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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday with Sheebie!

Friends and Kitties!!

Look what Scott bought for us this week:
A green park bench!

It matches the red one in the back.
The one I like to hang out on and do weird stuff.
In classy outfits.

The Green Bench arrived just in time for us to sit on it and watch the blader scrape the ground flat across the street from us where the new park/trail head is going to be. 
I am so psyched about "our" park!  When we moved into our house ten years ago there were County park plans, but they were kaboshed due to an upcoming power line project.  Fortunately the City of  Henderson  kept the project on the back burner and when it received grants for civic improvements this one was on the list.  Even better, the location was moved further west (onto City property) so it's right next to us instead of a hundred yards away in the desert.  

This is the view from the top of our street. 
 The park will run from the street up to the power lines on the right, and down to the orange Porta-Potty in the distance.
The black peak in the background is Lava Butte, and over to the left is the Rainbow Gardens, so named because of the brightly colored rocks there.  Lava Butte is the final remains of a volcano; Las Vegas was at one time very seismically active.  I love volcanoes and it thrills me to no end to know that I live by one, albeit an old remnant.  Every time I see it it makes me smile.

Here's a shot looking up the road from the Porta-Potty.
There's going to be a regular and an equestrian parking lot, (Free manure for the garden!), a paved walking path, seating and the actual trail will go to the Las Vegas Wash, two miles away, and hook up into the trail system that goes all over the valley.  

Did I mention I'm excited?

In other news, Scott's been busy this week, there's been all kinds of good things happening around here.  I wrote about it in detail over on my personal blog if you're interested--it's a topic I didn't want to write about here.

So, that's about it for me this week, I'm digging my new work station, my back is better, Felix is pooping, my taxes are done.
Life is good.

Happy Sunday!

XX  Trish  XX


  1. Wow, that's going to be awesome! And you have your very own vantage point complete with a comfy bench! Just one question.. will you be doing weird stuff there in classy outfits for the entertainment of the workers?? They might get a kick out of that! MOL

  2. Whoo! Hoo!
    Free manure! Wes can gets lots of that around here - living in the middle of no wheres like we does. Kozmo has been known to has to has a bath, because he has rolled in eau de cheval!

  3. Very cool. The publicist has a thing for volcanoes too

  4. Sounds like all is right wif the world. Happy Caturday. xoxo

  5. That's a cool bench to watch the park come together! It'll be so nice to have the park so close by too. Glad everything is going well and you got your taxes done! Yay!

  6. This may seem stupid, but what is meant by 'park' ? Like an urban park with grass and trees and bushes?

  7. Maybe you can get leashes and take some of the Kats for a little walk in the park once in a while - wouldn't that be fun? Or not...
    :-) T.

  8. Felix pooping is definitely a GOOD THING! :-) Take care

  9. Wow, how exciting it must be and how lucky to have a front row seat to watch it all going on. We love your volcano too, that is soooo cool. Mummy went up to Timanfya (spl) on Lanzarote some years ago and she has also been to see Mount Etna and she said it was smoking. This was a few years ago before it got a bit angry again :)xx

  10. How long will it all take? I need to see this happen like right now!!! Your landscape is awesome and soooo different from mine! Don't know if I could live with the dust, though.

  11. Wow, my Mommeh would love to have a park and a walking trail so close. Now you guys have to get a stroller!

  12. WOW! I didn't know you had a volcano!

  13. How neat to be so close to the trailhead. Mommy would be taking Fenris on the trails all the time if she was that close to one.

    Lava Butte and Rainbow Gardens sound very interesting. What a pawsome view from your green bench. We loves the bench.

  14. Your own volcano! That is so cool. And the park across the street will be wonderful!!

    Love your benches!

  15. We have walking/bike trails near us and it is wonderful! Since yours is the trail head what kind of extra traffic does that mean for you?

    We didn't know Felix has been poop challenged. COngrats dude! Glad it's better.

  16. Oh wow - you probably know that we've just come back from a California trip and we had a fantastic trip through some of the desert. Your photos reminded me a little of that. It will be wonderful to have that park near your home and I love the cool outfit that you were wearing. :)
    I've bookmarked your other blog too so I can read up!

  17. Get too many benches, people will think your house is the park. :)

    I don't loungers will like that.

    Have a good Sunday and week ahead.

  18. Correction: "We don't think the loungers will like that."

  19. Does this mean some of da kitties will get to visit da park? Our human has thought about a stroller for Sissy. I'm too nervous to be outside.

  20. Trish, you do have a lot of good going on. We are happy for you here at the Very Best Cats. A park right across the street from you? How cool! That is really great!! And a new cool bench to sit on or lay on and watch the building, and then people's comings and goings. That's great Trish. Glad all is well.

  21. Free manure? But don't you have all the free sh!t you need right in your verreh own home? I mean, surely you can't be suggesting that horse poop is somehow superior to kitty poop! The King disapproves mightily of *that* suggestion. I say: Scoop, Woman!

    Oh and re your other blog: Word.

  22. How wonderful to have a park right across the street! And such a nice bench to sit and watch all the action happening. Hopefully you don't have a view of the port-a-potty! LOL!
    xo Catherine

  23. That will be awesome when the park is done!

  24. The orange portapotty matches well with your benches.

  25. So glad it's not a trailer park that's going in next door. That would be very different.

  26. How nice of the city to build a park just for you right across the street! And VERY cool you live near an old what's left of a volcano!

  27. That is very exciting about the park going right there near you. Especially since it is going to have trails for riding horses. That is so great. Now, Trish, you need to get busy and get a horse so you can ride those trails. I read the post about Scott and he really is a great guy. Poor John. Sometimes life just stinks.

  28. Trish, this is exciting news all around!

  29. A park! Cool! That volcano is so very interesting!

    My human mom used to live in Goldfield which was suppose to be volcanic! She was only there for 3 months but it seemed a lifetime cause she and ex husband were camped out in the Hotel!

  30. How cool that you will have a park right across from where you live! And even cooler that you live by a volcano! I'm glad things are going so well for you now!


  31. That's a great bench and it is awesome about the park! Glad your back is better. When the trail is done you can take The Baby out for a stroller excursion...

  32. Sounds like it is going to be a good addition to the neighborhood. The view reminds me of the landscape in Palm Springs, CA. I am planning to movie there. The hot, dry weather helps my pain. =)

  33. that is fantastic!! will it have trees and grass too??? (probably was a dumb question!)

    So glad that all is going well!
    BTW I LOVE your "classy" outfits! I dress the same!


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