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Thursday, December 9, 2010

We have some Questions for YOU!


We have some questions.

We know some of you kitties have a Facebook account as well as blogging.
How do you like it?
What are the advantages or disadvantages?
How hard is it to interface Blogger and Facebook?

Oh, and one other thing.    We've been reading the past couple day but not commenting.  Our Mommy is a total lame-o.  We'd sack her except for the whole thumbs thing.  And the petting.  And snuggling.
We'll get back to commenting on Friday!

OK, on to some pictures of SYLVESTER!
I love to sleep in here!

See, I fit purrfectly!

The corner is a super chin rest.

I think Catly Thoughts, like Life is Good.

Chin Whiskers!

Daddy can't resist me...

mmmmmmm...feels good....

Happy Thursday!

And Thank-You for answering our questions.

XX  Lounge Kats


  1. I love facebook! It's super easy to use, and you meet lots of great pals!

    It depends on what you mean by interface - but you can do things like add a 'like' button to your blog (for example)

  2. My mom have Facebook but she didn't link to her blog because she have facebook to contact all friends and family and all artist people.
    But she have Tweeter for me. which you can add link button to my blog. She love to have twitter for me much more than facebook because I can get to know other cats in the world and get more cool information quicker than facebook. ( In her opinion ) every sec. you know some things.

  3. Äiti uses facebook for HER friends only. We did each have a Catbook account but with so many of us it got hard to track and none of our friends really used it. Äiti says facebook works if all your friends are on it. We like blogging more as it gives us a chance to write more with lots of pictures each day - more like a journal. For us it feels more regal and relaxed - a bit like Sylvester. Äiti especially wanted to tickle his chin and poke his lovely black nose. *sigh* - she's losing it.

  4. I have my own facebook fan page. I think it is very different from blogging and we use it for different types of updates. People who don't know the Woman can fan me or if the Woman's friends are not into cats (HOW DARE THEY!) they don't have to just read about me. I like it. I don't use blogger at all so I can't comment on that.

  5. I have both a Facebook Fan page and Twitter profile. My blog is on Networked Blogs so it feeds the links to my posts into my Facebook profile (plus the Facebookers can subscribe to my feed via Networked Blogs). And I have selective Tweets, so if I want one of my Tweets to appear on my Facebook, I can do that. Plus I repost things I see on Facebook on my Fan page, or put up links I see elsewhere. Also, it's good for certain things, like when I need suggestions for a rescue for a donation pledge, I usually throw it out to my FB fans. Many of them are heavily involved in rescue.

  6. Sylvester, you are so cute! We love your chin and you little black nose!

    We have a Facebook account but don't really use it much. We don't really understand the whole "like" thing and what it really does. Maybe someday we'll figure it all out.

  7. We haf a blog, dat mom isn't updating enuff fur us, we haf a twitter account but we hafn't been on it fur about a month 'cuz mom is bizzy and mom is on Facebook and can't figger out how to also give us our own page but our blog updates automatically go on her FB page and lots of our kitty frends mom's is on der so we is getting to know more of da beans behind da kitties. We hafta agree, der is a lot more beans involved in rescue on FB.

  8. Our Mom is on facebook, we are not. We DO have our blog linked to facebook via Networked Blogs. We like that, because every night at midnight while we are sleeping and our blog goes live, Networked Blogs publishes a link to that day's blog plus a thumbnail photo to our facebook page. That way our readers who are on facebook can read our blog from that link. Kinda cool.

    Linking blogger to facebook via Networked Blogs is easy. It had some bugs when we first started using it, but those have been ironed out as far as we can see.

    Mom has friended several other cat blogging HUMANS on facebook and really enjoys getting to now the humans behind the cat blogs. She goes on facebook to interact with other humans. She IS friends with a few cats on facebook but would rather see the cats have fan pages on facebook and not profile pages. (there is a difference)

    That's our (Mom's) two cents. xoxo

  9. We are happy wif just a blog. We hears personal privacy issues wif Facebook. So we dont go there.

  10. Mom doesn't do Facebook or stuff like Twitter. She said she has a hard time of just keeping our blog up to date (what wiv posting and commenting) and she said if she did other stuff as well, she wouldn't have time for REAL life! MOL!

