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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Thoughts


This is our Mommy, hard at work on our blog.
You might think "Only four Loungers snoopervising?  We thought she'd need more!"

And you would be correct.
Kitty Number Five is hard at work on the sofa.  Can you see her?

Anyway, it's time to answer questions that all y'all have left in the comments!
Let's get to it!

Q.  Does Felix have any Abyssinian in his ancestry?
A.  Cod only knows!  It is possible, the furs on his torso have ticking, but he has definite micro-striped points on his legs, tail and head like a Siamese.  Mommy thinks he most likely has some Oriental in him, considering his markings and long slender build.  And crankypants!  Never forget the C-trousers.
Felix, July 2005.  Note the lack of freckles and brown whiskers!
Q.  When did Mommy know she was crazy for cats?
A.  Mommy has always been crazy (for cats), as long as she can remember she's loved kitties.  She got her first kitty, Mercedes, when she was just a kitten herself.  However, it took Daddy to come along to let her TRUE kitt-insanity flag fly free!
OMC!  Mommy's hair isn't gray in this photo!
Q.  How does Silvervine compare to Valerian Root and Catnip?
A.  We'll let Mommy put this one in Human terms for us:
Catnip = Silly Drunk
Valerian = Silly Stoned
Silvervine = Silly, Stoned and Sleepy.  With the munchies.
Maui is the HUGEST stoner amount is too much, in his opinion.  Ever.
Mellow Maui
Q.  Which Lounger has warts?
A.  Sylvester does!  Actually it's a big skin tag, but you know how our peeps exaggerate stuff.
Love Me, love my wart!
Q.  Girlcats or Mancats?
A.  That depends.  Us girlcats like mancats, and the mancats like we suppose both!
(was that neatly sidestepped or what?)
We play together nicely!  Most of the time.
Q.  Who is the boss cat?
A.  Mommy here--they will have to get back to you on that one...

Happy Thursday!

XX  The Lounge Kats  XX


  1. We have a new mission - to get silvervine. Maui's eyes have hypnotised us into it. So when Äiti leaves the house we're logging on to ebay.......

    Thank you for the info - it is always good to have the gen on you: warts and all.

  2. Aren't they all nosexcats anyway?

  3. Oh now that silvervine sounds interesting! And don't humans need way too much snoopervising?

  4. I think Mommy is the Boss Cat. Right? Right.

    Okay in the box? Okay in the box.

  5. Great post! We luf finding out bout our furriends. Btw, your Mommy is purrfectly clad in both pics! xoxo

  6. It was fun to read your answers! That silvervine stuff sounds pretty fabulous.

  7. I think Sylvester's nickname should be Lemmy! Because the Motorhead frontman has moles that everyone calls warts.

  8. I'm betting boss cat changes from day to day... no?
    Love all the pictures!

  9. Furry interesting! I guess the boss cat will be the one who least stoned and most awake on the day!

  10. Me and Charlie vote Felix as the Boss cos of his super crankiness!!

    Awww we hope it's Sweet Pea on the sofa?!!? And Salem is just near enough disappeared if it weren't for her amazing laser eyes!! You kitties have invisible super powers!!

    Take care

  11. Cool pictures, you all are great helpers while mammy there is blogging!
    Thanks mammy for these questions and answers!

  12. That's a most excellent post! We're pretty sure there i some Aby in Felix as very few breeds have the agouti ticking. And Abys originally were tabbies, with some even now showing much more pronounced tabby markings (a big no-no in the show ring).

    The Chans

  13. Great post - was fun learning more about everyone - including mamacat!!

  14. Great photos, Trish. Lots of interesting info, too. Have a great day. Package should arrive tomorrow. Deb

  15. Ah, I learned so much! Must get me some silvervine...

  16. Hee hee very cute post guys. Mom is just waiting for that special guy to come around so she can hoard puppy dogs. My life will be turned upside down, I will be moving in with you at that point.

  17. question for maui: have you ever heard the grateful dead?

  18. I love seeing snoopervision in progress!!!!

  19. Great buddies your momm have!!!!

  20. I am also closely supervised all the time at our house - LOL!!!

  21. We loved the stone photo--great shot!

  22. I am pretty sure your daddy is the boss cat!

  23. Good questions but great answers.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  24. We are at least going to have to try out some of that Valerian stuff. We will save the Silvervine for another time.

    Meowm says to tell you there is a giant blue thing in our home....and that we aren't too sure about it right now.

  25. That silverine stuff sounds amazing ... gonna have to get some of that!

  26. The main thing we learned from your answers is that if our mum doesn't get her butt in gear and order us that silvervine, we are moving in with you.

  27. Hi Fav 13....your Mommy needs to write a feline book!!
    She did a very good job on the Q&A!!
    Give her a raise
    Hugs Madi

  28. Excellent snoopervision Kitties. We understand you can't all do it at once, you need to take shifts.

  29. Loved learning more and the pictures were fun. I think the question answering is one (of many) favorite blogs you kitties do.

  30. Constant supervision is important! Me must lay beside Mommy while she works on the sofa, or if she is in her office chair, me must have a cat tree beside her chair!
    Me loved reading more about your Mommy!

  31. Good Q and A!

    We must try silvertine!


  32. Hey to all at your place. Paws up for getting the mom to work for you. I see that you kept a close eye on her while she was working, way to go.
    Flelix, I am so looking forward to meeting you and getting to know all of your siblings. I am not sure about our first meeting. Maybe the mancat should come out here. Mom here would like to see some photos of you so if you could please send me some photos of you for my files they will be a big help for our adventures we will have. When are you thinking we should get together and what would you want to do when you arrive. Oh, if you have a photo of you from behind that is needed too. Maybe next week we could meet.

  33. We ordered some silvervine and we CANNOT wait to get it...though our mom is afraid we're gonna turn into vine-heads.

  34. It's always way more interesting at your place than ours. We'd like to know if everykitty sleeps inside at night or do some stay on the catio all night long too.

  35. We like reading all about you guys - and good job helping your mum write the blog post!

    Our mummy is crazey for cats, too :)

  36. Answering questions is one of our favorite reads in your blog!
    You are very good snoopervisors.
    Happy Friday!
    ~ The Bunch

  37. HI there !
    It was fun to read all your answers to all the questions :)
    Me too have to send my mom of to get some Silvervine !

  38. That was fun. We always like to learn more about our furriends.

    Truffle and Brulee

  39. my boring mom won't get me Silverine...she is afraid it will make me more nuts than I already am :(

  40. LOL! Oh your blog always makes me happy!!!

    Have a fantastic weekend!
    xo Catherine

  41. You are so nice as decorations in the room, and filling in boxes, and I see that you really check on what your mom is writing on the computer !


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!