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Monday, June 27, 2011

Ten Things, Day Eleven: Rupert!


Rupert here.
Whatcha doing?

I'm sorta a no-nonsense guy, so let's get started with my Facts! 
I'm loooong and shiny.  My fur suit glitters in the sun, or with the flash.  I have Grey on Gray stripes!

My toe pads are mauve.

Mommy thinks I look like a teddy bear here.  
 Although I look very plush, I actually have a thin coat.  I don't have downs fur, only guard and awn hairs.  Because of this, I don't like the cold, and I love the HOTS.  I lie outside in the heat until I melt into a furry puddle of happiness.

Do you see my skin? 
When I first came to live inside I had terrible bite wounds on my hiney that had abscessed.  The vet said my fur might not grow back, and she was right!  It's long enough that I don't have bald spots that show, thank Cod. 
The reason I got chomped on the bum is that I'm a lover, not a fighter, and I was trying to escape a confrontation.

I like nip... 
...but I LOVE valerian root!

I enjoy hanging out in the Lawn. 
Maui sleeps here too. 
 I don't like Maui.  At ALL.
 I have to chatter at him whenever I see him, I go "Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh"! Mommy says I sound like a chimpanzee.
Whatever THAT is.

I hang around in the cube a lot. 
I chase my tail in here (that thing is UNRULY) and wait for Unsuspecting Victims.

One of my Best Buddies is CC. 
He lets me nibble his eyebrows, he's such a good sport.
Plus, I hold him down.

This is an OLD picture, the twins were less than a year; Scouty doesn't even have his mane yet.
We still like to sleep together in a pile on Mommy's bed.

Me and Sylvester play a lot too. 
I have to keep fit and trim for my Lady Love, Miss Admiral Hestorb.
She has lots and lots of suitors, but I know she loves me best.
(Did you know her Mom fell and broke her wrist?  It's true!  Please go give her some good old-fashioned Kitty Luvvins.)

Some ManCats might disagree with me, 
But I say "Talk to the Fangs"!

Gosh, all this talk about Love makes me Bashful. 
I'm an outgoing guy and I enjoy company...I'm part of the greeting committee whenever People come over.  I even like Sticky Little People.  For a few minutes, anyway.

Well, it's nap time so that's it for today! 
Admiral, are you up for a cuddle?

Happy Monday!

Tomorrow May Ling Meezes...

XX  Rupert  XX


  1. Oh Ru-Paul/Rutabaga, This is a post that tested my Mancatly Rivalry.

    When I saw the photo of your poor wittle backside when you came to the Lounge, it made my eyes get a little leaky for you. I am sooooo happeez that you finded the Greatest Home Ever.

    But then I read what you wrote about MY Admiral, and I manned right up again.

    Yes, of course, the Admiral is up for a cuddle, but it ain't gonna be with you, Bud. MOL!

  2. Rupert, we are so glad to learn more about you! You are a handsome boy for sure. Mom loves the gray kitties!

  3. Rupert, you are such a gentleman! Well, except when you get into that valerian...

  4. You are very long and sleek--like a cat should be!

  5. Dood, you are like me. A lover, not a fighter. This was a fun "10things", except you had bites on your hiney. So glad you found your furever home. See you tomorrow! Purrs.

  6. The publicist had a grey cat once. His name was Ghost. She misses him

  7. wow so far we have enjoyed reading everyone's special posts. we love learning tidbits of tasty information. and alos thanks for sending purrs during Ava's ordeal.

  8. I'm a greeter too!!! My momma Ellie and I love visitors! I especially love visitors who take their shoes off and let me nibble their socks. Sorry you got bit on the hiney, but sounds like it got all healed up.

  9. Uh, Rupert, you have it all WRONG. Miss Admiral loves ME most. I even have her heart tattooed on my muscular arm!

    "Eh, eh, EH, EHH, EHHH back at you!"

  10. Rupert, if you're a lover not a fighter, why don't you like Maui? By the way, if things don't work out with the lovely Admiral, we're here for you!