  11. Sylvester, we don't think anyone could resist you.

  12. Booooo Facebook ~ Hooray Blogging! (Just my opinion of course!)


    xo Catherine

  13. Casper has a facebook account which I started a couple of years ago just to post pictures of him for my family to see. I never really got fancy with it and since I started blogging it has all but been abandoned because I don't have the time to devote to learning everything facebook has to offer. Sparkle and Busby sound very advanced at it, I was nowhere near that level and MUCH prefer blogging!!!!

    Nice to see Sylvester so settled and happy!

    Kitties, your mum had a mention on my blog yesterday...please pop over if you get a chance and confirm if you coined the phrase :-)

  14. Awwww super Sylvester!!!! You are thinker and a philosopher and that is a brilliant place to do your pondering!!!:-) Enjoy your thoughtful day!!!

    I don't use facebook so I truly can't help but I think you can link blogger and facebook and twitter etc to each other or something like that!!! GOOD LUCK!!

    Take care

  15. I love you Sylvester! You remind me of my tux cat from many years ago, and I am so happy you have such a great new home :)

    I use facebook for keeping in touch with beans and playing games. The blogging we have just started but it already looks much easier and fun than FB for putting up pics and other content. FB is much more restrictive and harder to control as well.

  16. We has a Facebook profile and we love it! Our blog is on the Networked Blogs application so our posts automatically show up on Facebook. But the best part is that you can do some quick casual posts on Facebook without having to prepare an elaborate blog post, so it's more informal and easier to interact. Like "We just got to eat Weruva Mack 'n Jack, it's delicious!" Stuff that you wouldn't do an entire blog post about. We also post quick little videos and photos, and links to stuff we like there.

  17. We don't do FB...The blogging takes about 4 or so hours a day as it is, to visit and comment. The mom doesn't have enough free time to do FB too! :-P

    Besides, the mom objects to FB on principle....

  18. We have been thinking about setting up a Facebook page for us. We have a Twitter account but find it a bit overwhelming and hard to keep up with.

    Sylvester, it is great to see you looking so at home :)

  19. Morning to our fav baker's dozen!!!
    Nope we do not have facebook.....blogging keeps us busy....
    Beautiful pics of # 13!!! Boy is that his lucky number.
    Madi and Mom

  20. We don't have facebook - mum says she needs a life besides blogging - Whatever!! What life does she need besides us - we can't imagine!!
    (mum here - for my life beside blogging we are going to v-e-t today for their annual review - I have already locked the cat flaps)!!

  21. yeah the whole thumbs thing is a pretty big issue.

  22. Mom has her own FB thing and our blog links to it through networked blogs, pretty much exactly how Raymond and Busby described it. I got a Twitter account but besides linking my blog to it, mom hasn't really figured it all out and she only has time for her own FB and our cat blog. She likes FB because she's met cat moms that way.

    Mom says I will not be getting my own FB page so I have to settle for the bloggie thing.

  23. Us boys have a FB page, but we ignore it for days and days and days on end....there's nowhere like Blogger!!!!!!!!!!

    Why is it our moms have to take breaks at times?????? There have been times we've thought about firing our mama!!!!!

    Sylvester, we are so happy to see you have settled in so well.

    Love to all of you.

  24. We don't have a FB page....yet! Sylvester, great photos! Love the chin whiskers!

  25. Whereas the blog is OURS, FaceBook is #1's. There is a slight overlap, but not much.

    Looking good, Sylvester!

    The Chans

  26. I have a Twitter account and mom doesn't help me enough times on it. But she does help me a decent number of times. I go see Daisy all of the time and Brian too. Mommy said it would be more time than she is willing to spend for me to have a FB account. She said this is time consuming enough but she loves helping me with my blog and going to see my kitty friends.

    Sylvester..those chin whiskers made my wee heart beat a little faster. But don;t tell Rupert.

  27. Our people both have a Facebook account, but we kitties don't. However, our people upload plenty of our photos there. One of our people loves Facebook very much, and the other one doesn't go on too often. We don't think it integrates very well with Blogger, but that's ok. We know we have different audiences in both places.

  28. In fact I have my facebook but mommy needs to help me with it and also with the blog.As she is now busy with her school tests, it's a little bit complicated for me!
    I loved your pictures!

  29. Mom has a Facebook page and a page for all of us. We like it because you can get news there way before it comes out in a blog. It is hard to find the time for both blogging and Facebook but we really enjoy Facebook. Sparkle gave a good explanation of how it all ties together. Your blog automatically goes on your Facebook page. It is fun to get to know the humans behind the kitties. We think you would enjoy it a lot.

