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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday with Sheebie!

Friends and Kitties!

I've a whole grab bad of items this week, so let's get started...

Have any of you switched over to the new Blogger template?  What do you think?  The jury is still out for me, I think it's more cumbersome to navigate but I like the cleaner look.

The Kats went Orange for April, in support of the ASPCA.  The talented Ann from Zoolatry made the badge on the sidebar.  In a related note, our outdoor boy Henry hasn't been around for a couple of weeks.  We still leave dry food out but the level hasn't gone down for a while.  I hope that some kind soul took him in, but seeing how he was so wary of people I have a feeling that that isn't the case...


I read the BESTDAMNBOOKEVAR last week:  "Wool".  Actually, it's the "Wool Omnibus", five books set in a dystopian future.  The indie author, Hugh C. Howey, has more books in the pipeline, and I can NOT wait to read them.  If you do nothing else this week (and you won't once you pick the book up) READ this book.
After you finish this post.

A few folks commented on Saturday's post about the lemon tree's buds yesterday being pink.
(pink lemonade--you guys are clever!)  Yup, the buds are pink, the flowers are white, and the fruit is yellow.   Our orange tree has green buds, white flowers, and of course orange oranges.

Lemon Blossom

Work news--the new Control Room at the other plant where I work is coming along:
It will have the same kind of fancy-shmancy work station I showed you before...which, by the way, is wonderful.  If you ever have the option of using a standing desk, take it!

Shaggy, Scooby, and Scout were wondering how Rupert got his name--long story.  Do y'all remember my friend Steve, the one that was so sick last summer?  (He's all better now--even baked me a Mocha-Kahlua cheesecake last Wednesday, YUM!)  Steve is a big fan of the TV show "Survivor", and he conned Scott and I into watching it.  In 2005 we started a Wednesday night ritual, Steve would bring dinner over and we'd watch the latest episode together.  In addition, he brought a DVD of a previous season--"Survivor, Pearl Islands"--with him and we'd watch one episode of that, too.  He's a sneak, we were hooked.  So much so, that as soon as Steve left we watched the entire season in one sitting and had to lie to Steve every week that we hadn't watched ahead, heh. 

Now, for a few weeks prior to our Survivor addiction we'd been feeding a stray Gray Boy who showed up in  the back yard every night.  At the time the Catio wasn't enclosed, so homeless kitties came right up to the door and peered pitifully in.  Which Gray Boy did, unfailingly.  Naturally we fed him!  He ate with gusto, and especially enjoyed shaved deli turkey meat.  Still does, as a matter of fact.

Mommy's Handsome Grey Man, Rupert

 Anyway, the Peal Island season had a Pirate theme and a great guy on the show we really were rooting for named Rupert.  Gray Boy was so skinny and wily we decided he was a Pirate himself; et voila, Rupert!  The Survivor Rupert didn't win, but ours certainly hit the jackpot.  (If you want to read Rupert's entire gotcha story, just click on his picture on the sidebar, it's a link.  In fact, all the Kat photos are.)

Park News:  I got a scan of the park plans!

Sorry about the quality, but you'll get an idea.  There's going to be a greenspace, restrooms, benches, BBQ stations, sculpture, walking paths, and a bocce ball court!  Guess where I'm going to stroll every day.  It's scheduled to be complete mid-summer and the way the contractors have been going at it I'd say they're on schedule.  Still just earth moving, but the contours are starting to take shape.

Finally, thank you so much for all your positive comments on last week's post over at WaterGrrl, John and Scott were very touched.  I think you all are the best.  John met with Congressman Heck and it looks pretty solid that he'll get a new wheelchair.  Fingers crossed!

John and Diesel

Have a great week, and Happy Sunday!

XX  Trish  XX


  1. Lots of stuffs going on for sure. That is good news about your friend

  2. Quite the update! I like the new header! Sure hope all is well with Henry, poor guy.

  3. Wow! So much news! We loves to read it!
    Canning season started at our house, so it must be spring, even though we had snow today!
    PS we LOVE the new header and your background

  4. Wow--so many interesting things! Well, the Human told me to say that. The only part I really liked was about how Ru-Paul gotted his name.

    Oh, and purrs for Henry.

    The Human says: STROLLS? In the SUMMER? In the DESERT? ::shudder::

  5. We're not sure if we've switched to the new template or not. Have a great weekend.

    Truffle and Brulee

  6. The blog looks great! We is hopin John gets a new chair. Diesel is a cutie! Happy Sunday, kittehz. xoxo

  7. We haven't tried the new blog yet. What a lot has been happening. We love the story of how Rupert got his name. Paws crossed for John :)xx

  8. I am getting use to the new blogger, it is taking a while. :) Glad to hear your friend is better. Hope Henry is ok. Have a great Sunday kitties.

  9. The new blogger dashboard is like google reader in all but name so I screamed and switched back to the old one! LOL!!

    Awwww yay for lovely John and Diesel!!

    Awww yay for Gray Boy Rupert!!

