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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

And Our Drawing Winner Is:



We are thrilled you had so much fun playing our game last Monday!
In fact, you found a LOT more than seven things different between the two pictures.  You all have sharp, sharp eyes.  We bet you get Da Bird or Mr. Mousey the first time, every time!
We used to choose our winner and it was super simple...the number 8 was first up and Sparkle was our eighth commenter.

Sparkle, Mommy will e-mail you so you can send us your snail mail addy, cuz we have a fun secret prize for you and your family!

Now, on to other things, like US! 
 Here's a few random fun things we've been up to:

Scouty slept on Mommy's pillow.  He loves her, really.  In fact, Mommy grabs his tail and plays with it at least TWICE a week!

We ate grass from our portable lawn.  Maui LOVES to laze around in the grass and sleep.

Sylvester gave the grass a thorough tongue's up!

Rupert threw a kiss to his Gal, Miss Admiral.

CC watched for birdies.  They land on the roof and their birdy feets scratching on the metal roofing drives him silly!

Salem examined a drawer slot.  Mommy takes this drawer out when she makes up vitamin packs for her and Daddy, and we LOVE to explore the hole.  Sometimes, Mommy forgets to check for kitties before she puts the drawer back, and she discovers we're in there when the drawer won't shut!
heh heh.

Felix washed faster than the camera!

Yup, you guessed it...May Ling heard more birdies!

Happy Tuesday!

Mommy is slowly starting to let us comment again; we read everybody's blog each day but we might not get to commenting for a bit yet.  Mommy is lame.

XX  The Katnip Lounge Kats  XX


  1. The portable lawn is so cool! Also, Sylvester's tongue is adorable.

  2. That's a great portable lawn!
    And what a kiss blown from Rupert. :-D

  3. No The Baby? No KonaKitty? No Grayce? Ye, there was a little Salem, but really, nary at peek at her JLLs.

    If it weren't for the Scouty tailio information, I would've been very disappointed in this post.

    Scouty, are you crossing over after all? You actually ALLOW her to touch your tail? Not once but TWICE a week? Don't you know she might use it as a handle to throw you right into the STEWPOT?

  4. Poor Scouty - he just wants privacy to explore being a touched kitty. But if I can get used to having my tummy combed, maybe he can get used to touch....... WE still think your Mom should be taking it easy so are very grateful for any post from you guys. We'd send you some health giving vitamins from a freshly killed shrew but we ate it ourselves.

  5. Are you sure Sylvester wasn't really blowing a kiss to Bennette?


    Cory, reporting from her iPaw somewhere over France

  6. COOL! I am so excited I WON!!!

    Your human is lame?! You mean that after her spay operation she now has a bad leg? I hope you do not have to shoot her!

  7. Concats to Sparkle! shhh, don't tell Scouty but our mom ::looks around:: washes speedy's butt! He got used to it when he was doing skwirty poops but he doesn't haf dem now but still jumps on da heavy table in da liffing room and puts his butt right in mom's face to remind her to wash his spot #13. Oh, and Sadie may haf learned to turn da heaty pad off when she is done wif a nap but she is moving da slider thing da wrong way and keeps turning it up instead...okay, maybe she wasn't even trying to turn it off.

  8. Congratulation for Sparkle !!! Darn !!! I think I got it : )

    Rupert , Very Charming Kiss for Admiral..ha..ha ! I wish I can see her face : )
    Sylvester, Amazing tongue's up ! Is that a part of being charming ?
    Sweet Salem ! when your mommy puts the drawer back must help your body fit and skinny : )

    Have a great day you guys

  9. Hey, so much fun run there!I love all pictures, you are adorable!
    purrs and enjoy your lovely place!

  10. Oh CC, I know exactly what you mean! And congratulations to Sparkle!

  11. Concats to Sparkle!
    Your portable grass looks very tasty. The pictures are great but haven't you forgotten something? WHERE'S SWEET PEA???

  12. Yay for Sparkly!!!!!!! Congratulations!!

    Me and Charlie are so happy to read that mum is doing well!! Yay!!

    Awww sweet Scouty!!!! Nevermind - it's only TWICE a week!! :-)LOL!

    Maui and Sylvester!! Enjoy nomming your grasses!

    Gorgeous Rupert!! What a lovely kiss for your adorable Miss Admiral!

    CC and May Ling - those birdies love to tease kitties!!

    Lovely Salem! That's a great hiding spot!!

    And wonderful Felix - what a fast bather!!!! Too fast even for the flashy thing! Yay!

