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Thursday, December 23, 2010

This and That Thursday


Our Mommy is the meanest Mommy in the world!
Yes, she is.

We got a parcel today from Spitty the Kitty and SHE says we have to wait until tomorrow to open it!
Is that terrible or WHAT?

The Bum of Disrespect
In other news, we had EIGHTY-SIX comments on our "Paw it Forward" commentathon post!
You guys all totally ROCK at getting in the comments for Chrystal.

So let's see...86 times 50 cents per comment equals FIFTY green papers!
Yes, it does!
Mommy e-mailed Chrystal the purrtastic news, and we are so happy to be able to help out.

Felix is thrilled.
Really, he is!
In other OTHER news, Mommy was contacted by Ekin Oklap, from "Eulogy" magazine, a couple of weeks ago to contribute a story about Death.  Now this sounds really awful, but it's not.  Dying happens to all of us, and it's important to remember the Ones that Have Come Before, and celebrate their lives.
Mommy has learned something from all of you in the Cat Blogosphere, and that is when one of us grieves, we all do, and it's immensely comforting to have such love and support.
She wrote about two Kitties that are Angels now, Hooter and Fuzzy, the link is HERE.

Ekin asked us to tell you to feel free to leave a comment on the article at Eulogy, and if you have a unique viewpoint or experience to please contact her.

I'm glad I'll be with Mommy Forever.

Someday Mommy will scan some pictures and tell Hooter's and Fuzzy's stories; we are gonna do a few remembrance posts in the New Year.

We are very proud of our Mommy for doing this.

However, we're totally hissed off to have to wait to open our package!
Yes, we are!

Happy Thursday!

XX  Lounge Kats


  1. Can't wait to read it! Concats to your Mom!

    PS I had no idea Scouty had a crush on me! He is such a handsome Ginger boy!

  2. Now, Kitties, I am sure that your Mommy had **a really good reason** for not letting you open your package today, and you should all be very patient and understanding about it.
    (Sssss--are the Humans gone now? Good. Yeah, she's TOTALLY out of line there, Kitties; there's just no excuse for such cruelty.)

  3. How cool, we look forward to reading your Mom's article. And we don't blame you, we think all packages should be opened the moment they arrive!

  4. That's terrible that your human won't let you open Spitty's package until tomorrow! In fact, it is practically animal cruelty!

    I am going over to read the story in Eulogy right now!

  5. Good reaction. We would do the same...

  6. Our mommy just read the article and is all leaky. She said something about knowing exactly what your mommy was describing because she did that with her kitty before us Panther. She did think the article was very beautiful too though.

    We just wanted to say that we think it's awful you have to wait to open your package!

  7. Hey, we love THAT BUM! :)
    Felix looks great here.
    And that's certainly good news on getting 50$$$.

    Read your contribution. Ashes of my Tortie and 4Head are on the shelf too. I plan to scatter the ashes when the monsoon season is over. Of all the cats, I love Tortie the most and he, I.

  8. Wow, so much to comment on! First, our mom must be the only rebellious Mom in the CB! She opened our present for us way early! We're sorry yours is Mean. Second, we don't know how to do math, so we'll have to trust that $50 is the correct amount. Third, that is totally cool that your Mommy wrote an article. Our mom didn't go read it yet because she was afraid it would make her bawl, and bawling right before she goes to sleep makes her have a headache the next day, but she wants to read it soon!

  9. How dare your mom make you all wait to open your package...mostly cause we hate waiting... You can't tell, but we're giving your mom the back of disrespect too :-)

    Concats to your mom about the article - wonderful! We would love to hear some stories about Hooter and Fuzzy. Purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  10. Äiti says she will read the article in a quiet moment as she thinks it will be very emotional. And if we May offer some positivity readings your trauma over the present - as you know we suffered similarly with our fantastic package from Eric and flynn and when we finally got to open it I think we appreciated it even more because of the wait. It was very difficult for us but I am a stronger mancat for the ordeal.

  11. That is such a great article. I rather unwisely read it in a public place - I'm all teary and blotchy now.

  12. We're looking forward to the piece. Hey, did we miss that commentathon??? We attended a few but can't remember where. This is a sad reflection on our brain power. Your mummy's meanness is a reflection on her willpower.

    Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas and see you kitties soon.

  13. Does yoor mom not know dat opening packages NOW is furry importint! How cruel to make yoo wait until tomoro...just not nice.

