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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let Them Eat CAKE!


Today is our Mommy's Birthday!  She was born at 10:42 AM, GMT-6, on 01-31-1963.
For those of you having only 18 digits, that works out to be 49 years old!

Here's a photo of Mommy as a tiny humankitten...

...and who's who!

Mommy is The Great Equalizer.

She's a Fashion Moron Maven.

She's the unseen half of Daddy's business.

She has a super lap.

Kitties, we have received several awards in the past few weeks--Thank you all, very much, those of you who bestowed them upon us-- and Mommy has been remiss in posting them for us.  As punishment, we're requiring her to tell some intimate things about herself.

While she rambles on, please enjoy the refreshments and foodables!

::clears throat::

"Ten Things About Me"

10.  After 20 years, I have started playing piano again. 

9.  I made Cherry jam for the first time last week!  It's delicious.  My favorite fruits are raspberries, cherries, and Macintosh apples, in that order.

8.  I bought myself two birthday presents:  a manual pencil sharpener (the type with a crank handle) and a pair of Dansko shoes.

7.  I LOVE shopping on the internet, and Amazon in particular.  I can't remember the last time I was in an actual brick and mortar store.

6.  I went vegetarian last year.  Bacon is a vegetable, right?  OK, maybe I'm better termed a flexatarian.

5.  My favorite color is black.  Probably because it shows every.  single.  cat.  hair.

6.  I love my job.  I operate the two water treatment plants in Las Vegas.  

5.  I detest cooking, although I can make a passable meal.  I prefer to bake, preferably something that oozes chocolate.  Lots and lots of chocolate.

4.  I like being alone, and I like solitary activities.  However, put me in a crowd of people and I'm gregarious.

3.  I love to read.  Words make me happy--I started reading somewhere before my third birthday and I haven't looked back.  I really enjoy writing (for the Cats) on our blog.

2.  I'm a homebody--I used to enjoy travelling but I lost the desire after moving to Vegas with sunshine 300+ days a year.  

1.  I love my feline family, warts, whizz and all. 
 And I love all of YOU for your comments, witticisms, sarcasm and general merriment!  Thank you for sharing a little corner of your lives with this nihilistic, solitary, misanthropic crazy cat lady.


Sheesh!  What a blabbermouth...hey, is it time for cake?

Happy Tuesday!

XX  The Katnip Lounge Kats  XX


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMKAT TRISH! We shout it loud so you can hear us from snowy Finland.

    We hope you have a great day and all the Krew get to share your lap (if they want to of course). And 49 is isn't such a bog number - next year is though, hehehehe.

    And by the way, which kitties have the warts ? We know about the whizz, but do spill on the warts.

    Hyvää syntymäpäivää sinulle :)

  2. "Happy Birthday, wonderful cat lady"
    49? Why you are still a kitten. Enjoy that last woosh! of a year of your 40's. And your 50's go too fast, too. Have fun. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Thanks fur sharing this with us. Our Mommy likes your style, too. She thinks you are rockin that tye-dye. (it's her favorite color.)

  4. Happy Birthday Trish!! I guess dinner is out Tuesday night then. Looks like we will have a lot to celebrate!

  5. Mommy Trish,
    ((((((HUGS))))) that's a humongous birthday hug for you from all of us...tuna breath and all.... purrr....meow!

    Angelina, Brad, Michael, Nicole, Nikki, Sebastian & Tom
    and the Mama

  6. Happiest of Birthdays Darling Trish! I LOVE seeing what your mum wrote on the back of the photo. She's right! You were cute then & now! Cats are colorblind so what do they know about fashion? They have one suit, that's it! How hard is that really?

    Why exactly would you be Alaska?

    My (49) brain can't figure it out.

    That Woman

  7. Hopefully your birthday will be filled with Dionysian excess.

  8. Where's the cake? There was cake, right? Chocolate cake, right? Huh? You shared with the kittehs, right?

    We luffed reading all about you, MomKat! You're the coolest!

  9. Happy Birthday to your Mum. The Woman is happy to see that she is a few months older than she is so she is. As ancient as humans are imagine counting months!

