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Monday, November 28, 2011

Monocle Monday


Salem here, with a State of My Sight report.
Last week Daddy noticed that my left eye was all crusty.  I knew I should have gotten busy and washed my face before he woke up--then he never would have seen it!  Oh, who am I kidding, Daddy is the Chief Eye Booger Cleaner around here, he was bound to see my gooey eye eventually.  (Mommy is the Nose Booger Checker, in case you wondered what she was good for.)

Mommy looked at my eye, and it wasn't too red, so they decided to just monitor it.  This meant I was examined a half a zillion times throughout the day, you know, just the sort of attention we Cats detest love.
Later, Mommy squirted saline in it to wash it out.
I was NOT impressed.

The next day my eye was still red so Daddy crammed me into the dreaded carrier and carted me off to the vet!  I was very quiet in the car and in the examination room.  The vet was very nice to me, and when I got a shot, it didn't hurt--and I got drops to put in my squinty eye. 
The worst part of the whole ordeal was that I got weighed!  
I am a svelte 12.7 pounds.  Daddy (that traitor!) told Mommy the news along with my Eye Report.
Mommy decided this was a good reason for a new nickname; "Winky Waddler"!
She's an inaccurate poopyhead.
I don't waddle, I SWAY!  Saucily.  And I'm not winky anymore, either, because my eye is all better.

So there!

Of course, I can't stay mad for long...
...she does have the thumbs.

Happy Monday!

XX  Salem  XX


  1. Hahaha - Äiti loves your nickname. And she's thinking of calling the something Widdler - which I am not so sure about......

    You are incredibly brave with your eye infection . far more brave than Äiti and hers.

  2. Mommy *is* a poopyhead--waddle? As if! You is just a beautifully curvaceous ladycat, and I got all fainty just glancing at that second-to-last picture. I need a little recovery time before I come back and take a full-on, good lo-o-o-n-n-g satisfying look. I might ask the Human to print it out for me.

  3. We luf it! Saucy! Glad your eye is better. We think you is saucily purrfect. That is a nice-lookin bowl of noms! Enjoy. xoxo

  4. Aww, sweetie! I glad u so brave. :) Plz to feel better. :)

  5. Glad your eye is better. I am so jealous of those cute knee socks.

  6. That is not all that big--really. So long as your eye is okay!

  7. Im Glad ur eye isn't winky anymore. Hurty eyes aren't fun.

  8. Can't stay mad with those who own thumbs eh, Salem? Your eyes look bright clear and shiny so the vet visit was worth it (and not to mention that HUGE plate of noms!).

  9. Woo Hoo !!!! Miss Salem !
    I jump up and down to know you feel better
    and Hooray for myself now you give me a Wink , sweet heart ; )
    Bring it on, Winky Waddler ...Ha..Ha...Ha
    Luv You

  10. I'm glad your eye is all better, Salem!

  11. One of my cats had an eye infection last year and I was shocked at how gracefully he accepted the eye drops that I had to give him.

  12. Glad your eye is doing better.... Looks like you got a good bowl of food out of the ordeal.

    pawhugs, Max

  13. Saucy sexy Salem!! Me and Charlie are so happy to read that your eye is all better!! Yay!! Awwww we think you are purrfect and deserve more treats! Yay! take care

  14. I sway too, Salem. I sway like crazy. I'm hope your eye is feeling better :)

  15. I'm glad your eyeball is all better! I, myself, have a hangy belly.

  16. Salem, we're glad your eye is better now. At least you got stinky goodness for the ordeal!

    BTW, like Daisy, we have hanging bellies. But they sway, does that count as sexy? :-P

  17. It is a good thing you got your eye checked out and I hope you feel all better really soon!

  18. Nigel sways like crazy...that boy loves his food!

    We can tell by that lovely belly photo of you that you are the purrfect size!

  19. I'm sure you have more of a saunter than a waddle even if you do look a little like a penguin. Glad your eye is better.

  20. Thumbs rule! Bean

    You think so! Bugs

  21. We have those same placemats and matching napkins! Got them from Gramma when she moved to assisted living. She had no use for lots of stuff.
    Anywho, Salem you are indeed a very fetching girl cat! We are happy your eye is doing better.

  22. Well Salem, I'm happy the eye was nothing serious! and a fluffy cat's sway is one of the loveliest sights known to man, so there.

