lewis-veli: I am scared to ask, but do any Katnip Loungers only stay in one room and hide a lot, and get really frightened of everyone else ?
    Rilli-ukko: how many Temptations/Dreamies do you get each day?
    Risto: what are your favourite peeing places (apart from the litter box)
    Roosa: do any of the girlcats rule with a paw of iron like I do
    Ruska: can your Mom and Dad say 'no' to extra kitties. I am very glad Äiti didn't say no to me.
    And of course Äiti wants to ask about her obsession: litter trays. How many are there, where are they and are there many deposits left outside ?

    Now we think you have to write a book to answer these – but that is good because we love hearing about you guys.

    We also think that thewre should be a Katnip Lounge catcam that we could watch. It would be billiant. We could have real time international sleeping competitions.

  10. Yep you do look very tired. You just chill out there and have some Z's :) Me and Simba would like to know what the oldest toy in the catio is?

  11. We're NOT on yoor "Kool Kats we know" list ~ yet!

  12. WHOOPS! We just saw the "show all" button ~ and we ARE on the list!

  13. I found me on your blogroll so that's good. I will come back when I think of some questions. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

  14. I was wondering how many kitties get to sleep on the big people's bed at night? Does it rotate, or do the same kitties sleep there every night?

  15. We don't seem to be able to find our name in "Kool Kats We Know" list.

  16. Hi Johnny! We hope you all had a great Christmas. We're on your list! Thanks for including us!! We think you are kool kats too!!

    The only question we have do you all manage to get along?? Or maybe you don't. We would love some tips on how to get along better.

  17. I am on there!

    I like Daisy's question. I would also like to know about the sleeping arrangements.

  18. Can't wait to hear more about the short story..l

  19. We are on the list for sure, thank you very much. Does everyone have assigned places to eat??
    We are excited about the short story. That sounds great. Oh and by the way, we will miss your comments. Just how long is that going to go on??MOL

  20. I think we is missing from your blogroll. :(

  21. Merry Christmas from our house to yours!
    The Creek Cats and Maggie May

  22. Wow Johnny your Mom is gonna be BUSY!!!

    She needs to do what I did...I was following the blogger limit of 300 blogs...I had to unfollow some so I chose to unfollow those who haven't posted a new post in MONTHS...those I removed...

    I think we are missing from your blog roll too Cat Chat

  23. Wow!! Me and Charlie would love to read your mum's short story!!! Yes please!! Oooh we are most excited!!!

    Now gorgoeus Mr Johnson!! Your mighty yawn has made us very sleepy!! We are only recovering from Christmas, mind, unlike you with your wild and full social life! Phew!! We hope you have a nice rest!!

    We are so under your Kool Kats we Know roll!!
    :-) Yay!

    Questions? Erm.. How did your daddy end up being Scrotchy?!?! LOL!!

    Take care

  24. Wowie kazowie! Dat iz some yawn dere 'bro!
    We hopes dats you all had de bestest hollyday evfur. We sure missez bein' abull to vizits & postee but mebbe some day tingz will be backs to normal at our place. Kinda doubt it though.
    We hope your momeez story turnz out great!
    Love, Dr Tweety & da gang

  25. First: Don't worry about the commenting, ours has been restricted lately too.
    Second: Yup, we're on your blogroll.
    Third: We were wondering about sleeping arrangements too. Mum used to have 11 poodins, (she adopted 10 when her MIL died). Her original kitty used to sleep on the bed every night so her and dad used to have 2 others sleep on the bed every night in a rota as well.
    Fourth: We are looking forward to the short story.

  26. From our home to yours, a very, very sincere wish for a happy holiday season.

  27. I might have a question, but I'm gonna nap on it...y'all reminded me that I'm late for my easy! Take care my friends!!!

