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Sunday, June 5, 2011

By Order of a Royal Decree: Tiny Johnson!


 Mommy here.
The Katnip Lounge Kats received this comment on Saturday:

To Your Mommy,

Do you know how long it has been since I have seen Tiny Johnson? This is totally unacceptable. I am issuing a royal decree that you do a post for TJ ASAP.

Her Majesty, Artemisia Tsarina of Cute 

Then, we were tagged by the Lovely Athena and Punapippuri for a "Meow Meow Me Me", so I decided that Tiny Johnson had better make an appearance--

Take it away, Johnny!

Thank you, Mommy.


Tiny Johnson here, at the behest of my mistress, Miss Arty Mouse, to answer five questions posed by the inquiring mind of Miss Athena Cat.

1.  Where do I like to hang out?
On the Catio with friends.

On the pink fuzzy bed with Scouty.

With Mommy and Daddy.

In boxes!

2.  What is my favorite TV show?
I like test patterns best.  They're simple.
Like me.

3.  What is my Favorite Movie?
from Wikipedia

I like to engulf things too, like fudz and Scouty.

4.  Who is My Kitty Crush?
The Gorgeous Tiny Terror Artemisia!
photos by Arty's Mom.
She is lovely from any direction!  We have the most fun times playing in her garden, she saddles me up and rides me around her yard.  Sometimes I pull her chariot down to the pond and I play lifeguard.  Not that Arty would ever fall in, again!  I hope that one day soon she'll let me kiss her in the Hummingbird Cottage.

Mommy:  Johnny, stay on the subject...

What?  Oh...

5.  What is my favorite Scent?

6.  What is my Favorite piece of Feline Wisdom?

"Eat or be Eaten"
~The Law of the Jungle

Whew!  That was a lot of questions.  Artemisia, Athena, and Punapippuri--thanks for getting Mommy off her duff and getting handsome Me on our blog!

XX  Tiny Johnson  XX

Pee Ess:  Let it NEVER be said that we shirk our Royal Duty!


  1. Good for you for letting Tiny Johnson get his day!

  2. Oh, wow that is one great cat! I love his hodded expressions - you have a lot of fun Johnny, don't you???

  3. My hero, Johnny is on the question ! ...Hooray !!!!
    I love the way you hang out, Man Style on the couch with your mommy and daddy..That's hard to copy..Mom laugh out loud when saw that : )

    And I didn't know you are super sweet boy..heh..heh

    I'm so enjoy your answer, my man
    Have a lovely Sunday

  4. Gweat Post, wees enjoyed weeding you post. Moms favowite picture was da couch potato one...she laughed and thought you looked so cute!

  5. Johnny may not show up often, but when he does, he certainly makes an impression!

  6. Tiny Johnson has pretty eyes

  7. I kind of worship you, TJ. I wish I could come hang out with you and Scouty on the pink fuzzy bed.

    Well, either that, or with Miss Scarlet in the Lounge with the Candlestick.

  8. Great job TJ. Yes....we should never shirk our royal duty. purrr....meow!

  9. Tiny Johnson, you rock! We love ya buddy.

  10. Oh I just love it. I've been miserable all week with my bad back. So this was nice to visit. I always laugh and smile when I visit you guys.

    Lots of Love

  11. Oh dear Mr Johnny!! That was a close one!!! Me and Charlie half expected her most royal highness Queen Artemisia to yell "off with his head"!! if you hadn't answered her royal decree!!!

    Yay - we hope you get lots of treats now!! Take care

  12. I'm glad you got your time in the spot light sweet Johnny!
    xo Catherine

  13. You did a great job on the post Tiny, we really should see you more often!

  14. nice to see you again, Johnny :)
    is it just us, or do all cats seem to love the scent of feet?? harley loves playing with shoes, and it seems he's not alone.
    thanks for answering those questions for us :)

  15. Hey Tiny Johnson - we loved learning more abowt yoo! Oliver and Ruby

  16. I am very pleased that your Mommy helped you do a post Tiny and that she paid attention to my royal decree. I would have hated to have to send the royal guard (Fenris) after her. And I am tickled to be your Kitty Crush. I am very afraid that Prince Casper might object to me kissing you, but you are my #1 Suitor and I has a very special place in my heart for you. (Perhaps a kiss on the check would be permissible as you did such a nice post) ~Arty Mouse

  17. We're glad you got a post all to yourself Johnny! You're a very handsome Mancat!

  18. Tiny, you sure have a HUGE purrsonality!

    We understand how it's hard to get equal time on the blog.