  11. Yoor a good looking dude, Rupert, and being as how yoor a lover and not a fighter my sisfurs volunteer fur a cuddle ::oof:: hmf, ever been sat on by two sisfurs at da same time? Yeah, dey would cuddle yoo but dey don't think I should be volunteering fur dem.

  12. Tegar said: "Rupert, you a good lookin kitty, and I glad you finded a good home, your hiney got healed and that you likes visitortypes. You sounding like you at home and happies."

    I say you are a handsome kitty, as are all the others at your house. I do love your private room. Wish I could still swing a hammer, twist a screw, and swing a paint can/brush. Great place. Shows the love for the residents it does. My compliments to the Mom and Dad types.

  13. Another topping post with info on you guys. We like the 'I'm a lover not a fighter' line Rupert - next time one of us gets a bum bite we'll use that! But seriously, you are one smooth romantic mancat.

  14. Aren't you lucky to end up in the Lounge? And your bum's looking good too. We like your chocolate toe pads with the grey fur...

  15. Thanks for sharing all those things about you - they were fun to read! I love gray kitties. When I first got my own apartment, I searched for an all-gray kitty that I was going to name Mojito. But I ended up with Scarlett instead, and of course, the rest is history.

  16. Rupert you sound like a very interesting cat! You are very handsome. :)

  17. I'm a lover, not a fighter. What a philosophy're a man after my heart. purrr...meow!

  18. Awwww shiny sparkly Rupert!! You are the Cary Grant of the Katnip Lounge!! You are a classy kitty!! Take care

  19. Rupert, I love you! But Austin's gone to check out Miss Admiral!!!!

  20. Rupert ! Rupert ! The lover, The Teddy Bear : )
    If you won't tell me about the bald spot, I never ever known about it . Your mommy look after you so well !

    And love to hear you and Sylvester are good friend. Sylvester doesn't do blink. You are close to him.I have a question. Do you ever been Hypnosis by him ? : )


  21. Rupert, yoo are very like our Alfie: non-confrontational and loving, wiv grey on grey secret stripes, and the same colour paw pads. Are yoo a bit greedy like Alfie?

    Love Milo xx

  22. Rupert, it's clear to us that Admiral is a very lucky girl! You're a great all-round guy but we were particularly taken with the mauve pawpads!!!!

    The Chans

  23. Bonjour Rupert, Happy Monday for you!
    I'm delighted for your pictures, mainly the close ups!You are so charming!
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  24. Oh Rupert, I am in a deep swoon. Seeing that first pose of you all stretched out, reclining..a wave of warmth washed over me and it hasn't ebbed yet. Whew..and your tender words...I am distracted by your presence both physically and in my mind with its fevered pictures of embrace and snuggles.

    I am proud at how you mastered the comb over on your handsome hiney. But, seeing the scars simply show your lovercat ways and bravery.

  25. We think you're an awesome dude, Rupert! Our Mom LOVES your mauve toe pads!

  26. Hey Rupert :)
    You are a very beautiful mancat, and we think those scars complete you. Make love not war!
    Lola is rather disappointed that your heart belongs to the admiral, she very nearly fainted when she saw that picture of you looking like a teddy bear.
    I, personally, have a soft spot for kitty toes and yours are quite amazing.
    Love and hugs,
    Maya, Harley and Lola

  27. Such interesting things about you Rupert! Please stop chewing on CC though; he will look funny with no eyebrows.

  28. Rupert! You are one cool cat! It made me sad to think of you wif bites on your hiney. I am glad that you came to the Lounge.

    Pee Ess -- I haf a bald spot, too.

  29. tee hee you have a bald rumpus.

  30. Oh Rupert, I LOVE that first photo.

  31. Hey Rupert we didn't realise your were a kitty casanova - we can see you in a different light now!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  32. You really are quite the Mancat Rupert, and I can see why sweet Admiral has her eyes on you!

  33. Rupert, you bees soooooooo handsome! We dis wuz you! Them mauve paws is so nice. And yup! Dat Teddy bear look on you is dis wonderful! Our Mumsy even said, "why can't any of you guys do that?"

    :-) xxoxxoxxo

  34. I'm so sorry about your sore rump when you came to the Lounge! But I am glad you are all better, and I have to say that first picture is soooo funny!