  28. We'll be stopping by to say hi each all be kind to Mom it sounds like she has a long grueling month ahead of her...
    Hugs Madi

  29. Well, I'm tired just reading about everything going on there! Yes, I'm on your list. Sorry your mom has to work a strange schedule. That's great about the short story. Can't wait to hear more! I'll think on some questions. I saw a lot of great ones in the comments, so I think you'll have plenty.

  30. We're on your blogroll! We'd like to know if you built the Catio all at once or if it was a gradual takeover?

    Nubbin wiggles,

  31. We hopes you all had a wonderful Christmas too!

  32. Tell your mommy that my mommy is not stranger to awful/ strange work schedules and if she needs some heartfelt sympathy, mommy has lots to give.

  33. You have a fabulous site! The lounge looks like a dream place for kitties. I am putting you on my blog roll asap.

  34. Johnson, you have summed up purrfectly how we all feel here today!

    Go Bears!!! Mom's sister and BIL were at the game. Her BIL was yelling so much he can hardly talk now. They got tickets from his cousin who works for the NFL. He's the middleman between the refs and tv station for the commercial breaks. He only does this at at home games. How cool is that!

  35. Hi Johnson!
    We have asked you some questions in an earlier post, but we have one or two more..How many litter boxes do you have? We are interested in how many of you sleep on the bed with the Beans. When seven or eight of us sleep on the bed, Mom can not move..but she lets us stay.
    We are not on your blogroll that we can see.
    Our Mom does not get around to visiting as much as she should, so do not feel bad.
    She is looking forward to the book!!

  36. Whew I'm on the list. If you Follow people you can pick them off your list when you go to add a blog role in Widgets.

    Very proud of your Mom on writing! Exciting! Mom wants to hear all about it.

    We were thinking about posting about your Mom's hard work after the first of the year and how delicious her product is.

    Head Butts

  37. We don't like schedules, but it seems there is always one to follow. I am wondering how much food do your beautiful cats go through in a month. What kind of cat litter do you use.
    The catio I am sure is a dream come true for your furries. How many hours a week does it take to keep the catio clean?

    Thank you for your visit, and I am looking forward to hearing more about the short story.

  38. We love to be on your blog roll and we're looking forward to that short story. Will it include a tale of teeth, sleepy Johnson?

    Our tale about Christmas and New Year in Malaysia will be out this Saturday, OK? We've been skiving off as T-man had leave :-)

  39. We hope yoo is havin a very happy Boxing Day and had a wunderful Chrismouse!

    I is Jake!!

  40. Hiya Tiny Johnson! That's a wonderful big yawn, and we all agree with your sentiments. We almost thought we weren't on your blogroll, but then saw that it could be expanded and since we had last commented 22 hours ago, we had sunk into the part that scrolled off. We're curious about your litter boxes too...not how many there are (we think we've seen pictures of kid-sized wading pool litter boxes on the catio?), but what your beans do with all the stuff that they scoop??

  41. Dear Lounge full of Katnip,
    Firstly, I realize that "Clooney Claus" messed up by missing your house. Uh, sorry about that! I had been lost on the North Pole earlier in the night and was leary of getting lost in theese Mohave Desert. So I had to adjust my flight pattern thus bypassing your catio. I know theese is lame of me and if I don't get you guys Num-Nums soon, I'll be "toast". Secondly, I'z NOT on your blogroll and I thinks I'z a kool cat so you might wants to add me (if you'z not too peeved). Thirdly, it is excellent that your Mom writes and that she is working on a project.
    Lastly, I has questions:
    1) Do you have a handyperson in the family who built theese catio or did you hire someone?
    2) Does Tiny Johnson have Maine Coon in him? (My Human develops crushes on Maine Coons). And does he have hairy paws?
    3) Do you have geneology reports for Grayce and Rupert because they might be twins of mine?
    4)Does The Baby have any craziness or wildness to her character because the other "The Baby"(our associate who is an orange dog toy with big feet) we know does. And if so, do you think theese runs in the "name"?


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