  30. Our mom has a FB page and mainly plays games there. We blog and find that is a great way to getting information out with photos.

    Love the cat in the box today!

  31. Mummy has Facebook and Twitter but doesn't link it to her blog.....
    You are looking really good, Sylvester! I'm sure you're looking forward to your first Christmas on the Catio! Have you told your Mummy what you want for Christmas?

  32. Chin whiskers!! Yay!! I'm friends with quite a few kitties on FB and I enjoy catching up with them there. I also have a Catladyland page and it's a fun spot to post other pics that I don't always put on my blog. Plus, you can have more frequent interactions, I've found. Do it!!

    p.s. Stop by Catladyland today to qualify for the cat treat giveaway! Yummy!!!

  33. We don't have a FB page either. Mombean does but she doesn't spend much time on it.

    We would love a cat tree like yours!! Awesome.

    Mindy, Moe, Bon Bon, Cookie & Mike

  34. I have twitter and facebook. One of my blogs is linked to facebook and the other one to twitter. I use twitter the most and can reach more potential adopters there, which is important to my mission!

  35. We don't use Facebook. Sorry we can't help you on that one! We might get an account eventually, though.

    Oh, tell your mom to get right on that computer! We're missing you already, and we just learned that your mom has been slacking off. :) hehe

  36. Facebook is good for getting in touch with humans but it's not a cat place. In fact, Facebook DELETE cat profiles. Mean, huh?

  37. Hi cutie pie!!!!!!!!!!
    Mom has a FB page,but does not go there very often
    It is all she can do to help us visit our friends :o She says she also wants to do "other stuff" ??
    Sheesh, what can be more important than us?
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  38. Our mum opened a FB account but didn't get on with it. She said she would never get anything done if she had both, so she suspended FB, (she can't find a way to cancel it permanently).
    Sylvester, you look cute in your box.

  39. I am on Facebook but find that Twitter is MUCH more lucrative for blogging contacts than Facebook is.

    I also use Networked Blogs that you can connect to through Facebook. You can set Networked Blogs to automatically post your blog onto Facebook directly through is easy......I do that on my Cat Chat fan page on Facebook and I have a personal Facebook page.

    I joined Facebook before I joined Twitter but I MUCH prefer Twitter to Facebook!

  40. Mom is on facebook ... but she isn't too excited about it! She likes doing this better. She also has a twitter account.

    We likes your chin whiskers!! Super cool!

  41. We don't facebook. It think it's because my mom doesn't like that twerpy Mark guy. And we certainly don't tweet because we're cats! Heck, my mom's cell phone just had a sixth birthday!

  42. Mum does FB but not a lot. We get to blog.

  43. Mom facebook & blog.
    But it depends on her energy level.
    Sometimes it gets so depleted that we have to get daddy to feed us!
    And daddy, being daddy - gives us double scoop of yummies! heeheh

  44. Thanks for dropping by. We do share the same heart for cats. I just found out today about a woman 20 minutes from my home that is feeding 15 at her back door and no one will help her, not even animal control because they say to her "we don't pick up cats, just dogs" so she is left to feed them or watch them starve. We will head up tomorrow with some food for her to help over Christmas but I tell ya, it is getting worse instead of better. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  45. Our mom has a FB account and she likes it because she has met some of our furiends moms and dads there. We have our own FB Fan Page which is a little different than having an account...and we have over 200 fans now!! We post pictures and stuff. Wally has his own FB account. Mom says since he's the oldest, he can have one. But he doesn't use it a lot. It's mostly mom and us on our page. We like being on FB because there's quite a few other blogging kitties on there and some cats from Twitter too. So we can stay in touch with them. We have a Twitter account too...but we haven't been using it that much.

    But we like blogging the best!!!

  46. I has a facebook account but hardly ever get over there to post anything. So, I probably shouldn't even have it.I'm always so busy with Twitter and blog, Pawparties, #nipclub - Facebook is always thought of as "last."

  47. *sigh*
    Oh my Sylvester....
    I am in kitty heaven looking at all of these great pictures of you!
    Mom has NEVER even been on FB. She is thinking about having an acct simply to be able to see other FB accts. But she really doesn't like the things she has heard about FB --security wise it is very scary.
    She did set up a Twitter acct for us, but again it was really to be able to keep up with other Twitter accts.
    She has a heck of a time just keeping up with bloging!

    soft kitty kisses

  48. we like the FB and meet lots of new kitties and woofies...and our blog posts show uo automatically.


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