  35. Rupert - good post buddy. You are very handsome with your sleek grey fur.

  36. Rupert, you really are a pretty color. Our Lucky had all kinds of wounds on him too and his hair hasn't grown back yet. He is grey too.Loved hearing all about you. It is nice to hear about each and one of you. We should do the same for everyone here. Hope all have a good week.

  37. We are glad you are such a lover-boy. Sounds like the Admiral is all about you!! We are so glad you found the Catio.

  38. Rupert you have me swooning way over here on the East Coast....
    you are a lover not a fighter...MOL

    You are also very fashion savvy
    gray furs and mauve pads are IN!!
    Hugs Madi

  39. You sure are an "in-your-face" kind of guy, Rupert -- especially in that first picture.

    I think you are very sleek and handsome despite any bald spots -- you don't really notice them anyway.

    Good luck with Miss Admiral!

  40. Rupert, we are so very glad you got to become an indoor kitty! those bites on your bum look really painful!

    Nip Lounge Mom: Does the vinegar solution work on concrete and wood? We have both spray and pees and poops.

  41. We must say you have the most beautiful furs!!
    Happy Monday!
    ~ The Bunch and Phillip

  42. Heya Mr. Rupie; you couldz nom my face ol time.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  43. You are a Valentino! What a handsome mancat you are.

    Emma and Buster

  44. Rupert, what a tale.

    Great photos, too. That first one certainly gets our attention!

  45. Rupert, you're a mancat after my own heart with a battle scars to prove it. You can hang on our lawn any day!

  46. I must say you are one looong shiny cat !!!
    Sorry about your bum :(
    I could send some hair from my furry bum :)
    Nice to learn so much about you Rupert :)

  47. Wonderful post... Loved hearing all about you.

    pawhugs, Max

  48. You are a gorgeous kitty and I loved seeing and hearing about you. I missed you all when mum was away.
    Mum started back at work today.. Hugs GJ xx

  49. It takes bravery to confess your true love! I hope she appreciates it.

    Nubbin wiggles,

    PS, your furs are beautiful.

  50. Rupert, you know the ladycats like a mancat who's been around and had some life experience...But we're glad you're a lover, not a fighter. We're also glad those abscessed wounds have long healed!

    BTW, you do look rather teddy bear-ish that 4th pic -- your expression reminds our mom of Derry, who also is rather teddy bear like. :-)

  51. Rupert, Harley's ears perked up when he read that you make chimpanzee noises!

  52. Hi Rupert! You are so cute! We love gray kitties :-)
    I love your photo looking like teddy bear...oh what a lovely smile you have!
    Your old picture of snuggling is so cute :-)

  53. Rupert, you´re a really gourgeous and handsome boy!

  54. Rupert, those are very interesting facts about you. Thanks for sharing.

    However, I need to tell you that you will have to share Admiral Hestorb with ME!

  55. Rupert so sorry that you got hurt by being a lover. Now you have a home where you can be the love bug that you want to be without such a risk of injury.

  56. That is some very interesting facts about you sweet kitty. I especially love the first photo of you! Nice and close ~ you are adorable!!! But I am sure you already know that. ;)

    Hope you had a lovely Monday.
    xo Catherine

  57. Hi ya, Rupert! Man, we're sorry about your hiney, but you sure don't seem to mind, do you?? Maybe it's because you partake of alot of that valerian root.

  58. Does it make your Mommy nuts when you chitter at Maui? Because it makes my mom MAD when I chitter at Fuzzy. It's cool that you have so many buddies in the house!

  59. Rupert Im shocked that you like Sticky Little People!!! All the kitties here in Templemoyle run so fast whenever a SLP turns up! Especially Madison Babycakes who hides under the bed and shakes.

    Hugs and snuggles

  60. Oh Rupert, you seem like a real sweetie! What a shiny boy you are.

  61. LOOKIN' GOOD me boy! We really enjoyed "the goods" on you and just want to let you know that you ROCK!

  62. Rupert, you iz so sleek and handsome! You just set my Naomi's heart all a-flutter...

  63. You are a very handsome mancat Rupert. In your teddy bear photo you have the biggest smile.


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