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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday with Sheebie!


Mommy Trish here.  I KNOW!  Two weeks in a row.  Will wonders never cease.

Well, I tried to do two blogs for a while, one just for myself, and that was a colossal FAIL on my part to keep it up.  But that doesn't mean I don't have really important stuff to say!  So I empowered myself to make an "Executive Decision" (since I have the thumbs) to take over Sunday posts as I see fit.

Take that.

February's been a fraught kind of month for me, I felt like I've been spinning my wheels, not getting anything done that I consider important.  I'm sick and tired of the cold weather and last week was cloudy which irked me, as well.  My back hurt, (it's slow to heal) and my allergies acted up.  So I had a pity party and took an extra day off of work and didn't do anything but lay around like a slug.  It was blissful.  I'm still cranky, but that's pretty normal for me.  If only it would warm up!  I miss the HOTS.  Thank you for your kind comments a couple of posts back, it does make a difference.

I'll make Lemonade, no matter what.
Johnson has turned into a GIANT super-lovebug since his shaving, sitting *almost* in my lap and soliciting luvvins from both of us.  I truly think he is a lot more comfortable with all that shaggy fur gone.  He enjoys being rubbed and scratched all over now, before he'd snap if we petted him on his flanks or close to his bottom.  He had tons of tiny mats in there that I couldn't get out and it was time for a fur suit re-boot.  I cannot get over how svelte he is--he's actually much thinner than I thought, he has a waist and everything!  He weighs less too, he had a pound of fur removed, no kidding.  

Me and my Little Nudist!
The Baby went to the vet.  She's always had boogery eyes and nose, but her ears were getting bad too.  Lots of wax.  She'd sit on Scott's desk and give the drawer with the Q-tips in it the hairy eyeball until Scott would clean her ears out...every day!  Afterwards, she insists on smelling the used Q-tips to make sure Dad did a good job.  She checked out OK, so the vet gave her a small shot of depo-medrol in case it's allergies.  By the next day the boogers were less, and she isn't making flat itchy ears anymore so hopefully that's that.
Booger Cat and Sylvester, hard at work.
Now for some really exciting news.

We had a first here at the Lounge Friday night, I had the pleasure of removing not just a dingleberry, but an entire turd from a feline!

I know you want my life.

  Here's the poop--Felix had assumed the wash-the-privates position in the doorway of Scott's office, licking and licking and licking.  I passed by a few times, and finally noticed that he was licking at something.  Now, Felix is a big time pee-pee washer; so my first inclination was to assume he was performing an extendo-clean, if you get my drift.  Closer inspection proved that this was not the case--it was poop, so I went and got some toilet tissue and nabbed Felix to give him an assist--and much to my surprise it was stuck!  Poor Felix, he got swooped up onto Scott's desk where he was held immobile by his Dad, and I firmly yanked gently removed the lodged log.  And log it was--no wonder he yelled.  I am gonna buy some petro-malt to lube up his train cars; as interesting as the whole thing was I don't know that I need a repeat performance.
The Corked-Up Cat 

So, do y'all think Sunday with Sheebie is a good idea?  I think the Horde is relieved that the camera isn't out...

Happy Sunday!

XX  Trish, aka "Sheebie" XX


  1. well, with the mood thing.... right there with ya... even having to call in sick thing!
    Poor felix, I hope he is all relieved now!

  2. TBT here: I'm almost overwhelmed by all the post.

    Taking a "mental health day" off sometimes is very important. Granted I am retired and do it every day, but I did it while employed infrequently and it always made me better the next workday.

    I am considering giving Iza the shave treatment. Her fur is mink-like, but it IS thick. And especially around her butt. She really has "Klingons", and needs some pantaloon reduction. I tried it myself, but I think it takes 3 people to do it with her.

    About the TMI... Noprob. But a flea comb seems to work well with the dingleberries...

  3. Binga is on permanently on lactulose for a similar reason... although I think about 75% of her problem was that she was eating my human's long hair (she sheds sometimes!) and that was getting things clogged up. Once my human started being more careful about putting her hair in the trash after brushing (her own head, that is) and not just letting it scatter, Binga's, um, "incidents" went way down.

  4. Poor Felix. I hope he is free now.
    Hey, with all you do for them they can give you a day on the blog

  5. Oh, Baby I know you're not booger-y. It can't be true...

  6. Poor Felix! Ginger is still on his meds, he takes Miralax everyday. He's been doing great but he may be in need of an assist tomorrow, so mom is hoping a double dose of the stuff will do the trick...

