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Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Horrible Mommy


The Baby here.
Our Mommy is the world's worst secretary.  Ever.  Several of our friends have given us awards, which we were elebenty-seben kinds of excited about.  Mommy saved the posts in her Reader...and then accidentally deleted them!  She is, like, SO in the d-o-g house!  

We wondered how she was gonna extricate herself from this colossal FAIL.
Odds were given, and bets were made.
We gleefully watched Mommy squirm under our disapproving gazes, and she finally came up with a brilliant idea lame substitute...we are ALL gonna get a day and tell TEN things about ourselves.
And I get to go first, since I won the bet. 
1.  I am Daddy's Primary Boss.

2.  My tail always curves up.  When I'm excited the tip curves all the way around and touches my back!

3.  I'm a Durrty Grrl.

4.  I have waxy ears.  Daddy cleans 'em with a Q-Tip, and I like to smell the wax.
I *might* try to lick the wax, too.

5a.  I used to go Outside on my harness.
5b.  I learned how to slip it off.
5c.  I don't go Outside anymore.

6.  I LOVE to sunbathe.

7.  I sleep alone.  I Do Not cuddle.
I Bite.

8.  Sometimes I have to hide from Johnny, who wants to eat me.

9.  I enjoy crinkly paper and boxes.

10.  THE END!
That's not a fact?  
Just remember, Fact #5 was a three-parter, which means you got two EXTRA!


Stay tuned for ten facts from Maui...

Happy Monday!

XX  The Baby  XX


  1. You Mom suwe figuwed out a way to get out of da D.O.G. houses!

    Wees weally liked you answews especially #5.. the thwee pawter.

  2. I think that was a lot of information on you! Our human ends up in the cat house because she often forgets things like that too.

  3. My mom always gets a BIG FAT FAIL when it comes to awards and stuff...but she does love us so we love her back.

    Those were 10, I mean 11 cool things about you. I think. My momma counted for me.

  4. Moms allus get forgiven! Plus, we appreciated the 2 extra facts about ya, Baby...

  5. What a fun read and we loved learning all those things about you. Hugs and nose kisses

  6. Don't blame your mommy. If she is anything like the publicist she means well but forgets a lot

  7. 1.You are a durrty grl.
    2.Those are fascinating facts.
    3.We think your catio is so amazing that being a crap secretary MIGHT could be overlooked. MOL

  8. We were gonna say dat we were sorry yoor mommy, er, secretary was as crappy as ours but den we amembered dat yoo haf dat beyootiful catio and we started feeling really sorry fur ourselfs. Da thing dat saved her was letting us read all da stuff about yoo, The Baby, and not whining about leaving comments. Da rolling of da eyes when we asked fur treats afterwards was a bit much...

  9. You look like a very stern boss! My human should be glad she does not work for you! I liked all the other 9 or 10 facts too!

  10. That was fun! We liked the one about you being a dirty girl the best! MOL!

  11. The Baby , I think the dirty girl must be YUM ! because Johnny really love to eat you and I still see Johnny is drooling in Fact #2 when your tail curves up !!!!
    Be very very afraid !!!!!

  12. The Baby darl,
    Wow! Fascinating. I'll give your secretary 10/10 for this. She has indeed redeemed herself. And there's a dozen more redemptions coming. I can't wait. purrr....meow!

  13. We're glad your mom messed up because we loved learning 12 things about you and can't wait to learn 110 more things about your furblings!

  14. The Baby don't feel bad about fact #10 you also got to tell two three part facts with Fact #4 and Fact #5. Do you ever rub your ears when this happens Mom knows that it is time to clean my large waxy buildup.

  15. Oh, The Baby, I find #3 unbearably exciting, and I am taking #7 as a purrsonal challenge.

    Whew--Is it hot in here?

  16. I think your Mom has come up with a good way to redeem herself/extricate herself from the doghouse. Nice to learn those things about you, The Baby. Please come and teach me the harness lesson.

  17. Yay - 10 things about each of you - we can't wait for all the gossip and news. This is so interesting. And you have been very kind to your Mommy letting her off the hook like that - we would have negotiated for more treats and visits from George first.

  18. I also love sunbaths!I think you mommy is very adorable and you so cute!
    Thanks for sharing your answers!And a great week!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  19. You and Arthur have the same character except that Arthur doesn't bite but he hisses and then you get a slap with his paw ! and he also is more for Mr. G. than for me.

  20. Sounds like your Mummy did have a FAIL, oops. Great to get some facts about you and great photos. :)

  21. Beautiful and ever so aloof The Baby!! You are the Greta Garbo of the Katnip Lounge! You vant to be alone! :-)

    Awwww you are so pretty with your pink ears and nose!!! Take care

  22. You've got to admit, even though your mummy has a bozone layer a mile thick, this IS a pretty good idea!

  23. Austin here. My Mom is glad she's not the only one who accidentally deletes posts! Baby, you are one independent puss. I like you {^..^}

  24. Fascinating facts, The Baby! Don't be too harsh on yoor mommy ~ she is human after all!

  25. That is a good compromise The Baby, coz now we get to learn lots about all of you! I can't wait to read CC's ten things.

