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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You're Asking For It--Award Edition!


We recieved the "Stylish Blogger Award" from THREE different blogs!

We are so honored that you think we are stylish!  Cod knows our Mommy certainly isn't:

Anyway, we are supposed to thank and link with the awarders--sooooooo
Big huge THANK YOUS to:

And we are supposed to tell you seven things about us!
Kitties, we have a few final queries of yours to answer, so here we go.

1.  We didn't get the Catio all at once.  After Sweet Pea appeared in November 2007 Daddy decided to put up the walls, and it's been undergoing a takeover improvements ever since!
The Patio becoming the Catio.

2.  The oldest toy we have is Mommy's (or Daddy's) hand!  The cat tree in the Big Bedroom is our oldest one, it came from Illinois when we moved house ten years ago.  Seriously, we are pretty efficient at destroying our toys.

3.  We deal with young whippersnappers who think they are the center of the Universe by giving them to Maui.  He's a relentless good teacher.

4.  Sylvester has lost weight, he's at a solid 16 pounds.  He does not have a "special relationship" with any toys (such as a stuffed Elephant) or Cat--he leaves THAT to Johnny and Scouty.
Scouty, rejected.

4.  Johnny once bit Mommy's finger and pierced her knuckle with his fang and it swelled up like a sausage!  He still brags feels bad about it.

5.  We can't take in any Kitties who already have Homes, we are full up!  However you are all welcome to come and play anytime you want.
Birdie watching on the Catio.

6. Grayce and May Ling are Daddy's lap girls.  Mommy's lap is for Rupert, Grayce, CC, KonaKitty and Sweet Pea.  The Baby sits next to Mommy, and very occasionally on her lap.  Like once or twice a year.  We have a secret roster for who gets Mommy's lap...she never knows who to expect!

Ohhhhhh, Daddy, I lubs you!

7.  We have a Phantom Pee-er who likes to pee in the bathtub!  Whoever it is has great aim, most of the time it goes RIGHT down the drain.

We are supposed to pass this on to seven bloggers, but we know that this has already made the rounds.
(Mommy is a lazy no-good slacker)
BUT, if you don't have it and would like all means, consider yourself stylish and take it!

Kitties, we are OUT of questions to answer!
Is there anything else you have a burning desire to know?  Leave us a comment, and we'll do another edition of "You're Asking For It" soon.

Happy Tuesday!

xx  The Lounge Kats

Pee Ess:  Thank you, everyone, for the wonderful Birthday wishes!  You made my day special.  xx  trish


  1. Mr. Maui looks like he just had a kitten snack, and poor Scouty looks so sad! The plumber's butt shot cracked our mom up (cracked, heh)! Our brother at the Bridge, Zachary, used to pee in the tub and the sink when he wasn't peeing in the toilet. Our mom said she didn't mind too much since it was easier to clean than the carpet (which is where our other bro, Snuggles, liked to go).

  2. Send the Phantom over--maybe he can teach Pee Queen to do that instead!

    Very nice cat scarf, Dad!

  3. Äiti wants to know what your definition of 'full up' is. She says she remembers saying 6 was full. Then 7. Then........

  4. We love all the neat details about you all. We think we should send Marley to visit Maui for some "training". Or mebbe we will just start whappin him ourselfs.

    Concats on the awardie. It is well deserved! Since we have been "given" it indirectly several times, we think we will go ahead and accept it. It DOES get hard to figure out who has which awardie these days...

    Ayla and Iza

  5. The phantom pee-er sounds nice. Aristocratic too, I bet. Sorry, silly British joke :-) We're over the moon because AU IS EATING!!!!!!

  6. I am not surprised that you got the Stylish Blogger award three times! Kind of disappointed, though, that I can't come live in the catio...

  7. Me! Me! I have a question!

    How did "The" become an official part of The Baby's name? And when you speak directly to her, do you say, "Good morning, The Baby"? Or can you just say, "Good morning, Baby" and the The is understood?

    This is important to me, you understand, because when we actually meet I will need to address her properly.

  8. I know it ! I know it ! you will be choose for this awards so many many times !!! Because Katnip Lounge is HOT !!! Everyone want to learn more and more about you guys.

    And never enough with the question..hee..hee I'm nosy , can't help it !

    1. How your mom and dad keep you guys healthy ? What is the secret ?
    2. I still can't get over with Sylvester. He has a creepy look, No blink. No special relationship with any toys or any cats but how he won so many girls' heart or most the girl love No Blink : ) and what is his entertainment ?
    3. What is the favorite toys or play ( Each of you ) ?
    4. Who is talkative ? and who is most quite ?
    5. And who is the most naughty in the lounge ?
    6. Who is the funniest one ?
    7. Who is the most active in the Catio ?

    I think I should stop now before your mom got headache..hee..hee

  9. *heee!* Maui; my heart is aflutter! You sound like 'MY' kinda Cat!

    That Woman loves reading about all da kittehs at the lounge & she just bets no lizards make it outta der alive! (or with the same tail they came in with!)

    LOL word verif was 'krimen' as in 'Krimentley that a lotto cats!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  10. Awww, its so lovely that you take turns to make a fuss of your mummy and daddy. You are good hooman owners :) xx

  11. I have a question. Can I send Teddy over to Maui for some sorting out? He is driving me insane.

  12. Wow!! Congratulations with your amazing and beautiful award!!!! You are all very stylish and adorable kitties!!! Makes up for your mum's plumber's butt! LOL!!!!

