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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stretchy Scouty Sunday


Scouty here, on the coffee table.  
I hang out here a lot in the evening after Mommy toddles off to bed, because then it's safe.  Daddy isn't so obsessed with defiling my furson and cooking me in the Stew Pot.  
Daddy, I see you there but I choose not to acknowledge you.

Oh all right, I'll look at the camera.
What do you want?  You're not going to try to touch me or anything, right?

Excuse me, I must sniff this interesting smell on the pillow.

hmmm, an interesting scent potpourri of Mommy, laundry soap and leather, with a whiff of butt.
Ahhhh, not only does this pillow smell good, it's comfy!


Daddy, I am now done with you.  You may turn off the camera.

Happy Sunday!

XX  Scouty  XX

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  1. Scouty that is such a good stretch we want to get one just like it. You enjoy that coffee table and pillow all you can. You are a fine looking kitty. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Dear Katnips!
    Scouty - yous rock! Me loves how you streaches your toes.

  3. Scouty, I am worried at your seeming tolerance of the Male Human. You look far too relaxed and unready to bolt if necessary. What is coming over you? Remember: Daddies like Stew, too.

  4. Scouty, you are awesome. Just saying. And I think my mum had already friended your mum on FB.

  5. Gee Scouty, even I let my human touch me. Well, actually she puts her hands all over me and holds me like a baby. Maybe you are better off not getting started.

  6. Hi guys! I saw you guys over at JB's blog. That was sweet of you to say how you miss my blog. I miss it too and I miss reading everypaw's blog. My secretary was already busy before, and now she is busier than ever with my little kid sister. But what can I do? At least kid sister kisses me on my head. Oh, and I got her to call PapaCat by his real name: Papa Cat. I'm a good influence on her.

  7. You look much like Sherpa the Farm cat!

  8. That's one long stretch. So comfy. I think I need to practice it.....

  9. Oh boy, we love stuff wif intristing smells...wait, yoor mom's middle name is 'katnip'? How cool is dat...Mom's gonna go frend her on FB now.

  10. Scouty,
    Don't you interested " Stirring the Stew Pot by your daddy's hand " I think that made our nap best ! ..If you change your mind , Let's he come closer : )
    Have a great Sunday !

  11. Awwww beautiful and most aloof Scouty!! You must always remind dad of the Scouty rules:

    No touchy-touchy!
    No cooking in stewpot!
    No close ups!

    Have a lovely Sunday!! Take care

  12. Scouty, have a care! Them peoples might think they can get closer to you and actually touch you if you stretch out like this in their presence too often. Perhaps it's a little safer to wait till the manpeople has gone to bed too?

  13. Happy Sunday dear friend, I love your pictures, you look so relaxed!

  14. That looks a great way to relax. I shall have to tell mummy to get us a coffee table so we can do that too :)xx

  15. Thank you for letting Daddy take so many wonderful photo's of you Scouty they made me smile :)

    I will see if I can find your mummy on FB

    Hugs and Snuggles

  16. I am glad you got brave and came out early while the dad was there because he got some great photo's of you. I love the stretchy paw one. Mum already got your mum on the old facebook. Hugs GJ x

  17. Scouty, I LOVED seeing you. I'm so glad you allowed the pictures and thank you for making your blog. I loved it.


  18. WOW! Thats agood stretch Scouty.You sre told your dad whats what :)

  19. Have a great time Scouty and enjoy your comfy spot!!!

  20. Our Mom loves beautiful Orange cats. Great Photos!
    We friended you on FB, sure are glad you all are there.

    Happy Sunday,
    ~ The Bunch

  21. We will have Mommy friend you we has to share her account.

  22. Scouty we think your were furry brave sitting there all on your own with your Daddy and posing so handsomely for the flashy box.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  23. Scouty you are one handsome man cat.
    Mom and I will 'friend' you all from our bloggie. Mom says it is hard enough to keep up with our blog. She does not do facebook...Hugs madi

  24. Scouty, you are fantabulous!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Sunday to all of you.

  25. I can't find you on Facebook. :-(

  26. Scouty, I think we need to have a good meow. I too worry about things like the stewpot but not as much as I did when I first arrived...

    Head Bonks,


  27. The table is the perfect place to keep an eye on things. Should the stew pot emerge, you can high tail it outta there quick as a flash!
    Mom had to leave unexpectedly go take care of our gramma and we've been catching up on your news of the last eight days. Busy as usual!

  28. An interesting smelling pillow located on a coffee table? Seems like a trap to me...

  29. You are looking extra beautiful in these photos today Scouty! Lots of orange goodness here today!

    xo Catherine

  30. What a lovely stretch! We kitties love a good stretch :)

  31. Nothing like a hint of butt to make a pillow interesting!

  32. Scouty you are such a handsome fella. We like seeing you but we understand about that darn camera. We are allergic to it too. WE are headed to Facebook to find you many Katnip kitties. Have yourselves a super Sunday.

  33. Yep! We are on facebook too!!!
    Hahaha! I love when the cats ignores our cameras!!

  34. Oh! In time, my profile in Facebook is Marilia Bavaresco!

  35. Scouty, a good-smelly cushion is wunnerful ta stretch out on!

  36. Scouty, you are so handsome! We're glad you can safely hang out with your daddy after your mommy goes to bed. We do hope that one day you'll trust your mommy more though since we know even if she catches you, she can't get you into a stew pot!

  37. Oh, what an excellent stretch! I bet that feeled great!

  38. Happy Sunday Scouty. Nice to see you guys on Facebook

  39. hi scouty :)
    thats a pretty cool pillow you have there, and that stretch was amazing. haha, thank you for looking at the camera in that one photo. you have a very beautiful face xx

  40. That looks like a very good stretch Scouty.

  41. Scouty
    We wanna know when you are gonna 'tweet'?

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  42. Hi ya, Scouty! We're glad you decided to come out and sit on the table for awhile. Does that pillow really smell like your mom's butt?? Interesting.

    Our mom and me friended your mom on FB! We hope you guys will like us too! We have our own fan page!!


  43. Scouty, it's good that you'll let your guard down a smidgen around at least one of your humans! We don't all want to turn you into stew, I promise :)

  44. Hey Scouty, good to meet another gorgeous orange dude! I don't do FB, but I hope you'll keep on with the blog, too. :)

  45. Scouty, you are just downright handsome, friend! It's nice to see you can be very chillaxed, even if you are still a little feral (or scairty).

  46. Doesn't the pawpawrazzi get on your nerves sometimes?


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