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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You're Asking For It! Number 2


Today we're gonna answer questions about FOOD, a subject near and dear to the hearts of every kitty.

Some Facts:

We eat canned food, Friskies Pates are our favorite, also Fancy Feast Trout flavor.

Happiness is a full larder!

We eat (including Henry, our outdoor feral) about 90 (6 ounce) cans a week.
We also get Meow Mix as a junk food treat, maybe two tablespoons each per day, in small snacky servings.
We rarely get Temptations or Greenies or Party Mix!

Forbidden Fudz.

KonaKitty gets all the Meow Mix she can helps maintain her weight and since she's old Mommy figures Kona can have whatever she wants.  (She eats canned food too.)

KonaKitty, aka "The Screaming Meepster"

We have four separate feeding areas, and we get four different flavors at each meal, so we can cruise around and nibble whatever we like.  Mommy mixes up which flavor goes where, so we have to check all the stations out each time.

Yellow Room Feeding Station.

We are free fed twice a day, and we don't fight over our food.
We are NOT picky eaters!  Competition is a great hunger stimulant.

Here's a typical Day:

04:35:00--Mommy's alarm goes off, she hits the snooze button.

04:35:07--Cat assembly in the Big Bedroom is complete.

04:36:00--Scuffling ensues.  Mommy launches magazine at scufflers.  Scuffling segues into pacing.

04:44:00--Alarm goes off again.  Mommy gets up.  Feline dawn chorus commences.
Mommy goes into the bathroom with KonaKitty and shuts the door to feed the Screaming Meepster her Meow Mix.

04:50:00--Mommy emerges, and goes around the house, collecting our empty bowls.
We are called names, like "Little Piggies", and worse.

04:52:00--Snack time!
We all get a few kibbles to shut us up and keep Mommy from tripping over us.
Felix is served seperately in his bed.
Crunching begins.

04:55:00--We get four cans of Friskies.

05:00:00--Mommy opens bathroom door, lets KonaKitty out, sprinkles the leftover kibbles on the rug for us to graze on. 
The Baby gets a few on top of the highboy.
Felix is served seperately in his bed, again.

05:30:00--Scouty and Salem get some dried chikkun jerky on Mommy's way out the door.
chikkun jerky

08:00:00--Daddy gets up.
Screaming starts.
We get snacks (kibbles) to shut us up.
Scouty and Salem get more chikkun.

Mid Day--Optional--Daddy snacks us.

Late afternoon--KonaKitty gets the hungrumblies and starts singing.
Mommy escorts her to the bathroom for her kibbles.
We are dished out eight cans of Friskies, and Henry gets two.
Mommy lets KonaKitty out, and we eat her leftover kibble.

Evening--Mommy hand feeds chikkun to Scouty, Salem, and May Ling.
We lick dinner plates, cereal bowls, and whatever else we can.  Like butter.

Late Evening--KonaKitty gets peckish, and sings some more.  We all trample into the Big Bedroom, where we get the Final Snacking of the day.

So there you have it kitties, our food schedule.
And you know, what goes in, must come next Tuesday we're gonna tell you all about our litter boxes!

And we can't forget the Matchups from YESTERDAY'S post:

Rupert and Miss Admiral Hestorb

Felix and Annie

Johnny...has Nobody!!  ::sniff::

Scouty...has Nobody!!  ::sob::

Maui and Gretchen

CC and Huffle

Sylvester...get this...has FOUR LadyCats--
His Gorgeous Gracie
The Lovely Onion
Beautiful Bennette
And Sexy Sadie! (Who Mommy FORGOT!!)
At first, Sylvester was worried when so many GirlCats started liking him, but Mommy said it was OK for Sylvester to have a little Harem, cuz he missed out on a lot of lovins when he lived in a cage at the Vet.  He's a big guy with a big heart so all his gals get plenty of "Sly-Time"!
He sincerely hopes all his girls will still love him, because he loves them all verreh verreh much!

Whew!  This was a wordy post...Happy Tuesday!

