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Saturday, October 22, 2011



 Rupert and Sweet Pea go at it, hammer and tongs, every day.
Rupert:  Wanna play?
Sweet Pea:  You're on!

Rupert starts the tussle with the time-honored Head Groom move.

Rupert:  yummmm, Sweet Pea, you haz a flavor!

Sweet Pea:  Of course I do, you insolent dolt!

And the match is on in earnest!
Rupert:  hee hee, here we go...

Rupert belts out a warrior cry in response to Sweet Pea's classic Halloween Pose!
::eh! eh! eh! eh! eh!::

He continues to howl as Miss Pea administers the Paw O'Doom.
::EH! EH! EH! EH! EH!::

Suddenly, Sweet Pea attacks with a dive to Rupert's soft underbelly...

...and a wicked right hook!

Rupert takes time out for a Booger Check...

...and counter-attacks!
Rupert:  hiiiiyaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

Sweet Pea:  No fair!  I'm gonna get you!

Rupert:  Just you try!

The scuffle continues.

Holy Cod, they're using the the DOUBLE BITEY hold for the Grand Finale!!  
Kitties, do not try this at home.

Exhausted, both parties call a truce.
Rupert:  Sweet Pea, you are the bestest sister.  I love tussling with you.

Sweet Pea:  I had fun, too...Same time tomorrow?

Happy Saturday!

XX  Rupert and Sweet Pea  XX


  1. Great tussle pics! Most our tussles start wif the grooming move too. Happy weekend kittehz!

  2. Love it. The Pea's folded ears. The double-bitey. Too cool.

  3. It kind of looks like the tussle is concluding with the same move that started it, MOL! How many times do they go through this???

    Grayce could out-bite BOTH of them!

  4. Obviously seasoned tusslers. No one went outside the ring! We would have been all over the place!

  5. Obviously seasoned tusslers. No one went outside the ring! We would have been all over the place!

  6. You two are pretty evenly matched - when this happens with my roomies, Binga always beats the tar out of Boodie!

  7. Harry and Sherpa are like this too. Silly kitties!

  8. Oh, we learned some new moves here! We usually just do the "whapwhapwhap" and then walk away...

  9. Great moves, kitties! Scarlett and Melly are very fond of those head wapping moves, but they don't usually progress much further as a certain tabby is rather sensitive.

  10. What a brilliant tussles. Starts with a head wash, ends wit a head wash ..... You guys are such good friends - what's a bit of kapow and whapping in between ?

  11. That was such a great tussle. We love that you clean up after yourselves hee he :)xx

  12. You two are funny!! Great bit of exercise. :)

  13. Great way to start a Saturday. I love the necessary booger check!

  14. Like Zippy, Sadie and Speedy, I also usually just whapwhapwhap and run off! These are some great moves!

  15. Oh! I would SO like ta be in THAT! Iza

  16. Great tussle pictures.....

    pawhugs, Max

  17. Awwwwwwwwwwww!! Beautiful Rupert and Wonderful Sweet Pea!! What a great fun tussle with claws and teeth and lots of licks! Yay! Me and Charlie are in AWE! Take care

  18. Oh my gosh momma! For a second I thought I had teleported over to tussle with Rupert! We look exactly the same when we slap fight! My mum says we even get the same expression on our faces! Are you sure you weren't being a wanton kitty cat in Sydney two and a bit years ago?

  19. Haha ~ those are some great action shots!!! You kitties always look like you are having fun!
    xo Catherine

  20. Great action movie - we want mum to run through the pictures again so we can master those moves.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  21. Not enough fighters take time out for a booger check. I wonder if sweet pea tastes like sweet peas.

  22. Those are some great moves. We might have learned a thing or two. Glad there wasn't any blood. That would have been messy. Hope all of you have a super week end.

  23. Ufaaaa! It´s only a lovely fight!
    Have a great weekend!

  24. great pictures, but the play by play was priceless!

  25. What super action shots and it looked fierce but I know you were only play fighting realy.. Hugs GJ xx

  26. You guys wore us out!!
    Happy Saturday to you, too!
    ~ The Bunch

  27. There's a fine line between kitteh love and biteys!

  28. Such wonderful set of pictures! We love kitty tussles, as long as no one gets injured.

  29. It's good to see the girls kicking some serious butt! Our mom thought only boy cats wrassled like that. Our brothers at the Bridge did that routine almost every day, but neither of us has done that even once!

    THANK YOU for your comment!! The vet had said a few months ago that the knot was just kind of a zit and he didn't want to mess with it. It seems it just has 'popped', maybe, and the furs around it are matted a teeny bit. He said it was 'festering', and that is why he initially wanted to cut it out. If I can get Fuzzy to just chill while I take a look at it, hopefully I can undertake your old routine, squeeze it out, and give us all some peace of mind. THANK YOU!!!!

  30. Haha love it - this is pretty much play by play as to what happens in our household too, even down to the grooming timeout! I covered Sookie and Darcy's eyes for the double bitey finale though... don't want to give them any more ideas!! :)

  31. You two are just too funny...that looked like some real serious fightin' going on and then we see the two of you all lovey dovey. We are glad to know you actually do really like each other. You all have a great weekend...with not too much tussling. Hugs and nose kisses

  32. Gurl Cats RULE DUDE! Love that Rupert has to get all screamy! MOL!

    At least they make up to each other.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  33. So great that they enjoy wrestling like this!

  34. We enjoyed that so much, laughed so hard, we're both on the floor! Hahahaha! What made it great was the play-by-play.

    If it's gonna be happenin' same time tomorrow, sell tickets! There'll be a line out the door!

    Tom & Julie

    Is there a feline version of "InaGaddadavida?" I just want to break out in dum dum dadada dum dum when I come to your site. What's cool is there's a rainbow flash before everything loads. Heavy, man!

  35. Rupert and Sweet Pea the W.W.A. doesn't have a thing on you two!!
    Your match was an exciting, claw biting event...ending with a nice friendly head butt. Well done
    Hugs Madi

  36. Great tussling, Rupert and Sweet Pea! It was a lot of fun watching you tussle. This double bitey hold is amazing!!
    But how sweet Rupert ended up grooming Sweet are such good brother & sister :-)

  37. That's a very serious whappin weekend!!!

  38. MY GOSH you two! You had me on the edge of mom's chair! Those TEEFS! Your heads! I thought you were going t inflict some serius harms. Whew!

  39. We love watching a good wrasslin' match almost as much fun as we like having one!!

  40. We enjoyed watching your tussel! We love the happy ending too!

  41. Well we guess that is the kind of tussles boys and girls have but here we are all Boyz so......(we can't admit to ending scuffles like that)!
    Your Mommies outfit was something alright...tee hee and those Bobcat photos were really cool!!!!=^Y^=

  42. Wow, great tussle shots! That was some serious tooth and claw action. How could the humans stand it taking pictures through it all?

  43. Great wrasslin' match! You two have obviously practiced regularly!

  44. THere's a movie in that. And they are like some married couples I know...

  45. That was adorable & made my mom person's night :)

    Nubbin wiggles,

  46. Oh my Cod - dat wuz a great blow by blow of a power play wif yoo two. Wow. It wuz jus like bein dare.


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