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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ten-ish Things about CC!


CC here!
My girlfriend Huffle commented that she hoped I'd tell a lot more than ten facts when it was my turn.
That's fine with me because my counting is prolly just as bad as Maui's, hee hee!
I think I'll just tell you fun facts until I run out...
Do you see my stubby eyebrows on my right side?  I let Rupert nibble them off.
It makes him happy.

I'm a Twisty Cat!

One of my nicknames is Senor Red Heels...if you biggify you can see why!
In this photo I'm eating an Invisible Bug.

In THIS photo I'm eating a Lizard!
I love lizards but they tickle my tummy and don't stay down for very long.
Did you know that lizards can come back up whole?  Maybe I need to chew my food a little more...

I love to play feather!

I'd rather eat the entire birdie but this will do.
Make it GO, Mommy!

My fur suit is very plush and soft.  I LOVE being brushed and combed and furminated and zoom groomed!  Mommy says she's never seen a kitty that sheds as much as I do.  I have a loud rumbly purr--I sound like a idling hot rod when I get brushed.

I am friendly with all of the Cats in the house, and I play with everycat; even The Baby plays Chase with me!  Me and Kona and Rupert and Felix and Grayce and Salem and Sweet Pea all pile up in bed with Mommy at night.  We all have our designated spots, including Mommy.  She gets a 2X2-foot square in the upper middle section.

My favorite thing is Tummy Rubbins.  I let Mommy & Daddy pet me, but I Do Not  like to be picked up or held.  Mommy can pick me up to put me on the bed, but that's it.  Anything else and I flail.

Here I am with the other Ornj Cats.  Scouty is my Littermate Brother.  Felix is not; he's just my Cantankerous Brother.

One of these days, Mister Pigeon, one of these days...

Three summers ago I caught a Dove!  I brought it Indoors, alive, and almost let it go...then I decided to take it back out (Mommy's shrieking had a LOT to do with that move)...long story short, Mommy put the Dove back outside a little worse for the wear and we ALL slept pretty hard that night.  It was a busy afternoon!

Me and Rupert are buddies...

...and I Love Johnny.  He helped raise me and Scouty.
Um, I Do Not allow Johnny to humpahumpa me.

I'm a souped up rear end is all jacked up.

This is my favorite Catio sleeping spot.  See the sisal ramp behind me, how it's unraveling?  That's my handiwork.

So...I don't know how many things that was, but I think I need a nap!
Miss Huffle, how did I do?

Stay tuned for Salem tomorrow...

Happy Thursday!

xx  CC  xx


  1. CC, I bet Boodie sheds as much as you do! One hot summer, the fur was coming off her and floating through the air as she walked!

  2. That was great! I like that you have red heals. I think you should NOT let Rupert nibble on your eyebrows anymore. Stand your ground, dood. Let me know if you need back-up.

  3. wow...many facts to read!!!we love it...cant wait for Salem tomorrow. hey my brother's name also Salem!!

    much love;
    ChaCha and his brother...BoBo Salem

  4. I think you look great and it was lovely learning all about you!

  5. Tegar said: Hey lots of good readin and many great pictures to see. Hope there's more of this here. I do likes the hangout you guys have. We would have had one if the Small one and the Large one had retired sooner. Large one was too tired to build things by that time.

    We gots the house though, and it is completely ours.

    More information and pictures would be nice tomorrow, huh? Yay!

  6. That was pretty great CC. I think it verreh inneresting ow friendly you are with the Humans and yet you still do not like being picked up and held. Maybe there's hope for me, says the Human.

    Salem? Tomorrow? Be still my heart. There better be elebenty-five pictures of her JLLs!!!

  7. I did not need to know about the lizards coming back up whole thing...

  8. We'z neffur had lizzard but Speedy barfs up bugs whole! Sadie haf da plush, thick fur and sheds bunches too, mom brushes her and after three strokes hasta clean da brush out 'cuz of all da furs!

  9. CC, you are very interesting! We're glad that you get along with every kitty though. You sound like you are such a sweetie!

  10. Thanks for sharing. You are a handsome boy but not sure about lizards as food. :)

  11. CC,
    You remind me of my pal Ginger...whom I've left in Sydney. How I wish I can meet him again some day. purrr....meow!

  12. Hi CC ! I don´t know how many things you have told about youre self ?? I lost my counting at the third :)
    Nice to learn to know you better tooo !

  13. Hi CC thanks for the advice about humpahumpa. Not too keen myself either! I do the flail thing when my staff picks me up. Why does she do that? I got four legs, she got only two. I should pick her up

    love Austin >^..^<

  14. Hey CC, Me too, Mom said I'm a greedy gobbler when it come to Fresh Meat ( Not a live lizard, Mine just fresh mince meat ) Last week, I didn't chew, Meat came back up like mom just opened from the package too. But for your zombie lizard, Mom said as long as it's not moving should be o.k. and she feel so sorry for your mom when she have to clean up the zombie ! ( her food must go back and forward in her throat like crazy roller coaster )

    PS : I really like your photo with the lizard in your month, Every mancat should have that photo..It's our proud history ; )

  15. We love that dove story. You're a red heeled hunter!

  16. Beautiful CC!!! Me and Charlie are just in love with you! You are the Paul Newman of the Katnip Lounge. Sigh! Take care

  17. You did good CC. I loved learning all those things about you. You certainly are a bootiful kitty.

  18. You are certainly a very busy kitty. Aren't you so kind to let your brow whiskers be nibbled? And to let your mummy have such a big space for sleepy time hee he :)xx

  19. CC, we reckon you are an all around good guy.

  20. we share a lot in common. the last time i ate a lizard and urrpped it up it came out whole too.

