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Friday, September 2, 2011

Friends on Friday


Look who showed up at Grandma & Grandpa-kittie's house--

Missus Bobcat, and her three kittens:  Bobby, Bobbie, and Robert!

Here's what Grandma-kitty wrote about the visit:

Hi,  Just having breakfast and mother bobcat came prancing through our patio with her three baby kits.  The one by our patio door was snooping and mother left with the other two.  Baby realized she was alone and was mewing loudly for mother.  We stepped back so mother could get it and the next pictures are of them are just sitting around.  I can't tell you how excited we were!!!!  Dad and I are sure they are still being nursed because they were very tiny, but healthy and cute looking.  Mother looked healthy too.

What's in there?


Look at my BIG paws.

Our ears mimic eyes and fool our prey!

Mommy makes sure we stay close.

I got your back, Mommy!

Aren't they adorable?
We hope they'll be back for more visits, the next-door neighbor has a ground level birdbath that the Bobcats often drink from, so maybe more pictures!  We think this might be a second litter for Missus Bob, it's late in the year to have such little kittens.  There's plenty of quail and hares and pack rats to eat, so the Bobcats are quite successful around the area.  
Kudos to the Grandpawrents to get such wonderful photos!

Happy Friday!

XX  The Lounge Kats  XX

Steve News:  He is out of the hospital and in a rehab center now.  His breathing is still quite weak and he's had a tracheotomy, so he can't talk.  He has physical & speech therapy daily.  The staples for the incision are out and his wound is healing well--however he has a nasty bedsore on his tail bone which makes it all the more imperative that he regain his strength and start sitting up!  His Mom is a trouper and stays with him every day, keeping him awake and exercising what he can move, which right now is only his hands and feet.  He still could use some purrs, kitties; Steve is on the mend but he has a long long way to go.


  1. Great picture of the bobcat and her babies! Thanks so much fur sharing them! Our purrs still going out to Steve. xoxo

  2. Over in the meadow lived the little Bobcats 3,
    and they pounced and they jumped,
    all the little bobcats 3.
    Pounce, said the Mother,
    We pounce, said the 3.

    And they pounced and they jumped'
    All the little bobcats 3!

  3. Oh my goodness! How special is that. The Woman saw a bobcat peeking at her as she drove by an area of woods that they were clearing one afternoon--she worries about these shy cats when they have to be in such close contact with humans. Our good thoughts and purrs to Steve.

  4. The baby bobcats are so cute! That's exciting your grandpawrents get to be so up close and personal with wild animals!

    We're purring for Steve to keep getting better!

  5. We have never seen bobcats, and we think they might be a little like the FInnish ilves (lynx). They do look very cute. But tell us, how do they keep cool in all the heat you guys have???

    That is good news about Steve and Äiti wants to point out that his bedsore will be even more painful if it gets a kicking from Momkat Trish. So go easy on him!

  6. Very very very cool pictures of the Bobcats! Purrs for continued improvement for Steve.

  7. I never knew about the Bobcat's ears. How interesting. Lovely pictures of the bobcats and can't wait to see more!
    Will keep those prayers and purrs coming for Steve.

  8. Aw...those bobcats are so cute! Poor little baby thought he was abandoned by his Momma! Purrs and paws crossed for Steve's recovery.

    Did you get your Felidae vouchers and food? How do the kitties like it? Feel free to write a review on your blog =^..^=

  9. wow, real wild cats! how exciting!! great pictures, thanks for sharing.

  10. Whoa--I would not wanna meet Mama in a dark alley, MOL! Kittens (kits? cubs?) are 'dorable!

    We'z still purrin' for Steve.

  11. Oh man, bobcat babies is adorable! We'z not sure dat Speedy would like to take care of babies who are as big as he is tho. The nurses put something called a "mediplex" on daddies bedsore, it's on da side where he used to lay alla time, da good side, and it's helping him heal. Also, if he lays in da bed to long he will get dry, flaky skin. It's from da sweat, so dey should be putting da blue asorbant pads unner him when dey change da bed. We'll keep purring and purraying fur him.

  12. Very cool. We have a bobcat living close by, but we've only seen it once.

  13. Oh wow how great are those photos! We don't have bobcats over here, must have been so special too watch. Sending lots of purrs for Steve too

  14. What a bunch of cuties. We've never seen bobcat babies before. Love those ears.

  15. Wow, what wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing. Glad Steve is on the road to recovery. :)

  16. Katnip Crew, it's lovely to be back to see you! Careful your peoples don't get squishy enough over those photos to say how cute they are. Cute leads to "Wouldn't it be nice to have one?" which leads to a new purrson joining the household! Now, perhaps your peoples are too sensible to adopt a bobcat, but you never can tell. The human species' brains are so frail, after all. Keep her under the paw, Crew. Don't let her and the daddy people do anything crazy!