  23. Only 12 lbs... you are a very skinny cat compared to Banjo.... ;)

    Hope your eye gets feeling better soon ~ you are lucky you have a family that loves you and keeps you healthy!!

    xo Catherine

  24. We are glad your eye is better Salem - and how right you are about thumbs!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  25. YAY, Salem, we are so happy your eye is well again. And you tell your mama that us kitties all think you are just purrfect the weight you are. :)


  26. Salem you have the most lovely tummy I do want to bury my fingers in your fur. I'm sorry you have had a poorly eye and glad it is better. Leo had to go to the vet last month with a high temperature and he shook the whole time. His little heart was going pitter-patter so fast the vet hadn't examined such a scaredy-kitty for a long time! He's all better now too. Monty is very like you but as he's so nervy and doesn't really relax he burns off lots of energy and stays sleek and slim, I'm hoping one day he'll get a tummy more like yours! Love from Leo and Monty and their mum xx

  27. Hi Salem, Mr Darcy here - I feel for you - I went to the vets a few months back as I was feeling under the weather and the vet had to go and weigh me! So not only did I end up on horrible meds, but he put me on a diet too - it was not a good week! I hope it works out better for you and that your eye feels better soon. I think that when humans go to the doctors for an eye infection the nurse should pass comment on their weight too... it's only fair!!

  28. We're glad your eye is better Salem :) I wonder if this is a tuxie thing as Austin has a tendency to have a runny left eye on occasion? Doesn't go crusty though. He goes crazy when I try to inspect him all day long! Sheesh!

  29. Glad that your eye is better Salem !
    I don´t understand what your mom means by that you should be a waddler ??
    Have a great monday :)

  30. I am glad your eye is better. There is nothing wrong with a bit of fluffy insulation. I, myself am not fat I am insulated for the cold winter weather. These are important distinctions!

  31. Glad your eye is all better. We've had our fair share of eye problems here with Benny, and it's better to be safe than sorry.

  32. Salem, the sadistic part of me wants to know what your mommy would nickname my definitely not svelt double broken eyed human. Could you ask her please? It would give me a laugh! Please could you also tell your mommy that we're having major email troubles here? The little man in the box decided to start a war, but he blew himself up. I thought I'd finally got rid of him, but the human went out and bought another talking man in an even bigger box. She says Computer's a nightmare to set up though, so she's still struggling! She says please could your mommy send her an email so that we can have your address again!

    They might have the thumbs, but they're still inadequate.

  33. Salem...we are so glad your eye is better. You must have 20/20 to be able to snoopervise the peeps and the sibs.
    Tell mom you don't waddle you strut you stuff!
    Hugs Madi

  34. Sweet Salem we are so happy you got drops for your eye and we hope it is all well very soon. You look great to us! We had to put up a new blog after Blogger locked us out so drop by to see us when you can. Hugs and nose kisses

  35. Thumbs! Those would be nice, but for now we have to settle for Mom, too.
    Glad your eye is better~
    ~ Napoleon

  36. You guys have the pest pawrents! You are spoiled to the guills and all your nose and eyeball boogers are kept track of :P That's choice:)
    Oh, and that means they get TWO THUMBS UP for their pawrenting skills!

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  37. Well I think it is rude when they comment on our weight. ~Scylla (I am NOT KITTY COW)

  38. We are all glad your eye is better.

  39. Don't worry, compared to mine, you are skinny. We are very happy that your eye is all better.

  40. My kitties sway, even the real skinny one.

    I'm glad your eye is better, don't let anybody smack it!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  41. Salem
    We are glad your eye is A-OK! No more buggers!!!
    And we think you look great.


  42. We are so very glad your eye is better Salem. Junior had to have eye medicine for the gunk coming out of one of his eyes, and he was not pleased with that!

  43. How rude to call you such a name, but you're right... she does have the thumbs...

    The Chans

  44. I'm sorry you had to go to the v-e-t and being weighed!! But that traitor (LOL) and poopyhead (LOL LOL) love you very much. They must have been very worried about your eye. I'm glad your eye is OK!!
    I love your 3rd picture very much. You look so cute and I would love to give you a belly rub... :-)

  45. We love the saucy walk bit ;) heehee
    We are also glad your eye is better!! Now we see how lovely they are :) !!!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  46. You look extra saucy and juicy!

  47. We're glad your eye is feeling better, Salem.

  48. my brother Dakota had a similar thing happen with HIS eye a few weeks ago. We still aren't sure what it was!

    Don't feel bad about your weight. I am a little over 11 lbs and I am a SMALL boned cat so Mom says I look and feel quite FAT!

  49. I'm glad your eye is better, Salem! Goopy eyeballs are no fun at all.

  50. Poor Salem! How much can one kitty take - shoe boxes and hams with toothpicks! This is just terrible! When you've had enough, just hussle your JLL's over here.

  51. Not nice, Mama! Making fun of your kitty when she has an affiction!

    Now I know you have a sense of humour, but really!

    Actually, I thought it was rather clever, and I love alliteration. Salem waddled all the way to her food dish -- no surprise there. Tee, hee.

  52. How could she say you waddle! It is more of a sexy sashay. We are glad your eye is better now.

  53. Dear Salem,

    My mummy calls me Captain Fluffypants. Or Mr. Fluffy Pantaloons.

    HUMANS ARE EVIL! But we must respect the opposable thumbs.

    Julius the Orj Kitty


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