XX  The Lounge Kats


  1. Bennette is cool with sharing Sylvester's affections. She knew he was the one with a "following"! She's funny that way. I mean she has to share my momma Ellie with me, so she's used to it. I myself would be devastated if my Whitey had another girlcat...

  2. We have a lot to ponder and digest with this post as it seems we are totally deprived. We like the early start to your munchings, but are confused by the term 'OPTIONAL' at midday. And all we can say about Sylvester - you LUCKY mancat! hehehehe

  3. Very interesting about all the fuds. Competition being an appetite stimulant makes sense. Friskies and Meow Mix are also my main foods. I can have Meow Mix out all the time and I don't overdo it. I prefer the moist food, which is rationed more (though not that much: fur growing uses many calories and many proteins!)

    And for sure it is understandable that Party Mix and so forth are rare treats for the Lounge Kats: there isn't a lot in each bag when you have to count 13!

  4. Well you kitties have your schedule beautifully under control. It sounds yummy!

  5. Um... okay there are going to be massive changes in my house now...

  6. We're impressed that all of you can assemble in your mommy's room within 7 seconds! Your schedule is very complete and made us giggle. Our mommy can only imagine since the two of us, well plus Sadie who is a bottomless pit and acts like she's starving all the time, are a handful with wanting snacks all the time. Thanks for letting us in on your schedule!

  7. Good on you, Sylvester!
    I just know you are Don Juan Demoew !..MOL
    I might need some lesson from you...hee..hee : )

    And I'm so happy for lot of girls to still have a chance for Katnip's boyz !

    My mom said lot of thanks for Feeding time post ! That's lot of works for your mom. No wonder, She is one of the Best Mom in the world
    Be Good Guys !


  8. Wow, we thawt we had mom trained...bedtime snack and all that. Say, der is a girlcat here sorta haf a boycat but he doesn't blog much and haf not visited in over a year. Zippy, our old lady ::whapwhap:: er, our, um, beyootiful older sisfur ::waits to see if that gets him a whapping:: would love to snuggle with some mancat. She sleeps a lot but when she wakes up she's good fur a game of chase or THoE!

  9. Humans complain SO much when we sing the food song and dance under their feet....

  10. Wow, is it ever complicated feeding all of you! And you get lots of random snacks. We almost never get snacks, like maybe once a day if we are lucky. I think I want to move in with you guys.

  11. I think your mama deserves "hero" of the year award for such a schedule.

  12. Oh wow, you get so much more foods than I do. I might move in with you.

  13. WOW. Me and Charlie are in AWE. We are completely amazed at your feeding schedule and think mum and dad should be knighted or given medals or treats!! LOL!! WOW.

    Awwww sweet and adorable Scouty and gorgeous and floofy Johnny!!! We think that after this post you will have scores of gorgeous girlkitties just eager to date you both!!! Awwww you are both very handsome and so perfect!!

    Yay for Felix and Annie, Rupert and Miss Admiral Hestorb, Maui and Gretchen and CC and Huffle!! What stunning couples!!!! Super cute!!

    But what's this?? Mr Sylvester (cue: Mr Boombastic song!!) WOOO-HOOO!!! You charmer!!!! Yay for you!!!! Wow!! That's our favourite word for today for our Katnip Lounge pals. WOW!

    Take care

  14. Our mom says kitties are a lot of work, especially since she only has 2 of us. She was actually wondering the other day about how long it takes to care for all of the cats at Katnip Lounge. Jack is the time-sucker at our house because he pees on newspapers all over the place (due to his medical issues) that have to be changed and the floor cleaned, we get 3 to 4 bowls of food twice a day, litterboxes have to be cleaned, dishes washed, and Jack's medications dispensed plus the glucose testing. But seeing contented cats makes our mom happy everyday, so she says.

  15. This is making me think I need more snacks!

  16. That is amazing training, Kitties! Our schedule is fairly similar- except we have to be fed separately or TK eats all my fud. You should give your mom extra lovings fur taking such good care of you!
    Go Sylvester!
    Love, Squashies

  17. People can't believe the 'routine' we cat people fall into with a multi-cat household. This was fun to read and not far off what happens here. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  18. The mom fainted after she read "90" cans of stinky goodness a week. She thought the approx. 25 cans or so per week we get was lots. She sincerely hopes you get a discount from your store/supplier!

