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Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Miscellany!


Welcome to another MishMash post, courtesy of our Mommy who had to work late today.

First up is a photo of Daddy's office, one week after he moved in!

To see the "before" photos, go HERE.
Quite a difference, eh?  Now you see why it take so many of us Office Managers to oversee Daddy--in fact, there are TWO of us in the photo, can you spot us?
Next up we have two cell phone shots of Sylvester overflowing in his little pink bed:
What?  I'm comfortable.  Quit giggling! 
He LOVES this bed!  If he curls up or makes a loaf he does fit in it...mostly.
Also, we have a new Burdy to watch!
He flits around the yard, uses fowl language, and eats the berries off of the lantana plants.  Plus, he flicks his tail at us in a VERY impertinent manner.
He needs to be eaten.
In other news, we'd like to apologize about not commenting as much lately.  We can usually make the rounds on Catuday, Sunday and Monday, but the rest of the week is pretty iffy.
This is of course all Mommy's fault; she claims she needs "time off" and "has things to do" and other, equally nonsensical, excuses.

Mommy, we show you the Bum of Disrespect!
Lastly, today is the day to observe the Third Annual Worldwide Moment:
We would like to remember all the Cats Who have Come Before.
We miss you.  

Kitties, hug your Humans today!

Happy Monday!

XX  The Lounge Kats  XX


  1. I had not heard about the silent moment. I shall be silent and join my thoughts to yous tomorrow night.

  2. Yeah we know all about humans and work schedules and not commenting - we are unimpressed too.
    That birdie sounds just like our wagtails (västäräkki). Cheeky things - but we love to see them in spring because it means that the snow is going when they come back. We don't think they fly all the way over to you though in winter - we think they go to Africa.
    Have a good Monday and we do not know when we will get to commenting again, thanks to that human of ours. Pah!

  3. We knew that clean desk would neffur last!

    We see white ears poking up from inside the box (The Baby?) and Sylvester curled up in the Beatles box.

    We LOL'd at the clothing-de-furrer tool on the desk!

    I have to be verreh strict with the Human to get her to comment, but even so sometimes she has the Fail. She'll do better when she retires, MOL.

    That birdie is plump and scrumptious-looking.

  4. Neat post. Nice new office, you kitties do great undercover snoopervisory work! That Sylvester is a character with his bed! We didn't know about the Silent Minute either, thanks.

  5. Take care, you are attracting vishus birds! Hummers & mockingbirds! We had a cheeky mockingbird too! The mom had a (bee eating) dog at the time and she (the dog) couldn't go outside unattended to do her business during nesting season. Poor thing was dive-bombed as soon as she stepped outside. Good thing the Catio is bird proof???

  6. Mommy is a bit took 2 whole minutes to see those white ears!!!

    I will do my best to be silent for one minute and so will all my fur siblings.

  7. We think your dad has a lot of nerve to take up your sleeping space on your new desk with his clutter! Say...Mr Mocker looks mighty familiar...

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  8. It took a while but I saw the little white ear in the box....

    I will try and be silent but there are no guarantees about AbbyGoat.

  9. i can see you!!!
    one in the red box
    and the other one in a flece box
    :) purssss

    Kochie the baby
    Meow Meow Family

  10. I was shown the bum of disrespect yesterday for *gasp* working on a Sunday! To be fair i'd sometimes like to show my own bum of disrespect when I don't get to spend as much time with my cats as I'd like to, but supposedly that isn't quite so socially acceptable for humans!
    Love your mash up by the way... Variety is the spice of life!!

  11. Those are some pretty weak excuses your human has come up with! You guys need to set her straight. BTW, I wish my human's desk was as organized as your male human's - I hardly have room to jump on there, much less have an actual napping spot here!

  12. Yo Sylvester,
    I loooove your Dad. So thoughtful of him to provide snoopervising stations on his desk. You're all management felines alright. purrr...meow!

  13. Is that gorgeous Sylvester asleep on the box to the right of daddy's desk and do those cute little pink ears in the other box to the left, The Baby?!?!!? Awwwww! Me and Charlie think they're doing a grand job snoopervising dad! Yay!

