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Monday, April 23, 2012

Manly Monday


Tiny Johnson here.
Did you know it is verreh manly to hide your snooter under the quilt and make love eyes?

It IS!

Some of you have asked us how our house and Catio stay so clean, and the answer is simple: 
Daddy is a lean, mean, cleaning machine!

Here's his routine--every day he scoops our boxes, runs a dust mop over the floors, and vacuums up the litter that we so assiduously scatter.  About every fourth day he does a wet mop.  Since Daddy is a big guy he has BIG tools; his dust mop is 30 inches long!  Or wide.  Whatever.

The Catio gets industrial-style cleaning too; Daddy uses a leaf blower on our trees and shelves and ramps  to get rid of the dust and fur, then the Evil Dyson sucks up all the debris.

Another one of Daddy's chores is to empty the dishwasher, which he hates, but Mommy hates it more--and Holy Cod, she's such a whiner he does it just for the peace and quiet. 
We got a new dishwasher recently.  The old one was making really terrible noise.  Imagine a banshee crossed with a sperm whale; now imagine somebody strangling the Spermshee--that's exactly the noise the pump made.  

 Guess who purchased and installed the new one?
We had fun watching him squirm around under the sink.
(not pictured, darn it)

Bloods were shed!
HBO language was used.

 I helped by being manly.

Happy Monday!

XX  Johnny  XX


  1. You know Äiti would love your Daddy to come and visit here. Maybe he could teach her how to keep this place clean. The fur and dust in the corners - well, it's just shocking here. We have to cope with it by collapsing in a heap and resting. And producing more fur to gather in the corners of course.
    But as TJ has proved, it is very manly to have others do the chores while you expose the belly furs to the clean fresh air.

  2. Wow, we need your daddy here! Can we clone him please? Of course love eyes are manly! Carl is very good at them too, that and singing arias.

  3. Wow, I wonder if your daddy does plumbing like the male person. The plumbing under our sink is....interesting.

  4. I bet you are the only reason it got done.

  5. Johnny, it’s nice to hear what a good servant your male human is! It gives you less time to worry and more time to be manly!

  6. John-Boy, My Human is practically salivating over here. Her fingers are twitchy with longing to pet your shaved tum. I can't do a thing with her. Human!! Time to snap out of it!! See? She's not hearing a thing I'm saying. Sigh.

  7. I'm truely scared of spermshees now.... I think that's the same noise my mothers dryer makes.. I would have to strangle someone if I had to listen to that thing... I hope your old dishwasher was thoroughly destroyed so someone else wont resurrect it somewhere else!
    Tiny Johnson, you is the manly-ist!

  8. Johnny, there's nothing you could do that would make you unmanly. So keep those love eyes coming.

  9. Johhny is doin a commendable job of snoopervising (bellah-up)! Mommy likes this idea of the Daddy helpin out! She thinks she might give it a whirl!

  10. Tiny,that is cool to hide your snooter!! We tend to hide our whole bodies ;) heehee
    Your Dad takes pawsome care of you too!! He's handy too.Did you kitties kiss his booboo?

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  11. Oh wow! You guys really train your slaves well! Purrs!

  12. Is your daddy for hire? Could use him around here :-)

  13. Mr Johnny!! We are in AWE at your super manliness!! Yay for your dad's amazing skills - blood and all! WOW! Take care

  14. Boy Johnny - you did a great job of helping your daddy this past week. You'd better rest up this week because I think you were over worked. Hasn't your daddy heard of the kitty labor law? He's not supposed to work you more than 1 hour a day, and no work on weekends.

  15. Johnny we hope your Daddy (cleaner extrordinaire) can be hired out - Mum says she would love her floors to be given the Daddy makeover.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  16. We think Daddy is underutilised!

  17. Gees, Johnny, our mom has several sets of spare keys to her house...Tell your dad to feel free, if he'd like to visit us sometime. :-P

  18. is your daddy available to come over to our house every week and clean? thanks.

  19. It sure is nice that you live with Mr. Clean!

  20. wow your dad is so talented!
    Paws up to him!
    Love this post,and I think it's a good idea now a peaceful nap...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  21. Our human would like to snorgle your tummy and hire Mr. Clean :)

  22. Our mom could sure take a few lessons!

  23. OMG your Daddy is freaking AWESOME!!!!!!

  24. I loved your post and, once again, my vocabulary gets expanded at the same time!

    It feels good to be commenting again, getting back in the groove even if the heart is a little heavy still.

