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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday with Sheebie!

(and their Humans)

Sheebie here.

First up, a couple of lovely spring flowers taken by my Mom down in Tucson, AZ--poppies and a stray purple wildflower:

Pretty poppies growing wild by my parents' house.

Mom tells me that as of yesterday the flowers are still going strong!
Their spring is about three weeks early, those lucky dogs.  It's finally starting to approach what I consider livable temperatures here in the Mohave, we're in the 70's on the Catio in the afternoons so I enjoy my after-work Coffee and Cat session al fresco.  The Horde is shedding bushels of fur so  I've been swilling a lot of cat hair in my joe because I end up grooming at least one of them while I'm out there.  Never Scouty, of course--he sidles up near me, especially if Johnson is getting attention, but startles and runs if I so much as stretch a finger out in his direction.  The last time I made a real effort to pick him up he emptied his anal glands (all over the bed--ACK!) in defense which has "deterred" me from any further attempts.  Scott and I joke about using a tranquillizing blow dart if we ever have to take him to the vet.  
Or a net.

I noticed today that I had to re-subscribe to a bunch of blogs, apparently Blogger had a hiccup again.  I intend to synch Reader with Blogger on my weekend and get things back to where they were.  Do me a favor and check my links list and let me know if you're not on it!  Grrrrrrr.  I apologize if the Cats and I haven't been around as much to comment lately; I put my foot down to myself and cut back.  I'm still keeping up with everyone, but after two years of daily commenting on a couple of hundred blogs I am fried.  I hope to get around to comment once a week, and maybe more, and have time to do what I consider "better" posts for the Cats, because lately I feel like I've been phoning some 'em in.

I worked on my Goodreads list some more--if you click on the picture in the widget on the sidebar you'll go to my list of books.  If you're a friend on FB I sent you a Goodreads friend request as part of a mass mailing--read anything good lately?  I loaded up my Kindle with some fun books to get to, just as soon as I finish rereading The First Law trilogy by Joe Abercrombie.  And  finish up our income taxes.  *blech*

We think Felix is pooping.  I had another turd tug-o-war with his anus (I won!) last Monday and I saw him make a successful litter box visit Tuesday.  He eats up his Petromalt without any complaints and he's feisty as ever, thundering around the Catio wildly swatting at everything.  Fingers crossed the brown monster has left the building.

Why do my posts have so much to do with poop?

Felix sacked out in his heated wine box.
I'm feeling better too.  Hot weather means lots of sunshine which in turn lifts my spirits dramatically.  My back is well on the road to feeling better, I'd say it's at about 85% of normal range of movement without any big twinges.  It's been over a year since I had my hysterectomy (Fire Sale:  Everything must GO!) and I have to count my blessing because I never expected to feel this good again in my life.  The hormonal roller coaster is merely a kiddie ride nowadays, the zits are gone, I feel sharper mentally.  If this is the trade-off for weaker nails and creakier joints I'm quite satisfied with the deal.

Check out the wind and the dust.
We had an incredible wind storm on Tuesday, driving home from work was an adventure in staying on the road, what with the 50+ mph wind gusts.  The empty spot across from our house is soon to be a city park; actually a trailhead for the bike and horse trails here in the valley.  The City of Henderson received some "use it or lose it" grant money for civic improvements and some of the new parks built so far have been beautiful, so I'm excited to see what will transpire...of course there will be pictures!

Have a good week, and Happy Sunday!

XX  Trish  XX


  1. We're basically only getting to visit once a week lately, too, because Mom Paula's job includes more responsibilities!

    Truffle and Brulee

  2. We'll enjoy reading your posts whenever you get to them. Life does get in the way of blogging :)
    Pretty exciting to think you will have a beautiful park or trailhead outside your window. Sure beats McDonald's. Hugs to all the kitties. Deb

  3. Mom Trish,
    Don't worry ! I think Most of us get into the same point as you such as Me and My mom...tee...heh..Pretty Obvious, we even post just some week.
    This year, Mom got so much load of the job and at the end of the day she only want to rest. But I found it's really nice to have some time with mommy.
    My mom love to see my poop too ; ) I think she is happy to see same as you. I guess The mommy love to see, just because our Magic Poop means We kitties are O.K.
    Have an easy Sunday, Mom Trish
    and I purrs for Felix

    PS : Mom just know if someone fart on me, I can quickly jump into my litter box and do Magic Poop ( You may can try with Felix..MOL )

  4. The Woman is always reading. She got a new book on her kindle but for some reason the kindle wasn't plugged in and so the battery was really really deaded and it is taking forever to re-charge. Sigh.

  5. It's hard to keep up with all these blogs, I know - I don't know how I manage to do it all and still get in all my naps! BTW, I don't see my blog on your list - in fact, I seem to have dropped off a LOT of lists since Google Friend Connect dropped all the non Blogger blogs.