    Annie *loved* that Felix gets fed in bed; these days she's being offered food pretty much wherever she is (with the reaction being "WTF is this?" for the most part).

  19. Oh gosh...I think your typical day is very busy there! :)
    *** Here I only have dry food!
    And sometimes I stole some lettuce from the mommy!

  20. WOW!! You give them FOUR different flavors at EACH MEAL!!?? OMC! Do you do the same for your husband???? MOL!!!!

    Your routine just exhausted me and made me realize I will NEVER, EVER complain about feeding Cody again! Your feeding schedule is like having a full time job! OMC!!

    I seriously think you need to contact Fancy Feast, Meow Mix, etc and set up some SERIOUS are missing a GOLD MINE my friend!!! This is better than ANY commercial they could EVER come up with!

    They should be paying YOU!


  21. Wow I am impressed. I'm a cougar or I would scoop up Scouty, can a granny have multiple mancats?

    Mom says she would love to snuggle with Johnny...

  22. i think you should treat your mom with utmost respect. that's a full time job...

  23. WOW! Yoor place is like an all day cafe! We like the idea of grazing different food stations ~ we think we might ask mom to intoduce that scheme at our place. :chuckle:

  24. Wow! You mean you get fed first, before enything else is done? That's it, we're moving to your house!

  25. Love the feeding schedule. Sounds a little like our house. We feed a little more dry kibbles than you guys get but it is cheaper for Mommy to do that and she realizes it isn't the healthiest thing to feed but cats have been living on it for many years. Love the part about throwing the magazine. That really sounds like our house. Thanks for this answer.

  26. We all eating Nine Lives Plus because Sable is prone to UTIs. If the store is out of the Nine Lives Plus then it's just the regular Nine Lives or Champion kibble. So far he has done well on this food. Canned stinky goodness is a big treat for us. Sounds like you all have your mom and dad trained for feeding times!

    Clarissa & Co.

  27. Meowza, we want to come and eat at your house!!!!!!!!!!!

    We know how Johnny and Scouty feel, as neither of us has anyone either.....:sigh:

  28. We love to hear all the variety of foods you eat - and all the snacks too - mum always says we are too picky over flavours. The local shelter gets a bag of unopened undesirable flavours when they go out of favour here!!

  29. Mom is speechless and I, Madi, am hungry after reading this. Your mom's organization skills are what keep you all happy!!!

    My schedule is as follows:
    1.5:45am alarm goes off,
    Mom gets up fixes my fancy feast which I gobble up then gives me 1/3 a cup of Purina One that is also gobbled...I never leave food in my bowls.
    2.6:45am mom goes to work....I commence the mother of all naps
    3.4:45 pm Mom comes home, I'm served more Fancey feast.
    4. 10pm bed time and I get another 1/3 cup of Purina One to keep my tummy happy over night.

    Madi and Mom

  30. Oh Kitties! Your mommy is awesome. She does deserve a lot of treats for all her service to you kitties who, of course, deserve every bit of said service.

    Rupert..please transport over with the Trout Puffs and Mouse sauce. I will set the place mat for two. heeheehehehe. ♥♥♥

  31. HOLY COW...feeding your kitties is a full-time job!!! My boys have one communal grazing bowl in the kitchen which is kept full of Purina Dental formula which we buy from the vet in huge bags that only Robert can carry. That's it. Only Archie and Jimmy care for treats but Ben has been joining in a little lately.

    Jimmy has a special pediatric formula which he will eat until he is a year old, coincidentally I also feed him in the bathroom because the others want to steal it.

  32. Apparently you also have a four star restaurant with special service. It's very much like here. Pookie and Rosie only eat dry food of course not the same to make it easier. Rosie has some for fragile stomac, Pookie others (in heart shape, lol) Kim only eats can food (Felix)! Nothing to do she never touches dry food. Since Arthur had some stomac troubles he is on diet for the moment with special dry food from the vet and that he has to eat in my room otherwise maybe the others would eat it and it costs a fortune ! This happens at least 3 times per day !