  7. Poor Guy. Gemini sympathizes. It has happened to her too.

  8. I think Sheebie Sunday is a great idea :-) Isn't it amazing how we become immune to poop, vomit, boogers etc? Cleaning up vomit is just another day at the plant and now even Robert can correctly describe a hairball to me if I didn't see it - LOL!!!

  9. Ever since the Big Shave, the Human is positively obsessed with the idea of getting her grabby hands on Johnny. She can almost feel that warm velvety bod under her fingers. Perv.

    Lately she's been eyeing her razor and squinting in a really creepy way at me.

  10. We hope your funk gets better soon. Hang tight and the weddurs will change. That sounds like a very exciting week around your house! (lodged log and all) xoxox

  11. Well now, you have put us in a QUANDRY! Äiti loves the fact that this is a Mom blog. But she doesn't know how to reply because we are waiting here tapping away about the injustice of such secrets as log jams (Äiti's note - because you know I might spill all about your logs). And as for TJ loving being free and furless - well, we just have to believe it! And it is great that he is enjoying it so much and getting the scritches he wants. He's got a few years worth. But we like the blog post - and are hoping Äiti doesn't get the same idea.......

  12. Oh, boy - it's a good thing you don't live here - the sun doesn't come out for days and days sometimes -
    Re: TMI - hey, a mommy's gotta do what a mommy's gotta do - but I agree that some Petromalt is probably a good idea -

    I'm jealous - a whole day to slug around in the bed - ah the luxuries that some people have. :-) T.

  13. We bet Felix feels really relieved now. Mommy would love to send some of the HOTS here to you.

  14. Happy Sunday to you all as well! I know how it feels to get shaved and believe me, it's heaven!:))

  15. Me and Charlie give paws and thumbs up for Sheebie Sundays!! We don't see why kitty and Bean blogs should be separate - all is one big happy family! Yay!!

    Awww sweet Mr Johnny!! When I first got Charlie his fur along his hind legs and bum were all matted but I didn't know that until he snapped at me whenever I touched him there. So off to the vets with a few snips here and there and now he's just lovely! Awww so we understand!

    Hugs to The Baby and to amazing Felix - well done mum and dad! Phew and erm.. pooh! LOL!

    Have a great Sunday! Take care

  16. Sheebie Sunday is a great idea!
    Eric used to get log jams and now he takes katalax on a regular basis to keep things moving along. Flynn doesn't block up as such, but if he has been eating long grass he sometimes runs off with a string of sausages hanging out of his bum. I get the wonderful job of pulling the grass out and get the thanks of a lot of hissing in the process.

  17. Poor Felix! Glad the Baby is better and love Johnson with his shaved body. :) Hope all the furry ones have a great week. Anesha :)

  18. Perhaps unplugging Felix might help with your own catharsis! A kind of physical representation? Churchill called it the black dog times. That is why I have a cat!

    Will look forward to your Sunday musings :)

  19. Glad Feix is no longer a corked up kitty! Must feel better now despite losing his dignity :D

  20. Johnson is looking great! And I once had to remove an entire turd from Julius' pantaloons. SO glad I haven't had to repeat that!!

  21. Mario's mom here: Poor Felix, how humiliating for him. I have a personal blog too because I have Parkinson's and wanted to document how life is. So, I have slump days too and well understand how they can be - every ache and pain is worse during those periods. I like your idea of doing a Sunday post for yourself. Mario said he'll go for it too.

  22. We like having a human day on the blog.

    Meowm has had to remove things a time or two on one of us, or just get out the wash cloth and give a bit of a scrubbing. Well, sometimes we get tired of twisting and turning to get everything cleaned up!

    We are glad the Baby is feeling better! And we are glad TJ is loving his noodest-ness!

  23. We like Sundays with Sheebie because we love learning more about what goes on at the Lounge! The good, the bad and the poopy! We hope the Hots show up in Vegas soon! As for being a slug, our mommy is already planning a slug day on April 18th and it'll probably last until May actually.

  24. Been away from blogging for this last week and glad to get caught up at your place with all that has been going on. Hope all is well with the furries and you.

  25. hey, good idea! I can't manage two blogs either and I must say my cats' lives are more intersting, lol! I may take on a 'Mom on Monday' post. I took a couple of "mental days" a few weeks ago and I must say I could use more! When any of my gang have a, er, turd problem, they wipe their bum on the carpet leaving the poop and a nice skid mark, lol! Tiny looks great! can't believe he had so much floof! Here's hoping the sun and hots will be back soon for you. take care,


  26. We think Sheebie Sundays is a great idea. We love hearing about what's going on with the mom too.

    We think Johnny looks very handsome as a nudist. We love his little moon boots

  27. Look forward to your Sunday posts... Hope the kitties don't rebel... Not to give them any ideas but an effective protest might be for all of them to get stuck poops.