  6. Blogging should be fun, and if it's a chore, it has to be curtailed. And we have not noticed any drop in quality of the blog - there can't be a fantastic theme every day - life is not like that. But Äiti loves hearing about poop. As you know it features very heavily in our lives and all honour to Scouty for his spontaneous evacuation. We like it loads!
    And three cheers that you are better now all the unnecessary bits are gone - we never knw Äiti before hers but she says she was even crankier and moany than she is now. How could that be possible ? Have a great Sunday - we are loving the catio now we have open access for some of the day. Soon Äiti can come out and read some books out there - if she ever gets time!

  7. Blogging should be fun, and if it's a chore, it has to be curtailed. And we have not noticed any drop in quality of the blog - there can't be a fantastic theme every day - life is not like that. But Äiti loves hearing about poop. As you know it features very heavily in our lives and all honour to Scouty for his spontaneous evacuation. We like it loads!
    And three cheers that you are better now all the unnecessary bits are gone - we never knw Äiti before hers but she says she was even crankier and moany than she is now. How could that be possible ? Have a great Sunday - we are loving the catio now we have open access for some of the day. Soon Äiti can come out and read some books out there - if she ever gets time!

  8. Yeah, I get the blogging thing. :-)

    You know I changed the Fuzzy Tales' blog url, right? Still not posting or commenting much, though. "Fried" is the perfect way to describe how I've felt for months re: blogging. The break is nice. Renewing.

    I really like your Sunday posts, Trish, as yourself. Kinda nice to drop the cat perspective and get an update on the human behind the blog.

    This soon-to-be park sounds so lovely! Will look forward to pics.

    BTW, do you go to phyiso at all? We're partially covered via work insurance and I've been going since November--went for one issue, some soft tissue damage in a fall almost 3 years ago, but other issues seem to be taking precedence. LOL. But I feel better when I go, so it could help you too, if you get a GOOD physiotherapist. A crappy one can mess you up for life, of course.

  9. Well it is great you are doing better Trish :) I don't know how you keep up with so many blogs??? I have loads too, but just cannot comment or even visit them all, all of the time. If I did I wouldn't write mine at all and as it is I only do about a post about once a week. Takes me ages! Have slow broadband too here in rural Wales. I read all blogs through google reader, but think I lose some now and again :(

    the only way I would get to see Austin's poop is if I go and dig around the hebe bush. Just having to trust he's ok. He's more concerned about his eyebrow issues lol x

  10. Hi Sheebie! We'll let our mom respond this time.

    Hi Trish! I didn't lose any subscriptions, or at least I don't think I did. I really don't know who I've subscribed to at this point! Blogger has been going through some weird changes lately. All it does is mess all of us up!! And I know what you mean about visiting...I finally had to cut back too. As much as I love visiting everyone, I just can't do it everyday for everyone. So I now try to make sure I visit everyone at least once or twice a week. Some I still visit everyday. Blogging should be fun,not a chore! And I'm glad you are feeling better...yep, the warm weather always helps...and it's starting to get warmer here too! Have a great day!


  11. It's hard to keep up on all the wonderful blogs isn't it? Sorry about your blogger bugs. But look at all your lovely signs of spring! Now that is something to cheer about! :)
    xo Catherine

  12. The Human is an English teacher so she cannot resist recommending a book --well, a writer: Ann Patchett. She wrote two books the Human loves: Bel Canto and The Magician's Assistant. Also, another called Run that the Human liked too, but not quite as much as the other two. And that's all she'll say for now because if you REALLY got her going, I'd never get a word in edgewise again.

    Also, the Human has been in AWE, AWE I tell you, at how much you visit and comment and she has NO IDEA how you did it all. She's kinda at her limit now and we only visit maybe 20 or 25 blogs most days. Sometimes lately we skip days. Like you, she has the full-time (well, MORE than full time right now) job and sometimes she needs to just be a slacker (not really much of a stretch for her, MOL!)

    We are also in awe of how fabulous your blog is--such great pictures and excellent writing. You put waaaaaaaaaaaay more effort into that than my Human does, that's for sure!

    We loves you guys, Human and Feline! We think the Humans need a little more R&R--the kitties seem to get plenty, MOL!

  13. So happy you are feeling better these days. A well catmom is a happy mom! Blogging is fun, but when it stops being fun and becomes a chore, it's time to do something about it. I've been thinking about making some changes myself for the same reason..

  14. You do a big CB read-around. At most, we read about 15 CB blogs and may be 2-3 other blogs a day. How much is read depends a lot on the daily work schedule.

  15. Those flowers look beautiful. You're so lucky to have warm sunshine in which to bask for naps. Here, the only flowers out are in the sun room but pretty soon, I'll have some digging... uh, gardening... to do myself.