  10. Happy Birthday! We enjoyed reading about you! :)

  11. Happy Birthday! If there are any jam leftovers, we're putting our paws up for first dibs!

  12. Happy birthday, Trish!! The picture of you as a baby is adorable (also: my grandparents' living room looks just like that- right down to the lamp in the corner), and it was fun reading about you! For what it's worth, bacon is what keeps me from going vegetarian. Seriously.

  13. Happy Birthday to your mommy. We hope she has the bestest of days. We thought of sending her Abby as a present but then we remembered that birthday presents are supposed to be NICE.
    (and my publicist IS older than your mommy)

    Have a great day - we send goat hugs instead. They are nice.

  14. Happy Birthday, dear Trish! Our favorite birthday saying: Inside every old person is a younger person wondering what happened. Not that 49 is old, we declare it the new 29! Enjoy your day and have fun! Birthdays are good - the more you have, the longer you live.
    Hugs & kisses,
    The TTT Gang & Paula

  15. Happy Birthday to your mommie! My mom hates to cook too... except chocolates anything!

    We surely like that 5 generation picture!

  16. happy birthday!! It looks like you know how to have fun.

    What's your cat history? When did you know you were crazy for cats?

    Enjoy some yummy fish flavored kitty treats - the perfect thing for a birthday girl.

  17. Happy Birthday Dear Lounge Mommy! And many more...I'z got my jazz paws goin' full force for ya! We wish you a fantastic B-Day and a fabulous year ahead full of lots of bacon! Save a dance on your dance card for me...

  18. Happy Happy Birthday!!
    Bacon IS a vegetable, and on birthdays, it's even good for you!

  19. Happy birthday to your human!!! Now that I've seen that old photo of her as a baby, I have to say that now she looks loads like her mom! Which is cool because her mom is very pretty.

  20. Happy Birthday MomKat Trish. We hope your Alaska year is a great one. Hawaii next year will be even better!)Mum says you are still a young 'un. Enjoy lots of treats and chocolate, oh, and vegetarian bacon too!

  21. Happy Birthday, MomKat! You bring so much happiness into our lives, and we wish the greatest happiness for you. Have a wonderful day!

  22. Very Happy Birthday to your Mummy!!! Hope she has a wonderful day. :)

  23. Happy Birthday, Katnip Mom!!! You are clearly (almost) just as awesome as our #1!

    Purrs, Woofs and Neighs,
    The Chans, Tommy and Vidock

  24. Awwwwwwww!! Happy happy happy birthday to your most wonderful fabulous and fashion icon Mum!!!! Yay!!! We hope she enjoys her shoes and pencil sharpener! What great pressies!!

    Here is me and Charlie's song for mum:

    Happy birthday dear Trish!
    Blow your candles and make a wish!
    We hope you eat all your chocolate dish!
    Happy birthday dear Trish!

    Hip hip hooray!! :-)

    take care

  25. Happy Birthday Mommy Trish! We think you have such a fun looking laugh!

  26. Yay!!! Such interesting stuff about you. Love getting to know people :)) I can identify with a lot of that .... really!

    Happy Birthday, Trish. Hope the warts and whizz kitties give you a blast.

    PS am kind of curious to know what a "scrotch" is? What kind of business is it again? xx

  27. ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸☼ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸☼ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪... Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸☼ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪...Happy Birthday Dear Trish!!!! •*¨*•.¸¸☼ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪... Happy Birthday to you! ... ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸☼

  28. Have a wonderful birthday. Loved all the photos as well.

  29. Happy Happy 49th B-day to your very sweet Mom!! You 13 know just how lucky you are!!

    Mom and I love your mom's top 10 list!!

    Hugs and have a purrfect day
    Madi and Mom

  30. Happy birthday, mom Trish! We hope you have a fabulous day, filled with all your favourite things, feline and non-feline. Cake would be good. :-)

    BTW, that card is so totally cool!

    Happy day!

  31. Happy Birthday Mommy Trish!!! We hope you have a wonderful day! All of us are sending love and purrs your way!

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, Sky, and Mam Rose

  32. Happy Birthday to you, Trish, all the way from Brazil!
    I have such a good time reading your blog's posts. Hope you can have all the joy you give me times 10!