    Happy April month for the ASPCA!!! Take care

  10. A lot to take in for us pea brains! Are you going to test us later? Cos if you are I'd better take notes!

    Hope Henry is ok!! :(

  11. Lots going on here today. Firstly I hope the little one turns up to eat and that something bad didnt happen. Loved hearing how you came to keep your little grey stray who is now a forever home beauty. Hope things work out for your friend. Hugs GJ xx

  12. We will purr for Henry.
    Thanks for the reminder to put up our ASPCA badge!! Will see if we an also go orange!

  13. WOW - you have lots of stuff going on. Made M tired just reading about all of it.

  14. wow, there sure is a lot going on... I love the shot of your gray man.. And I am happy about your friend...

  15. Sending lots of purrs to Henry. That was a lot of news. Those lemon blossoms are really pretty. So, do you make lemon pies?? That horse facility sure does look like fun. Have a great week end.

  16. Hi Sheebie! That park is going to be great!! And I remember Rupert from Survivor...he was a big, ol' teddy bear of a guy...a fan favorite! I sure hope Henry shows up again...keep us posted!

    Happy Sunday!

  17. Thanks for the answer to our query. Rupert is such an unusual name we had to ask. So much happening around your place.
    We pray that Henry is in a safe place.
    Another secret: We have been feeding a homeless kitty we named Henry all winter. Mom has an appointment to get him into a shelter on Wed. Pictures will accompany post.

  18. A book about WOOL? That sounds like it is just up our Mummy's alley! She wishes we had a lemon tree in OUR yard. You are very lucky. George & Gracie

  19. We've had some cat visitors come and go through the years, but most, if not all, all have homes in the neighborhood. Occasionally, we'll have one or two, who are on their own. Those instances are rare, and the cats end up being taken in by someone.

    Standing desk - every office should have one, even at home for feline snoopervisers.

  20. YAY, you went orange. Love everything about your post today but purring for Henry.

  21. Lemon tree, very pretty...I hate ear worms!

    Maybe Henry has spring fever. We hope he is okay and will show up soon.

    So glad for your friend John.

  22. We're purring for Henry! We think Rupert is way cuter than his namesake! Diesel is a cutie pie too! That park looks like it's going to be awesome!

  23. We love the new template... it´s so cute!!
    Have a great and productive week!!!

  24. Lounge Kitties, you have so much going on today! We love your new home page photo on the fun orange background. It looks great. And we are so excited about your park. Wish we could have one too. Have a good sunday kitties.

  25. I was wondering how it will be after upgrading Blogger. I haven't done yet.
    I'm worried about Henry...I sure hope someone adopted him.
    I enjoyed the story of how Rupert got his name. He is truly a winner!

  26. We hope Henry is safe and turns up again. Rupert looks very relaxed in his tree. It was interesting to learn how he got his name. We went to your other blog and read about your friend John. We hope things start looking up for him.

  27. We love the new look of your blog!
    We had procrastinated switching over to the new blogger thing because Glogirly was worried about losing the special pink color she programmed in and didn't know if she even remembered how to size the header. When we first set it up it was a huge PIA.

    But she flipped the switch and LOVES it!!! She figured out how to get her pink back and the header sized itself automatically this time.

    She loves the cleaner look and the ability to adjust the column widths so she can minimize the scale of the sidebar and maximize the blog itself.

    ...all the bigger to see ME and my beautiful FACE. ; )

    We also like how much easier it is to upload photos, size them and add captions.

    So that's the word from Katie, the closet-graphic-designer.

  28. What an excellent word you could write a newspaper.
    What a busy week you have had no wonder you are tired on the weekends!!
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  29. Mom got so wrapped up in reading your blog she forgot to answer about blogger interface. We were kind of forced to switch to it in February.
    One day I could not see any of the comments left on my blog. Then the next I couldn't add pictures and I was told blogger no longer supported Internet Explorer and to click on a link to move to Google Chrome. Which auto put me into the new interface.
    After fiddling around on it for a few days I really learned to like it and Google Chrome is much faster than IE.
    Hugs C

  30. Mommy said she has thought about Henry every now and then and wondered if he was alright and she's sad that he likely isn't. :-((( We both loved learnign about Rupert though and how he came to be a Lounge Cat.

  31. Yes, lots going on fur sure! I went a bit orange today too!

  32. Oh no---we are going to send bunches of purrs and hopes Henry makes it back to you guys. Henry looks like a strapplin' dude!

    Looks like a lot of happenin's going on..and Rupert takes it all in stride. :)


  33. Jeepers!!! You pack a lot of goodies into your post!! We are lucky if we can get Mom TO post :/
    She is mostly lazy, but she gives good scritches ;) heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  34. your blog looks fabulous!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful week too and we hope that Henry is ok :(

  35. I like your new look. Looks like I missed out on some stuff. I've been a little sporadic lately. Thanks for all the updates. I've been reading historical fiction lately. Never really read it before, but its kind of fun.

  36. Agreed about the new Blogger. I like the way the posting works, but everything else is a little awkward. It does look pretty, though.

    Your new park looks like it'll be great!

  37. Sad about Henry. Happy about everything else.

  38. I thin I need another nap after all this news ;-)
    Keep my paws crossed for Henry !

  39. Oh my gosh! We are serious Survivor fans here and Rupert is our all time favorite! I didn't know your Rupert was named after him! Now he's my favorite catio cat!! MOL
    That park looks awesome!
    We hope Henry is just vacationing somewhere else or got taken in by someone either by choice or against his will, because even if he didnt want to go in, IN is better than out any day! I took two kitties in against their will at the time, both wound up loving In and never wanting to go out ever again.


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