  17. Those Bobcats are so cool! Many years ago, my human's brother brought home an orphaned baby bobcat that was half drowned in a river where he had been hiking. It was just like a regular kitten, only with a very funny voice and VERY long, sharp claws! My human's parents called around and wound up taking the little guy to a place called Wildlife Waystation, and later on he and his girlfriend (another bobcat living there) went to go live at a zoo in Germany! They were WAY too human friendly to ever go back in the wild.

  18. I am also sending LOTS of purrs Steve's way!!

  19. Wow! We don't have bobcats. Great pics.

    Good news that Steve is mending, but sounds like he's a way to go. Huge purrs from Austin and his crew >^..^<

  20. Holy cod! Wow, a bob cat family! That is so amazing! Our mom says people here seem to want to shoot wildlife in urban areas. (Not everyone, of course.) As if humans somehow aren't the interlopers in *their* territory. So we're glad the bobcats aren't in danger from the two-leggeds!

    Thanks for the update on Steve, we'll continue to send purrs. His mom must be exhausted, actually. We'll purr for her too!

  21. Purring for Steve...

    OMC!! Look at the bobkittens!! They are SO CUTE!!

  22. Oh wow!! Bobcat mama and kitties!! Oh wow!! Oh you lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky LUCKY people!! Yay!! Awww what a wonderfully wild and healthy and happy family. So so so glad they are welcomed there. Beautiful, just beautiful!!! Yay! Thank you so much for sharing these pics, we hope to see more!!!

    Me and Charlie are sending Steve a gazillion and more purrs and healing hugs. We hope each day brings him more strength and more health. He needs to have his butt kicked by mum Trish so he has to get better asap!! :-) We are also lighting a candle for his mum in our hearts.

    Take care

  23. First things first, our purrayers and best wishes for Steve. Second, Mama went googoogaga over the bobcat's kitties. Aren't they cute and adorable? purr...meow!

  24. Eeeeeeeeeeeee!! Sooooooo cute!!! How lucky are YOU? When we were in Tucson in April, we saw a bobcat walk by our guesthouse and I was thrilled. But BABIES?!! I am jeal-ass.

    Glad to hear Steve is making progress, although the bedsore sounds awful. Good thoughts from me, purrs from the cats.

  25. SOrry, I got so excited I missed the part where you said the bobcats were at Grandma and Grandpa-kitties' house. Lucky THEM! :)

  26. Wowser, those are such good pictures of the bobcats. They sure are pretty. Love their ears. It is amazing that they were so relaxed around humans.

    Lot of strong purrs to Steve We sure hope he can get better really soon. He sure has has a rough time but he is still alive.

  27. Oh, my, they are so beautiful! My childhood home was on a creek and across from our house was a little spit of land that was undeveloped at that time. For several years' running, we saw this one female bobcat (and her kittens when she had them) come down to the creek bank to drink and to fish. Her teaching her babies to fish was an incredible sight that I'll never forget.

  28. OMC - mom was astounded by the cute!!! We hope momma bobcat and the kittens stay happy and healthy.

    We are still purring for can be hard to come back but we know he is on the right track!

  29. What a special treat to see mamma bobcat and her babies! Sweet! Sending good thoughts for Steve. xo Catherine

  30. What a special cat family! Pawsome pictures. I think I'd be a little scared if they showed up in our yard...BIG kitties!

    Continued purrs for your friend Steve from all of us.

  31. Squeeeeeee!!!! Darling little bebbehs! And momma is a beauty too. Glad to know that food is plentiful.

    Mr. Steve: Greetings from Minnesota. Keep up the good work! We want you to improve every day so you are out of that nasty bed and on your feet again. All that therapy they make you do is very tiring. PT exhausted my husband when he was healing from getting his leg torn apart to get the cancer out of his tissues. But every day led to a stronger next day, so you keep at it!!!

  32. You're right, those bobs are totally adorable! We'll all be sending Steve our best purrs. Thanks for the update.

  33. That's so cool!! We've never seen bobcats (in the wild) before~ Purrs for Steve.

  34. the only bobcats in my neck of the woods require an occasional oil change.

  35. Wow! I think we would all be scared if bobcats showed up in our backyard. The bears we get are bad enough. You were very brave to take all those gorgeous pictures of them.

    P.S. Glad to hear that Steve is making some progress.

  36. That is very good news about Steve!
    Those photos are awesome!

  37. Must be great to see bobcats near their home. Here in Brazil has no bobcats.
    I do not know what happened to Seve, but wish you well.

