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and...*Angels Grayce, KonaKitty, and Sylvester* always loved, never forgotten

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You're Asking For It! Number 4


Today we want to tell y'all how we get along here at the Katnip Lounge.
For the most part, we all live in harmony with only a few spats.

Daddy is good at building us stuff so we have lots of places to go, even though we have a small house.  He's a  Cat Whisperer and he's always watching us to make sure we're happy.  His theory is cats are like fish in a tank, we all need our space.

Scouty is pretty timid, of other Cats as well as Humans.  He loves his brother CC and Johnny.  Maui delights in chasing him and making him squeal, but Maui is actually a pretty gentle player except when he tussles with John.  Those two really RASSEL.

Of the ManCats, Johnny is the Cat Cop, he shows up at altercations to mediate between arguing parties.  He's Top Cat.  
And, he humps Scouty!  
The Baby is Queen Bee of the GirlCats.  She's a histrionic kitty, she whines and spits and hisses at everybody.  We all stay out of her way.  Oh, and Grayce has a lethal rapid-fire swat move that's smart to avoid.  Plus she BITES.
Sylvester is the CreepyCat!  He hardly ever blinks, and he STARES so long we get a little weirded out.

Food is the great equalizer.  
We hear the snax container and even Rupert and Maui will eat side by side.  Rupert is convinced Maui wants to eat him, and Maui plays along.  He's nice that way.

We all love the sun.
The top shelf is exclusively Felix's.

Laps are good. 
These three pile up together at night to cuddle with Mommy on her left side.

We like Mommy the best for piling on.  Daddy is a one at a time kind of lap guy; Grayce and May Ling sit on him every day.  These three do not sleep with Mommy.

We all love catnip, and we are on our best behavior in the Big Bedroom--Mommy has deadly aim with a magazine!  Only good manners are allowed.

Bird-watching prevents arguments...

...and we all like to help!
Really, we DO like to help.  Mommy and Daddy talk to us, chide us, and pay lots of attention to us when we do projects together.  We LOVE attention and we demand it!

Lizard-watching gets us close.
Nothing like the smell of fresh blood to enhance a bonding opportunity.

The magic quilt is, well, MAGIC!  As you can see.

Sweet Pea is a big Washer-Kitty.  
She and May Ling do not get along, but she loves to cuddle with Rupert.

Our favorite spot to cuddle is the Big Bed.

Especially if Mommy is in it! 
Mommy says 13 Cats is her limit...but she said the same thing at 9, and 10...
Seriously, we are at capacity.  Any more kitties, and the occasional peeing and spraying would get out of hand.  We're all very lucky that we get along as well as we do, and that Daddy is home during the day to supervise keep us company.  Mommy takes over in the evenings, and then we get brushins, rubbins, luvvins, and playtime with her!

Life is Good.

Next week:  Miscellaneous Questions!

Happy Tuesday!

xx  The Lounge Kats  xx


  1. Dear Loungers, you'z a fascinating bunch that's for sure! It's cool that you all do get along as good as you do and that you have so many different places to go and a great catio. And it's great the way you share your Mom's lap!

  2. Life at the Lounge sounds very good indeed!!! I love that Johnny is "patrol cat" and breaks up any tense situations :-)

  3. Even as complicated as things are with all of you, it sounds like you've worked it out so you can live in peace (well, usually!).

  4. I think that Baby has a whole lot in common with my sister Ginger! Ginger hisses and spits and makes histrionic growlie noises all the time...even when we just look at her wrong. Sheesh!

    Bennette says that Sylvester can stare at her anytime he wants.