  26. Ooh, The Baby, you got Derry excited at your dirty girl status. LOL. (Derry's always rolling in the dirt!)

    Our mom's equally horrible, she has an award to post and hasn't gotten to it yet, either. Huh.

  27. he he we're still giggling over your "dirty girl" picture. Nice learning all about you too.

  28. *MOL* Very funny post and a VERY bad mom you got that deleted all that stuff !!!
    I just love dirrty girls ;-)
    To bad that you just like to sleep alone :(

  29. yep - can't trust them secretaries at all!!! Great new things to learn - though we are a little sorry you don't cuddle. :)

  30. I am a durrty girl, too! You just gotta LOVE the feeling of rolling in dirt outdoors.

    PS If you go into Google Reader, see that search box on the top of the page? Try searching for award or something similar, and maybe some of those awards you missed will come up. I'm not sure if all of them will come up, but it's worth a shot!

  31. Hey Baby...those were some interesting facts about you. I especially like'd #5. You little Booger..slipping out of your harness. You are one smart kitty.
    We also like'd the way you were hiding from Johnny too..that was a really cute picture.
    You have a good week Baby. Can't wait to read about your brothers and sisters.

  32. Baby, that was terrific. We love all those facts about you especially the three parter. The End is a fact. It is the End. The majority here do NOT cuddle, so don't feel bad and one bites. Have a great day.

  33. We think your mom came up with a great solution to her problem! Our mom forgot a meme, too, and she had to admit it when she was reminded by our friends that they had tagged us! Miss The Baby, you're really a cat after our own hearts.

  34. This was great and informative Baby!
    The boxes with the crinkly paper is the one we most identify with. We all love that!

  35. Oh Baby, we do not go outside either. Although one time Buster tried to run out and see what's the outside world.

    And I like to sleep with Mama and cuddle with her. Buster sleeps alone just like you.

    Emma and Buster.

  36. Oh Baby, Baby, BABY!!! You're quite the girl!

    Did you say MAUI is next. Must tell Sei-Chan (tee hee hee...).


  37. Leo loves to roll in catnip too! Maybe you two could get dirty together...heeheehee.
    the critters in The Cottage

  38. What a super cute idea! I look forward to getting to know a little about each of your babies. :)

  39. Not only are you a beautiful Baby, you've got a lot on the ball, too!

  40. Baby
    We think your Mom came up with a great idea, now we get to learn more things about each of you!
    We learned you are a good quick change artist!


  41. Guess what, The Baby? I got waxy ears, too!

  42. i think this is a great idea to make up for the deleting of those awards! your ten facts were very interesting, baby :) we can't wait to read everyone's.

  43. Oh no, what a bad mommy! But we enjoyed reading about you, The Baby!!
    I love "I'm a durrty grrl" heh heh.
    The photo of you hiding in a box is so cute. Don't worry, Johnny will not eat you...:-)

  44. You are one cute Baby, dirty or clean!!!

  45. Well, while we think your Mom should stay in the D.O.G. house for a good long time, she did figure out a pretty good solution - We LOVE to ready interesting facts about our blogging kitty friends (although our Mom never LEAVES the D.O.G. house because she's been too busy to help us blog!)

    May Ling, Simon is SPRINTING to the teleportin' pad & will be over in a blink to snuggle!

    Thanks for visiting us on Simon's special day!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

  46. Gee Baby!!!! You kitties drive a hard bargain with your Mom :o
    Naturally, she deserved it for deleting your awards!!!
    We loved learning all those things about you too :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia
    PeeEss: I love to chew bread bags when I get the chance.Plastic on cheese,Mom's library books...

  47. Baby is boneless! How else did she get out of that -- thong-thing?

  48. Spitty Spitty Spitty. He has such a thing for you The Baby. That biting just sends him way up there. And you two would be opretty together..snow white wif pink pads and his coal black and charcoal pads..

  49. Well, we think your mom redeemed herself coming up with this great idea. We enjoyed learning those 12 things about you, The Baby.

  50. Ut oh we fink yer mom and our the mom has taken the same how to avoid being gud to kitteh blogs class. MOL

  51. Some very fun facts indeed sweet Baby!

    Banjo doesn't cuddle either. He likes to put the bitey on if anyone tries it with him. :(

    Oh you kitties... ;)
    xo Catherine

  52. I can't get past the smelling/tasting the waxy ears! Ewwwwww!

  53. The Baby is such a quirky girl -- and something tells me she's more than just the boss of Daddy! I think there's a little dominatrix in her (like my Domino).

    Have you thought of trying a small dog harness? They are much more difficult to get out of.

  54. I am seeing you in a new light this morning The Baby! I would never have believed you were a durrty girl or an ear-wax sniffer . . . . lol!!



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