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Friday, March 11, 2011

Friends on Friday!


Salem here.
 I have a question--

What am I doing with THIS kitty?

And THIS kitty?


I fooled you...I'm not really with those kitties, they are three kitties that live with friends of Mommy and Daddy back in Illinois.  We thought it would be fun to play a trick on you!  These guys are served by Chris and Anne and are spoiled rotten wonderfully behaved, as all kitties should be.

The kitty that looks like me--his name is Zim, and the fluffy tuxie is Gaz.  They were a duo until last October, when a little orange guy showed up.  Of course he came inside, and his name is Barley!
Zim and Barley, the First Encounter.

And I have some more pals to introduce you to...
Pieces and Madison!

They live with Chris' Mom and Dad.
Now, it gets sorta complicated here...Our Mommy used to work with Pieces and Madison's Mom (Kyla), and Mommy used to babysit Chris when he was a human kitten.
(Mommy is OLD!)
Is Madison is waiting for an assist up the stairs, or passed out in front of the hot blowey thingy vent?
You decide.

Kyla says Pieces looks just like Maui!
One thing is for sure, Nevada Cats AND Illinois Cats love sinks.

And apparently they like flannel jammies, too.

I hope you enjoyed meeting our pals, and you didn't mind me playing a joke...

Happy Friday!

XX  Salem  XX

Pee Ess:  Mommy has been "busy" the past couple of days, and now she says she's "tired".  This means that our commenting has been severely limited.
We are not amused.
We intend to rectify the situation, soon.  Or yak will happen!


  1. Wow, Salem, ya really found yer twin with Zim!!!

  2. Salem! That was an excellent trick on us! Or so the Human says. I myself am not amused by such things, especially when I thought I was feasting my big eyes on one of my favorite girls only to discover....well, you know.

    On the other hand, it was fun meeting your Illinois cousins. The Human thinks Madison is "adorable." And Barley too.

    Have a happy Friday, LoungeKats!

  3. I know how you feel. Find Chey will be up shortly due to something about wanting to go to bed--as if!

  4. ZIM!!!! hahahaha; That Woman is making really weird noises & now singing 'The Doom Song'. Oh Cod Help US! Comic freak! I hate it when she's like this!

    Miss Jack thinks you are the cats pajamas for sure! She's all about seeing handsome fellow tuxies!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  5. Your friends look like very nice kitties! But hey, what is with your human being "tired?" I would like to see her try that ploy at the place she calls work! Maybe you guys should take some pointers from there, since her REAL job is serving you all!

  6. Oh, face twins is fun! Huh, when mommy sed Zim she also said "enjoy your moosey fate" and dad laffed. Weerd. We haf a feeling yak would happen either it does here.

  7. What fun to meet those beautiful friends of yours, Salem. And how cool to have a photo-double. I think you could use him to get out of having photos of yourself taken. Tell Mom to "get with the program". Maybe they took out her energy when they hissed her.

  8. Oh boy! you hads us fooled! Furry nice looking kittys tho! We told da CL we would yak too if she didnt get ta lettin us comment too!..mol.

    Da Critters

  9. You Got me Big Time !!! But I can see I'm not alone !!!! heh..hee..hee
    Everyone here join " The club of FOOLED " : )

  10. Drat! We thought you were getting more friends!!

  11. Yup, we were fooled too - we wondered how many dozen kitties were in the Lounge! Lovely to meet your friends - can you persuade them to join the blogging gang?
    And go easy on your Mom - making sure you get the treats and tickles is the priority. Oh, and her recovery from major surgery too.

  12. Yoor friends are adorable. Have a good weekend and purrs for yoor mommy.

  13. Awwwww Salem - you are unique and utterly wonderful!!!

    Awwww me and Charlie love meeting your friends!! Hello there wonderful Zim, Gus, Barley, Madison, Kyla and Pieces!!!!! You are all amazing and adorable!!!!!