  5. Another excellent informational post! If we have learned nothing else this week, we know that Grayce BITES!

  6. It all sounds so familiar - just like life here with whiners, biters and Cop Cat Top Cat Johnny (our Stran-veli). Äiti says it's lovely to hear how you get along, or don't sometimes. And yes, we're at capacity too :))))

  7. That sounds like one giant happy family. We wish you lived near us so we could visit. We like the idea of a cat house - not the sex kind but the purry furry kind :-)

  8. Tell your mummy she needs an EVEN number and make her get another BOOTIFUL girlcat!

  9. Wow! That is an amazing houseful. I am certain I could not deal with that many other cats!

  10. Sounds like everyone has such unique purrsonalities but yet you all fit so well together! Our mommy is home with us all day and we think it makes a big difference rather than being left alone all day so it's good your daddy can be home with all of you too. Mommys are the best to pile on for night cuddles though!

  11. Mom sez if der were 13 of us here she'd hafta move out but it sounds like yoo all haf it worked out. Da only reason Speedy got to stay is acuz of his ability to make Zippy and Sadie get along...dat and da fact dat he made mom love him. Yeah, he's her big lug mancat.

  12. Me and my mom amazed how you mom can tell purrsonallities each of you. and we love your dad theory..MOL

    I would love to know who get along well with Sylvester because he is the CreepyCat ( that's your mom said not me..hee.hee..but I like the word )
    By the way I love to sleep on human feet same as you.

    And I like the Union photos ( watching the birds, Lizard ) And I wonder what each of you talking while watching Fresh Blood : )

    It's great to get to know you guys more and more

  13. Oh wow!!!! You gorgeous kitties are just lovely!! Me and Charlie are in awe that you are all able to sleep on mum - minus Grayce and May Ling! WOW!! Yay for The Big Bed!!! Yay for George the lizards who keeps you all occuppied! LOL!!! Yay for the magic quilt!!! You kitties have the best mum and dad ever!!!!!

    Now we know how sexy Sylvester gets all the girlkitties to fall in love with him!!! He uses hypnosis with his dreamy stare!!!! Aha!!! :-) Take care

  14. My sweet friends,
    I totally agree with you, life is sooo good!
    These pictures are brilliant, I love to see how is your day there!
    You are lucky friends!!
    I love you all!

  15. You do have a good thing going with the Katnip Lounge. It's good to know your limits. Around here, just the 2 of us are enough for Mom. The place is small, and Jack urinates a little too freely with his illnesses going on, so papers are all over the floor. Plus, we are littermates and have known each other all our lives. We don't know about having another cat. After us, Mom says she isn't going to have cats for awhile so she can travel more, but she says she loves us like mad.

  16. I am pleased to hear ou all get along pretty well. I am sure that wonderful catio and all the sleeping spots makes a big difference. We love reading about you every day!

  17. It sounds like all of you get along about like we do. We get into spats but we do get to outside so that helps. Our Mom is a good aim too. And she can say norty words really fast. Take care and have a fun day. Great pictures.

  18. It's good to know that you all get along for the most part! It gives us hope that Deli and Bella will one day get along!

  19. The mom really hopes you get a discount at your vet. :-D

    And at your pet food/litter supply store!

    Life at the Lounge is pretty sweet, guys!

  20. It sure sounds like you've got everything under control :)

  21. How wonderful it would be to have a blanket full of cats ~ of course ~ with my big boy Banjo, he just about fills the space of 3 normal kitties so that's pretty good too! :)

    So many pretty kitties to look at here...
    xo Catherine

  22. Morning loungers!!!
    Your mom and dad have provided you all with exactly what you need. But the big part of the equation is TLC they give you all.

    Mom lol'd at the sentence about your Mom having a good aim with a magazine. One of my worst, worst...did I say worst, habits is licking the fringe on the family room rug. I cannot tell you how many times I've found myself the target of the TV guide. I do not respond to anything except projectiles.
    Hugs Madi

  23. the boyz have asked to see a video of grayce's lethal rapid fire swat move...

  24. I came over and avoided The Baby so I could tend to fainty Rupert. ♥♥♥ I showed him my best moves! Dancing! Dancing!

  25. We think you have a lovely time with your mom and dad living in the desert. There is always something new for you to do together.