  16. Hey, busy happens! Watch that wind and don't get blown away!

  17. Hi to my fav Baker's Dz!!
    Thanks ever so much for heading on over to the celebration!!
    Mom loves the poppy pictures and boy that is some sand storm out your window.
    Hugs and tell your Mom we're happy to hear from her whenever she comes by...working full time and being your mom makes for a busy day.
    As for kitten labor....I now have mom as my servant!!
    Hugs Madi

  18. I so understand the blog thing and I don't have as many to comment on as you do. After working 10+ hours a day I have no energy left to comment and to come up with another post so ours are being phone in lately too. Glad you are feeling better! I heard about the windstorm you had from my mom. Hope the warmer temps are there to stay though! I would annoy Scouty so much because I'd try petting him all the time! He his just so handsome that I'd want to scritch him all over! Google dropped or made changes to their Google Friends Connect thing I think which caused lots of problems with certain blogs.

  19. I'm glad whebever you blog. Even I, without the many friends that you have, tend to go to those who come to me and little others. Sometimes with spare time I will go thru and visit others as well and comment. We kitties have a lot of furriends and it takes a lot of time.

  20. it's been a year? Wow! Time sure flies by. We're glad you're feeling better.
    Scouty and his anal gland made Mommy laugh!

  21. Still a hive of activity at the Lounge, we see! And our mom totally understands about the cutting back on blog commenting. It really got to our mom (along with other 'commitments'), and she just basically had to take a break from EVERYTHING. She's weird. We're glad you're feeling better, we hope Felix is doing good, and we are upset that Scoutie will still not let you pet and cuddle his luscious furs.

    Love, Fuzzy and Zoe

  22. I often hear Blogger problems here and there. I'm sorry you had issue, too. It's so much fun to read friends' blogs but there is never enough time.
    My Niko had poop issue once before and I give him stool softener time to time. He is more active and happy after going to bathroom. I hope Felix poops regularly and be happy!

  23. Hugs to Felix!!! Awwww hope the brown stuff has left the Lounge!!

    Hope the blogger glitches leave too!

    Glad mum is better!

    Take care

  24. Whatever you can manage, we are down for. We think you are the best. SO glad to hear that you're feeling better. And a park! I cringed as I started reading that bit, fearing some dire big-box store or hi-rise or some other horror. A park! So often doesn't work out that way! YAY!! This post is full of good news. We are GLAD.

  25. I was ecstatic when we hit 60 degrees yesterday...

  26. Those flowers are really pretty. I think wild flowers are the best.
    Glad to hear you are feeling better.
    We are not on the blogger reader any more because we are not a blogger blog. BUT I have put a deal on my blog where you put in your email and you will get and email when I have posted something. Ticks me off. They even took the google friend deal off.
    Wow, that is quite a list of blogs that you have. I need to just come here to send comments. And guess what, I am not on it. But you can just sign up for an email. Take care.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Sorry about that, I had a rethink on my comment. I am glad the good weather is making you feel better. I am sure it will give everyone a boost.

  29. We get your posts every day. So glad to see spring flowers and hear your back is feeling better!

  30. Oh, those Calif. Poppies are sooo pretty - Spring is coming, I can feel it.

    Home from the spinning retreat - they didn't even miss me. Have a great week! T.

  31. We are happy to feel better! It's spring like here today too, but it's Michigan so we can get snow in April!

    I don't know if you only have kitties in your blog list, but we'd be pleased to have you add The Daily Oskar or Pet Blogs United.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  32. Love those pretty flowers!
    I think many of us have cut back on bloggging time. A nasty head cold gave me an unwanted break last week.

    Nothing wrong with talking about kitty poop, we want our furbabies to stay healthy. You stay healthy too, glad the back is doing better.

  33. Thanks for visiting Mickey's memorial. We miss our cool cat who loved grass:)
    We totally get "cutting back". It is time consuming and Mom has other interests(us) she wants to do and not much time during the week ;)
    Just post when you feel like it.
    It does not have to be witty.
    We just like to look at the pictures ;) heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  34. Those poppies are beautiful! We understand about being busy ... we're always glad to see you, but we do understand how that goes.

    Stay safe from that crazy wind!

  35. I know I'm a day late commenting on this one, but..
    why are your posts about poop so much? Maybe because 90% of what cat's do is sleep, eat, and poop?? MOL

  36. We understand about comments. We can't keep up any more either. Something had to be cut back.

    You have an extensive list of blogs but don't see jff on it. We keep intending to make a blog page just for links but haven't done it yet. Meanwhile, we have a huge list in our Google Reader.

    Have a good week.

  37. I am totally amazed and in awe that you keep up with so many blogs. I find it hard enough to blog every couple of days, let alone keep up with the blogs I follow.

    I'm with you...a comment when something connects with you is plenty.

    Now, when you set up a video camera to record the activity in the litterboxes (as has a co-worker of mine) then we'll truly know you are obsessed with poop!

    Have a great day,



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