    Hugs and love,

  33. Happy Birthday !! You are delightful !

    Eva & Gracie's Mom

  34. Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope you have the best day EVER. Uh...did someone say cake??? We're all teleporting over for the are you gregarious in a crowd of kitties???? Oh yeah, let's party!

  35. Happy Birthday Trish!!! We hope you have a fantastic day filled with lots of kitty loving :-)

    PS - I've been veg for five years now and STILL miss bacon, gah! 1963 was a very good year...

  36. happy birthday... glad to hear about the piano. and i'll share a recent discovery: morningstar veggie bacon strips. they are more bacon than bacon like... although many of the ingredients are chemicals i've never heard of so they probably aren't any better for you than bacon, at least they qualify for a vegetarian food...

  37. Happy, Happy Birthday to Mom Katt Trish - we hope you get bacon and chocolate for dinner.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  38. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRISH!!!! We hope you get lots of cake and chocolate (and yes, we are sure bacon is a vegetable).

  39. Happy Birthday to one special lady. I had to laugh when I read where you took up the piano again. So did I only I never had it as a young person (well does accordian count?) Loved learning all these things about you.

  40. Happy Birthday!

    I have heard that pork is a vegetable from reliable sources...ok, it was the Onion.

  41. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

  42. Happy birfday to yer human mum! Our human said she'd love to be 49 again--she's many times over...

  43. Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy BIRTHDAY Dear Trish...
    Happy Birthday to you!

    *the kitties sing...* And Many More!

  44. Happy birthday to your mom!!! She is a pawsome lady. We love the baby pic of her; that's sweet.

  45. Happy Birthday to your Mom Trish!!
    Enjoyed reading about her.
    ~ The Bunch

  46. Happy Birthday to your mommy....and lotza love to all of you.

  47. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Trish ~ we think yoo are an awesome cat lady!

    Love from Milo & Alfie and our mom xxxxxxxxxx

  48. Happy Birthday to your Mom!
    She's definitely a keeper we say. : )
    Many noselicks to her,
    Siena & Chilli

  49. Happy Birthday Momkat Trish! We hope you have a pawesome day and wish you many, many happy returns!

  50. Trish Happy Purrfect Birthday!We love you more than ever for sharing!

  51. HAPPY PURRTHDAY MOMCAT!!! Hope you have a great day and the kitties give you lots of headbutts and smoochies!

  52. Happy, Happy Birthday!! Hope you are having a lovely day and being spoilt. I guess if you've chosen to wear black today you will be being spoilt by being the recipient of lots of lovely white cat hairs, they are the best present after all aren't they -the gift that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving as you desperately try in vain to remove them.....hope you get lots of cuddles too xxxx

  53. Wishing your mum a realy brilliant birthday and sending hugs GJ xx

  54. Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!!!!!! I hope her day is special...because she sure is!

  55. Happiest of Birthdays Mom Trish!!
    Our mom's a 1960 baby and her birthday is Saturday so you share a week.
    We think you 2 would get along swell! Of course you both love cats, but our mom is a solitary book reader with an Amazon addiction too!

  56. I hope me and mom are not to late for the party ??!!
    We wish you Trish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!
    Hope you are having a great day :)

  57. Have the happiest birthday ever!! One year older than me. :) Love the photos, especially the five generations!

  58. Happy Birthday to your mom!

    Do you think CSI will do an episode about a "crime" at the water treatment plant? If they do, she'll have to be one of the "witnesses".

  59. Happy, happy birthday, Sheebs!

    #6--Our mom says she is a non-practicing vegetarian. She doesn't buy meat to ruin in some unfortunate cooking attempt, but she'll enjoy it if it happens comes her way. (And I guess bacon would be a vegetable then!)

  60. Happy Birthday!! May your day be free of worry, stress, scooping the box, and full of kitty snuggles and fantastic chocolate treats!

  61. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to your mom! Love all the great pictures. We can see you kitties are helping her have a wonderful birthday. Enjoy! Hugs and nose kisses

  62. Hope you have had a wonderful birthday, Trish. We all love the picture of all the generations in your family. What a treasure!