    Take care

  13. So much fun stuff going on in that Katnip Lounge! I wish I had cat buddies. You all are so lucky to have each other.

  14. Nice going Sparkle, seeing all those differences. Congrats on the win. That grass looks so yummy. We love to get in drawer places too. Glad Mommy is getting better so quickly. Take care.

  15. Oh My COD! Your portable grass looks AMAZING!!!! That's what we are hoping mum will sort out for us.

  16. I love you portable lawn! I am planning on doing one for the kitties here at Templemoyle.

    Hugs and snuggles

  17. You all look like it's business as usual! Your lawn looks scrumptious.

    Congratulations to Sparkle!

  18. Congratulations to Sparkle! Now I kind of want a portable lawn...

  19. Your portable lawn cracked me up!!!
    Your mom and dad are very very good at thinking of things to keep you all entertained.
    Hugs to Mom
    Madi and Mom

  20. twice a week? whoa... slow down.

  21. Ia it cause your Mom is too busy climbing on your cat toys to comment?

  22. We love your portable grass - it looks so lush.
    Con cats to Sparkle for having the winning entry.
    Sending more purr to your mom.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  23. What cuties y'all are. YAY to Sparkle for winning.

    We love y'all, and we continue purraying that your mom will soon feel 100%.

  24. Fabulous pics today! We are so glad yoor mommy is beginning to feel better.

  25. Your mom isn't lame. We give her a pass for recovery. :-) Scouty, you are such a doll.

  26. Hi from Phoenix! Gorgeous; hot; beautiful!

  27. Hi Kitties! Congrats to Sparkle on winning - we are so behind we didn't even get to enter (naughty mom). We are just finally catching up with everyone now! We are glad your mom is feeling better! And boy, we love all the pictures today - such cuties!!

  28. Wow -- I just LOVE your huge grass planter! That looks like a big pot of kitteh heaven! I am going to beg my warden to get me one, and if that doesn't work I'll threaten to hack up a hairball every day until she complies!

  29. Hooray for Sparkles...and the good looking bunch at the Lounge!

  30. Congrats to Sparkles! I finds myself very envious of your "portable lawn". I must have my Human get me one of theese ones pronto!

  31. We luvz your Lounge,,,,, so much room to run and play,,,,
    Ana near fainted dead away when she saw da portable lawn!!! She has been in search of A Single Blade of Green Grass for the last few weekz, wit None to be found!....sigh and to see this..... ^..^
    Concatz to Sparkles ~
    Wow ,,, Your Mom iz Crazy Lady,,,,jus back from da V E T and she iz doin all theze Crazy thinz..... Hope she feelz Better real soon! Purrrrz ~

  32. Concatulations to Sparkle! Those birdies are oh so close! Maybe you need to get sky lights so you can see them too!

  33. CONCATULATIONS SPARKLE!!!! "the early kitty catches the birdie!!!" MOL!

    Soooo nice to see green grass (even if it is only in a blog and not in my yard)

    Please continue to feel better!! xoxo

  34. You have a portable lawn? That is so cool!

    The Chans

  35. Concats to Sparkle!
    We are so glad to hear that your Mom is doing better and that all of your kitties are getting back to your normal routines!


  36. Now, Scouty..I have personally seen that stew pot TWO 2 TWO times. That's 2 times!! may want to tuck your tail under when you sleep.

    Rupert...I swooned..and I'm still all fainty at the sight of you pink velvet tongue. A kiss and a grooming with that? Summer must be here..I feel warm. ♥♥♥♥♥

    ♫ I feel pretty...Oh so Pretty ♫

  37. What lovely pictures of you all today. Please take care of your mummy because she will be feeling fragile after her burst of energy. Ask her to take it easy please. Hugs GJ x

  38. Whoaaaaaa grass and catnippers too.
    You kitties are living in luxury.

    Miles and I - and mommy too are soooo happy your mom is doing so well.
    We knew she would get through that hoop easily. She is in good shape, thanks to all of you


  39. Kitties, don't be too hard on the Mommy. Tommy's not being doing her job about visiting like SHE should--just remember, if it weren't for the humans--we wouldn't have clean 'bidness boxes..."


  40. Kids, my mom is lame and she has no excuse at all! Maybe they just have early spring fever or something.

  41. So good to see you guys today!! You shouldn't be too hard on your mom...after all, she did have her hiss removed.

    Congrats to Sparkle!!

  42. Wowie, Scouty - you sure do look very handsome against those pink pillows! Does your Mommy go nuts over your pink nose and pink lips? My mom is crazy about mine. She is a little loony, though.

    Your friend, Zoe


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