  33. How lucky your cats are to have such wonderful care. I know it must be a lot of work for your mommy.
    All of your cats look so healthy, loved, and well cared for.

  34. WOW! That is quite the menu gang. We have a crunchy buffet going on all day, but it is all healthy stuff!

  35. umm... BA wants to know if she can snuggle bof Johnny AND Scouty... but i fink that is biting off more than she can chew, MOL. oh and she wants all your stinky goodness cans too.

  36. We like your schedule, do you have room for two more? We only get wet food now because it was the only way mum could get Eric to lose some weight. We do get treats but not as many as we used to. Mum sneaks a few extra to me when Eric isn't around because she doesn't want me losing too much weight.

  37. WOW!! That is alot of foods!! Meowm should be happy she has only us to feed!!!

  38. Impressive! 7 seconds to assemble when the alarm clock goes off!

    Why does Felix get served in bed?

  39. HOLY MOLY all that food! My mom has to lock my food away because I like to open the bag all by myself. She says that she couldn't imagine having to feed all those kitties, she'd go broke. Perhaps I will slip over during meal time, it certainly sounds yummy!

  40. Don't worry kitties, I am a flock guardian and not a herder. I'll just watch over you for your Mom, if that is OK with everyone. Herding is hard work and ..........well I thinks cats would be harder to herd then goats or sheep. ~Fenris

    Johnny & Scouty, I am collecting boyfriends. I thinks a girlcat can never have to many gentleman friends. So you has my permission to come court me if you want to. The only rule is you can't have any other girlfriends, just me. ~Artemisia

    And our Mom thought she had it rough feeding us. ~Socks & Scylla

  41. At first Momma thought 90 cans a week and then she ran our numbers....we are only 5 cats and we end up with 70 cans a week.

    Sylvester I didn't realize you had a harem!
    MOL!!!! You are a sweeter talker than I realized.
    YOU deserve all the love though and I think you
    are the cat's meow.

    *kitty kisses*

  42. We must commend you all on how well you have trained your Mom and Dad in the fuds department!

  43. We hafta say that we find it hard to believe that Johnny and Scouty don't have a girlcatfriend!

    We wonder what our mom is doing wrong since it takes forever for her to feed us and we're only four!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  44. That's a pretty cool feeding routine..."Piggies"?...where do they come up with those names?

  45. I could just faint! Everybody is so picky here that only Russell really gets dinner--that is, he eats his, then most of the girls' (except Caroline, who likes to scream but never eats--he gets her whole serving), then mine. Honestly, HE should be the porker.

  46. Yeah, ManCats can have a harem if they want.

  47. WOW-you got your Mommy trained good, huh? Seems like you got a lot of buffets there...Can I move in?

  48. That is a ton of food! I've been meaning to tell you how awesome the cat room you have is! I want to do that one day!!

  49. Holy moly!! Mealtime is quite an event at your house!! And 90 cans of food a week!! You guys keep the cat food companies in business!!

  50. I hope your Mommeh earns lotz of green papers at her job to keep you all in kibble, MOL!

    I take umbrage at calling the lovely KonaKitty "old"--she is a "mature Ladycat" in my book and a pretty hot one at that.

    I was glad to hear The Baby gets some extra treats just for her. Also, Salem. Why does Felix get such special treatment? Inquiring minds want to know.

  51. That's lots of kitty food!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  52. Wow, that is a LOT of food! The schedule (particularly the launching of magazine) made me laugh out loud.

  53. I'm exhausted just thinking about the schedule you must keep to maintain the health and happiness of 13 cats! I should never complain about how much I have to do or how little spare time I have! I think, after reading this, that I neglect my poor 2 girls. And I'm sure they'd agree they need more treats!

  54. Your servants a truly dedicated. If this isn't the epitome of cat love, I don't know what is. Gotta run...we are holding a meeting RE: your blog!

  55. Boy I wish my cat could eat canned. She throws up everything even natural expensive stuff.


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