  21. Wow CC, what an all around fabulous boy you are!!!

  22. Your one cool dude CC! We could have read 99 facts about you and still be on the edge of our paws!

    Bennette is anxious to hear more about Sylvester (don't tell her I said that...)


  23. That was great CC, I enjoyed reading all about you!


  25. We lost count how many questions it was CC was it three?!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  26. So many great things to learn! Those red heels are stylin', too.

  27. CC, you are quite the kitty. Love the bit about the lizard and it probably is a good thing it comes back up whole. Much easier to clean up. You probably really should chew things a little better. Love all the facts. You are quite the handsome boy CC.

  28. Great job CC - good to get to know you better (and mom is still grossed out by the lizard thing).

  29. Wonderful job, CC!!!!!!!!!! We loved learning more about you.


  30. We are having so much fun learning these little things about all of you!

  31. You are a unique and varied individual CC! Mom snickered when she read about you guys giving your mom a 2x2 square of space on the bed. That happens here too.

  32. CC you did very well on your interview; however, I have one question...For meowing out loud, why do you let/like for Rupert to nibble on your whiskers?
    Hugs Madi

  33. You're a very multifaceted cat, being able to shred sissal and catch all sorts of critters. But ...ewwwww about the lizard, I just ate lunch and now IT might come back up whole. =^..^=

  34. We kitties have not tried lizards before! They must be very tasty!

  35. Nicely done, CC! I know all about needing to chew my foods - you can tell I don't by the piles I leave. We're sure Miss Huffle will be pleased with all the things you listed!

  36. CC
    My orange brother Ping looks like he would never shed a hair, well guess what? He sheds like water off a ducks back!Is it just the orange cats that do this?

    We can't count either so we think you gave out just the right number (whatever it is)

  37. ::sigh:: We wish we could swallow lizards to see if they tickle our innards.
    Eric: I shed everywhere too and even though mum is always zoom grooming me and furminating me, I still get lots of hairballs.

  38. You done good, CC! Harley eats lizards in one gulp, too. So far I have not seen one come back though.

  39. Invisible bugs never fill you up!

    C.C. You seem to have a lot of "car qualities":
    I have a loud rumbly purr--I sound like a idling hot rod when I get brushed.

    I'm a souped up rear end is all jacked up.

    Loved learning about you sweetie!

  40. I need to tell you a secret: I love orange cats!!

  41. C.C., you are one very interesting kitty. You probably shouldn't use the term "souped up" around Scouty knowing his aversion to stew pots. We are also a little concerned by how much sleeping space you kitties allow your mom in bed. That is waaaaay too much space in a far too convenient spot. We allow our mom a 2 inch wide strip in the shape of a figure eight and she knows she's lucky to get that.

  42. CC, we're glad you can't count. It was fun to learn so much about you! Pip says that lizards are really yummy but yeah, maybe try chewing next time?

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  43. I can't count yet but that was lots of is cool=^Y^=Thomas

  44. Thanks for sharing, CC! You seem like such a good-natured kitty, although I had to laugh at the Johnny comment. I also liked the picture of you and the lizard - you look so cute! I did not know that lizards can come back up whole... I'm not sure I wanted to know that.

  45. A horked up lizard?? YUCK!!! I guess horked up grass on my carpet from Banjo isn't nearly as bad as a lizard. Oh blah.....

    Well... at least your photos are cute sweet CC so I can forget about the thoughts of that half eaten lizard.

    xo Catherine

  46. We sure enjoyed those facts about you, CC! My mom says you and me ought to have a shedding contest since she thinks I'm the shedding-est cat in the whole world!

    Hey, thanks for the birthday wishes! I've had the bestest day!


  47. CC I don't know about Miss Huffle but I think you did an AMAZING job!
    I did get a little scared of that lizard and I was sorta grossed out when you said it comes back up WHOLE...ewwwwwwww!!! Thank goodness I didn't have to worry about the Dove!
    I like that you have a "souped up" kitty butt too!!!
    This was great!

  48. CC , LP says she has never seen a cat shed the way Leo does..we wonder if you shed as much as he does!He loves to be brushed by the zoom groom, furminator and regular brush too. Maybe you two could open up a hair factory and use your furs for sweaters and then donate the fur sweaters to children in need in developing countries. Just a thought...
    the critters in The Cottage

  49. Oh so many adorable facts about you. Our mama says she may want another one who looks like you.

    Emma and Buster

  50. So impressed with your lizard-catching prowess and your stretching abilities, you lovely thing!

  51. I cannot believe you eat the lizzards whole! Do they survive your stomach??

  52. CC, I could go on reading about you for DAYS! And so many gorgeous pictures of you. I think I love you even more now.

    And, I caught a lizard once too! Only mum wouldn't let me eat it.

  53. You certainly are a busy boy, CC! And very sociable from all accounts.

    Your lady Huffle must be swooning over you about now! I guess you save all your hugs for her.

    Tell me, what does lizard taste like anyway?

  54. Ok, yuck to lizards!! Cant imagine how wriggly they must feeling in your tummy when you eat them whole.

    Your mum's spot in the bed at night sounds just like mine, small and just a little cramped although the Daddy's spot is even smaller and he's not allowed to move at all while he's asleep for fear of disturbing wee Danny who sleeps on his feet!

    Hugs and snuggles


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