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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You're Asking For It--Award Edition, Part Deux!


Last week we received the Stylish Blogger Award From Maggy and Zoey at ZOOLATRY!

Thank you so much, coming from such talented graphic artists it means a lot to be considered stylish.

We need to tell you seven MORE things about us, and we had a boatload of questions on Sunday concerning Valerian root.  Don't worry, we haven't forgotten your earlier questions...but The Root is so dang good we decided we needed to address it first!

1.  Valerian does have a stinky feets smell, but it's not so repulsive that your Humans are gonna gag or run screaming from the room (darn!) in disgust.  It's easier to clean up than eleventy-seven zillion Nip flakes, too.

2.  Rupert is NOT the only Rootaholic here.  We are all susceptible to it's charms, even those of us who are sorta "meh" about Nip!

3.Mommy ordered our Valerian from Amazon at THIS website; it's sort of pricey but a little goes a long way.  This is the best we've found...yet.

4.  Valerian initially makes us crazypants for just a few minutes, then we get REALLY sleepy and crash out.  In fact, Maui gets a sniff when he's overly wound up to calm him down!

5.  We love BOTH the ESS and the Root!  We can't choose which is our favorite.

6.  Rupert is adamant he does NOT need an intervention!

7.  And one fact about Mommy and HER particular vice:  she prefers cheap wine and expensive gin.  Go figure!

::wink wink::

Now, we know that this award has been making the rounds, so we won't pass it on except to say take it if you would like to!

Happy Tuesday!

XX  The Lounge Kats  XX


  1. Funny, our mom likes cheap wine and expensive vodka...

  2. Concats on the awardie! It is well deserved...

    Speaking of cheap wine, TBT says try Twisted Zin.

    He gets it by the case at $9.99 per 1.5L bottles and it is rather good for daily wine.

    We have sniffed the stuff and, well, it isnt Nip... But he likes it.

  3. I had to backtrack to catch up on all this root stuff. That's out for us--my mom thinks it smells like...well, this is a cat family blog, so I can't say here. (It has to do with dogs, though.)

    And definitely, the mosaic comes with us to the new place!

  4. We have to get some of this root stuff. We have had it in toys but are sure we are ready for the neat stuff!

  5. Hi guys! I just wanted to run by and say hi - things have been a touch nuts around here, but it's been really good to see you in the comments at the Museum. Stay cool and you guys are worth every award ever! : )

  6. The root sounds pretty interesting. I wish I'd known about it when Melly was a [really, really] incorrigible kitten! But it would still be fun to try now.

  7. This valerian root sounds really cool - I need to give it a try! BTW, my human's vice is cheap champagne in 187 ml bottles (and she drinks it out of the bottle). If something special happens she gets an expensive brand... and still drinks it out of the bottle.

  8. I have greatly enjoyed the Root my friend Scouty sent me. The Human thinks it really, really, really stinks. What does she know?

    She says, "Cheap Bourbon, Baby! Mmmm, mmmm Good!"

  9. This award is so cool, and I like a lot your answers!

  10. Congrats on the award. Glad to know all those facts about the roots. We might have to give it a try the next time we have some green papers. By the way, our Mom loves cheap wine and expensive bourbon. Too bad we all live so far apart, we could have one huge party.

  11. You kitties are very complex ~ it is good to know more about you! :)
    xo Catherine

  12. Da root is pawsome, we are finkin bout slipin it into da CL's tea, den maybe she will relax fur once...mol! and da CL says da same bout wine, but loves whiskey, crazy person we tells ya!

    Da Critters

  13. Lots of great info! We are fans of Matatabi over here.

    #1 says she agrees about expensive gin and, since we live in France, she has access to lots of cheap and excellent wine!

    The Chans

  14. MOL all are just plain high on LIFE and that is good.
    Hugs Madi

  15. well i guess that's better than expensive wine and cheap gin.

  16. MOL! Well since yoo live in the KatNip Lounge house, yoo were bound to love NIP!

  17. So everybody at the Lounge chills with their favorite relaxant, hmm.
    We've heard of the valerian root before but haven't been able to find any, not that our lazy mom went out of her way or anything.

  18. We will get mum to look for some valerian root cos she moans about the catnip left on the carpet after we've had a good session!! Mum likes New Zealand wine best which is very non planet friendly as it is brought from half way round the world!! We don't mind cos if she's got a glass of that she doesn't care about the nip on the carpet so much. hahahaha!

  19. Congratulations with your award!! You are all very stylish and adorable!!!

    Me and Charlie are so so glad y'all love your Valerian root!! We've not heard of this until your blog and you all look so happy with this herb that we may just try it out too!! Well - Charlie mainly!! I'll just clean up the eleventy seven zillion flakes after him!! LOL!

    Have a great day!! take care

  20. We've never heard of valerian root, and we don't get our catnip often enough ... bad Momma! We really enjoyed the pics of Rupert eating it, they were great!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  21. "Our mom has used Valerian for years!! There is a legend that the Pied Piper used it because both cats and rats are attracted to it. In fact, many cats don't like catnip but almost all cats lurv Valerian!! Mom will make a tisane (tea) of it and put it between the shoulder blades of everycat when there is a new Horde member so we all smell the same. Mom thinks it smells good, we think she may be part cat."

    "PS Audrey didn't think cats could have tongues as long as Rupert's, but she's just a bay-beee. ::snicker::" - Knives

  22. Valerian root sounds like just the thing to calm Duffy down when he jumps up and bites people's rear ends.Sigh.It's his form of showing visitors love...
    the critters in The Cottage

  23. I really REALLY need to get some. And anyway Rupert asked me to.

  24. Stylish you are, every single day!

  25. Concats on your award. You will never guess what we found out. Our Beans are only rootaholics too!!! Mum says that when they come back from America they take Valerian tablets to help prevent jetlag. We told her we want the tablets but she said it wouldn't be the same as pure root and anyway we don't like pills. She says the pills are stinky too.We will have to hunt them out when she isn't home.

  26. Concatulations on your award! Thanks for the additional information on that root stuff. We're still working on our mommy to get us some!

  27. We'll definitely have to check out that website. Valerian root has the same calming effects on humans, too! Maybe, I could brew myself a little valerian root tea.

  28. Congratulations on your award! Thanks for the valerian info :-)

  29. A little iced Fernet settles my stomach and then puts me right to sleep. Also, congrats on the award!

  30. Concats on the award you guys are definitely stylish and tres chic!


  31. Mom did one of those bookmark thingies right away and then we heard her say, "Wow, the whole sphere must have ordered 'cause the organic sold out! Maybe the mom at the Lounge should get a kick back for all the great marketing!"
    Then Mom turned around and said, "Wooweee, cheap wine!" Yeah, she's a happy hour lover :)
    Oh my gosh, now she won't stop talking and I'm supposed to type. She says she thinks we should just sell the house and move in with you ;)
    We LOVE the Lounge! ....we love your mom, too :)

  32. My Mommy used to drink "Mad Dog" in college and Reunite or Reuniti however you spell it! Do they even make that anymore???? lol

  33. mom like expensive wine AND expensive tequila...

    Less gourmet cheese for me.



  34. Congrats on your award!! We gotta get some of that root!! We're gonna get our mom to order some from that website!!

    Our mom drinks cheap wine too...but is partial to ones if she can get it....

  35. This award has been fun to read about everyone's secrets--Teri loves expensive Gin too...


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