    Me and Charlie think your oldest toys are the bestest!! :-)

    We wonder who the phantom pee-er is?!?!!?

    Take care

  13. Some very fun facts we learned here today! :)
    xo Catherine

  14. Concats on the award, guys! #7 made the mom laugh! :-D

  15. Congratulations on your award!

    We liked learning more about you guys! We will have to think of a question!

  16. HEY HEY HEY, amazing good news, conCATulation!
    Your blog is fantastic and funny and cool and modern and fashion and adorable and I LOVE you all!

  17. I'm with We Love Luna up there above me. Me and mommy feel the same and Spitty DID ask a burning question..the word The in The Baby's name.
    So did Mr. Puddy. We're ready for the test answers now...let er rip.

  18. i'm impressed by the phantom pee-er's skills.

  19. Congratulations on the award. We enjoyed reading all those new things about you dat we didn't know before.

  20. That was such fun ~ we love reading all abowt yoo all. We've had this award all ready so we won't snag it again.

  21. Congratulations on your 3x award - you are stylish to the max.
    It was especially good to learn a little bit more info on all you guys. I have one question - do you think the phantom pee-er will ever admit to his daring and skill?


  22. We are crazy wanting to know who the phantom pee-er is! We bet you mom or dad have a pretty good idea, but just need to catch whoever it is in the act and they will have their answer!

    Those birdies come delectably close to the catio don't they?! *chitter* *drool*

  23. It was fun learning all about you! (I am an only cat.) I'm sorry we missed your Mom's 29th birthday. A belated "Happy Birthday" to a patient lady.

  24. Sam is saying to me, "Didn't I TELL you that this was the best place ever? Didn't I?" I'm swattin' him and reminding him for the 20th time, "YES, I've said it before a million times! I've been trying to get adoption papers drawn up so we can go there, you silly mancat."
    Mom told us about a brother we had many years ago that ALWAYS used the drain in the tub to pee. Never missed, just a little ring sometimes, and did that for almost 20 yrs. Mom loved it :D
    Concats on the award! Yes indeed, you are STYLISH!!! xoxoxo

  25. Cool stuff! And that Catio is just too, too pawsome. I think everyone in the CB wishes they had one. We know we do.

  26. CONCATULATIONS!!!!!!!! We loved reading and learning more about you.
    We love how you put the new kitties who are full of themselves with Maui!! lol
    Very interesting about the catio too!
    Oh and your "Plumber's Crack" "cracked" me up!!! MOL!

  27. We love that pic of Maui.He's smacken his lips in anticipation of those little hoooligan younguns!
    We wish we lived closer! We'd love to come and play.
    the critters in The Cottage

  28. A mystery pee-er in the bath tub huh?

    Sylvester, we have to lose weight too. Yuck!

    Oh and, concatulations on your award!

  29. We all know how stylish you are, but a great big congrats to all of you! I really liked your list too, wow, peeing in the bath tub, who woulda thunk it!?!?!?

  30. Three times to get an award just means you are realy special and I agree. I so liked to read all about you.. Hugs GJ xx

  31. Oh wow - I always love reading about your gang! Super-dooper! I would love to come and play in your beautiful house......

    Not so sure about the "pee-er" do you aim so well? Don't you mess? I wouldn't want to get my cute paws soggy with wee....eeuuwww.....

    Anyways - have a fab day!

    from a cute kitten x

  32. Congrats on receiving the stylish blogger award! You deserve it! I love your idea of a catio! Very fancy hangout for you cats! Bravo!

  33. Concatulations! You really ARE stylish bloggers, you know. I lovelovelove your Catio and wish my mom were so talented and capable as your dad.

  34. Congratulations on your award. What fun fur-facts!!!

  35. Congrats on your award! I really enjoyed the 7 facts and I did have the sneakin' suspicion that Rupert was a Mama's Boy (it takes one to know one)!

  36. Congrats on the Award! Cod knows you deserve it! It's nice to learn more intimate facts about you all. I didn't notice that Felix was on anyone's roster -- or is he just too crabilated?

    My Dante is a Daddy's boy, much to my chagrin, but Dylan and Domino are mine.

  37. Oh Scouty, we think you may need a bigger 'rejection' box. You look a little squashed in there.

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  38. We all want to know how in the world you maintain such peacefulness at the catio. I mean cat fights at the OK Corral break out daily, and we are only 5 kitties.

    Concats on your stylish posting!
    Your award was well deserved.


  39. Concats on your Award. You certainly are stylish and always interesting. I wish I could have at least one more kitty.

  40. Congrats on the award! It was great to learn a little more about all of you and the catio!

  41. We just love hearing more about all of you!

    Bennette used to pee down the tub drain and was quite good at her aim. Mom says Bennette doesn't do it any more...but I'm saying her aim has just got better. Ha!

  42. Congratulations on your stylish award!! We are never tired of learning more things about all of you!!

  43. Those are all excellent facts...we loved learning more about you.

  44. Concats on your award three times over. We wonder who the Phantom Pee-er is with the good aim.


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!