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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday with Sheebie!

Friends & Kitties!

Sheebie here.
Yes, I'm still alive!

And feeling much better.  Thank you for all your thoughts, purrayers, and woofs and assorted healing barnyard noises.  I ended up taking another two days off work, so today (Sunday) is my first day back.  Thank goodness I work with such a great team of folks and I'm always ready to take on overtime when asked.  It's good Karma, paying me back.  

So, early one morning last week when I woke up with a raging sore throat.  I got up, spat into the sink, rinsed, peed, and went back back to bed.  Later that day I discovered that I hadn't rinsed so well, and I was grossed out (in a purely scientific way) at how green the mucus was!  Ewww.   I practically had to chisel it off the porcelain, which got me thinking about words, and adhesive properties.  Do any of you remember the weird gold glue that came in a bottle with the slitted rubber top?  It was called mucilage. Now I know why.  Because not only is snot "slicker n'shit", it's sticky, too.
my mucilage was green!
On the subject of stuff that's sticky, did any of you ever eat paste?  I never did.  What, exactly, was the attraction...did it taste good, were you hungry, or was it simply the thrill of ingesting forbidden school supplies?

I've obviously had way too much time to think the past week...

Anyway, I'm guessing the guys pouring the concrete in the park last week would have been thrilled to have some of my super-duper industrial strength snot to mix into the cement.  Yes, you read that right, there is progress on the park being built across the street!  Nothing worth photographing--it's all underground and buried--but the water and electrical lines are done, and the main pad for the trail head building is poured.  There's big holes augered into the ground all over for who knows what, and the earth movers are out there almost every day, refining the landscape.  The supposed completion date was July, and I think it might come true; contractors don't mess around out here and get things done.

The answer to the "creative" quiz from yesterday...that's Maui's armpit hair!  Also the outside of his fur suit.  I cracked up at some of your answers, you guys never fail to make me laugh.  Smartypantses, all y'alls!  The fur on Maui's pits is five inches long, I kid you not.  (Of course we measured!)  Thankfully he rarely ever gets mats, he's not too patient about being groomed, although once in a while I can catch him all sleepy and he'll endure a combing.

Well, that's about all the news I have, it's been a quiet week for me, mainly sleeping and snuggling with kitties.  I hope that I'll be up to slaving away for the cats again soon, commenting.  I miss it!

Happy Sunday, and have a Good Week!

XX  Trish  XX


  1. Oh my gosh I totally remember that glue with the rubber do they still make it?

    I'm laughing because even after being given the answer I still had a hard time telling which part of Maui that was :-)

    Glad you are better!

  2. Maui, Is there NO privacy or respect left? I mean, now it's not just a picture, it's a close-up of one of your most intimate body parts made into some kind of humiliating contest.

    And there wasn't even a prize!

  3. Well, WE were thinkin that Drano might help, but TBT says thats not good stuff fer livin critters, just pipes. And he says only SOME pipes, but we dont wanna get in complexicated stuff.

    So TBT says ta "snort saltywater up yer nose". We dont think that sounds much better, but he swears it helps.

  4. Not a glue eater here - I always thought those people were nuts. But I do remember the gold glue in the bottles. Now, rubber cement, that was another story - sniff, sniff...

    Glad you're feline better - 5" hair? You could take up spinning and make yarn from Maui's furs. Knit a nice warm scarf to wear when the weather gets cold down there... :-) T.

  5. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Even those beautiful sunny days you have there probably don't seem that good when you are sick. Although a few warm kitties taking the place of a hot water bottle must be a plus!

  6. Any discussion of boogers makes me ill. I can handle any other bodily fluid but not boogers.

    I am off to barf now.
    Thank you.
    I am glad YOU are better.

  7. I just want to say that my human went and measured MY armpit fur (my protests notwithstanding), and they came out 3-1/2"! And I am a WAY smaller cat than Maui. They would probably be longer, but my human has been known to TRIM them, not because they are matted, but because they look, according to her, "messy." I do not agree with any of this, of course.