  28. Mommy LOVES your post! Now she is getting ideas! About taking Days off and hijacking MY blog.
    Me and Kozmo don't has too much hair, but our hairy slobbery sister Bob does. Mommy has had her shaved a couple of times and Mommy needs to cut her pants at least once a month or we has poop in the house problems, and dogs just drag their butt across the carpet!
    Kisses Nellie

  29. OMC! Felix!! We hope you feel better now, friend! Rudy gets gunk in his ears, too, and he has allergies. That Johnson sure is a big ball of fluffy gorgeous cat! Happy Sunday! We hope Felix has no more poop problems!!
    Buster, Rudy, Sam and Mom Cindy

  30. Maybe you just need to have a little Silvervine and roll on the floor!

  31. Love the Sheebies on Sundays blog posts! Doesn't hurt the kitties to learn to share.

    Laughed at your TMI, it reminds me of a time when Sasha was little and ate a bit of ribbon. It made it's way throughout his system (I didn't realize how lucky we were!) but he couldn't rid himself of it so I had to do the honors. ICKY for both of us. Ribbon is now banned in this home.

    Take care of yourself...spring will arrive soon I'm sure!

  32. I think Sunday with Sheebie is a great idea!! I enjoy it all, cats and humans.

  33. Felix "Pop a top" Cat!!
    OMC he is lucky to have such a devoted servant with thumbs....but we all know we do what we have to when it comes to the babes.
    Well Done Mom
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  34. PS Sundays with Shebbie works for us!

  35. Oh dear, looks like Mr. Cheddar had too much cheese! Good thing you swooped for the assist. Poor guy coulda been making hisself sick!

    Sundays w/Sheebie sounds just the ticket.

    That Woman

  36. a pound of fur?? seriously? wow.

    I'm all for Sheebie Sunday. I mean even God rested on the 7th day, so the kitties should too :)

  37. It is not unusual for Abby to get stuck in mid poop. I have had to help remove stucked poop before. I was so surprised at the last time because it sounds a lot like your experience and she MEOW'red big time while I pulled and she ran from me but hey it came out.


  38. "Extendo-clean" hahahahahaha! Maybe I should pretend I don't know what that is...

  39. Hey, we're cool with Sheebie Sunday. We like the hots too...of course, it doesn't get as hot here as it does where you live.

    We're glad Johnny is adjusting well as a nudist. And poor Felix!! That musta been embarrassing!!

  40. Yeah, mum says mental health days can be very necessary. On the TMI, at least you don't have pictures!

  41. The Felix bit almost made me poop my pants. Trish, the smartest thing to do is knowing when to stop. I blog daily at the Boomer Muse and Cat Wisdom, even now on my vacation in Florida which is no vacation! Okay, I did auto-post some but oh no, it's back to normal tomorrow.

  42. A most excellent idea. Hope you feel better soon.

    As I was reading about the poop, I could actually smell it, too. Then I realized that someone had just made a deposit in the litter box 15 ft away. That was weird! I'm glad you were around to help Felix out. Very uncomfortable, I'm sure.

  43. There always seems to be a lot going on at Katnip Lounge. You kitties make me smile!
    xo Catherine

  44. Vaseline on the leg once a week works wonders for the train cars-mine lick it off and it works for great for hairballs/poop.

  45. And I thought I was bad on the LOLSpot just with fart jokes!!! I bow to your toilet humour superiority.

  46. I think sharing the blog is a wonderful idea - Genghis and I share -because I knew I'd never be able to manage more than one blog successfully.


  47. Count me in... on the posting thing not the log removal...

    Feel better!

  48. Excellent, Sheebie. Lean into it. Sometimes life is simply not what it's cracked up to be and then it's time to have a really good grizzly slugfest. I'm right there with you. Plus it's entertaining as all heck for the rest of us when you write about it.

  49. Pluma here,
    Mommy and I share the Funky Karma wordpress, she says she can't keep up with more than 1 blog, heck, she has trouble with the facebooks too, do you think she is lazy or overworked like she says?
    She says I yam gettin a Lion cut this summer, she says "Too much white furs everywhere in the hot summer, I will feel better trimmed up" as the jury is still out on that I'll let you know!


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