  63. A very Happy Birthday to you. You are a mere child compared to our Mom. She is older than dirt srsly. Hope you had a super day with lots of fun things going on. Glad you are enjoying life. That is so important. Life is too darn short not to enjoy it in some ways. Take care.

  64. Happy, happy birthday to your wonderful mom! She reminds me of my own Mommeh, especially #7, #6, #3 and Dansko shoes!!!

  65. Happy birthday to your mom!!! I had fun reading about her. I love shopping on internet, too. Some items are available only in the store, so I still go into stores. It's great she loves her job..not many people love their job.
    Enjoy the cake and have a wonderful day!!

  66. Happy Birthday Momkat have made my mommy smile every single day for as long as she's known you. You are a joy to come and see and so are the furred ones. Unfailingly. Your humor, the love you show your furred and human family is always a pleasure to read. Your fashion sense can I put this..I know! Awesome. (!)

    xoxoxo Mom and Katie

  67. Happy Birthday, MomKat Trish! We enjoyed reading those things about you even if the Lounge Kats thought you were a blabbermouth! We liked your blabbering!

    We hope you are having a great day!!

  68. I cannot think of a BETTER POST for your birthday!! A post celebrating YOU and letting us know more about you!

    Love you, you zany Aquarian! My husband is an Aquarius too, such complex beings!

    Thank YOU for the fun you bring to OUR lives, not to mention your incredible wit!
    Hope your birthday is the happiest ever!

  69. Happy Birthday, MomKat Trish! We enjoyed learning all 12 of the 10 things about you. We hope you have a wonderful day!

  70. Happy, happy birthday Trish! We hope the cats made you a nice bacon and chocolate caserole to celebrate and to commemorate two of your favourite things...
    We also hope 49 is your best year yet! LP turned 49 on the the 14th of this month and she feels absolutely fabulous :)
    the critters in The Cottage xo

  71. Happy Birthday MomKat! :) We hope you had a great day!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  72. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that the cats gift you with some wonderful purrs and assorted cat lap naps.

  73. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday deaaarrrrr Triiiiiisssssshhhhhh
    Happy Birthday tooooooooo you!!

    Hope you had a great day,
    Chloe, Cecil, Winston and Mom Shawn

  74. Forty nine! Isn't that the new 35? I don't even remember 49. Happy Birthday, Trish. Hope your whole day was wonderful. Scott did get you a chocolate cake, didn't he?

  75. What a fun post to get back with you! Happy happy birthday. I'm so glad you enjoy writing -- I enjoy reading whatEVER you come up with. You just rock.

  76. Happy Birthday! Um, why would yoo be Alaska?

  77. Happy birthday, Trish! A little bit late, I know... :-)

    Yes, it seems 1963 was a good year, my husband was born that year!

    You should not think "I am getting old", but "I am so lucky to be 49, some people do not reach this age" :-(

    Enjoy life and the pets!



    We have been ordered to tell you that baking anything chocolate makes you like one of our Mom's favorite people. SHE has a serious chocolate addiction and refuses to share chocolate with us, she uses some lame excuse about it being bad for us. We know the truth she is a chocolate HOG.

    Our Mom wants a piano, she had one when she was little and was forced to take piano lessons. She says she misses playing. Daddy says she misses torturing people with her playing.

  79. Happy Birthday - our aplogies for being late. Mom is running 2-3 days behind!!! Hope you had a wonderful day and we loved the facts about you.

  80. Happy Belated Birthday Mom Trish !
    Me ans Mom are so sorry, We are unbelievable late ! We hope you had a purrfect day and lots of fun ! and we love everything about you : ) We hope we can hear you play piano one day ( Youtube ) with all kitties : )

    Have a wondearful age
    we love you

    Puddy and Mom Boom

  81. We are way late to this party, and we blame our human staff for this messup. We apologize for the oversight! Happy birthday and many more from all of us Good Cats!

  82. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR MOMMY!!!!! Sorry we're a lil late with our birthday wishes, we haven't had much bloggie time lately. We loved learning more about you mom, she is just totally ultimately pawesome!!!


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