  8. There will be NO floof measuring in the Rumblehouse...

  9. There will be NO floof measuring in the Rumblehouse...

  10. So glad you're feeling better. Armpit hair? Wow, really 5 inches long? Yep, it was TIME fur your Mommy to go back to work

  11. We are so glad you are feeling better. Wow,that is long armpit hair!! I bet it tickles being brushed there :)xx

  12. Mommy Trish,
    Armpit hair? Eeeuwww!!!! All of us are short-haired in this household...thank Cod! As for you, purrrlease concentrate on getting well, OK? Don't worry about the commenting.... purrr...meow!

  13. Maui might like to pay a bit of attention to armpit hygiene!

    I think the glue we used at school was powder mixed with water and smelt like regurgitated mucolage! The results of the glued 5 year old's masterpiece was lumpy and icky! Thanks for the reminder!

    Glad Sheebie's snotfest is becoming a distant memory :) You can only have so much of a good thing ;)

  14. Glad you are feeling better! My Mommeh never ate paste, but I think people eat it because the smell is intriguing!

  15. Happy you are feeling better. Don't know that I have enough floof to measure.

  16. Sheebie, we're so glad you are feeling better now. Mom says the only "glue" she ever tried to eat was the stuff you made yourself...flour and water. Did you ever make your own glue like that??

    Haha! We didn't know that was Maui's pit hair! Good thing he doesn't wear tank tops!!

    Happy Sunday to you all!!

  17. I'm glad you are feeling better! I don't remember ever eating paste ~ but I do remember licking a frosty fence and getting my tongue stuck on it! LOL!
    xo Catherine

  18. We guessed it right!!! -S&S

    Those rubber tip bottles totally take me back to elementary school!
    I remember I really loved the smell! That and the smell of fresh mimeograph pages! *close eyes and inhale deeply.....mmmmmmmm*
    I'm librarian at my parish and I use rubber cement for the card pockets. That's sniff worthy too! -Mom Lynne

  19. I stayed far far away from the kids that ate paste. Call me a snob.

  20. Will you please go back to work - you clearly have too much time on your hands and that snotfest was GROSS!
    Maui, you have our sympathies. It is Just Not Right to have your armpit hair measured. And no matter how Äiti turns the computer screen round, she still cannot work out where your head is in that picture! Humans eh. What a pain in the sinus tubes.

  21. LOL-I remember mucilage and paste. I loved the smell of the paste.

    Armpit hair, LOL. You guys continue to crack me up.

  22. Maui has really long armpit hair! Glad you are feeling better! I never ate paste before probably because I'd be afraid it'd stick my innards together. :)

  23. I do believe I guessed it! His pits!!!

  24. Being sick is a total bummer so glad that you are in good enough humor for the icky part of getting better.
    Mom said that those sticky rubber glue was very hard to deal as her paint brush got stuck to the side. Art was not her thing.

  25. That's it. I had to quit reading the comments and just jump here to say: I've had my laugh quota for the day and I wasn't even 1/2-way thru. What IS it about nauseating bodily fluids.

  26. Sure glad you are feeling better and back to your old self. Hope you continue to get better. Not fun being sick. Take care.

  27. So glad you are better, and yes, I ate that white paste because of the taste...don't ask as I am way too old to care! So, Savannah here...and I awarded all the Katnip Lounge cats with the Sunshine Award. I was given it and asked to pass it along. I know you have lots of awards, but thought this one quite fitting as your blog always brings me sunshine and I wanted to give some back. Paw pats, Savannah

  28. Thanks for the scent memories. No sniffing though. Glad you're feeling better. We're getting ready for our BIG week.

  29. I must confess...YES I was a paste eater. I truly was. Not Elmer's...the THICKER, more DENSE kind.

    I used to volunteer to help the teacher pass out paste. She would scoop it out on the industrial strength brown paper towels...I coveted carrying them to fellow classmates lusting after its creamy whiteness.

    I don't remember what it tasted like, all I know is that I LOVED IT :)


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