  38. what AWESOME shots!!! we have them around here we think but have never seen them. More in the country area. We love the babies!!!! and we didn't know anything about steve, so adding our prayers and purrs a little late- but still sending them!

  39. WOWZERS!!!! Those bobcats are too fabulous. I mean!!! Those ears!! As for Steve: No worries about the tail-bone. See if it'd help to keep him rotated with his legs to one side for two hours, then the other side for two more, two hours on his back, and then begin the rotation thing all over again. Plus salve and a soft dressing on the affected spot. Plus PATIENCE. I've been working neuro-rehab with a person with global brain-injury (in addition to physical and speech therapy) and she is doing very well -- but PATIENCE. It's taken her since February, so far, to begin to come back -- but she's made and is making great strides.

  40. Wow, these pictures of the bobcat mamma and her kits are amazing!

    I'm so happy to hear about Steve and that his mom has been with him. It's just heart rending to hear what's he's going though. I hope he regain his strength very soon.

    Thanks for letting me know about Grayce. I'm still waiting on that call from the vet. I have a feeling this vet will be expensive too. The office is across the street from the beach in an exclusive area. I went there because they were her vet from before. It's so good to know how well Grayce did. Amazingly, Annie has been playing and running around like she hasn't a problem in the world.

  41. Holy cow, the bobcats are amazing...what wonderful pictures!!!!

  42. Oh what a gift to be able to see these beautiful cats. Thank you for sharing.

    Mom said to tell you her Dad had a very similar surgery as Steve in 2008 so she knows exactly what he is going through. The rehab is a bear though so I'm glad he has lots of encouragement...please tell him an 81 yo endured rehab although not always with a smile and we are purring for him.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  43. What wonderful pictures! We luff kittehs of all sizes and types.

    We hope Steve has a full recovery quickly.

  44. That bobcat family is fabulous! We hope to see more of them!

    Good going, Steve!

    The Chans

  45. Wow, thats something weve never seen before! bobcats! They are cute!

    Sending more purrs for steve!

  46. Bobcats up close! I can't imagine what I would say to one of them face to face, cat to cat. Great photos!
    I hope there'll be many more visits.

    I hope Steve gets better soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with him for a speedy recovery.

    Tom & Julie

  47. I am just LOVING those pictures of the babies and mama! Howe special. I will never get such a chance! They are here but I haven't seen one up close like that and if I did..I'd never be able to get the camera! Congratulatins of these wonderfu pictures and thank you for sharing with us!

    Steve has my continued prayers. Thabks for updating us on his conditon and strength and love to his Mom.

  48. Wow! How amazing is that to have a visit from a family of Bobcats!! What a treat. We kitties and human beans have never seen a Bobcat. Warm wishes, love and purrs to Steve :)

  49. Those are beautiful bobcats! The babies are simply adorable, but I bet they still pack a whallop if approached.
    Thank you for the update on Steve.WE will send out our strongest healing purrs.

  50. The bobcat kittens and their ginormous feets are absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing the fabulous pictures of them.

  51. WOW WOW WOW how great to see Bobcat´s so close !
    Thank´s for sharing these cool pictures on them !
    Have a pawsome weekend efurrybody :)

  52. OhmyCod! When I saw the face of the momma I just gasped! She is sooooo gorgeous! Her wee kits are just too adorable for words! Those big feets!!!!! Oh your mum & dad must have been just over the top with excitement and joy! How totally awesome.

    Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us!

  53. Those bobcats are so cute!! We bet they would be fun to play with!!

    We hope Steve continues to improve. We are purring for him.

  54. Great pics of Mrs Bobcat and her kits!!! Thanks for sharing them.

    Also thankyou for coming by and helping me celebrate. I got real ham, cheese and milk for my birthday. Actually I get them most days but just lots more yesterday.

  55. Oh wow! Those are beautiful pictures, how special is that! We will keep Steve in our prayers.

  56. Purrs for Steve!

    All Mom can do is squeal and say that she wants baby bob kittens!

  57. That is amazing! I love Ms Bob and Baby Bob!

  58. Oh Wow! So many people are seeing wild animals now days. I reckon we are running them out of their habitats and homes. I hope we can all get along!!
    The little family is precious..

    Sending Steve lots of prayers and purrs. Mom Bobbie was in rehab for a long time after the heart attack. Had to learn to walk all over again. It's hard and some times very, very discouraging.
    Sending strength to his Mom!!
    ~ The Bunch and Mom Bobbie

  59. Oh wow! Yippee! Bobby Cats! Wow what great pictures! We sure are glad you shared them! We hope they come back. The so cute!

    We gots the purrs going for friend Steve. He seems like a really neat guy. He wants hims to be okay :-)


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