    Aww sweet Sylvester - you look very comfy - good for you!

    What a lovely tribute to all your angel kitties too. Take care

  14. Ha..Ha..Ha..Sylvester, I like your style !
    Yeah, We have to treat our butt Super Special !!!!
    I think you da first kitty in da world who have this style..tee..heh..heh

    PS : Mom siad birdy look beautiful, I said Yum ; )

  15. Smooches to you all. Sylvester, I love to sleep in my bed like that, too!

  16. Good for your mom, giving herself some time!!!

    That bird looks like a wagtail! They are very disrespectful for sure!

  17. Looks like dad has his office all broken in and set up just how he wants it.

    Have a happy week kitties!
    xo Catherine

  18. You guys have good hidy places! Thanks for joining the WWM today - sending purrs to all your kitties that have come before.

  19. It didn't take your dad long to give his office the "lived-in" look. LOL.

    No worries about the commenting, we all understand. Things can get especially crazy during the holiday season--who can keep up?

  20. Love the pill bottles and the finger thing on the desk! We see you two in the boxes!!!!!
    Thanks for the funeral comments. And you are spot on about the hit off the bottle comment! Mom was indeed happy to see the bar open at the country club after the funeral! She found her old friend Jim Beam there.

  21. Oh Sylvester, that photo of you "in" the bed is hilarious!

  22. Sylvester, you are too cute! We see one kitty and some kitty ears in your daddy's office! Don't work too hard!

  23. Thanks for the catchup post. Wes knows about working, our Mommy does not always have time either. When we gets mad, she says "You want tuna? Then I have to work." then we shuts up! Me hates to say it, but tuna is more impawtant!

  24. That office work can be very stressful, get plenty of naps in betweetasks! We will be purrticipating in the World Wide Moment at our appointed time!

  25. Boxes made the challenge way too easy. Kitties, apply your imagination to your next effort. Let Sylvester's ingenious use of pink bed be an example. BTW, mope. My copy wouldn't show me the bum of disrespect. I guess I'm being shielded. Thank you for your consideration.

    Quiet -- in honor of those who have passed. They are remembered and loved.

  26. Rats! your blog won't let me comment! Sylvester, can I come sleep in the bed too? Can I be your friend? Pink is a colour for girlcats, and I'm a girlcat, so I think I'm sposed to be in the bed! I'm only teeny weeny, so I wouldn't even take up much room! Oh, the human somebody says to ask your mummypeople somebody if she gotted the email that she sent to her cuz she's wondering if she's Ok!

  27. Now your dad´s desk lokkes really comfy ;-)
    I hope you will get that birdie that use fowl language !!
    My mom want´s to remember Sluggo , Lucky and Sixten the cat´s she and dad had before me.

  28. I only saw Sylvester, let me go back. xoxoxoxox

  29. Oh we love seeing the "boxed" kitties in your Daddy's office. Slyvester Gracie is just oo'ing and ah'ing over those two pictures. Believe us we all understand where your Mom is coming from. This week our Mom had stuff going on Thur,Fri,Sat & Sun. You know what that meant? No computer time for us kitties, well she didn't even twitter so we know no computer time for us.


  30. Well, that was quite the mishmash! We hope one of you gets the chance to eat that bird...the nerve of him....

  31. MOL 1/2 of Slyvester was sleeping in LV and the other half in
    Hugs Madi

  32. Hee, I knew that desk wouldn't stay empty for long. Sylvester and his pink bed are so funny - I love how he lays there with just his bum in the bed.

  33. Mom is gonna steal that mocking picture as ours was hanging out in our garage... inside!

  34. glad to see that your Dad has settled so nicely in his office!

    I COMPLETELY understand about cutting down commenting days. I have had to do the same lately. If nothing else but for my sanity.

    I understand, it is hard to visit everyone. I am now doing it when I can (which will still be often) but I am not going to beat myself up like I was if I can't visit.

    I understand!!

  35. Your dad looks like he has got the office just the way he wants it now.
    Sylvester, you make us laugh.


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