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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday with Sheebie: Ten Questions!


Sheebie, a.k.a. Mommy Trish here.

Last week the Lounge Kats were tagged by Clarissa's Cats to answer the Ten Questions meme...and as punishment (long list of infractions...) the Kats directed me to answer them!  Here goes:

1.  Describe myself in seven words-
 moody, independent, witty, analytical, sarcastic, word-loving, rule-breaker, handy

2.What keeps me up at night?
Nothing.  There's a pill for that.  Maybe a good book.

3.  What would I like to be?
Wealthy enough to practice some serious philanthropy.  Warren Buffet style.

4.  What am I wearing right now?
Another one of my haute couture creations:  an oversized ratty lime green tee, baggy olive green capri sweats,  magenta shorty socks, and bright yellow crocs.  It's actually pretty tame.

5.  What scares me?
Failure.  So much so that I sometimes avoid starting things.

6.  Best and worst of blogging?
Best:  Friendship!
Worst:  There's never enough time to visit and leave snarky comments.

7.  Last website I visited:
Clarissa's, for the questions! 

8.  One thing I'd like to change:
I'd love to be tall enough to get stuff from the top shelf in the cupboard!

9.  Slankets, yes or no?

10.  Tell something about the person who tagged you:
Clarissa loves Alice Cooper (fist pump) and the FIFTEEN cats that live with her.  I find it very comforting that there's someone out there that is owned by more cats than I.

Since this meme has been going around, I'm not gonna tag anybody or anykitty...but if you want to play, feel free, and hit me back so I can read your answers!

Happy Sunday!

XX  Sheebie  XX


  1. Wow, those kitties are relentless in pushing you around! And having to have snacks while you're working. Or is the one trying to help worse? MOL
    Great answers!!

  2. You are lucky - I would never let my human take over my blog for a post!

  3. Yeah--I'd never allow my human to use my blog either! Now what's a slanket?

  4. If it's any comfort the publicist once had 17 cats of which 15 were black.....

  5. Spitty thinks you look like a '50s movie star layin' on that bench.

  6. We kittehz think your Mommy rocks! Her style is unparalled and fear of failure???? Woman, you haf a dozen cats!!! You are a screaming success!!!

  7. That first pic SO looks like TBT replacin the garge-eater-grinder unner the sink. MOL!

  8. Äiti is BANNED from answering these questions. These blogs are about us cats, not those who serve us (unless it is in our interests of course). Katnip Loungers, you have my sheer admiration for coping with your Mom. Actually she seems pretty similar to Äiti. It is scary in a way. Do you think this stereotype thing is true about the crazy women whom we live with ?
    BTW, that butt guide looks kind of old - isn't it about time you did your own ?

  9. Its so lovely to hear all about your mummy. Our mummy would like to reach top cupboards too. She used to use my hooman brother as an extension but now he is big he can get things for her :)xx

  10. YAY!! Lovely to see mum and her unique fashion style! :-) Take care

  11. We are glad to see you were well snoopervised when you were fixing the under sink plumbing.

  12. Your mammy is so adorable and I like a lot the answers and the pictures, mainly that red bench shot, it's so cool!
    Happy Sunday to you all
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  13. I really really love the ansxwers and to know more about your mommy!!!!

  14. Hey, you relax (in photo no. 8) just like our Kenggy! LOL!

  15. Sheebie, we enjoyed reading your answers. Our mom says you are a fun person and she'd like to hang with you.

  16. Fun answers, Sheebie! We sure enjoyed learning more about you. :)

  17. I think Sheebie needs to get more colour and contrast into her wardrobe! Sheesh! Good to get the lowdown, though. Have noted cat butt fetish for future reference :)

  18. Love those answers! Now we know what a slanket is!

  19. We loved your pictures and learning more about you.

  20. Sheebie! Only two helpers (and two eaters) for the under-the-sink repair?

    P.S. My mom has a tool bag just like that!

  21. You were well snoopervised during the under-sink repair. And, laying alone on the bench without a cat must've been strange.

  22. Dear Nippers!
    Me loves these 10 questions and me 'spcially loves when the Mommy's posts! They all sound like my Mommy! Maybe one of the requirements of cat ownership is cattitude (and strange clothing).

  23. OMC Katnip have the most fun mom I know. We loved loved loved her answers. Mom like the one about being tall enough...
    Mom told me when she was a little kitteh she wanted to be taller than the fridge...then her peeps got a new fridge with a freezer at the top.
    On a good hair day she measures 5'3 1/2"
    Hugs Madi

  24. That was cute! We wish mom had time for us to read blogs and leave snarky comments too!

  25. Fully appreciated learning more about Mommy Trish. Such a fun post!

  26. I loved the answers and mom loved them even more. Who knows, she may do that for her own self since she did one for me.

    You make blogging worth is absolutely just a highlight of pur day coming over here.

  27. Hi kitties, just popped over to thank you for your blogoversary wishes :-) I hope all of you are having a great weekend...your mum can really rock the red nose - lol!!!

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  29. Wow, that was a lot of questions and very good answers. I feel that I really got to know your mommie so much better today. Thanks for sharing.
    Oh Felix, I was so glad that you visited today. I was worried since I had not heard from you that maybe you didn't have as much fun on our date as I did. I was worried that you didn't want to be in contact with me. But since you were the true gentleman that you are and contacted me first after our date I am not able to contact you! Yeah!!!!!! And yes, I did dream about you and our wonder Vegas date.
    xoxoxo blush,

    ps: The delete was my mommie, she was logged in to the wrong blog. What is one to do?!

  30. There really never is enuf time to be snarky.

  31. ps: I put you at the top of my blog friend list! Does that give you a hint on how much I like you and your family!?

  32. Great answers. Only one of them was wrong. Clarissa is not the only one living with more cats than live at the Katnip Lounge and that would be us. We are 20 somedays and somedays more than that. But a good steady 20 for sure. So we know how you feel. Those were some super answers. Have a great week

  33. So your a shortie too, huh.
    I feel your pain. -SSS's mom

  34. That was fun learning more about your mommy! She's way more fun than our mommy!

  35. there a rule that a cat mommie must be short, because I am too! My son and a stepladder are both handy things to have around.

    But I apparently am brain dead bacause I didn't get the slanket reference.

    Have a great week!


  36. Cool answers :)
    Great pics too ;)
    We need to get ours done. Mom is very lazy!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia.
    Tiger, Treasure and JJ

  37. We really enjoyed your answers! Most times our mom is too tired to be snarky. And handy? People who know her TAKE tools out of her hands.


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