    Hugs to your mum!!!! Make her REST!!! :-) Take care

  14. u know dat oringe kitten? warning: beware uv dem. jus sayin. tell yer frendz to hed fer da hillz!
    luv--yer frend--jh

  15. What great pics...did you know my 'real' name is Madison? MOL Mom and Dad shortened it to Madi....

    Happy Weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  16. you got me. zim looks like he could be theo's brother.

  17. You have some very handsome looking friends, us included.

  18. You had us fooled! We thought you added some very cool hammicks to the lounge...Oops!
    the critters in The Cottage

  19. Yes, I thought BUT....
    Your friends are adorable!

  20. Zim sure is a look-alike. When you said you were playing a trick at first we thought you were photoshopping yourself into those pictures. And Pieces is Maui's twin too!!
    That is a great group of friend cats! Barley is adorable and we're glad the came to the door!

  21. Marmie says this post was just cute overload. So many beautiful kitties to look at! We of course, realllllly like that orange one.

  22. You are a funny guy, Salem!

  23. Salem, me and mommy loved your picture show! And mommy is in love with Madison..oh noes! She can't have Madison but still, she looks with those ol' lovey dovey eyes!!

  24. You had me fooled too. Love all your gorgeous friends. tell your mum she must slow down.. Mum was back at the doctors today.. Hugs GJ xx

  25. Whoa!! You have some seriously hot friends!! All of them!! That Madison though has to be my favourite...what? She looks like Tiny?? NO WAY!! Does not!! Tiny is ugly. You hear me? Ugly. Plain ugly. Ugliest cat alive. OK, so maybe not ugliest cat alive, but, oh, never mind. (Don't feel sorry for Tiny because she says I am ugly, too...nnnnaaaahhh Tiny!! Got you!!) Madison and all your other friends look really nice and fun to have as friends and YES, we were tricked!! You are wicked Salem..tricking us like that and to think that WE FELL FOR IT!! we certainly have 'sucker' written across our foreheads. Oh well, live and learn, right? Purrs, Lautrec, Tiny and EllDawgO

  26. your pals are soooo cute! We didn't mind the trick one bit!
    Hope your Mom wasn't pushing herself too much, too soon....tell her to get some rest!

  27. Thank you for an abundance of wonderful kitty pics today!!

  28. Well you certainly have a good looking bunch of friends! Happy weekend everyone!

  29. Lovely to meet your furiends!!!!

    Well, if your Mom had been busy resting, she wouldnot be tired now. Silly woman!

  30. Thanks for sharing our Illinois kitties with the rest of the kitty world

  31. It's nice to meet your friends! And NO YAKKING!!! I stepped in a nice cold lump of yak just yesterday.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  32. The important thing is that ll of these kitties have wonderful homes and are clearly very happy!

  33. Salem
    We thought "how did Boo get out to visit the Katnip kitties" when we saw your first picture (did you know you look almost precisely like our Boo?)! You two could be twins. I don't know if I ever told you the reason I came here was because Momma wanted another girl kitty who was small and looked just like Boo. She got me...we are similiar in coloring and in our tuxes but that is about IT! WE are light years apart from one another. Exact opposites to be precise.
    But we enjoyed visiting your friends and the trick you played on us!


  34. Thanks for introducing us to your look-alike furiends!!

  35. Hee, you tricked me! Zim looks so much like you!

  36. We admit it ... you totally had us fooled. :)

    Purrs to your mom ... we hope she feels better soon!

    Thank you for your kind comments when our Maggie had to run off to the Bridge. We are so lucky to have such wonderful and loving friends.

  37. Friends are so much fun - thanks for sharing some of yours with us.


  38. Let the yak fall where it may... :-D

    You kitties have dopples! How cool! Thanks for introducing us to your friends. Have a great weekend!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  39. Miss Salem, you tricked us good! Your friends are beautiful and handsome! We have learned that sometimes moms just need to rest. But when ours gets lazy, the joke is on her. It takes her AGES to catch up with a weeks worth of our friends' posts!

  40. You're friends look nice!!

  41. Thanks for posting pictures of your friends, my kitties. It's the last published photo of Pieces - God rest his soul. He was just shy of his 10th birthday (which will be 4/1). He was such a sweet boy.


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