  26. There was lots abowt this post that made us smile ~ it's fascinating to read abowt yoo all. We too wish yoo lved nearer ~ 'cos we would send mom over to visit and then repawt back to us. We LOVE yoo guys.

  27. Hi! We haven't been able to visit in so long!!! What a wonderful bunch of kitties! We want to come and play with everyone!

  28. A great bonanza of pictures today!
    Sounds like the dynamics are pretty well taken care of there and everyone for the most part gets along, or avoids theones they don't get along with!
    We think your Cat Whisperer Daddy is a very special man providing all that a kitty needs and making fun things for you to play on!

  29. Some great photos. We're glad everyone (mostly) gets along and has their space and routines. You have a wonderful Dad who's built you so many neat places to rest.

  30. Wow! It sounds complicated to live in your house. All those who like who rules to remember. We find it hard enough with just the tree of us!

  31. It's so nice to see such a happy cat family although there are sometimes disagreements. That's the same here. Pookie and Rosie hate each other, Arthur gets well along with the whole harem and Kim doesn't care.

  32. Wow, we are impressed that you all get along okay. There's only 3 of us here and it's been a challenge. Of course, we got crazy Zoey and she doesn't like anyone!!! And she lets you know it!! 'Specially Wally...she wants to eat him!!

    Maybe we need to borrow the Cat Whisperer and have him work his magic on her (drugs sure haven't helped).


  33. We wanted to let you know that we gave you an award on our blog today. It is the Stylish Blog Award, and if you have already received it, please do not feel obligated to participate again. We just wanted to let you know how much we love you guys!

  34. It is great to see how well you all get along together, and all your favourite places. Tell Scouty that Eric tries to hump me sometimes too. I scream for mum and she tells him off.

  35. So many wunnerful ways to get along! We likes it!

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  36. That is good that you all get along so well! We imagine that great catio helps alot. And nip...lots of nip.

  37. I can tell how well you get along just by all the smiles I always see at your place!

  38. Yikes! so much to remember here. we does not know how everybuddy can keeps it all straight.

  39. This was an awesome confidential look at your lives. I feel like i was right there with you. Goodness, the Museum is nowhere near that exciting.

  40. I love to hear all about you & your dad person is such a gr-eat builder. You are the envy of all of the kitties everywhere!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  41. Wow, you are so lucky to have so many brothers and sisters to play with and we can see you all get lots of attention too :) Love the picture with the kitty sleeping in the drawer hee he xx

  42. You are all so lucky to have a Mom and Dad who are so creative and loving in the way they have put together a bright home with lots to occupy all of you.We think that like us here at The Cottage,there is never a dull moment at the Lounge-which make home lots of fun!!
    the critters in The Cottage

  43. We love seeing how well all of you get along. Abby the crab is the only one of us that does not get along easily. She is top cat and she never lets any of us forgetaboutit.The rest of us are pretty laid back.

    Hello sweet Sylvester!
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  44. It is nice to see how you manage having such a large cat family. It sounds as though you have everything running smoothly. Those are 13 very blessed cats to have such a wonderful home.

  45. What a lovely post! I love hearing about how each cat interacts, with the others, and with their beans.

    You have a regular Cat Shangri-La there!

  46. How great is that? You guys really have it made!

  47. LOL! Our human, too, say the same thing, not any more but still take in. But will definitely not take any more now as age is catching up.

  48. very impressive. I think mom would have daily meltdowns with 13 tigers in the house. All of you are very fortunate to have two lovely servants to keep your household running smoothly!
    We are very bonkful for all of you as our dear friends

  49. life on the Catico sure sounds seren. good life for a kitty with such handy dad who can build you furnitures to watch all the birdies & lizards! and sounds like the treat container is everyones favorite! even at out house!

  50. Great stuff. But ya got yer own Chesta Drawers?

    TBT leaves some drawers open at times, but havin our own (randomly opened) would be great!

    Cool, next thing on our list...


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