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Trish. I really appreciate your caring at such a tough time. We want to give you all extra hugs and purrs for being there for us. xx

    Tom, Mom Julie, Mitty, Tinker & Anastasia

  25. Wow your daddy is great! In our house, I do the most cleaning. Dad helps a little but I'm the one in charge.. Though, I can't complain because he does cooking. I think your love eyes are very manly!

  26. Oh, you have a very clever dad:-)

    Last picture, I have the same carpet as you guys, and I love it:-)

    Hugs from Pernille


  27. That leaf blower thing is giving Mommy ideas.....

  28. Sounds to me as though your dad has got it covered but oh the image conjured up of the dishwasher install is funny. Glad you helped so well.. Hugs GJ xx

  29. Oh Johnny Boy! you are so manly :)

    Good job Daddy :)

  30. Johnny Boy, send a hug to your Dad!
    Have a great week dear family!

  31. Johnny, you just ooze manly-ness! Your daddy is incredible! We had to tell our mommy those were cleaning supplies on the floor since she wasn't sure what they were! She doesn't know how to run a dishwasher since our daddy does it too. You'd think all the time she saves by not doing that stuff would be spent with us but noooo.

  32. Meowm swooned at that first picture of you!

    Our cleaner is not as good as your Dad, but she does an okay job.

  33. Johnny,
    You, your momma and all the kitties are SO lucky to have such a fabulous cleaning and fixing machine. And he's a live-in to boot!

    Of course he'd be lost without your supervision and manliness. ; )

    xo Katie

  34. Mommy would NEVER be without a dishwasher or tile floor 'cause both really help keep our place clean. She is still working on a good kitty litter and right now we are trying BLUE Buffalo Naturally Fresh litter. Mommy LOVES the is 100% walnut based litter....from the shells!! So far this is a winner controlling smells, very low tracking and we liked it right away!! However, now Mommy is wondering if Tinker's swollen chin is caused by a nut allergy.
    Since all that digging is going on near you, is the noise scary? Looks like it will end up being really nice. =^Y^=

  35. MOL Johnny....would your Mom consider renting your Dad to us for a few days? We'll pay airfare and room and board and there is only one of me so he could get a real break on house work.

    Mom says called him a Keeper I told her that was wrong he was your Dad.

    Thanks for you kind will have an update on tomorrow's blog.
    Hugs Madi

  36. Boy, did you guys luck out! A cat man who is a handy man? Double bonus points!

  37. Johnny
    You've got a really great Daddy.
    It's all on our Mom to do our bidding and cleaning. heheheh

  38. Um...does Daddy Cat rent himself out?? Our mom wants to know.

  39. Teehee...that old saying is so true!
    Dogs have masters, cats have staff. Good job Johnny keeping your human pawrents in line.

    Sigh...our mom only cleans on weekends...she's lazy that way! (Mom here - look in the mirror kitties!)

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku (& Mom Eileen)

  40. Yous guys has a great Daddy. mine does the vacuuming and he does the laundry - sometimes and he does most of the outside stuff. We think your Daddy is pretty great, but we will keep ours!
    Johnny yous "helps" really good!
    PS me want to thanks yous for your purrs. me is feeling a little better.

  41. LEAF BLOWER!! I love it! Or, actually, my mom does. Good that she sold ours before our move last year.

    Hmmm. About that dishwasher. Wouldn't it have been easier to empty if it had just been left in the middle of the floor? Your daddy could have just tipped it over!!

  42. Oh boy, if your dad lived in Michigan he could help my mom person who is hopeless when it comes to cleaning!

    You did a great job of being manly, Tiny!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  43. A man that cleans (sigh)....what i WOULDN'T GIVE!!! lol

    Do you rent him out? :)

  44. Tiny, with most of yer face covered like that, yer love-eyes really stand out!

    You guys are lucky ta have a really cleany Dad (we think). TBT is nearly as comfortable with dust-bunnies and scratch-pad shreds as we are.

  45. Mum wants your Dad to come clean for her!

  46. Oh Johnny, you had us at...snooter!
    (Looking very irresistible you are...)

  47. Our Mom is LOLing at HBO language!
    We love your tummy!
    ~ The Bunch

  48. Look out Johnny, our mum wants to lift that corner of quilt and kiss your snooter. She also wants to know if she can send our dad over for lessons from your dad.

  49. Gosh! Do you rent daddy out? My house could use a good cleaning.
    xo Catherine

  50. Mowzers! your dad uses that HBO stuff too??? Ours worked on the CAR all last weekend and kept coming in with cool brown stuff covering his hands and lots and LOTS of HBO words!


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