  19. I'm sorry but my opinion about you has forever been influenced by yourbdad's joke about your name....

  20. Tiny, your answers are just the bestest. We love your taste in smells.Does Mommy have smelly feet?? You sure are looking good Johnny. Take care and have a super day.

  21. your favorite smell is feet?! that's probably because you've never smelled mommy's feet. We assure you that your mind would be changed forever.

  22. You are wise to answer a royal decree. I live in a country full of royals and I wouldn't want to get on their bad side.

    Love your catio every time I see it. Pumpy and I have a PATio but no catio. Still, we go outside and sit on the warm bricks but we run right back inside as soon as we think anything is amiss. Even if a pigeon lands on our fence... right back inside we go.

  23. The Blob film looks a bit scary! Boxes r always good to hang out in and feet good to attack if under the covers!

  24. Tiny Johnson, you are purrfect!! :)))

  25. We sure did enjoy learning more about you. Love your new name too.

  26. Tiny Johnson, you are an expansive kinda guy! Seeing you on the couch made this amply evident. Your girl, Artemisia is a golorious looking girl, with her dark tail and her half mask on her stunningly beautiful face. You are a lucky man cat.

    On a side note, Rupert's comment to Spitty had mommy rolling on the floor gasping. Why? Because she almost couldn't come up for air what with laughing. OMC that was funny! Humans are soooo wierd.

    Rupert..I have a new cube. Care to try it on fur size? ♥

  27. Nice job, TJ! We're glad your Mommy listened to Miss Artemisia.

  28. Tiny Johnson, you have very hilarious taste in TV shows.

  29. MOL TJ you made me MOL several times..especially about feet....they are the best.
    Mom said she is glad you are enjoying Steeple Sunday. Now that she is retired and they are out and about she sees churches that were not on her beaten path.
    Hugs Madi

  30. You are a funny guy, Johnny. I loved the "monorail" pose on the back of the couch: so much tummy droop off the sides!

  31. Oh I wish we live close by so we could hang with you guys on your lounge.

    Emma and Buster

  32. Great post Johnny !
    Just loved your answers :)
    Loved the picture when yoyr hanging on the soffa :)

    Psst ! Yes I love to trick my mom :) And yes she is feeling better from her cold now :)

  33. I love the picture of the overstuffed box. :) It's a scene that is played out here time and time again.

  34. Tiny
    That was excellent!
    We know your princess was smitten with those answers.


  35. TJ , you have something in common with our foster bro, Leo. He loves the smell of feet too! We feel.Ugh. Gah.But he whiffs LP's slippers/shoes/flipflops as though they are life giving.We think.Gross.
    the critters in The Cottage

  36. Tiny, you are one fascinating kitty! That picture of you on the back of the couch is great. Also, we liked the one with your brother's head resting on your behind. Very cute!

  37. Tiny, feet srsly? We wud fink nip or stinky goodness wud be best to smell, no?

  38. Those are very interesting answers, Johnny. We especially love the picture of Scouty using your hiney as a pillow.

  39. those were some pretty funny answers! lol. The test patterns on TV????? They don't even have those anymore! MOL!

  40. We loved your post Johnny! You are a handsome boy too. Mommy loves the picture of you hanging out on the couch with your humans.

  41. Johnny, we're so glad you got to post today!! A visual of Artemisia saddling you up and riding you around the yard made us giggle!

  42. Wonderful answers! We like your pictures! We thinks your Tiny Terror Artemisia is real purrty!

  43. Glad you had your say. Some of us get lost in the shuffle too! At least you have a gal to set it straight!

  44. We love your photos, Tiny! You are quite a character and we should be able to see more of your adorable face.

  45. Loved learning all about you, Tiny! Your Mommy deserves a chocolate stout after all that work. :)


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