  14. If it's addressed to you, you should get to choose when you can open it!!

  15. Does she open yet ? ... Does she open yet ? ...DOES SHE OPEN YET ? ....OPENNNNNN IT PLEASE !!!!!

    My mom read your mom's contribution of Hooter and Fuzzy to me. Mom said story about Death might give us a tear but in another way it made us realize how lucky we still alive and have each other as a friends as a family. Life is not forever..But great bond are forever....Be good to your mom.... BY THE WAY...DOES SHE OPEN A PACKAGE YET ?

  16. That is so unfair. I hope you are all giving your mum the back of disrespect.

  17. Well done to your mom. Our mom says she'd have been *very* upset at the comment Scott made about Hooter, though. :-/

    Anyway, we can't wait to see what's in the package!

  18. $50 ~ how wonderful!!! Not much long until you get to open that gift. The kitty bum of disrespect looks very familiar... ;)

    xo Catherine

  19. Lets see here, 84 divided by 2, take away the 3, carry over the 15, multiply by 50, subtract 7.... yes you are right, that does come to 50! Math is hard.

    We loved your mom's article.

  20. Awww Mum Trish!!!! I really really enjoyed the article over at Eulogy!! Scooter and Fuzzy were real special kitties - and I'm glad that they were loved and had a great life with you and Scott!!!

    YAY for your fabulous commentathon!! Charlie is furiously working at the calculator to add up the numbers!! LOL!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    We hope that your lovely mum opens up your package soon!! We think the bum of disrespect just cannot be ignored!! Take care

  21. #1 says that's a great article about pet loss.

    We hope that tomorrow comes quickly and you can open your gifts!!!

    The Chans

  22. Awww - dat's a terrible thing to do to kitties - make dem wait to open prezzies. Not fair. Rebel!

  23. The Bum of Disrespect? Oh, that's harsh!!

    Congrats on your commentathon and your Mommy's article!

  24. We're looking forward to reading that article too. I think you shouldn't have to wait to open your package. Merry almost gang!!!

  25. Wow, your Mommy is a furry good writer. We hope that you get to open that package soon. It will be worth the wait! :)

  26. I do hope to get a moment to see your mommy's article! Meanwhile I know you are mad...but patience, all good things come to cats who wait!

  27. The bum of disrespect is my favourite position! Muahahahahaha!

    We're off to read your mum's article :) And mega-concats on such an awesome result with your commentathon !

  28. Oh Mom is all leaky now after reading the article.

    You know what? You don't have the meanest mommie. WE DO! Our secret paws package arrived last week and mom is making us wait until Christmas morning. And it came all the way from Japan!!!! We are going nuts trying to sneak a peek!

  29. The bum of disrespect, that is harsh! It's your present, you should be able to open it when you want. Hope you all have a Merry and Joyous Christmas.

  30. We're going over to read the article straight away.
    And we agree ~ parcels shud be opened straight away!

  31. Love Daisy's math. Well done. Sorry you guys and gals can't open your present. Just have to wait. We read Mom's article and it was really good. Mom knows exactly what she is talking about. She left a long comment.Have a very Merry Christmas.

  32. Mum read Trish's article and sobbed all the way through - it brought back sad times for her of saying goodbye to "the ones who came before". Please open your present soon cos we can't bear to wait too long to see what goodies are inside.

  33. It's so hard to be patient! It's so good of your Mom to help like that too.

  34. Unfair! Unfair! Unfair!
    Open it now!!!
    (That ain't gonna happen is it)

    Nice article your mom wrote. We did not know about that site or the one it mentions for grieving pet parents. Going to look around there some more.
    Pee ESS: You are excellent at math! Good Job!

  35. Congrats on the total of green papers...
    I suggest you all gang up on that presenet it will be unwrapped in a nano second.
    I'm just sayin' Madi

  36. I'm going to read the article next and am looking forward to it.

    Lucy agrees with the bum of disrespect and says that you're pretty mean but I'm the meanest. Her present has been in my closet for a few weeks now.

  37. The Eulogy article was Pawsome! Your mommy writes really goodly. You should not be hissed about the package- you will be very happy you waited when you wakes up tomorrow and knows you has a pacel to open!
    Has a great Holiday Kitties.
    (P.S. we love the Catio upgrades- your parents are pawesome.)

  38. We are gonna go right over and read what your Mom wrote. I know you guys all know this but your Mom is a fabulous story teller and her posts really would make a very interesting book.

    Merry Christmas

  39. We got our Secret Paws package the other day and we can't open it until tomorrow either!! What is with humans, anyways?? So unfair!!!

    Congrats on your commentathon!! 50 green papers is awesome!! We'll go read your mom's story now. We bet it's real good!

  40. That is a good article that your mum wrote. It gave our mum leaky eyes too remembering how sad it is to lose your loved ones.
    Concats on your commentathon, that is a good result.


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